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Nee Soon East Toastmasters Club aims to be a club that inspires all her members to think, speak and lead with confidence and aims to train up their public communication skills. We meet second Thursdays of every month at #04-05, Nee Soon East Community Club.

The Next Lap
s the curtains of 2007/2008 draws to an illustrious close, Kenneth catches up with the gregarious Outgoing President, Tommy to shed insights on serving as President during the past year. Read on and be inspired. By: Kenneth Tell us what inspired you to join Toastmasters and serve as President? I joined Toastmasters to improve my speaking skills but ended up taking up first the VPE post in Nee Soon East and then the President post.I took up the challenge because there was no one else who wants to do it and our membership was dwindling. It is either save the club or let it perish. Any Fond memories you have as President in the past year? It was not an easy task. My best memories was when I met Saddiq by chance and discovered a raw talent who can lead our club. Together with him came the other three who are his brother Saddiqi and classmates Kenneth and Melvin. I saw an excellent team of four who can assist our club to greater heights. I also good speakers like Lawrence (VPE & champion speaker), Damon(ex president), Kumaran (ex president & now area governor),Yihao, Sherman, Siak Cheong and more talents like Vishal, Shweta, Wendy, Jamal. Any last words for the members? Keep going. Finish your Competent Communicator's manual and leadership manual. Move upwards to Advance Communicator. Volunteer to be Evaluators. Bring in min 8 new members. Achieve our club's DCP goals. Attend the Company's Officer training and all chapter meetings. Make our club strong. Have a long term objective of 50 members. Prepare for the next team to take over by 2009. Have a leadership succession plan. The journey has just begun! Support the new EXCO lead by Saddiq and team! ————————————————————


President Tommy Teo, ATM-B Vice President Education (VPE) Lawrence Chan, AC-B Assistant VPE Low Vice President Membership (VPM) Kumaran Rajangam, ATM-B, CL Vice President Public Relations (VPPR) Saddiq Mohamad Sherman

Our President ( 2007/2008) , Tommy Teo

Secretary Rajeevi Treasurer Tan Yeow Khoon Immediate Past President Damon Wee, CL Mentor Wekie Tay, DTM Editor Kenneth Goh

How do you feel stepping down as President of Nee Soon East Toastmasters Club? TOMMY: It is a great feeling. Firstly, I can hand over to a capable team of EXCO. Secondly, a feeling of relief as I can now have more time to do my sales as I have a lot of catch up to beef up my sale in the Life Insurance business. Share with us how has this club grow under your leadership It is a collective effort. Of course, I put in a lot of effort and attention to all members as well as to bring in new ones like our new ECXO. Last July(2007), we had only 9 members who were staying. By June 2008 we have 20 members in total. We had more but some dropped out after the Speech Craft.

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In The Loop: 12 June Meeting
speeches). Kumaran, our Table topics master thrilled us with a range of topics, of which one came from a divisional competition ( Am I smart?). Saddiqi, Melvin, our soon-to-be member, Shankar and our visitors, Geok Cheng and Fayiza rose up to the challenge. Geok Cheng won Best Table Topics speaker by inspiring us to a small step for us, a huge leap for humanity.

Our guest entertaining us during the Table Topics


hat an “exciting” chapter meeting we had on the 12th June 2008, with a bonanza of guests visiting our club. The meeting was significantly special as it officially marks the final chapter meeting in which with our outgoing Club President and a very committed Toastmaster, Tommy held reign. After a jovial recount of his recent Scandinavian holiday ( “Dreams do come through, with Toastmasters” – to quote Tommy), it was time to roll out the most exciting segment of the night, The 3 prepared speeches. Our new addition to the family, Muhammad Affendi took a huge step in his journey in Toastmasters by breaking the ice with his Project 1 speech. He notes the adversities that he faced in his life in a rather touching speech. After wiping those tears away, Kenneth persuaded us to not to sell our trusty newspapers to the Karang Guni ( FYI: Rag-and-bone man) in today’s digital age, filled with news blogs. The fire-cracker moment of the night when Lawrence made all of our instant millionaires by handing out blank cheques ( fake ones, of course). The Best speaker of the night shared with us the secrets to life.

The stage is set The insightful evaluators followed up, giving feedback and tips for improvement to the speakers. Damon won Best Evaluator for breaking the ice, literally. The other speech guardians included Kenneth Wee, Winson Lim and Kumaran. The night ended off with Elections for EXCO 2008/2009, in which the list will be up soon. Our sincere thanks to Kumaran ( for being a gracious TME), Melvin ( for his exciting timers’ report), Winson ( for his sharp filtering of Ar-s), Saddiqi ( for setting the scene for a great night) and our members, Rajeevi, Tommy, Saddiq for their support. Text : Kenneth Photos: Saddiqi

Snapshots of the night

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Our latest addition to the Family, Muhammad Affendi and Outgoing Club President, Tommy Teo share a firm handshake as Kenneth and Saddiq looks on.

Our Past and present Presidents, ( from left), Damon Wee and Tommy Teo

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