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The Good Great

journey of Health Insurance
Success has always
knocked your life because
you pushed for greatness
than settling just for good.
You are in constant pursuit
to give your family a great
house, a great car, great
food and a great education.
You push yourself to be great
at work. But Do you also
make an effort to have a
Great Health too?
the next big thing in
health insurance
Wonder why our
Preposition is Great
and not just Good
Key highlights

Not Just IPD Only 2 Years

But Also OPD Waiting Period
Cover For PED

3 Cr Personal International PA Cover
Accident Second & Maternity
Coverage Opinion Coverage

Automatic No Claim
Recharge Super Bonus
Cover that
never feels less
Choose from 2 options -
INR 25 lakhs and INR 50

Consultation Diagnostics Pharmacy

Note: Pharmacy
• Can be claimed on Reimbursement basis only.
• Can we claimed only 2 time in a year.
• Doctor’s prescription is mandatory for making a claim.
Not 4 or 3 but only
2 years wait period

Wait period for PED

ailments reduced by 50%.
No claim
Bonus Super
Get upto 150% increase
in sum insured
An travel coverage
which helps you to
be worry-free
when you explore
the world
Enjoy upto 20 Lakhs Travel
Insurance cover
• Maximum 45 days coverage in single trip .
• Maximum 90 days coverage in a policy year.
Great is having a
comprehensive Health
Insurance which includes
personal accident cover
as well
• No need to buy a separate policy for Health Insurance
& Personal Accident
• PA cover of 1.5 Cr included in 25 Lakhs SI or 3 Cr included in 50
Free annual health
check-up for every family
Checkup includes
Complete Blood Count
With ESR, Urine Routine,
Blood Group, Fasting
Blood Sugar Lipid Profile,
Kidney Function Test. TMT
A great health care which
gives you the liberty to get
International Second Opinion
Second opinion is not just an
advice, It can be your second
chance to a great life!
• Gain Peace of mind with an Expert’s Consultation
• Have your case re-evaluated from best hospitals globally,
without need of travelling out of the country
• Opinion on range of medical disorders

With ISO, dilemmas related to

treatments will no longer worry
our customers !!
US based company established in 1999 that provides remote Medical Second
Opinions from World Leading Medical Centers.

A world leader in the Medical Second Opinion

Currently active in 35 countries.

Harvard Medical School
John Hopkins Medical Centre
Mayo Clinic
Cleveland Clinic
Texas Heart Institute
Parkway East Hospital
Raffles Hospital, Singapore
And many more…
Features / (SI in INR) 25L 50L
In-patient Hospitalization Up to SI Up to SI
Pre-hospitalization 30 Days 30 Days
Post-hospitalization 60 Days 60 Days
Day Care Treatment Up to SI Up to SI
Room Rent Single Private Room Single Private Room
(Upgradable to next Level) (Upgradable to next Level)
ICU Charges No Limit No Limit
OPD Care Up to Rs.25000 Up to Rs.50000
PA Cover Rs.1.5 Cr Rs.3.0 Cr
Travel Plus Up to Rs.20 Lakhs Up to Rs.20 Lakhs
1. Worldwide In-Patient Cover Up to SI; Deductible of Up to SI; Deductible of
(for emergency) Rs. 5,000 per Claim Rs. 5,000 per Claim

2. Worldwide OPD Cover Up to SI; Deductible of Up to SI; Deductible of

Rs. 5,000 per Claim Rs. 5,000 per Claim

3. Loss of Passport Up to Rs.20,000; Deductible Up to Rs.20,000; Deductible

of Rs.2,500 per Claim of Rs.2,500 per Claim
4. Loss of Checked-in Baggage Up to Rs.20,000 Up to Rs.20,000
5. Repatriation of Mortal Remains Up to Rs.20 Lakhs Up to Rs.20 Lakhs
6. Medical Evacuation Up to Rs.20 Lakhs Up to Rs.20 Lakhs
International Second Opinion (ISO) - Yes
Alternative Treatments Up to Rs 30,000 Up to Rs 40,000
Maternity Cover - Up to Rs 1 Lac
Ambulance Cover Rs.2,500 per hospitalization Rs.3,000 per hospitalization
Air Ambulance Cover Yes; Up to Rs.5 Lakhs Yes; Up to Rs.5 Lakhs
Domiciliary Hosp. Up to 10% of SI Up to 10% of SI
Annual Health Check-up Yes Yes
Automatic Recharge Yes Yes
Care Anywhere - Yes
No Claims Bonus Yes; 10% up to 50% of SI Yes; 10% up to 50% of SI
No Claims Bonus SUPER Yes; 50% up to 100% of SI Yes; 50% up to 100% of SI
Organ Donor Rs 200,000 Rs 300,000
Second Opinion Yes Yes
Min. Entry Age Adult 18 years, Child 91 Days

Max Entry Age Adult 50 years, Child 24 years

Renewal Lifelong

Policy Type Floater

Named ailments 24 Months

Pre-existing Diseases 24 Months

Grace period 30 days from the date of expiry to renew the policy

Change in sum insured You can enhance your sum insured under the policy only upon
renewal, subject to review by the company

Tenure 1 Year / 2 Years / 3 years

Thank you