Department of the Treasury Lawrence H. Summers, Secretary 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, D.C.


<<Date>> Posted Return Receipt: <<Treas_RR>>

RE: “CHARGE BACK” OF PERSONAL TREASURY DIRECT ACCOUNT IN ACCORD WITH HJR-192 and UCC CONTRACT LAW Dear <<Presenter>>, <<DBA>>: Enclosed are document(s) (copies) from my examination of my Commercial Agreements, which are listed on the enlosed (accounting), with Receipt that I have accepted for value, (all related endorsements front and back, to include those in accord with UCC 3-419). Please “Charge back” to my “Treasury Direct” Account Employer I.D. Number: <<My Employer_I.D.>>, for the same value, and charge my account for the fees necessary for securing and registration (for the priority exchange for the tax exemption to discharge the public liability) of my personal possessions, and command memory of Account Number: <<My_Employer_I.D.>>, to charge the same to the debtor’s order or your order. This POSTED Certified Account, number <<Treas_RR>> fund, which is part of my tax estimate, is directed for use (priority) for the Republic (Article IV, Section 4 of the united States Constitution) in accord with Public Policy HJR-192 (Discharge of the public debt) and UCC Contract Law. Mr. Lawrence Summers, Secretary-in-Charge and/or your Deputy-in-Charge, are to take my acceptance (BA), this Article Seven receipt, in exchange for the tax exemption priority. This “NON-NEGOTIABLE BILL OF EXCHANGE”, in accord with HJR-192, and when presented for the receiver to the Federal Window for settlement (EFT), within three (3) day Truth-in-Lending time for settlement of retail agreements. With this POSTED transaction the “CHARGEBACK” charges documented by the enclosed forms for use by the Republic is complete. If you need more information or assistance with charging my Treasury Direct Account, you may write to me at the address below. Until then, I am... Very truly yours,

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