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From Pillar to Post


A Sympathetic Summary of the Life of Malcolm “X” Little

Poor Malcolm, he’d been angry ever since he began to form lasting memories. His mother and
father had picked up and carried with them flame of hatred for white skin. Danger was drawn to his
family by his father’s political activities, sparked by Marcus Garvey’ s Pan-Africanism. This caused the
family to relocate often..

Poor Malcom constantly had to move with his family so his father could escape violence brougth
upon by his black supremacist views.. In Lansing, Michigan, poor Malcolm’s his father died
gruesomely. The culprits escaped trial and the racial hatred in his spirit was further stoked. .

Poor Malcolm, he spurned Christ and followed in his father’s footsteps on a path filled with
hatred. He learned at an early age to cry to get what he wanted and to mock his brother Wilfred’s
piousness. He’d witnessed his siblings and mother being abused by his father and belived he was
spared because his skin was light, this was his first experience with colorism.

Poor Malcolm, his mother’s prejudice mirrored his father’s and was equally corrupting. She
called his darkest sibling her “angel”, telling him to go outside and “Let the sun shine on you so you
can get some color”. His mother also hatred the white blood in her veins and taught him to do the

Poor Malcolm, he lived in poverty as a child. Food was scarce without a father and his mother’s
pride led to a hatred for government assistance. Her will was eventually broken by hardships and she
lost her mind. She was sent to an asylum in Kalamazoo while Malcolm and his eight siblings were once
again uprooted and shuffled into the foster care. In one his last visits with her, he was devastated to
find that she no longer recognized him.

Poor Malcolm, envious of his brother Philbert’s popularity, attempted boxing; achieving only
cataclismic failure at the hands of a white young male not once but twice. The embarassment levied
onto him by his own community for losing to at the hands of a white boy left lasting scars. But instead
of directing the blame on the blacks who’d ridiculed him, he blamed only the white culprit.

Poor Malcolm, he was once asked by a teacher what he wanted to be when he grew up. He lied
and said a lawyer because he hadn’t actually thought about his future. The school official told him this
goal may be unrealistic due to discrimination he might face and suggested carpentry, a trade Malcolm
already excelled in. Despite never being passionate about law in the first place or the fact that this
advice came from a place of love, Malcolm felt racially slighted.

Poor Malcolm, he was memsmerized by a visit from a financially well off aunt and decided to
forego his life with an accepting white foster home live her, because she was black. He moved to
Roxbury. MA to live with her and to be among more blacks. Although she was overweight,
overbearing, and twice-divorced when he arrived, Malcolm saw her and the other bourgeois blacks of
the Sugar Hill neighborhood as a better role models than anyone back in Lansing. This mentality was

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short-lived when he actually spent time perusing the individual charateristics of these perjoratively
called “black jews”. He found himself disgusted with their delusional sense of superiority over their
similarly pigmented brethren.

Poor Malcolm, he wound up as a shoeshine boy; the very profession he’d looked down on
blacks in Lansing for taking pride in. Under the tutelage of an older “player,” who was also a
transplant from the same town, he got swept up in the fast-paced lifestyle of the big city. Influenced
by those around him he took up gambling, smoking, drinking, partying, adopted hipster slang,
indebted himself to purchase ostentatious clothes, and straightened his hair with a painful “conk” to
appear more Germanic (a practice he would later denounce along with black women wearing false
hair to achieve the same end).

Poor Malcolm, he met Laura (black), who was “ the perfect dance partner”. Despite being
smitten by her intellect, innocence, humility, ingenuous personality, and encouraging nature, he
allowed himself to be seduced by the lusts of another (white) woman. Her wiles, as well as with the
admiration from the black community that came along with having a white woman at his side, made
him abandond Laura . His “perfect dance partner” later spiraled into drinking, hard drugs, prostitution,
jail terms, and lesbianism that he attributed to her hatred for him and the men who’d abused her.
Malcolm would always feel guilty for the part he’d played in sparking her decline.

Poor Malcolm, lured by lights and lascivious lore took a railroad job washing dishes to gain
passage into New York City. While sightseeing during a layover in Washington D.C. he was shocked
and disgusted to see black people wallowing in the worst squalor he’d ever seen in neighborhoods
mere blocks away from the White House; though he was correct in his observation of hypocrisy,
allowing his heart to become embittered by it ultamitely blinded him from any avenue to overcome it.
He made it to Harlem and was once again enamored with the lavish lifestyles of black street criminals.
He became “one of the most depraved and parasitical” of them all, seeking to emulate their social
status. Fascinated and awestruck, he became the associate of addicts, apothecaries, pimps,
prostitutes, thieves, and thugs; learning the tricks of their trades but never taking heed of the lessons
to be gleaned from their almost exclusively tragic endings.

Poor Malcolm, he allowed his ability to distinguish the faults and depravity of the white men he
saw as inferior to absolve himself of his own. He knew the black people he saw as his own kind were
intrigued with their white counterparts, yet whites who made it known that they, shared a common
enthusiasm for blacks were egregious to him. While reflecting on his life Malcolm humorously harped
on a white man who behaved as a black man of the day, yet failed to see this humor in himself; a
fairskinned man with a nearly-white mother who become the figurehead of a movement that
regarded whites as devils.

Poor Malcolm, he was nicknamed Detroit Red to distinguish him from two other underworld
“Reds” that were working Harlem: St. Louis Red, was a heistman and Chicago Red, would later
famously be know as Redd Foxx. After he lost his job for offering a prostitute to an undercover agent,
he sold “reefers” to musicians in the nightclub scene, selling under the tutalage of Sammy the Pimp.
Sammy had abandoned a pregnant girlfriend in Kentucky and was waiting tables in New York City. He
charmed his way into the homes of women who ate alone and got their housekeys under the guise of
running an errand, making copies instead. He’d use the duplicates to clean out the woman’s domicile
and offer a small amount of aid to the in order to create a vicious cycle of dependance, allowing him
to manipulate the victims into servitude. Malcolm falling victim to predatory men like this while
searching for a purpose became recurring theme.

Poor Malcolm, he was intellegent enough to survive but not flourish; God given wit allowed him
to dodge the draft and for a short while, prison. His criminality simultaneously decreased his
opportunities for honest work and increased the scrutiny of local police. Malcolm found himself
boxed into a situation where more serious crime appeared to be the best option. Emboldened by
cocaine (a bad habit picked up from Sammy) he began to pull robberies and stick ups. Malcolm also

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lured his visiting younger brother, Reginald, out of the merchant marines and into the huster’s life.
After he hit his girlfriend in front of Sammy the Pimp because she was hysterical over a close call he’d
had, Malcolm fell out of favor with his liege and moved on to a position the Harlem numbers racket.
This hustle was only avaible on a six month contract. When it expired, Malcolm worked for a madame,
dropping off sex workers to her upper-class clientle.

Poor Malcolm, he witnessed first hand the disgusting and humiliating things many affluent white
men and women paid to have done to them; which was almost exclusively at the hands of black
suitors. The experience of seeing these perversions further ingrained in his mind the disagreeable
nature he would display towards all white people for the majority of his life.

Poor Malcolm, he was still crafty even after he became mentally crippled by drugs. He ran afoul
of the mafia, black hustlers young and old, and the police because of his reckless behavior. Every new
day brought on constant thoughts of impending doom that he used intoxicants to soothe. With the
effects of opium, amphetamines, marijuana, and cocaine all working in conjunction, Malcolm’s life
was prolonged only bv the actions of others urging him to retreat back to Roxbury to live with his old
friend Shorty.

Poor Malcolm, he still had not learned his lesson. Once back in Roxbury he quickly resumed his
cocaince habit and formed a robbery ring with Shorty and their white girlfriends as accomplices. Just
as, if not moreso, unconcerced for his well being as when in New York he assumed authority over the
others in the gang by playing russian roulette in front of them. Although he flourished for a time,
Malcolm’s penchant for crime quickly brought him more trouble than the loot was worth, just like it
had in NYC.

Poor Malcom, he was eventually captured and imprisoned. Caged like an animal and bitter at the
world around him, it was at his lowest point that he was conviced the prophecies of Elijah
Muhammad could save him. He cursed God and Jesus so fervently that he earned the nickname
“Satan” from fellow inmates, yet the doctrine of the Nation of Islam appealed to his deep-rooted
prejudices against the “white man” he held responsible for his situation instead of himslef. He
believed Elijah when he told him that whites were the devil and to hate them was what God or “Allah”
had set forth as the correct path in life.

Poor Malcolm, he got of of jail and began to preach these radical ideas to all who would listen,
which was few at first. When people started to see the NOI as an entity that could fight for them
against the tyranny of racial prejudice, more started to listen to their best public spokesman, Malcolm
X. Malcolm became an international celebrity and was championed by all who had hatred in their
hearts for white people.

Poor Malcolm, he wanted to ease the plight of black people in America, he thought the other
civil rights leaders were of the time had same mindset. He was heartbroken as he watched these
individuals form the C.U.C.R.L. and take a payoff for themselves, instead of helping the people who
had put their trust in them.

Poor Malcolm, to be a better muslim, he went on the Hajj to Mecca and saw that all ethnicities,
including whites, could coexist peacefully. He also learned that the man he’d chosen as his messiah
was a fraud and a profligate who preyed on the women who revered him. He separated himself from
the racist organization he’d spent most of his post-prison life representing and they in turn marked
him for death.

Poor Malcolm, he died before his hair had begun to grey in a hail of gunfire. His six daughters
were left fatherless. He had been someone else’s fool for all but he last year of his life. He was an
intelligent, ambious man who allowed himself be led astray. His image and legacy is now what no
man’s should be, a misunderstood commodity.

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