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Education 302/303 Unit Plan

Statement of Faith Based Teaching and Learning
Education 302/302 Unit Plan
Johanna Admiraal
Calvin College
Education 302/303 Unit Plan

The underlying goal of my teaching is the furthering of the gospel. I know that my

lessons will fall very short of this goal, but I aspire to continually re-center my teaching around

the finished work of Christ. This applies both to the public and the private school context. For

the purposes of this unit, I will focus on the public-school context because that is the context in

which I am teaching. As I plan my lessons, I strive to check the content and pedagogy with these

questions: How is my lesson promoting love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,

faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control? How is it reflecting the transformative power of the


It’s funny to think about sharing the gospel (even implicitly) through the teaching of a

unit on fashion, but I truly believe that God’s fingerprint is in every portion of His creation. As I

thought about this fashion unit, I realized how much clothing really relates to the deeper issues of

values. Even if we don’t realize it, when we put on an outfit, we are (in some ways) telling the

world what we value. For this unit, I chose exploration of fashion as relates to values in three

ways: personal values, values of others, values in culture (dress code in the French public

school). I hope that these topics will allow students to think about their own worldview but also

other points of view. I also hope to provide a forum for the discussion of relevant cultural issues.

Becoming a loving, caring, gentle person often begins with understanding other people and their


In my pedagogy, too, I strove in this unit to show my students the fruits of the spirit. I

sought to love my students well by providing multiple types of activities for different types of

learners. We will discuss in large groups, small groups, and pairs. Students will be given visual

support, useful words lists, and “for learning” checks (such as having another student repeat in
Education 302/303 Unit Plan

English an instruction). Students will also read, write, speak, watch, act, etc. to keep the content

varied and more individualized.

I sought to make the content joyful by creating engaging activities. For example, the

students will play Pictionary/Charades to engage them with new learning content. I also will give

them a break in their block class to allow their minds to relax and reset, and I will to provide lots

of movement throughout the week. I sought to make it peaceful by paying attention to the way I

word and explain activities to (hopefully) avoid stressing them out. I scripted every lesson out in

French with multiple ways of wording certain sentences as well as total body response to help

them understand. I also made PowerPoints with images, French text, and some translated English


I will seek to be patient, kind, and self-controlled as I teach the lesson, answer questions,

and deal with any classroom management issues. I will attempt to be faithful and good in the

way that I respond to formative assessments and grade the summative assessment. I think this is

relevant especially with regards to consistency and fairness in grading.

Another goal of this unit was to create a caring community in which “…students are

known well by both caring adults and peers” (Oakes, Lipton, Anderson, and Stillman, 2018).

Especially in Middle school, students often feel isolated. I want to combat this by giving them

the opportunity to know classmates on a deeper level and know themselves as well. I want this

unit to make them feel safe but also slightly out of their comfort zone. Right now, I think they

are afraid to communicate and be vulnerable. This unit will only scratch the surface of this

problem by orienting their thoughts towards reflection on their own values as well as the values

of others. For example, students will ask themselves the question, “Why do I wear the clothes I
Education 302/303 Unit Plan

wear? What do they say about me?” I hope that students will build mutual trust by discussing

issues of clothing and culture together, asking questions such as, “Is there ever a time when

restricting the types of clothing people wear is appropriate? Should these rules also apply to

religious clothing? (i.e. School dresscode here and in France).