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Digital Re-print - September | October 2010

News feature: Bolt ‘n’ Go Chain & Flight System

explanation and case Study

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September - October 2010 News News September - October 2010

Buckets full
of experience
The world’s largest range of elevator

With the Bolt ‘n’ Go system,

to conduct repairs such as to change
flights or pins can be done inside the
conveyor, without even taking the
tension out of the chain

Bolt ‘n’ Go Chain maintain, as you eliminate the

need to separate the chain
This like the bolt n go flight
system is very easy to change

& Flight System

each time while inst alling over to for the maintenance

explanation and case Study

a new flight . Also there is team on site.
no need to slacken of the The Bolt ‘n’ Go system is
chain or re -tension while also available for round link
changing flights. This alone chain, whereby the system
will save untold hours on the wo r k s u n d e r a s i m i l a r
routine maintenance of these sys te m of ny lon f light s
conveyors” He goes onto to being bolted directly to the

he Bolt ’n’ Go chain without even taking the tension are secured using a secured lock T h e y h ave s e ve r a l d r a g say “the Bolt ‘n’ Go system has chain, in this case without
and flight system is a out of the chain. Instead of nut, which securely holds the conveyors, which use drop- been in service for well over pins.
revolutionary assembly welded flights, we are using system together in a consistent forged chain, with the traditional 12 months, is running great The Bolt ‘n’ Go system is
method for drop forged and bolt on flights, and again these manner, but also facilitating pin and circlip assembly. While and no problems”. all about making life easier
can easily be changed without easy and safe removal when this has proved a reliable for the end user, ease of l Large range and inventory
round link conveyor chain The Bolt ‘n’ Go chain system
of many sizes
systems. The link and flight any fuss. required. assemble method for them, is available for 102, 125, 142, 150, use, inexpensive and above
it has proved time consuming l Higher capacity for existing
assembly is made easier by A n o t h e r p ro b l e m w i t h One of the first installations 160 and 200mm heavy metric link all low maintenance and
attaching the flight to the chain traditional systems using pins to use this system was in when changing out bent or ranges. The system uses heavy- down time.
l Durable, long life designs
link using a standard bolt and and circlips, is that circlips can November of 2006 at CHS, broken chain flights. duty Nylon flights, which bolt
nut, with a high case hardness come off in some circumstances, Superior, WI. The facility B i l l H o f f e r, h e a d o f straight through the pins, with l Free elevator design service
and high tensile hollow causing the chain to become handles several commodities, m a i n t e n a n ce s a i d o f t h e no need to bolt on or slide over
pin. Traditional chain disconnected, which include whe at and system “ We installed 4B’s existing steel flights. The Nylon
systems have used pins soybeans at the rate of around new Bolt ‘n’ Go chain, and I flights also have excellent Watchdog Elite
and circlips. 1.0 million tons per am pleased with the results. wear, streng th and Complete Hazard Monitoring System for Bucket
Elevators and Conveyors!
annum. The Bolt ‘n’ Go chain is very resistance capabilities. l Bearing Temperature, Belt Misalignment,
The problem with this easy and fast to install and The Bolt ‘n’ Go pin / Underspeed, Belt Slippage, Blockage Detection
system is that during any bolt assembly system More inforMation: l Fully programmable to optimize elevator operation
maintenance repairs on can also be used l LED displays for speed and set-up
4B Braime Elevator
the chain, the whole chain with the traditional l Simple, reliable, consistent
Components Ltd
would have to be lifted out welded flight Hunslet Road Elevator Bolts
of the conveyor to conduct system, to replace the Leeds Cold Forged for Highest Quality!
repairs. This results in large traditional pin and circlip LS10 1JZ l Euro Bolts (DIN15237), Original
Ref 70, Fang Bolts & Easifit Bolts
down time in production and and again arrangement. United Kingdom
l Available in steel / stainless / zinc
high maintenance costs. downtime. With the Tel: +44 113 2461800
Fax: +44 113 2435021
With the Bolt ‘n’ Go system, Bolt ‘n’ Go system, the pins, l Wide range available from stock
to conduct repairs such as chain and Website:
to change flights or pins can flights
be done inside the conveyor,

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