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Dabubu High School-Annex

Second Periodical Examination SY 2017-2018

T L E 10
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TEST I. Multiple Choice
Directions: Write the letter of your answer on the space provided. Erasure means wrong.
___1. There are three discussed cultivators for a wide vast of land. Which of them needs a good deal of free space for passage.
a. Hand Cultivator b. Tractor Cultivator c. Animal Drawn Cultivator d. Hand Tractor Cultivator
___2. There are different organic mulches. Which of them is best used around trees, shrubs and garden beds?
a. Grass Clippings b. Straw and Salt Hay c. Shredded Leaves d. Bark
___3. It refers to broadcast application on growing crops.
a. Sidedressing b. Dressing c. Topdressing d. Dress Making
___4. There are methods of fertilizer application. Which of these methods where fertilizer is applied close to the seed or plant?
a. Foliar Application b. Localized Application c. Broadcast Method d. Fertigation
___5. Which of the examples of grasses we named locally in tagalog as “Dauadaua”?
a. Echinocloacolunum b. Fimbristylislittoralis c. Sphenocleazeylanica d. Echinochloacrusgali
___6. Which of the following is referred to as the chief plant competitor?
a. Grasses b. Sedges c. Weeds d. Broadleaves
___7. It makes the top soil loose to increase the capacity of absorbing water.
a. Cultivation b. Hilling-up c. Off-barring d. Furrowing
___8. Cultivation of crops should be deep to control weeds. How deep must be done in a crop.
a. 5cm b. 10mm c. 5mm d. 5dm
___9. Soil analysis consists of four phases. which of the following is NOT included?
a. Proper collection of soil samples c. Chemical analysis
b. Integration of analytical results d. Formulation of fertilizer recommendation
___10. It is an implement used for cultivation and consists usually of a frame to which shares are attached.
a. Hand Trowels b. Hand Forks c. Cultivator d. bolo

TEST II. Identification

Grass Clippings Fertigation Newspaper Mulching
Grasses Proboscis Off-barring Antennae
Lettuce abdomen Cauliflower

_____________________1. It bears the external genitalia of the insect.

_____________________2. It is used to retain moisture in the soil.
_____________________3. The soil is cultivated away from the growing plants.
_____________________4. This crop is cultivated 25-30 days after transplanting.
_____________________5. These are best suited to remote areas of your garden where you want to suppress weeds.
_____________________6. Dissolving the fertilizer materials in water and applied with the use of sprinkler.
_____________________7. Insects use them to detect odors or they use them as tactile organs.
_____________________8. This crop is cultivated 2-3 weeks after transplanting.
_____________________9. They have long, narrow, usually flat leaves with parallel veins and round stems.
_____________________10. It is a tube made by the elongated maxillae of the butterfly.

TEST III. Enumeration

List the words or group of words that is asked in each item. Correct spelling will be recognized.
A. Three (3) Body Regions of an adult insect
B. Give the Three (3) Types of Weeds
C. There are Ten Ways of Conserving Soil Fertility. Give Four (4).
Answer keys
TEST I. Multiple Choice
1. B. Tractor Cultivator
2. D. Bark
3. C. Topdressing
4. B. Localized Application
5. D. Echinochloacrusgali
6. C. Weeds
7. A. Cultivation
8. A. 5cm
9. B. Integration Of Analytical Results
10. C. Cultivator
TEST II. Identification
1. Abdomen
2. Mulching
3. Off-baring
4. Cauliflower
5. Grass Clippings
6. Fertigation
7. Antennae
8. Lettuce
9. Grasses
10. Proboscis
TEST III. Enumeration
A. Three Body Regions of an adult insect
 Head
 Thorax
 Abdomen
B. Types of weeds
 Grasses
 Sedges
 Broadleaves
C. Ways of conserving soil fertility
 Plant trees
 Build terraces
 No-till farming (zero tillage)
 Contour plowing
 Crop rotation
 Apply fertilizers
 Utilize crop residues more effectively
 Utilize manure more effectively
 Watering the soil
 Mulching