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Following comments made by a representative of Fishermen of Le Bouchon during a press conference
yesterday, the Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping wishes to clarify
certain facts on the abovementioned issue.

MV Benita, a Liberian flagged vessel of 24,953 gross tonnages grounded off the South-East Coast of
Mauritius at Le Bouchon on its trip from India to Durban on 17 June 2016. Following various operation
by different authorities in Mauritius, MV Benita was successfully removed from the reefs at le Bouchon
on 23 July 2016.

The government promised compensation to registered fishermen of the region. After the salvage,
procedures were undertaken with the Insurance Company of MV Benita to claim for reimbursement of
expenses incurred by different authorities during the salvage operation (Including Claims from

In December 2017, a partial settlement of Rs 25,061,137.12 has been paid by the London P&I Club
(Insurance Company of the MV Benita).

There have been two claims for compensation for 11 fishermen and 1 fishmonger of Le Bouchon,
namely: (i) the period of 17 June 2016 to 16 August 2016 amounting to Rs 229,200; and

(ii) the period 17 August to 30 November 2016 amounting to Rs 407,976.

Both claims amounting Rs 637,176 have already been paid by the London P&I Club to this Ministry.

The Fishermen of le Bouchon were paid in two phases: A first compensation of around Rs 19,000 was
paid to each and on 27 December 2017, they received the final payment amounting around Rs 33 000 to
each of them.

The Ministry wishes to point out that the government took all necessary measures for the Fishermen to
obtain compensation through the Insurance Company of MV Benita. And a total sum of Rs 637,176 has
already been paid to them in total transparency. It is indecent to say that the government didn’t fulfill
his promise.