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It is innate to us individuals to have a time to relax and have a time for leisure especially in travelling.

We go to certain places where our hearts desire the most. I am proud to say that the Philippines is
one of the most travelled country by tourists. It is because, our country is abundant in nature,
whether natural or man-made, it is highly recognized all over the world. Moreover, tourists are able
to have access of knowledge through various recorded information and data in a particular place
provided through posters, online sites and any other sources of information.

In the Philippines, the most visited tourist spots are Boracay, Siargao, Baguio, Palawan and more to
discover attractive destinations, but one of the improving city in terms of undergoing discoveries of
fascinating places is the City of Cabadbaran. The Tumipi falls and Lusong from Puting Bato are the
first to be introduced, that Cabadbaran is rich in nature within Caraga Region. Numerous feedbacks
from various tourist states that these visiting spots were extraordinary adding to the fact that it is safe
to explore.

The collection of such ravishing places accommodated by relevant informations gives an important
role in enhancing and promoting the place. The recorded data serves as a basis for the people to
visit, and know the place wide and clear. With these things, we are able to foresee how statistics
play a huge role in promoting Philippine tourism. From all information, feedbacks, and well-
formulated data, tourist are well informed making them more convinced in going to that certain
desired destination.

From a simple yet breathtaking natures, accommodated by quantitative learnings can make a huge
difference of progressions to the country where we lived, and that is so much fascinating to know.