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Opening Statement of Councilmember Grosso

Chairperson, Committee on Education
Committee on Education Public Roundtable on
PR22-1033, the “Deputy Mayor for Education Paul Kihn Confirmation Resolution of 2018”
November 8, 2018

On October 1, 2018, the Mayor formally nominated Paul Kihn to be the Deputy
Mayor for Education. The Deputy Mayor for Education is responsible for
developing and implementing the Mayor's vision for academic agenda and is
responsible for creating a high-quality education continuum from early childhood
through K-12 and on to a child’s post-secondary and workforce success.

The three major responsibilities of the Deputy Mayor for Education is to oversee
a District-wide education strategy; manage interagency and cross-sector
education coordination; and provide oversight and support for the D.C. Public
Libraries, D.C. Public Schools, the Office of the State Superintendent for
Education, the Public Charter School Board, the University of the District of
Columbia, and the Department of Parks and Recreation.

I would like to thank you, Mr. Kihn, for your willingness to serve the children and
families of the District.

My staff has read a number of your writings and has done extensive research into
your background. I had some questions about your experience in Philadelphia
and with McKinsey, your vision for the role, and your education philosophy which
will guide you in the role should you be confirmed.


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