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When Oliver said “I remember everything” to Elio on the phone, we all

knew he was talking about the beautiful summer they once shared. And
just as Oliver remembers, so do we (the fans) remember everything in
our own unique way.

This fan magazine that you are about to read contains information
about the book and movie Call Me by Your Name and work from people
all over the world, who were somehow affected by it and decided to cre-
ate something beautiful as a tribute.

The idea to create this fan magazine came after I created my personal
“scrap” book about Call Me by Your Name and posted it on my social me-
dia channels. Over time I received messages from people who wanted to
know more about it, so I decided to create this magazine for the people
who are interested.

I made this magazine purely as a fan project and not something for
commercial use. I had so much fun making this magazine and I hope
that you, the reader, will also enjoy it. It took me a couple of months to
finish it, but here it is. As Oliver would say.. Later!

Isley Marto

I would love to hear from you. @marto_mci @funkystarzz

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Content Thank you
The journey of Call Me by Your Name 6
André Aciman | The author of the book 10 Thank you to everyone who
Various editions of the book 12
contributed to the magazine and
His name was Dwight by André Aciman 18
Luca Guadagnino | The director of the movie 20 a special thank you to the people
It takes a village 22
Video essays 26 below who have helped me with
Movie reaction 28

James Ivory | The screenplay writer 30
this fan magazine.
Somewhere in Northern Italy 32
Villa Albergoni painting by Boryana Ilieva 38
Zineb Bayad visit to Crema 42

Shirley Stark moving to Crema 44
A peachy pilgrimage 48
Armie Hammer | Oliver 50
Iconic pieces from the movie 52
Collectors item 56
You have me pinned 58
Mediodescocido Art Dolls 59
Chef Miko’s delectable ode 60 Kevin Grieco
Elizabeth Chambers Hammer reflects 62 Instagram: @kevingrieco
Take a bite out of Elio 66
Timothée Chalamet | Elio 68

92 44 66
Titles sequence by Chen Li 70 Doug Hall
Poem | Saying your name 72
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 74
Music trivia 78
Kirt Kegaard
Instagram: @kirtkegaard
Dance to the music 80
Tattoo 82
This fan magazine (fanzine) is for educational purposes only and is not for commercial All sources of material contained in this
Life imitates art 86
distribution. The fanzine explores all aspects of the book “Call Me by Your Name” (CMBYN) fanzine may be found in the Source Refer- Choigana Kardi
Artwork by Emma from Norway 90
by André Aciman and the movie “Call Me by Your Name” (CMBYN) by Luca Guadagnino, ence at the back of the fanzine. Instagram: @choygana
and subsequent sequels. These aspects are not limited to the movie or the book themselves Call Me by Your Monet 92
(characters, location, story, reviews), but also include the real-life author, actors, directors, CONTACT Beautiful artworks 96
producers, etc. involved with the production and distribution of the movie and the book. Peachy postcards 99 Mike Brekelmans
Material (articles, art, recordings, interviews, reviews, etc.) contained herein includes mate-
Resources 100 Instagram: @mbmikee
rial gathered from online sources, as well as original material generated by contributors to
this fanzine. If the owner of any material found in this fanzine has any objection to the
material being included, please contact the editor for its immediate removal.

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Text check: Kevin Grieco


The screen rights

Peter Spears and Howard Rosenman
optioned, and eventually bought, the
screen rights to Call Me by Your Name. The start of a
Peter stumbled upon an advance copy
of Aciman’s novel and was connected
long production
to it right away.
Peter Spears and Howard Rosenman
started production in 2008. Challenging
as it was, 8 years later all the pieces fit James Ivory and
together. Luca Guadagnino
join the team
Soon after Peter and Howard started
production, James Ivory and Luca
2007 2008 Guadagnino joined the team. At one point
it was set that James and Luca would
co-direct. Eventually Luca became the
director of the movie and James became
the screenwriter.

2005 (April 5) 2007

Start of the journey Publication

André Aciman wanted to take his
of the book
family on vacation to Italy, but his
Farrar, Straus and Giroux published
plans fell through. Instead of relaxing
Call Me by Your Name in 2007.
by the seaside, André spent the span
of four months exploring the Italian
Riviera fictionally by writing Call Me
by Your Name. The first line he wrote
was “Arriving at the house in Italy.”

6 7

Luca meets
Armie Hammer (Oliver)
Armie and Luca meet face to face in 2010.
Their meeting wasn’t about any particular
project, but rather to get to know one another.
Armie went to Luca’s place and they sat for
hours discussing literature, art and movies.
Luca had fallen in love with the actor. When
the time came, he sent him the script for Call
Me by Your Name. Armie almost passed on the
project because it scared him to be so vulner-
able. After talking to Luca he knew it was a
once-in-a-lifetime role he couldn’t pass up.

2017 (January 22)

2010 Film premiere
The film premiered on January
22nd at the 2017 Sundance
Film Festival in the United
States of America.

2013 2016 2017

2013 2016 (May 9 - June 20)

Luca meets Filming the movie

Timothée (Elio) finaly begins
Brian Swardstrom, husband and agent The principal photography for Call Me
of Peter Spears, introduced 17-year-old by Your Name began on May 9th and
Timothée Chalamet to Luca Guadagnino. ended on June 20th. The movie was
Luca immediately felt the actor had “the mostly filmed in Crema (Lombardy), the
ambition, intelligence, sensitivity, naivety hometown of director Luca Guadagnino.
and artistry” to play Elio. The entire film, including the opening
credits, was shot with a single 35mm
lens by cinematographer, Sayombhu

8 9
Text check:
Kevin Grieco

The Author of Call Me by Your Name


Born January 2 Aciman was born in Alexandria, Egypt. He is the son
of Regine and Henri N. Aciman, who owned a knitting
factory. Aciman was raised in a French-speaking home, André obtained a B.A. in
where his family members also spoke Italian, Greek, La- English and Comparative
dino and Arabic. In 1965, the family left Egypt due to in- Literature from Lehman
in Alexandria, Egypt creased tensions with Israel. His father purchased Italian College in 1973, as well as
citizenship for the family. Aciman moved with his mother an M.A. and PhD in Com-
and brother as refugees to Rome, while his father moved parative Literature from
Ultimate form to Paris. In 1968, they moved to New York City. Harvard University in 1988.
of intimacy
André says calling some-
Distinguished Call Me by Your Name and
one by their name is the
ultimate form of intimacy.
You become someone André is a distinguished
I’ll Call You By Mine
else and someone else professor at the Graduate
The idea of calling someone by their name first came to
becomes you. You want Center of City University
André as a sort of joke. He had two friends who were part-
to know yourself through of New York. He teaches
ners, Anne (French) and Anna (Italian). André imagined
someone else and you the history of literary
when they made love; they would call each other’s name
can’t be more intimate theory and the works of
and what that would be like. This idea stayed in the back
than that. Marcel Proust.
of his mind for years to come. Eventually, he wrote it down
on paper and it made perfect sense to him.


FELL THROUGH As in any film, shooting
schedules often change. André can no longer
In 2005, André Aciman wanted to take his wife and
The weather in Italy didn’t remember what Elio and
children on vacation to a Mediterranean villa, but his
cooperate and the origi- Oliver looked like in his
plans fell through. Instead of relaxing by the seaside,
nal actors playing Isaac mind when he wrote the
Artwork by Choigana Kardi the author spent the span of three-to-four months
Instagram: @choygana and Mounir weren’t avail- book. He now only sees
exploring the Italian Riviera fictionally by writing Call
able. Peters Spears, one of Timothée and Armie.
This artwork was Me by Your Name. He may have lost a vacation, but
the producers, and André
commissioned specially for the world received this beautiful story.
this fanzine. Aciman jumped right in.

10 11
Various editions
of the book
The first edition of the book Call Me by Your Name was released
in 2007 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Since then the book has
been translated into various languages and editions.

Call Me by Your Name Call Me by Your Name Chiamami col tuo nome Call Me By Your Name
(Hardcover) (Paperback) (Paperback) (Paperback)
Edition language: English Edition language: English Edition language: Italian Edition language: English

Published: January 23rd 2007 Published: January 22nd 2008 Published: April 17th 2008 Published: May 1st 2008

Ever increasing collection Publisher: Farrar, Straus

and Giroux
Publisher: Picador
Paperback: 248 pages
Publisher: Guanda
Narratori della Fenice
Publisher: Atlantic
Paperback: 248 pages
Hardcover: 248 pages ISBN: 031242678X Paperback: 274 pages ISBN: 1843546523
“A celebration dedicated to my collection “Call Me by Your Name” by author ISBN: 0374299218 (ISBN13: 9780312426781) ISBN: 886088067X (ISBN13: 9781843546528)
André Aciman. No other book or film has ever affected me so profoundly” (ISBN13: 9780374299217) (ISBN13: 9788860880673)

Photo and quote: Howard Trigg | Instagram: @cmbyn_the_book

12 13
Plus tard ou jamais Cinta Terlarang Call Me By Your Name Pokliči me po svojem imenu Call Me by Your Name Call Me By Your Name
(Paperback) (Paperback) (Paperback) (Paperback) (Paperback) (Paperback) (Paperback) (Paperback)
Edition language: French Edition language: Indonesian Edition language: English Edition language: Chinese Edition language: Slovenian Edition language: Chinese Edition language: English Edition language: Thai

Published: October 2nd 2008 Published: 2008 Published: April 1st 2009 Published: April 3rd 2009 Published: 2010 Published: September 10th 2012 Published: October 3rd 2017 Published: October 2017
Publisher: Editions de l’Olivier Publisher: Serambi Publisher: Atlantic Books Publisher: Publisher: Modrijan Publisher: Publisher: Picador / Farrar Publisher: Class Action Co., Ltd.
Hardcover: 294 pages Hardcover: 404 pages Hardcover: 248 pages (Wheatfield Publishing) Zbirka Bralec (China Friendship Straus and Giroux Paperback: 296 pages
ISBN: 2879295750 ISBN13: 9789790240476 ISBN: 1843546531 Paperback: 304 pages Hardcover: 254 pages Publishing Company) Paperback: 248 pages ISBN: 9786168110
(ISBN13: 9782879295756) (ISBN13: 9781843546535) ISBN: 9861735046 ISBN13: 9789612414177 Paperback: 236 pages ISBN: 1250169445
(ISBN13: 9789861735047) ISBN13: 9787505730113 (ISBN13: 9781250169440)

Adınla Çağır Beni Ruf mich bei deinem Namen Noem me bij jouw naam Ruf mich bei deinem Namen Goi Em Bang Tên Anh Me Chame Pelo Seu Nome Tamte dni, tamte noce Szólíts a neveden
(Paperback) (Paperback) (Paperback) (Paperback) (Paperback) (Paperback) (Paperback) (Paperback)
Edition language: Turkish Edition language: German Edition language: Dutch Edition language: German Edition language: Vietnamese Edition language: Portuguese Edition language: Polish Edition language: Hungarian

Published: June 2009 Published: June 1st 2010 Published: June 2010 Published: 2010 Published: December 2017 Published: January 5th 2018 Published: January 12th 2018 Published: February 5th 2018
Publisher: Sel Yayıncılık Publisher: Deutscher Publisher: Anthos Publisher: Kein & Aber Publisher: NXB Tre Publisher: Intrínseca Publisher: Poradnia K Publisher: Athenaeum Kiadó
Paperback: 248 pages Taschenbuch Verlag Paperback: 256 pages Paperback: 288 pages Paperback: 316 pages Paperback: 288 pages Paperback: 331 pages Hardcover: 304 pages
ISBN13: 9789755704036 Paperback: 288 pages ISBN: 9041411429 ISBN: 3036955836 ISBN13: 9786041105126 ISBN: 8551002732 ISBN13: 9788363960964 ISBN13: 9789632933238
ISBN: 3423138947 (ISBN13: 9789041411426) (ISBN13: 9788551002735)
(ISBN13: 9783423138949)

14 15
Edition language: Korean

Published: August 1st 2017

Paperback, 308 pages
Llámame por tu nombre ’ ISBN: 1195061447
(Paperback) (Paperback) (Paperback) (Paperback) (ISBN13: 9791195061440)
Edition language: Spanish Edition language: Chinese Edition language: Georgian Edition language: Greek, Modern

Published: February 2018 Published: January 4th 2018 Published: 2018 Published: June 28th 2018
Publisher: Alfaguara Publisher: Publisher: Bakur Sulakauri Publisher:
Paperback: 280 pages Paperback: 256 pages publishing house Paperback: 328 pages
ISBN13: 9788420473895 ISBN: 9863445274 Paperback: 270 pages ISBN13: 9786180312249
ISBN13: 9789941301384

Daj mi tvoje meno Call Me by Your Name Dej mi své jméno

(Paperback) (Paperback) (Paperback)
Edition language: Slovak Edition language: Japanese Edition language: Czech

Published: May 1st 2018 Published: 2018 Published: 2018

Publisher: Vydavateľstvo Publisher: Okura Publishing / Publisher: Slovart (ČR)
SLOVART Magnolia Books Paperback: 256 pages
Paperback: 256 pages ISBN: 978-4-7755-2774-0 ISBN: 978-80-7529-596-5
ISBN13: 9788055634760

16 17
“My piece in THEM.
Written to all those who
took the time to bare their
hearts to me. Thank you
all so very much.”

- André Aciman -
April 28th 2018 on Twitter Instagram: @nonobiblio Instagram: @geertjanbuisman

Instagram: @timtassignon Instagram: @yara_jonch Instagram: @mhannodettodifareunblog

Photo by Matthew Leifheit

“His Name Was Dwight.” Instagram: @kristy_drazovska Instagram: @brankabizjak

B Y A N D R É A C I M A N / F O R W W W.T H E M .U S

Call Me by Your Name author André Aciman reflects on an anonymous yet

deeply moving letter he received about the novel.

The letter I received ten years ago was unsigned and bore no return address. Clearly its author did not Instagram: @javierapaz97_
expect, much less want, a reply. A message in a bottle, from no one to no one, that letter still remains
the most bizarre form of communication. It asks nothing but to be read, promises nothing but to share
a few facts and feelings, and, seeing that it must have been dashed off on a lined yellow sheet that
seemed hastily torn out of a pad of paper, the author would not be surprised if, after skimming through
it, the recipient decided to crumple and lob it into the closest dust bin.

Instead, I kept the letter. I kept it for ten years.

Read full essay on Instagram: @rotterdamois Instagram: @adrien.leleu Instagram: @danimal_1983

or scan the QR code with your phone to open the website.

18 19
Text check:
Kirt Kegaard

The director of Call Me by Your Name

Study His
Born August 10 He was born in Palermo
but but spent his child-
hood in Ethiopia where
his father was teaching
in Palermo, Sicily, Italy
History and Italian. They
went back to Italy in 1977.
He studied Literature at
the University of Palermo
and was also a graduate was “The Protagonist” (1999)
of History and Critics of
FRENESY FILM COMPANY Cinema with a thesis on
the American Filmmaker He speaks three languages:
In 2012 Luca founded the production company Frenesy
Film Company, which focuses his business on films for
Jonathan Demme at Italian, English
Sapienza University
the luxury and fashion industries. of Rome. and French.

Some of CALL ME BY YOUR NAME Peach scene

Luca mentioned that he was

his films
For directing and producing Call Me by Your Name
(2017), Luca received widespread critical acclaim and
really struggling with the
peach scene, because he
several accolades, including nominations for an Acad-
believed that it couldn’t be
The Protagonists (1999) emy Award for Best Picture, Nastro d’Argento for Best
done. So he tried it himself and
I Am Love (2009) Director, and BAFTA Award for Best Direction.
found out that it was possible.
A Bigger Splash (2015)
Therefore, he decided to do
Call Me by Your Name (2017)
Favorite scene
CREMA the scene and it became one
of the most memorable one.

From Luca said that his

favorite scene was the The movie CMBYN was

consultant Porch Scene where Elio

is waiting for Oliver to
mostly filmed in Crema,
Lombardy, Italy, the Production
to director come home. director’s hometown.
is hell
Artwork by Choigana Kardi
Living in Northern Italy,
Luca was first hired as a
Screenplay Luca said on an interview
that he hates the filming
Instagram: @choygana location consultant as to Luca described the novel as “Proustian Book about process because there are
help putting the movie remembering the past and indulging in the melancholy like 50 people asking him all
This artwork was together on the “Italian of lost things”, so he wrote an adaptation together with kind of things on set. What
commissioned specially for
this fanzine. side” and eventually he James Ivory and Walter Fasano to refine it. Eventually, he really loves about the
became a director and Luca became the Director and Ivory became the sole filming process is the “post-
co-producer creditor for the screenplay. production” and “editing”.

20 21
Photo: Peter Spears
Produced by Cinematography by
Naima Abed executive producer Sayombhu Mukdeeprom
Margarethe Baillou executive producer
Tom Dolby executive producer Film Editing by
Susanne Filkins associate producer Walter Fasano
Emilie Georges producer
Luca Guadagnino producer Casting By
James Ivory producer Stella Savino
Nicholas Kaiser executive producer
Sophie Mas executive producer Production Design by
Francesco Melzi d’Eril executive producer Samuel Deshors
Marco Morabito producer
Abdi Nazemian associate producer Art Direction by
Allan Neuwirth associate producer Roberta Federico (art direction)
Howard Rosenman producer
Lourenço Sant’ Anna executive producer
Set Decoration by
(as Lourenço Sant’Anna)
Muriel Chinal (preparation)
Stella Savino line producer
Sandro Piccarozzi
Derek Simonds executive producer
Violante Visconti di Modrone
Peter Spears producer
Kim Surowicz associate producer
Costume Design by
Rodrigo Teixeira producer
Giulia Piersanti

Directed by

It takes Luca Guadagnino

Writing Credits

a village
James Ivory (screenplay by)
André Aciman (based on the novel by)

Armie Hammer Oliver
Timothée Chalamet Elio
When we watch movies, we often Michael Stuhlbarg Mr. Perlman
Amira Casar Annella Perlman
forget it takes a village to make it
Esther Garrel Marzia
come to life. More than 140 people Victoire Du Bois Chiara
Vanda Capriolo Mafalda
worked on Call Me By Your Name.
Antonio Rimoldi Anchise
Elena Bucci Bambi - Art Historian
Text by Kevin Grieco Marco Sgrosso Nico - Art Historian
Source: André Aciman Mounir
Peter Spears Isaac

22 23
Makeup Department Sound Department Camera and Electrical Department Other crew
Lara Crisci hair stylist Paolo Amici sound effects editor Luce Bertani second assistant camera Massimo Aversano cost controller /
Manolo García key hair stylist Federico Amodio sound effects editor Alessio Bolzoni still photographer production accountant
Paola Gattabrusi makeup artist Italo Cameracanna foley artist Niccolò Brindasso second assistant camera: dailies Alessandro Bonsignori set pa
Fernanda Perez chief makeup artist Mitch Dorf adr mixer Massimo Cecchini first assistant camera: “b” camera David Boyle Head Of Business And Legal
Davide Favargiotti dialogue editor Luca Del Torre dailies Affairs: RT Features
Production Management Thomas Gastinel boom operator Daniele Dessena grip Manuela Cavallo production counsel
Andrea Alunni unit production manager Adam Howell sound mixer - EPK Gaia Ferme focus puller Giuppy D’Aura product placement coordinator /
Lee Chatametikool post-production manager Clément Laforce re-recording mixer assistant Francesco Galli gaffer vocal coach
Riccardo Garufi Bozza runner/facilities Jean-Pierre Laforce re-recording mixer Romano Molter assistant camera: “c” camera Federica De Vita payroll accountant
Lucia Guidano unit manager François Lambert sound mix technician Luca Pardini electrician Philip Fajardo assistant: Mr. Guadagnino
Sacha Guttenstein post-production supervisor Yves-Marie Omnes production sound mixer Alessandro Radaelli videoassist (as Philip Ceazar Fajardo)
Noorahaya Lahtee post-production manager Daniele Quadroli sound effects editor Massimo Spina key grip Harry Finkel additional legal
Camilla Pugini assistant unit manager David Quadroli sound effects editor Emma Galli assistant to producer
Fabrizio Quadroli sound effects editor Costume and Wardrobe Department Christian Giuliani production coordinator
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Alessia Boccardo costume assistant Rachel Griffiths script supervisor
Ferdinando Cito Filomarino second unit director Visual Effects by Le Yen Mai assistant costume designer Lon Haber publicity team
Manuela D’Ovidio assistant director Emanuel Bartolozzi digital compositor Maria Giulia Zannoni costume assistant Dany Héricourt dialog coach
Dominique Delany first assistant director Charlotte Brancucci digital compositor Aurelio Marino accountant assistant
Paolo Sponzilli assistant director / Davide Camposano digital compositor Editorial Department Mauro Monachini financial consultant
second assistant director Fabio Cattaneo digital compositor Francesca Addonizio first assistant editor Melissa Provana production intern
Riccardo Zurla second assistant director Andrea Ceccarelli digital compositor Alessandro Pelliccia co-colorist Valerio Rapisarda runner
Virginia Cefaly visual effects producer Chaitawat Thrisansri colorist Matthieu Rey press attache: france
Art Department Stefano Di Segni digital compositor Paolo Rocchi choreographer
Luciano Cammerieri assistant decorator / Mattia Fede digital compositor Music Department Daniela Venturelli assistant coordinator
assistant set decorator Claudia Gagliardi digital compositor Jellybean Benítez music remixer: Paris Latino
Gaia Chaillet Giusti greens Chen Li titles Gerry Gershman music consultant Thanks
Adonay Marin Conde set dresser Mario Liuzzi digital compositor Roberto Solci classical music consultant Mark Ankner thanks
Massimo Eleonori property master Edoardo Ottone digital compositor Lindsey Taylor music coordinator Bernardo Bertolucci the producers wish to thank
Stefano Nagni property master Lorenzo Pirri digital compositor Robin Urdang music supervisor Dakota Johnson the producers wish to thank
Paola Sforzini head painter Oriana Pioli Quero digital compositor Ralph Lauren the producers wish to thank
Briseide Siciliano assistant art director Dafne Sartori lead compositor Bill Paxton in loving memory of
Rosa Trapani assistant set decorator Luca Saviotti visual effects supervisor Nick Shumaker the producers wish to thank
Sara Tomarchio digital compositor Tilda Swinton the producers wish to thank

24 25
The Seductive An Emotional
Atmosphere of Call Ending

YouTube: Sage’s Rain


The last ten minutes of Call Me by Your Name was draining. This final portion
YouTube: iamthatroby
of the movie was the most emotionally driven and the segment of the film that
resonated the most with me. Because it tackled the challenge of wrapping up an
There is something wonderfully seductive about Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me enchanting story of coming-of-age and love. Tho the novel’s narrative continues
by Your Name. The third and final installment in the director’s thematic desire past the end of the movie, director Luca Guadagnino uses directorial skills to end
trilogy, which includes his previous films, I Am Love and A Bigger Splash. Call the film in such a way that leaves the audience with the conclusion, that is both
Me by Your Name is a pure and atmospheric encapsulation of desire, memory grounded and still raw with emotion.
and the art of seduction.
I have allocated the final portion of the film into three significant segments.
The film is based on André Aciman 2007 novel of the same name and tells of a The first being the monologue from Elio’s father, professor Perlman. The second
romantic relationship in 1983 Italy, between Elio Perlman, a 17 year old and his being the phone call between Oliver and Elio and finally the closing credits.
fathers assistent, Oliver. The film is full of dreamlike sequences that linger and
hold the audiences attention. Forcing us to develop a response of our own.

Watch the rest of the essay Watch the rest of the essay
(8:09) on YouTube (8:46) on YouTube

26 27
“My heart has been literally “It feels more like watching - 11 -
broken in the most beautiful a piece of art, than watching “O my gosh, it’s beautiful”
way ever” a film”

-1- -5-
“It blows my mind that this is -9-
“It puts you under a spell and
the first time that Timothée and “How dope was that father’s
then it doesn’t let you go”
Armie have ever worked together” speech at the end”

- 12 -
“I felt really happy at times, “It’s almost like your a
“He’s getting married?
I felt really sad at times” fly on the wall, watching
It better be with Elio!”
documented events”

-2- -6- - 10 -
“I came out to my mom “Everything makes me cry” “I don’t feel a fucking thing”
after watching the movie”

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MOVIE REVIEW by Chris Stuckmann by Dylan Is In Trouble (24 March 2018)
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28 29
The screenplay writer of Call Me by Your Name

PARENTS Education
Born June 7,

James is the son of Hallie

Millicent and Edward
Patrick Ivory, a sawmill James attended the University of Oregon, from which
operator. He grew up in he received a degree in fine arts in 1951. James is a re-
in Berkeley, California
Klamath Falls, Oregon. cipient of the Lawrence Medal, UO’s College of Design’s
highest honor for its graduates. His papers are held by
UO Libraries’ Special Collections and University Archives.
Merchant Ivory Productions He then attended the University of Southern California
James is an American film director, producer, and School of Cinematic Arts, where he directed the short
screenwriter. For many years he worked extensively film Four in the Morning (1953).
with Indian-born film producer Ismail Merchant and

Oscar Venice
screenwriter Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. All three were
principals in Merchant Ivory Productions, whose films
have won six Academy Awards; Ivory himself has been

nominated for four Oscars, winning one (Call Me by
Your Name). Venice is the place he
loves most in the world.
James arrived at the Oscars His first documentary was

At age 89, James became
Movies that (2018) wearing a classic tux
complete with a graphic
about Vency. ‘The reason
I made that documentary

the oldest winner of a

BAFTA (18 Feb. 2018) and
influenced portraying Timothée
Chalamet emblazoned onto
as my thesis at USC film
school was to have an ex-

Academy Award (March

4, 2018) for Best Adapted
Call Me by his button-down. This one-
of-a-kind artwork was made
cuse to go back to Venice.’
said Ivory in a interview.

Screenplay for Call Me by

Your Name (2017).
Your Name by Andrew Mania.

Scan the QR code with your

phone to see the video AWARDS
Cabin movies For his work in Call Me by Your Name (2017), James re-
James has a cabin in Ore- ceived an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay,
gon which belonged to his a Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Adapted Screen-
Artwork by Choigana Kardi
Instagram: @choygana parents, where he goes for play, Writers Guild of America Award for Best Adapted
about three weeks every Screenplay, BAFTA Award for Best Adapted Screenplay,
This artwork was summer and watches a lot and USC Scripter Award for Best Screenplay. He was
commissioned specially for
this FREE FAN magazine of movies. He collects them also nominated for the AACTA International Award for
troughout the years and Best Screenplay, and the Gotham Independent Film
brings them to Oregon. Award for Best Screenplay.

30 31

Kiss of a lifetime
45.703047, 9.663043

Running toward

in Northern Italy
2 the falls
46.058272, 10.037492

Trace the steps of Oliver and Elio, visit the beautiful

filming locations of Call Me by Your Name.

‘You know Coordinates by Steve Beals / Twitter: @Steve_Beals

Artwork by Leslie / Instagram: @llleslie1998
what things’
45.405106, 9.552548

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to see details

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Country road
7 by bike
45.444966, 9.624800
8 Sirmione
45.502894, 10.606492


32 33

Elio & Marzia

swim at the river
Filming locations
‘This is my spot’ 45.396811, 9.710881
time action actual location street view gps / aerial image
45.446893, 9.624420 5 0:02:37 The usurper. Villa Albergoni interior Moscazzano 1 45.291778, 9.684401
0:05:19 Called for dinner. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
0:07:28 Oliver’s first breakfast. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
3 5
0:09:42 To Crema on bicycles. Moscazzano 2 Moscazzano 2 45.292970, 9.683790
0:09:55 On the way to Crema. Campagnola Cremasca 1 Campagnola Cremasca 1 45.396746, 9.653128
0:10:00 Arriving at Crema. Crema 1 Crema 1 45.360737, 9.690936
0:10:08 What’s one do around here? Crema 2 Crema 2 45.362977, 9.687234
0:11:27 The derivation of apricot. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
0:13:26 A walk into town… Moscazzano 3 Moscazzano 3 45.293233, 9.681789
0:13:33 see Oliver’s friends. Moscazzano 4 Moscazzano 4 45.293350, 9.681509
‘What’s one do 0:14:34 Volleyball. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
0:16:13 Elio shaves for Oliver. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
around here?’ 6
0:16:28 Later. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
Crema 0:17:24 Play something. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
45.362977, 9.687234 0:18:24 Can’t sleep. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
0:18:49 I have an allergy. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
0:20:16 Changing clothes. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
0:20:44 I’m not going to tell you. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
0:21:44 Play it again, will ya? Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
0:22:34 Piano variations on Bach. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
0:24:29 Dear Diary. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
0:24:55 Elio and a fish. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
0:25:47 Oliver rolls into the pool. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
‘Oliver, Elio 0:27:10 At the disco. Crema 3 (San Bernardino) Crema 3 45.365642, 9.703845
Elio, Oliver’ At the disco 0:29:57 Elio & Marzia swim at the river. Ricengo 1 Ricengo 1 45.396811, 9.710881
0:30:59 We almost had sex last night. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
San Bernardino 0:31:54 Chiara visits. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
Villa Albergoni
45.365642, 9.703845
45.291778, 9.684401 0:34:10 Archeology at Lake Garda. Sirmione 1 Sirmione 1 45.500872, 10.606488
0:34:31 Walking toward the lake. Sirmione 2 Sirmione 2 45.501129, 10.606110
0:34:40 Descending the steps. Sirmione 3 Sirmione 3 45.502894, 10.606492
9 6
0:34:43 Truce? Sirmione 4 Sirmione 4 45.502894, 10.606492
8 0:35:31 On the lake. Sirmione 5 Sirmione 5 45.503550, 10.605653
0:36:10 Examining the statue. Sirmione 4 (see above)
The drive back 9
0:36:21 Going for a swim. Sirmione 6 Sirmione 6 45.502795, 10.606162
0:36:38 Home from Sirmione. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
from Clusone
0:37:02 Missed meeting with Marzia. Ricengo 2 Ricengo 2 45.396811, 9.710881
Moscazzano 0:37:20 Missing Oliver. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
45.300426, 9.683918 0:38:51 Encounter with Mafalda. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
0:39:45 Oliver’s swim trunks. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
0:41:24 Oliver returns. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
0:42:15 French poetry, in the dark. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)

34 35
time action actual location street view gps / aerial image time action actual location street view gps / aerial image
0:44:29 I gotta go to town… Villa Albergoni exterior (see above) 1:27:25 Morning. Let’s go swimming. Villa Albergoni interior. (see above)
0:46:37 You know what things. Pandino Pandino 45.405106, 9.552548 1:28:36 Leaving the villa. Villa Albergoni gate (see above)
0:51:08 Long curved bike ride. Campagnola Cremasca 2 Campagnola Cremasca 2 45.396725, 9.658099 1:28:49 At the river, separated. Ricengo 4 Ricengo 4 45.396811, 9.710881
0:52:03 Thirsty? Corte Palasio Corte Palasio 1 45.309633, 9.563946 1:29:15 …hold last night against me? Ricengo 2 (see above)
0:52:56 Toward Elio’s secret place. Corte Palasio Corte Palasio 2 45.309824, 9.564238
1:29:44 Take your trunks off. Villa Albergoni interior. (see above)
0:53:07 Country road on bicycles. Capralba 1 Capralba 1 45.444966, 9.624800
1:31:19 Professor, I got your note. Villa Albergoni exterior. (see above)
0:53:21 Arriving at the secret place. Capralba 2 Capralba 2 45.446893, 9.624420
1:32:18 I just wanted to be with you. Crema 8 Crema 8 45.362952, 9.686916
0:53:28 This is my spot. Capralba 3 Capralba 3 45.446893, 9.624420
1:33:16 I would kiss you if I could. Crema 9 Crema 9a, Crema 9b 45.362952, 9.686916
0:54:28 I like the way you say things. Capralba 4 Capralba 4 45.446893, 9.624420
1:33:40 Picking a peach. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
0:55:10 First kiss. Capralba 2 (see above)
1:33:50 Kitchen political discussion. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
0:56:53 Am I offending you? Capralba 2 (see above) 9
1:34:29 Peach sex. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
0:57:34 Return on the country road. Capralbra 1 (see above)
1:37:57 What did you do? Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
0:57:38 Return past an old building. Moscazzano 5 Moscazzano 5 45.276655, 9.679443
1:40:25 We wasted so many days. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
0:57:41 Talkative visitors. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
1:41;22 For Oliver, from Elio. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
0:59:04 Nosebleed. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
1:41:59 I’m not your girl? Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
1:00:12 Elio: I’m a mess. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
1:43:08 Mr. & Mrs. Perlman sunning. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
1:01:33 Chiara: Don’t go anywhere. Villa Albergoni gate Moscazzano 6 45.292093, 9.683787
1:43:38 To Bergamo by bus. Montodine Montodine 45.285466, 9.709791
1:01:56 The girls comfort Elio. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
1:45:10 Refugio Curo hiking trail (music). Valbondione 1 Valbondione 1 46.041438, 10.022062
1:02:31 At the river with friends. Ricengo 3 Ricengo 3 45.396811, 9.710881
1:45:34 Mountain climb: Oliver! Elio! Valbondione 2 Valbondione 2 46.058272, 10.037492
1:02:43 Mom: You like him, don’t you? Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
1:45:51 First sight of the waterfall. Valbondione 3 Valbondione 3 46.058272, 10.037492
1:03:40 Elio, alone. (music) Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
1:46:14 Closer view of the falls. Valbondione 4 Valbondione 4 46.058272, 10.037492
1:05:07 Traitor. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
1:46:24 Running toward the falls. Valbondione 5 Valbondione 5 46.058272, 10.037492
1:06:20 Elio calls Marzia. Villa Albergoni interior. (see above)
1:46:56 Bergamo hotel, laughing. Bergamo 1 Bergamo 1 45.703791, 9.664494
1:07:00 Meeting Marzia in Crema. Crema 4 Crema 4 45.362952, 9.686916
1:47:37 Drunk in the street. Bergamo 2 Bergamo 2 45.702448, 9.662539
1:07:29 Do you really read a lot? Crema 5 Crema 5 45.362889, 9.686673
1:47:45 Rolling along the wall. Bergamo 3 Bergamo 3 45.702488, 9,662539
1:07:46 People who read are… Crema 6 Crema 6 45.361232, 9.686386
1:48:14 You’re missing it! Bergamo 4 Bergamo 4 45.702488, 9.662539
1:08:02 …I don’t want to be hurt. Crema 7 Crema 7 45.361131, 9.686354
1:48:23 This, this! Bergamo 5 Bergamo 5 45.702962, 9.662024
1:08:35 You’re so hard. Crema 7 (see above)
1:48:52 Dancing at the basilica. Bergamo 6 Bergamo 6 45.702962, 9.662024
1:09:06 Oh, fuck, I’m sorry. Crema 7 ? (see above)
1:49:39 Street fountain and the kiss. Bergamo 7 Bergamo 7 45.703047, 9.663043
1:09:52 Elio: Please don’t avoid me. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
1:50:23 Bergamo hotel, morning. Bergamo 1 (see above)
1:10:41 Someone have a good night… Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
1:50:38 Elio’s Dream Scene 1. Pandino (see above)
1:11:12 Viewing slides. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
1:50:39 Elio’s Dream Scene 2. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
1:11:40 I’ll see you at midnight. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
1:50:40 Elio’s Dream Scene 3. Pandino (see above)
1:12:21 As if they’re daring you… Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
1:50:41 Elio’s Dream Scene 4. Pandino (see above)
1:12:55 Hey, what time you got? Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
1:51:15 Do you have your passport? Pizzighettone 1 Pizzighettone 1 45.181580, 9.777361
1:13:32 I won’t be here for dinner. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
1:53:09 Can you come get me, Mom? Pizzighettone 2 Pizzighettone 2 45.181618, 9.777584
1:13:48 Oliver leaves, Marzia arrives. Moscazzano 6 (see above)
1:54:11 The drive back from Clusone. Moscazzano 7 Moscazzano 7 45.304482, 9.685312
1:13:59 Elio & Marzia in the pool. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
1:54:25 Through the cornfields. Moscazzano 8 Moscazzano 8 45.300426, 9.683918
1:14:53 Elio & Marzia in the attic. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
1:54:28 Marzia: I’m not mad at you. Moscazzano 4 (see above)
1:16:49 Sonny & Cher arrive. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
1:56:01 Home again. Villa Albergoni exterior (see above)
1:17:58 Elio puts on the shirt. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
1:56:48 Dad: Missed you at dinner. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
1:18:39 Elio shows the shirt. Villa Albergoni exterior. (see above)
2:02:31 Winter, country road view. Capralba 1 (see above)
1:18:58 Elio plays. Sorry I’m so tired. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
2:02:44 Winter, Elio’s secret spot. Capralba 4 (see above)
1:19:57 Sonny & Cher leave. Villa Albergoni interior. (see above)
2:02:54 Winter, Perlman villa. Villa Albergoni exterior. (see above)
1:20:51 Oliver: Glad you came. Villa Albergoni interior. (see above)
2:03:02 Hanukkah. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
1:21:59 You OK? Me OK. Villa Albergoni interior. (see above)
2:04:12 Phone call from Oliver. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
1:23:47 This make you happy? Villa Albergoni interior. (see above)
2:06:56 By the fire. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
1:25:58 Call me by your name and… Villa Albergoni interior. (see above)
2:08:30 End title and credits. Villa Albergoni interior (see above)
1:26:54 Did we make noise? Villa Albergoni interior. (see above)

36 37
Villa Albergoni
Artwork by Boryana Ilieva

painting by
Boryana Ilieva
Source: / Instagram: fplancroissant

It was October 27, the second birthday of a close friend of On that October 27 my friend and I walked out of the
mine (yes, she has two), winter cold outside, near the end cinema house, each of us about to head in her own direc-
of the day. I was headed to the cinema, where my friend tion, and we started a long conversion. It lasted for weeks,
and I were about to see Call Me by Your Name, it was its I’m sure it is not even over yet. Dozens of hours of talking
first screening in Bulgaria as part of the second big cin- followed by waiting for the soundtrack to come out, then
ema event of 2017, named So Independent Film Festival. dozens of hours of listening to Visions of Gideon. Night
On my way to the cinema I bumped into a lost participant after night discussing the film, weeks of researching the
of the festival jury. He was scouting the immense stone villa—location, every room of it, the bathroom. A month
square from the Soviet era that housed the cinema. He passed and we still can’t stop talking about Call Me by
was cool, from New York, and he lost interest in talking to Your Name in cafes, in internet chats, on the street.
me the moment I took him to the so wanted lobby of the
theater. The lobby was empty except for my friend, she The only thing I can do now is to build upon it. How do
stayed cuddled in the corner, waiting. architects build upon? Well, by gathering walls, doors,
tiles and chairs all at one place.
We knew that we were about to see something special.
Obviously the city was not aware of the level of the film,
as the hall was mostly empty with only me, my friend,
the jury guy and not more than forty other enlightened

Of the experience during the film I shall not talk. I will

only say that lights went wrongly on and stayed on before
the film was over, during the end song Visions of Gideon.
The hall was supposed to stay dark during that song, but I
guess as the staff were running the film for the first time,
they didn’t know that. Yet, with the lights on none of the
viewers moved or breathed, maybe we quietly cried.

38 39
Artwork by Boryana Ilieva
40 41
Her love for this film was
so strong that she flew to
Italy to ‘see’ it for herself
B Y C A R S ON B L AC K W E L D E R F OR A P LU S / JA N UA RY 1 9 2 0 1 8
Source: / Photo: Zineb Bayad, Twitter @bIuevioIet

You may have a favorite movie you love to watch from time to Bayad perfectly captured the scenery as well as moments
time, but have you ever made a pilgrimage to where that film between actors Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer
was set? If not, then your fandom isn’t at the same level than beautifully — bringing the cinematography of Sayombhu
that of Zineb Bayad and the 2017 gay coming-of-age hit Call Mukdeeprom to life once more. We can almost hear Sufjan
Me by Your Name. Stevens singing “Mysteries of Love” and “Visions of Gideon”
from the film while looking at these, so you should probably
Bayad, a French university student, traveled to the small cue them up to get the full experience.
Italian town of Crema — in northern Italy, specifically the
province of Cremona and the Lombardy region — where the
Luca Guadagnino-directed film was set. During the trip, she “It felt like a dream. I was
recreated memorable scenes by taking still from the flick
and matching them up with the real-life locations where they honestly so overwhelmed
took place.
I cried a lot.”
“The movie was an ethereal experience and I truly believe I
Some moments made her cry a bit, Bayad revealed, and over-
will never forget it. So I thought about creating more memo-
all she said it felt like a dream. “It is just an amazing experi-
ries around it,” Bayad told INSIDER in a Twitter DM interview
ence,” Bayad said. “It just hit me how beautiful and unforget-
about her decision to take this special vacation. “This movie
table this movie is.”
has helped me so much, first because of its lesson about love
and self-acceptance. It helped me to embrace my sexuality
and take my mind away during some hard times.”

42 43

Originally from Montreal, Canada, I have found

a new home in Crema, Italy. My love for Luca

Guadagnino’s film, Call Me by Your Name brought

me here. Living in Crema touring worldwide fans of

the film to the beautiful locations was not planned

and has changed my life. Here’s my story.

44 45
recounting how he had planted that palm tree in 1983! I always tell people that they can certainly see all the
Perhaps it was a coincidence that this was the year that locations and sites on their own--there is so much infor-
the movie takes place, but I saw it as a sign! We became mation and many guides created by fans online to help
friends and he showed me around all the locations of people do the journey of the locations on their own if
the film on his Vespa, which was also from 1983! they want to. But for those that prefer to be taken to the
locations with us, by bicycle, Vespa or car there is always
I was in heaven, as I wasn’t sure how I would find and the option to come along on our tour! There are small
make it to all the beautiful locations of the film myself fun advantages of coming with us as well; for example
and here I was being taken to them by Vespa, car and if people are short on time, perhaps just making a day
bicycle by this beautiful person! I had so much fun and trip to Crema from Milan or elsewhere it is quicker to
my heart was filled with joy. After spending the week in go with us by car because we know exactly where to
Crema, I decided I did not want to leave. Crema put a go. Also some travellers coming here alone may feel the
spell on me. I followed my heart, which I previously had desire to go with someone else because they can meet
rarely done in my life and I haven’t looked back since. other fans and/or they perhaps don’t have a best sense
of direction and feel reassured to go with someone who
Through the tours I have been doing with fans of the I’ve always been a fan of Luca Guadagnino’s films even Both he and I realised that there are many people like does. At least that is what I have been told by some
film Call Me By Your Name, I have been blessed to hear before CMBYN. When I saw “I Am Love”, “A Bigger me, who come to Crema with a passion for the film and people on our tours! Another little perk of taking our
many stories of how Luca Guadagnino’s film affected Splash” and in particular Call Me by Your Name, I was book, who perhaps also need or want a guide to tour tour is we know the owner of the bar, (the poker scene
and changed people’s lives. My life has also changed struck by Luca’s sensual, slower paced style; his artistry, them to the film locations and that is why we decided in the movie) and also the place where Elio and Oliver
because of the film. Last September, 2017, I left my along with his Director of Photography Sayombhu to start the Call Me by Your Name tours. ask for water, so we can get fans inside these places.
home in Montreal, Canada to travel and change my life Mukdeeprom. It’s magnificent and unique and I have And finally, at the end of each tour I like to give a print
and career. After teaching for close to 20 years I needed nothing but the utmost respect, admiration and love It’s been only two months since we started but so far of one of my CMBYN inspired drawings, which people
a change and I also wanted to escape the harsh and for the artistry of Luca Guadagnino’s films. it’s going really well. We are enjoying meeting beauti- seem to enjoy!
long Montreal winters that I found more and more dif- ful, kind fans, of all ages, from all around the world who
ficult to live through! I see them as a gift to the world. have a love and passion for the film, music of the film I feel blessed and so grateful to be able to be with the
and book. They share very moving stories of how the person I love, in a place that I love and to do what I love,
I first travelled to France as I had friends there that I I saw an ad for the Crema Film Festival and immediately film/book affected them and changed their lives while for beautiful CMBYN fans that I love!
wanted to visit. Then I decided to tour around the UK booked my ticket to Crema, as they were going to show one tour with us. I have made new friends from around
and ended up living in London for the winter months. I Call Me by Your Name outdoors in the Piazza Duomo in the world, through the common bond we share--the
saw Call Me by Your Name in London and was so deeply Crema, under the stars among all the fans from around passion and love of the CMBYN story!
moved, mesmerized and inspired by it, as many people the world. I was thrilled to experience Crema’s atmos-
are! I then read the book by André Aciman and that was phere and all the locations from the movie in person!
it, I became completely infatuated and fell in love with It was an incredible experience, meeting other CMBYN
the story, both novel and film. The unconditional love fans from around the world and of course the super
Tour the film locations
that is conveyed, the tragedy and heartbreak of first fun and beautiful energy of the fans at the 80’s dance
Anyone who is interested in taking our tours, they are
passionate intense love spoke to my heart. The perfor- party after the screening of the film! It was an incredible
available 7 days a week, all year long. Tours are usually
mances by Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer, night I’ll always treasure.
in the afternoons starting from 16:00. Some morning
the aesthetics of the movie, the landscapes of Northern
tours are also possible. Choose to tour by car, electric
Italy, the beautiful Villa--the atmosphere of Crema was I was only going to stay a week in Crema---I had booked
bicycle, or Vespa.
very compelling to me. my return flight to London but then life got in the way
of my plans! On my arrival in Crema I met a wonderful,
More information and/or book a tour
I started to create a series of images, drawings inspired kind man, a local. I literally had walked off the train and
Instagram: @ffscenes2018
by the two main characters, Elio and Oliver, like many was headed towards the Piazza Duomo, but was side-
artists--I’ve seen so many Call Me by Your Name in- tracked by a very beautiful tall thin palm tree that was
Website: coming soon
spired Art online! I’ve always created Art, and this movie off of a side road. I started to take pictures of it, and the
was a great source of inspiration for my artwork. man who lived on that property started talking to me,

46 47
Photo: Jan Sielecki Instagram: @lisabreitling Photo: Kalina Ivanova Photo: Daniel VegaMatos Instagram: @marto_mci Instagram: @medusahaile

Photo: Lorin Kırdıyan Instagram: @bojrk Photo: Jan Sielecki Photo: Andrea Daelli Instagram: @cheerskirata

A peachy
Facebook: Montse Salazar

pilgrimage Instagram: @hisnameiscarter Instagram: @renatorobyn Instagram: @flying.jon Photo: Ray Johansson Fabros


Twitter: @mememegann There is little doubt Call Me by Your Name has affected Facebook: Daniel Koeneke Facebook: Daniel Koeneke Instagram: @hisnameiscarter Instagram: @leslie_venable
fans to the core. Connected through their love of the film,
hundreds of people have traveled to Italy to experience
the films settings firsthand. According to Pro Loco
Crema (the official tourism office for Crema) tourism has
doubled already in 2018. A total of 6,335 tourist visited in
2017, compared to 6,500 tourists in 2018 (January-June).

Instagram: @cmbyn_locations Photo: Damian Ajvaz Instagram: @holdmygaze1983

Instagram: @mirihaii Photo: Lorin Kırdıyan Facebook: Montse Salazar Instagram: @cmbyn_locations Instagram: @mr_nicolasbru

Photo: Ju Filippozzi Facebook: Daniel Koeneke Instagram: @lisabreitling Instagram: @ellerose_97 Photo: Lorin Kırdıyan Instagram: @holdmygaze1983 Instagram: @phillasaurusrex
Text check:
Kevin Grieco

The man with the deep, booming voice

High school
Born August 28

dropout MARKS Armie married former model,

Armie dropped out of Towering height, deep
actress and TV journalist Eliz-
high school in the 11th and booming voice, word-
in Santa Monica, California abeth Chambers on May 22,
grade to pursue acting. smith, quick-witted.
2010. They have two children:
“I knew I wanted to make
Harper (daughter born 2014)
Armie lived in the Dallas
neighbourhood of High-
movies because it was the
one thing I was obsessed ONE-SHOT and Ford (son born 2017).
Director Luca explained in Elizabeth is huge fan of the
with.” It took Armie a
land Park for several years. an interview how he strug- book and owns Bird Bakery.
while to kick his career
When he was seven years gled with shooting the
into high gear. His break-
old, his family moved to
the Cayman Islands for
through role came when scene at the Piave Memo-
Armie is 1.96m
rial. He said it was Armie
five years. After which they
he played the Winklevoss
Twins in The Social Net- who suggested doing the tall, which is
moved to Los Angeles.
work (2010). scene in one long shot. 6ft 5.

Those shorts For his role in Call Me by

Your Name, Hammer
Uncomfortable dance scene
were really short! received acclaim from
Self-described as gangly by Hammer, he wasn’t keen on
critics and multiple award
In the 80’s, shorts were shooting the film’s glorious dance scene. The fact the
nominations including;
short and Oliver wore scene was filmed without any music only added to his
the Critics’ Choice Award,
them so well. Being a embarrassment. “Like any actor or artist, I definitely have
Independent Spirit Award
tall guy, you can imagine my moments of feeling self-conscious,” said Hammer.
and Golden Globe for Best
Armie trying to squeeze Supporting Actor.
into them and keep it all In his USA Today interview, Armie spoke about the
contained. Let’s just say film’s infamous dance scene. “That was one of the most
some post-production Armie plays painful scenes I’ve shot in my life,” Hammer said. “They
would start the scene and it’d be the Psychedelic Furs
editing was needed for
Armie. the guitar (song), and then they would kill the music and start
(filming). So I’d just be dancing and jumping around in
Artwork by Choigana Kardi
Instagram: @choygana silence, looking around at 500 extras just staring at you.
I was miserable. I was not having a good time.” “Timmy
This artwork was NARRATION OF THE AUDIOBOOK is an excellent dancer,” Hammer said. “It made it all the
commissioned specially for
Armie not only starred in the adaptation of Call Me by more frustrating when I was dancing around having the
this fanzine.
Your Name, but also lent his voice for the audiobook of worst time of my life, and then I’d look over at Timmy,
André Aciman’s original novel. who was not even on (camera), dancing really well.”

50 51
Jolly III Vintage F91W-1
Talking heads t-shirt
Brand: Invicta Brand: Casio

pieces from Men’s Regular Bradford Oxford Button
Star Orchid

the movie
Fit Striped Pima Down-Pocket
Hawaiian Shirt
Cotton Polo
Brand: B.D. Baggies
Brand: Paradise Found
Brand: Lacoste

Costume designer Giulia Piersanti was respon-

sible for bringing the films 80’s style to life. She
drew inspiration from her own family photos,
local families in Italy and 80’s fashion magazines.
She wanted costumes to be subtle, giving a
Men’s Classic Piqué
quiet nod to the Italian summer without dis- Slim Irish linen shirt
turbing viewers from feeling and experiencing Clas­sic Fit Cot­ton L.12.12 Polo Shirt in
the story. She wanted to avoid being too cliché.
in red stripe
Green Shirt Bordeaux
Most of her sourcing came from the internet and
Brand: J. Crew
American and Italian vintage shops. The Perl- Brand: Ralph Lauren Brand: Lacoste
man’s costumes were mostly custom made and
some of her husband’s clothes were used for Elio.
Fans have gone to great lengths to source iconic
pieces from the film so they can dress like Elio
and Oliver. Scouring the internet on sites like Etsy,
Lacoste and Adidas, you can find Elio’s “Talking
Heads” t-shirt, his blue-striped Polo shirt and Oli-
ver’s iconic shorts he wore during their first kiss.
Short Adi­das Vin­tage
Colorblock Matisse Crew
blanc ny­lon Tre­foil
Windbreaker Neck Sweatshirt
VEN­TEX 90 D 50 Bay Waters
InkOnLint on Etsy

Brand: Adidas

52 53
Instagram: @elioinbillowy Instagram: @elioinbillowy Instagram: @haniel.njord

Instagram: @inna.hzl

Instagram: @allangc1979
Instagram: @sophiirias Artwork by Stephen McDermott Instagram: @lastofthedodos

54 55
Collectors item TEXT BY KEVIN GRIECO

James Ivory brings

Call Me by Your Name: Elio to the Oscars
How a Little Film Touched
Artist Andrew Mania created the
So Many Lives iconic shirt worn by Academy
Award Winner James Ivory. What
How did “Call Me by Your Name” change your life? better way to pay homage to Timo-
That’s a question Barb Mirell wanted to know, because thée Chalamet’s ‘Elio’ than by wear-
she wanted you to know. Inspired by thousands of ing him on his shirt to the most
people everywhere, Barb asked them to share their watched award show in the world.
poignant stories. When completed, she gave a copy to The shirt is available for sale if you Limited Edition
Armie after his play, “Straight White Men” and made it contact Mania. Double-LP
available on Amazon.
YOOX’s exclusive limited Oversized andrew.mania Soundtrack – edition Brochure Deluxe
ASIN: B07FQ4Z3TG Peach of course
ISBN-10: 0998762563 Only 100 copies of YOOX’s limited edition of the
Edition Japan
ISBN-13: 978-0998762562 novel, Call Me by Your Name, were made. The pack- Calling all audiophiles. Thinking
A mere 2,000 copies of this over- about the infamous peach scene?
age included a softcover book, accompanied by a
sized Brochure Deluxe Edition A limited edition double-LP set will
signed and numbered certificate of authenticity,
were available for purchase at be issued on peach-colored 180-
as well as three postcards from iconic scenes in the
concession stands in select Japan gram vinyl and housed in peach-
film. All contained in a gorgeous hard slipcase for
theaters. The 43-page, full-color scented packaging by Music on
brochure contains 34 days of Vinyl in August 2018. (Blue and
behind-the-scene photos from the yellow editions have already been
movie, printed in Japanese. released.)

56 57

Mediodescocido Art Dolls



by Uriel Valentin



1. CMBYN cover pin 7. Peach pin

by Jam by HeyTimiTim
Twitter: @jamjamvvvv Twitter: @heytimitim

2. Oliver’s short pin 8. Tregua pin

by Stephen McDermott by Jam
Instagram: @stephendraw Twitter: @jamjamvvvv

3. Elio’s peach pin 9. The first night pin

by Stephen McDermott by BO$$
Instagram: @stephendraw Twitter: @3pm_lover

9. 4. Speak or die pin 10. The last night pin

by A love letter co. by BO$$
Instagram: @aloveletterco Twitter: @3pm_lover
These Call Me by Your Name art dolls are hand All the dolls that Uriel creates are based on artists
painted and hand crafted by Uriel Valentin from who he looks up to. He also produces characters
5. Outfit pins 11. Elio’s gitar pin
by Dukzone by pygmymarket
Argentina. The dolls are approximately 35 cm in on demand. See more of his work on his Instagram
Twitter: @dukzone Instagram: @pygmymarket length and each is one of a kind, given that they account or personal website.
are not industrially produced.
6. I miss you pin
by pygmymarket
Instagram: @pygmymarket
Photo: Uriel Valentin / Source: /

58 59
Call Me Chef Miko Aspiras’

Delectable Ode to
Call Me by Your Name
Employing his trademark unconventional flair, T.Dining Best
Pastry Chef Miko Aspiras whips up a stellar peach dessert
inspired by a film near and dear to his heart

Call Me by Your Name is this year’s awards season dark horse. No one—
not even its cast and crew—was expecting it to make waves the way it has,
sweeping nominations and bagging a couple of wins, particularly acting nods
for breakout star Timothée Chalamet and adapted screenplay nods for James
Ivory. Indeed, this languid, spellbinding coming-of-age story has earned praise
from both critics and audiences, who left theaters mesmerised—and per-
haps, a wee bit heartbroken—by the love that develops and simmers between
Chalamet’s Elio and Armie Hammer’s Oliver.

“I was frustrated that Oliver did not get

the chance to taste the infamous peach”

A huge fan of the project—he has seen the film over six times—Chef Miko
Aspiras sought to create a dessert that encapsulates the heady spirit of Call
Me by Your Name. This dessert, christened by its creator as “Call Me Peachy,” is
Date: February 22, 2018
a tribute to the pivotal peach scene that features prominently in both André
Text: MJ Jose
Aciman’s novel and Luca Guadagnino’s silver screen adaptation. It jives with
Photography: Beatrice Malveda
the subtle sensuality that curls around the film like a wisp of smoke, unusual in
its character yet easy on the taste buds. Crafted in the likeness of the very fruit
Chef Miko Aspiras
that inspired it, the dessert is comprised of peach and nectarine mousse, filled
Instagram: @chefmikoaspiras
with brunoised peach compote tossed with juice and Tonka beans; floral notes
come into play due to the orange blossom crème Anglaise at its centre. It is
then dipped in white chocolate and served atop a Feuillitine sable tarte crust.
Scan the QR code
“I was frustrated that Oliver did not get the chance to taste the infamous peach,” with your phone to
recalls Aspiras. “I decided to create a 100 per cent edible peach that presents a open the original
mix of fruity and floral flavours that are in tune with the summer, the season
when most of the film takes place.”

60 61
Elizabeth Chambers
Hammer reflects on her
wild year and Call Me
by Your Name
MARCH 2, 2018

For the past 15 months, Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet have been all

around the world promoting their Oscar-nominated film Call Me By Your Name.

Along for the ride was Elizabeth Chambers Hammer, wife of Armie, who has

been along for the ride and capturing the off-duty moments of the two leads’

endless promotion on her popular Instagram account—all the while managing

the two outposts of her Texas-based Bird Bakery from the road. And while being

far from the office might encourage some to slow down, Chambers is only ram­

ping up business. “My goal is to get Bird Bakery in everyone’s pantry, refrigerator,

and grocery store,” she shared. Of course, all that will wait until after the com-

ing weekend which will, of course, be dedicated to the Academy Awards and its

many parties. For Hammer, it also marks the end of the long

Call Me By Your Name journey. Ahead of the Oscars, the

entrepreneur talked about her favorite memories from

the movie, watching Chalamet become a superstar,

and balancing work while on the road.

Photo’s from Scan the QR code

with your phone to
Elizabeth Chambers
open the original
Instagram account article.

62 63
Has Oscars madness settled in? Do you remember the first time you heard about? Were there any places that the promo tour took you he said he really wanted a tracksuit and I didn’t under-
It starts so early. Every single year, you think, “We’ll have I read the script two years ago and I thought it was to that you especially loved? stand why. He said, “We are doing so much promotion, I
a week before.” And then you realize that the events amazing. I had read the book—Tom Ford actually rec- I love London because I love the way they decorate their may as well be comfortable.” I was like, “You get to wear
start on the Sunday before the Oscars, so you really ommended it to me a long time ago. It was so beautiful. sugar cookies. I’m still dreaming of those lemon tarts a suit. It’s not like you wear dresses and heels.” But yeah,
have just no time at all. But it’s exciting. I feel like every- I read a lot, and that was one of my favorite books that in Paris. I always ask the concierge what their favorite he’s really into the tracksuits and thank god he’s not
one is running around like crazy people in this town. year. bakeries are. I will hit up to a dozen bakeries. wearing one to the Oscars. I thought we were taking it
Do you get to enjoy it at all, or is it pure chaos? a little too far.
The good thing is I’m just here to support, which is And when did you first meet Timothée Chalamet? How have you balanced having the bakeries in Texas
wonderful. So I’m getting to enjoy all the fun without We were in Italy and had dinner together. You’re in a while on the road? Do you know what you are wearing?
having to do all the work. But unfortunately my own small Italian village so you’re just happy to be around I’m in Texas basically every other week. Now that we I do not. It’s been a lot of fittings. I’m trying to find the
work doesn’t stop; my kitchen manager has decided anyone who speaks English, and especially if they are have our second location, I was joking that i’m splitting perfect thing; you don’t want to be over-the-top. I basi-
that she wants to pursue another profession. I’m like, super cool on top of that. There were only four restau- my time between my two children and my two baker- cally just have to be subtle arm candy—Armie candy, I
“This week, you cannot.” So while it is a lot of fun, it is rants in this small little town. It was a wonderful experi- ies—and my 103 employees that I also feel deserve my guess.
always a balancing act, for sure. ence for everyone involved. full attention. So I have 105 additional children .But it is
definitely a challenge and I couldn’t do it without my Have you been to the Oscars before?
How does it feel that the Call Me By Your Name jour- How has it been to see him explode into the star he team. I’m so passionate about it, and its a part of my We went for The Social Network, which was amazing.
ney is coming to an end? is now? heart. And every year we go to the Vanity Fair party. Last year
They’ve been promoting the movie for 15 months. It’s You are always just so happy when your friends are I had just had a baby a month before, so a lot of Spanx
crazy. And actually, after the Oscars, I’m going to Austin working. I think a lot of times in this business, you can And Armie is also involved in the bakery, right? were involved. There are so many festivities all week
to speak at South by Southwest, and then they are do an amazing project and give an amazing project, Yes, he is our resident taste tester. He has a great pal- and weekend. It’s so much fun seeing friends out, and
going to Tokyo to do the Asian tour. So It’s actually not and it is not necessarily recognized. There are so many ette. He can tell when things are not consistent. Every- everyone has this festive spirit. It’s truly a weekend of
over. [Armie] works so much and is always promoting a amazing performances that I feel go completely unap- thing we bake is from scratch everyday, so consistency celebration. I love films. I’ve seen all of the contenders.
film—after this he has Final Portrait. It’s always wonder- preciated and unrecognized. So when something is not is our biggest challenge, for sure. His favorite right now
ful to be a supportive spouse and to support your fam- only recognized but people’s lives are changed for the is our chocolate strawberry cupcakes. He’ll be the first Any favorites?
ily, but this movie is really special and has changed lives better. I mean, I have people who drop off letters at the to be like, “I don’t know, the buttercream tastes sweeter I saw Get Out twice. I loved Get Out. Obviously Call Me
and touched so many people. I’m really proud of the bakery to give to Armie and Timmy. One of very sweet than normal.” He loves to give his opinion. By Your Name is my favorite. But Get Out was my sec-
filmmakers and everyone who is involved in it. I think it customers in palace was like, “My dad is a pastor and I ond favorite.
is a different type of film than the rest. never thought that I could come out until after seeing You post a lot on Instagram from your bakery, as
this movie. After seeing this movie, it has given me the well as on the road, with some pretty funny captions. Since you are a veteran of the Oscars, have you given
strength.” What is your approach to social media? Timothée any advice on what to expect?
The balance is always funny. You want to support your Well he has literally won like 45 awards this season.
How did living in Italy while shooting the film affect family, and your friends. It’s a balance of trying to be He’s super excited, and you don’t get anything that you
your inspiration for the bakery? five places at once and trying to be present. The good haven’t been prepared for. I think at this point, he’s had
Whenever I travel anywhere, I look at their baked goods. thing about Instagram is it really does reflect life and all the preliminary things leading up to it, so nothing is
I found the most incredible tiramisu recipe when I was that balance. There’s definitely never a lack of content, going to be a surprise.
there, which I now make at home. I can’t really add it that’s for sure.
to our menu because we are an American nostalgic
bakery. I was even in Paris two weeks ago and found Has anything you’ve posted gotten more attention
the most incredible lemon tart I’ve ever had in my life. than you expected?
Wherever I am, I am looking for the best inspiration. Armie’s tracksuit moment. He’s completely over track-
Some people go directly to clothing stores, but I go off suits now. He’s like, “Nope, they are becoming too popu-
the plane to the bakeries. It’s market research. lar. I’m over it.” It was really funny because at Christmas,

64 65
• confectioner’s sugar 100g – sifted
• meringue powder 2 tsp.
• water 2 Tbsp.

1. In a small bowl, stir meringue powder

Cookies and water until smooth.
2. In a large bowl, mix confectioner’s sugar
• Unsalted butter 115g – room temp. and strained meringue mixture until
• Sugar 95g glossy. Try not to make air bubbles. This
• Vanilla extract 1 tsp. makes very thick icing.
• Egg 28g – room temp. 3. Divide icing into separate bowls, add in wa-
• Cake flour 135g – sifted ter with a spray bottle to thin down for bor-
der icing(toothpaste-like consistency) and
1. In a mixing bowl using an electronic flooding icing(shampoo-like consistency)
mixer, beat sugar and butter until pale 4. Add food coloring with toothpicks. Cover
but not very fluffy. (Do not over mix or the bowl with a damp kitchen towel so it
cookies will spread.) won’t dry out.
2. Add egg and vanilla and mix well.
3. Add flour gradually and mix until
4. Shape dough into disk, wrap it tightly in a
plastic wrap and refrigerate about 1 hour.
5. Roll dough 3-5mm thick. Decoration
6. Preheat the oven to 160ºC.
7. Cut dough into desired shapes and T-shirt : white border and
arrange them on parchment-lined navy border icing
baking sheets. 1. Put border icing to a piping
8. Bake for 10 minutes until edges are bag(you can also snip off the
light brown. corner of a ziplock bag).
2. Pipe a white border around the edge,
then add stripes inside.
3. Pipe a navy neckline and stripes.

Take a bite out of Elio Pants : black border icing, black/orange/

green/violet flood icing
1. Pipe black border icing around the edge.
2. Fill inside with black flood icing. Spread
R E C I PE BY A N I TA R I B E RT T out the icing with a toothpick.
Twitter: @anita_ribertt3 3. When the icing is half dried, stamp or-
ange/green/violet flood icing with straws.

66 67
Text check:
Kevin Grieco

The youngest Oscar nominee in over 20 years

Born December 27,

The New York native attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High

Timothée was born in School of Music & Art and Performing Arts and went on
New York and has lived to attend N.Y.U.’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study.
there his entire life. His
in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan
mother is American
and his father is French.
He holds dual U.S. and
Timothée is Spiderman?
SOCCER French citizenships. His traditionally “Isweating
read it twice and I left
in a total panic,”

sister Pauline, also an ac-
tor, lives in Paris. Growing pronounced loywood Reporter
Timothée told The Hol-
of his
up, he spent many sum-
His childhood dream
was to become a profes-
mers in France and Tim-o-tay. audition. The part went to
Tom Holland, but thank-
is fluent in French.
sional soccer player. He fully it all worked out for
was a coach at a soccer both of them in the end.
camp in France. When he
was around thirteen, he
coached 6-10 year old kids.
nominee HIM MONEY Timothée is
1.82m tall,
Timothée is the young- Timothée on borrowing

Mr. Shifman est person nominated for Call Me by Your Name which is 5’10”
an Academy Award for (the book) at a college
Timothée high-school Best Actor since Mickey library: “I didn’t give it
drama teacher Mr. Shif-
man on the naturalism
Rooney for Babes in Arms
in 1939 and is the third
back for a year and I had a
fine of $100, so before this
Friction burn
of his acting: “He just youngest nominee in the movie gave me a career, it The beautiful love scenes
happened to come to category in history. took money from me.” in Call Me by Your Name
my room for the callback didn’t come easy. For their
audition, and I remem- first ever scene together,
ber his audition because AWARDS AND NOMINATIONS Timothée and Armie had to
I gave him the highest For his work in Call Me by Your Name, Timothée won kiss passionately in a field.
score I’ve ever given a kid a Gotham Award for Breakthrough Actor and received The young actor revealed
Artwork by Choigana Kardi
Instagram: @choygana auditioning.” nominations for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor to Ellen DeGeneres on
in a Motion Picture Drama, Screen Actors Guild Award her talk show they had to
This artwork was for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Lead- repeat the scene multiple
commissioned specially for TIMMY’S PET ing Role, BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role times. Armie’s beard gave
this fanzine.
IS URDLE and the Academy Award for Best Actor, among numer- him friction burn.
THE TURTLE ous other awards.

68 69
One of the components of a great film is a good Title Se- we took Xerox images of statues and placed them with items
quence. For Call Me by Your Name, Luca Guadagnino asked on the desk of Professor Perlman — the pens, the typewriter,
calligraphy artist, Chen Li to create the titles. the glue. So you see images of the statues with the details
Titles sequence by of his everyday life, along with the credits. I didn’t want the

Chen Li
Chen Li was born in Zhejiang, China in 1972 and moved to “indie cool” typeface. I found this Chinese woman who lives in
Italy to pursue a career in artistry, calligraphy and graphic Milan. The titles are handwritten, so they’re like an invitation
designing. She was a graduate of Turin Polytechnic Univer- to the audience.”
sity in Turin, Italy in 1998 and started working in the art
field. Most of Li’s works have a style of “Western Calligraphy The collaboration has been well-executed and open more op-
in Graphic Designing” as it was also her dissertation back in purtunities for Chen Li in the film industry. After ‘Call Me by
college. Your Name’, she’s now working with a lot of exhibits both in
TEXT BY KIRT KEGA ARD Italy and abroad.
When Guadagnino had an interview about these amazing
titles, he mentioned, “ I wanted to give the audience an im- Hopefully we can see these amazing titles again not only for a
mersion in the world of this family. For the opening credits, possible sequel but also in other films.

70 71
Saying your name
rosy boy,

i’m carrying your name in my throat,

you’re brushing my name out of your hair,

i’m pressing your name into clay statues,

you’re folding my name into paper,

i’m tossing your name across the bed,

you’re turning my name into a star,

i’m wearing your name around my neck,

you’re kissing my name into my ankle,

i’m rubbing your name into my bones,

you’re writing my name in the margins,

i’m transcribing your name into music,

you’re reciting my name like a prayer,

i’m eating your name like a peach,

you’re buttoning my name into your shirt,

Poem by Brennen Bariso
Brennen Bariso wrote this short poem as part of i’m saying your name in the dark,
the series “From Literature and Back.” Writers in
the series are challenged to draw inspiration from you’re calling me by your name in the light,
films that were originally novels. André Aciman
was listening!
i’m whispering my name into the phone,
Source: you whisper your name back.

Artwork by Narath Boriboon / Instagram: @tea_monsterrr

72 73

J’adore Venise

Length: 4:15
Performed by Loredana Bertè
Written by Ivano Fossati

1 scene 6
Elio and Oliver walk into a bar when you
Hallelujah Junction hear the song playing. Later Elio notices the Zion hört die Wächter singen
1st Movement song play again in the car on the way home –
– after saying goodbye to Oliver. Length: 5:10
Length: 7:09 Performed by Alessio Bax
Performed by Nicolas Hodges Written by Johann Sebastian Bach
and Rolf Hind –
Written by John Adams scene
– 4 Elio journals in his room after his interaction
scene with Oliver. “I thought he didn’t like me,” he
The opening credits and later the song plays Paris Latino writes, among other things.
as Elio watches Oliver from the balcony. –
Length: 4:01
Performed by Bandolero
Written by Carlos Perez and
2 José Perez 7

M.A.Y. in the Backyard scene Lady Lady Lady
– The song is playing in the background –
Length: 4:25 while Elio and his friends watch Oliver Length: 4:15
Written and performed by playing volleyball. Performed by Moroder
Ryuichi Sakamoto and Joe Esposito
– Written by Giorgio Moroder
scene and Keith Forsey
Oliver thanks Elio for showing him around –
town and takes off on his bike. Later the song 5
plays again while Elio is shaving.
The soundtrack album was digitally released under Madison Gate Records Sonatine bureaucratique
Oliver dances with Chiara while Elio envi-
ously watches him from afar, seated with his
and Sony Classical on November 3, 2017 and physically on November 17, –
friends and having a cigarette.
Length: 3:44
2017. “Mystery of Love” was first featured in the film’s first trailer, released
Performed by Frank Glazer
on August 1, 2017. Its music video was released on January 4, 2018, featuring Written by Erik Satie
footage taken at The National Archaeological Museum of Naples. –
Elio plays this song on the piano for his
family. Later the song continues over
different shots of Oliver’s swimsuits.

74 75
8 11 13 16

Une barque sur l’océan Words Mystery of Love Le Jardin féerique

– – – –
Length: 7:10 Length: 3:27 Length: 4:08 Length: 3:02
Performed by André Laplante Performed by F. R. David Written and performed by Performed by Valéria Szervánszky
Written by Maurice Ravel Written by Martin Kupersmith, Sufjan Stevens and Ronald Cavaye.
– Louis S. Yaguda and Robert Fitoussi – Written by Maurice Ravel.
scene – scene –
Elio tells Oliver about the Battle of Piave at scene The day of Oliver’s departure from scene
the war memorial. Elio and Marzia make love in the attic. Elio the Perlman home. Elio joins him on a Anella reads the Heptaméron to Elio and her
Love My Way
checks his watch throughout lovemaking bus out of town. They hike together in husban. Later mr. Perlman tells Elio that he
Germination –
as his midnight rendezvouz with Oliver ap- the mountains, enjoying the beauty of knew about his relationship with Oliver.
– Length: 3:33
proaches. nature and each other.
Length: 2:09 Performed byhe Psychedelic Furs.
Written and performed by Written by John Ashton, Tim Butler,
Ryuichi Sakamoto Richard Butler and Vince Ely.
– –
9 scene
12 14 scene
Elio writes a note for Oliver: “Can’t stand the Elio and Oliver, among others, dance at
Futile Devices silence. I need to speak to you.” He then slips
È la vita Radio Varsavia the outdoor club. / Later in the film, Oliver
Visions of Gideon
(Doveman Remix) it under Oliver’s door.
– –
dances to the same song in the streets of

– Length: 4:11 Length: 4:07 Length: 4:07
Bergamo while Elio lovingly watches.
Length: 2:15 Performed by Marco Armani Performed by Franco Battiato. Written and performed by
Written and performed by Written by Marco Armani Written by Franco Battiato Sufjan Stevens
Sufjan Stevens and Paolo Armenise and Giusto Pio. –
– – – scene
scene scene scene Song before they make love for the first
Elio waits for Oliver to return home one Elio messily snacks on a peach while he The “peach scene”: after reading a few pages time (1:21:27). Final scene / end credits. Elio
evening. Oliver doesn’t return until late and reads alone in the attic. of a book, Elio changes the station. He ten- silently cries in front of a crackling fire, ac-
goes straight to bed. “Traitor,” Elio mumbles, derly feels a peach and proceeds to pleasure cepting that Oliver is engaged and that their
feeling hurt and ignored. himself with the fruit. love cannot be.

76 77
c a l l m e b y y o u r n a m e

Music trivia
Text check: Kevin Grieco

DJ Walter Fasano Beautiful accident

In the scene where Elio is waiting for
The DJ spinning in the dance scene is Oliver (‘Futile devices’ playing in the
the movie’s film editor, Walter Fasano. background), the film has light bleed-
ing into it and you can see the sprocket
holes. This was an accident and the
Director decided to keep in the film as
it gives the scene an ethereal quality.

There’s an Armie on Learning piano The final scene The soundtrack

the dance floor and guitar with an earpiece album
Timothée arrived in Italy five weeks While filming the final scene of the A soundtrack album was released
During the party scene where The movie, Timothée Chalamet had an in digital formats by Madison Gate
early to learn Italian, piano and guitar.
Psychedelic Furs ‘Love My Way’ earpiece playing Sufjan Stevens’ Records and Sony Classical on
He had piano lessons with Italian
starts playing, the first lyrics are song, “Visions of Gideon.” It helped November 3, 2017, as well as physical
composer Roberto Solchi every day
“there’s an army on the dance floor.” him properly understand and covey formats on November 17, 2017.
and guitar lessons with Nicholas
Armie is literally on the dance floor. Elio’s heartbreak. The song plays
through the credits.

dance experience
The scene featuring Elio and Oliver A narrator for
dancing enthusiastically to The
Psychedelic Furs’ song “Love My the movie
Way” is not drawn from the book,
but was inspired by Guadagnino’s Director Luca Guadagnino originally
experience of dancing by himself planned for Sufjan Stevens to voice
when he was young. the narrator in Call Me by Your Name. Radio hits during
the summer of 1983
Two original songs Director Luca Guadagnino told Bill-
Uncomfortable They first met during by Sufjan Stevens board’s Pop Shop Podcast that he and
his team of filmmakers researched
dance scene piano lesson’s Sufjan Stevens wrote two original which songs would have been contem-
songs for the film, even though one porary radio hits during the sum-
Despite various sexual scenes in the Armie Hammer first met Timothée mer of 1983 in Italy. They used that
was only requested. The songs were
film, Armie Hammer stated in an in- Chalamet while Chalamet was in a to choose a number of the songs for
“Visions of Gideon” and “Mystery of
terview he was most uncomfortable piano lesson. He then took Hammer on the soundtrack. They also considered
Love.” Stevens was asked to remake
filming the dance scenes. a bike tour around Crema, echoing the which time of day the songs would
his song “Futile Devices” from the
scene where Elio shows Oliver around. have been played on the radio and in
album The Age of Adz on piano to be
closer to something Elio would play. the discotheque.

78 79
Dance to
the music Source:

Sufjan Stevens-Visions of Gideon | Choreography: Maya Taylor CALL ME BY YOUR NAME | VISIONS OF GIDEON
by Maya Taylor (19 March 2018) by Neaz Kohani (28 January 2018)

Sufjan Stevens - Futile Devices (Doveman Remix) || Jason Gorman x Daniel Jerome Call Me By Your Name - “Visions of Gideon” by Sufjan Stevens Borja Rueda Choreography | Call me by your Name.
by Daniel Jerome 4 February 2018) Giordano Orchi Choreography by BorjaRueda8 (21 February 2018)
by Giordano Orchi (2 March 2018)

80 81

“But to feel nothing so as not to feel

anything - what a waste!”

I’ve always tried to be indifferent to pain, so I thought. After so many

disappointments, I try not to allow anyone else to hurt me. But if you
try to stifle the most sensitive part of yourself, you lose the chance to
live and love. How many opportunities to love I have wasted for fear
of suffering. We think that pain is the worst feeling. It isn’t. How could
anything be worse than this silence inside of me. The words of Elio’s
father, every single word, have touched the world inside me. I felt he
was reading inside me and he was telling me to react. So many feel-
ings emerged in me during that scene and this is the reason why I
tattooed these words on my skin to remind me, every day, not to waste
the chance to try anything and not be afraid to love.

Text and photo by Leo Oberlin

Instagram: @leo.oberlin

82 83
“Now may I taste it?”
(Call Me by Your Name, page 143)

You’re going to have to read or watch Timothée signed her book and then
she had it tattood on her arm.
Call Me by Your Name to get my new
tatt. That’s all I’m going to say... Instagram: @callmevanee

- Paloma -
Instagram: @palomaesquilin

Instagram: @florianhirnhack and @tttrip_tattoo

I’m sooo obsessed with my new tattoo,

oh God! It’s a kind of magic for me - to
describe someone the picture from
my head, and then get it in real life.

Swipe to see the amazing sketch

from @iness_tattoo (Instagram),
she created this magic

- Alexia -
Instagram: @alexiabertha

Instagram: @greatobeme Instagram: @blueeyes.redwine Instagram: @igorkeyse

Got this lil’ homage to a story that

I’ll cherish forever & I’m feeling real
peachy about it.

- htrill -
Instagram: @htrill

84 Twitter: @thejessielau 85
Instagram: @yonitattoo Instagram: @vivtattoo Artwork by: @lozzybonesart (Instagram) Instagram: @moooonwu

Return of the Prodigal Son by Pompeo Batoni (1773)

Source: @chalametart (Instagram)

86 87
David and Saul by Julius Kronberg (1885)
Neapolitan Fisherboys by Orest Kiprensky (1829)
Edit by Ange / Twitter: peachpiIots

Ecstasy of Saint Teresa by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1652) Jupiter and Callisto by Peter Paul Rubens (1613)
Source: Source: armieandtimmy (Instagram)

88 89
Artwork by Emma from
Instagram: @Artbyemmax

Emma is a self-taught fanartist from

Denmark. She enoys drawing beautiful
faces and for Call My by Your Name
she created these beautiful artworks.
More of her work can be found on her
Instagram account.

“Does this make

you happy?”

La muvi star
90 91
An Instagram profile
Call Me by Your Name
as a painting by Monet
B Y K E T TJ TA L O N F O R W W W. N S S M A G . C O M

Continue the hype and love of the fans towards Call Me by Your Name.
Among the many ways to show their appreciation for the film by Luca Gua-
dagnino, Mika Labrague, a creative twenty-two Filipino, has found the most

The girl, in fact, has opened an Instagram profile, called Call me by Monet
(@cmbynmonet), where, as the title suggests, post some very particular im-
ages, born relocating different scenes of the film inside landscapes painted
by French artist.

“It’s a passion project that I started out of my love for the novel and the
film,” - revealed Mika – “I got the idea from the novel’s chapter, Monet’s
Berm. According to the book, it was the place where Monet used to paint
and also where Elio brought Oliver. Then one day, after seeing the film, my
friend and I were talking about how the Monet paintings and the setting of
the film were very similar and had the same vibe. The lush green trees, the
beaches, the flowers, the summer-y vibe of it all.” She adds, “I browsed more
of Monet’s paintings and I would be reminded of certain scenes from the
film. From there I decided to merge the two masterpieces.”

If the idea of this project was born from the intuition of the precise and
harmonious coherence of the paintings with the lightness of the events nar-
rated, the result is poetry in poetry.

Scan the QR code

with your phone to
open the original

92 93
Artwork by Mika Labrague / Instagram: @cmbynmonet

94 95
Artwork by Eliza Lesage Baker
Twitter: @Elizalesageb

Artwork by Chalamet in art

Instagram: @chalametinart

Instagram: @beat_salad
Artwork by Ksenia
Instagram: @linlinoleum
Artwork by Aline Ilushkina

Artwork by Call me by your Gogh Artwork by Gabriel Sánchez-Mejorada Artwork by CherryLTY

Instagram: @cmbyngogh Instagram: @gabrielsanchezmejo Instagram: @sailogss

96 97
Artwork by Guz Rogal
Instagram: @guz_cuts

Instagram: @blambillustration
Artwork by Brendan Lamb
Artwork by Sophia Michelle
Instagram: @sophiirias A set of 10 colourful postcards featuring designs inspired by the book
and movie “Call Me By Your Name”. You can send them to friends, write
Scan the QR code
notes or use them to decorate your room. The postcards are printed on with your phone to
recycled paper and the back of each postcard has a section for writing an go to the webshop.
Artwork by Parsley address and space for a message. Visit
Instagram: @parsley_parsley

98 99
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