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NOT FOR SALE FREE SAMPLE COPY CLICK ON = 7 2S eta lated Ukraine, a European Country Ukiaine is the largest country in Europe, The village of Dilove (district of Rakhiv, province of Tanscarpathian) is considered to be the é Europe Ukraine stretches from the mountains in the west to the steppes in g ‘acts abdoul the A) and from the marshes in the north to the 8) the south, Ukraine's longest €) is the Dnipro, It ranks as Europe's third longest waterway. It divides the country into right- bank and left-bank Ukraine, and flows south to the Black Sea Ukraine has picturesque scenery and 2 temperate continental climate. tt has cold winters with snow and warm D) The temperature ranges between +25°C and -8:C geographical centre , map and find your town/city/area. Say its name in Ukrainian, and then in English, in the ‘way a foreigner would pronounce it, Reading & Listening Bisten and weite down all the geographical names mentioned in the text. Read the text and check if you missed any. ]B Read the text and try to fll in gaps Then listen again and check. 6 Label the pictures 1-5 with the nouns from the list: steppe, mountain, sea, river, forest. Find the paragraphs in the ‘are mentioned. Ukraine is mostly a flat plain with extremely fertile black earth soll i Mount Hoverla (2,061 m) in the Carpathians is the highest €).. in the country. There are many treeless summits which are called polonynas. Ukraine has 5% of the world’s mineral resources. There are 80 different types, including oal, iron, ore, titanium, granite and marble. Ukraine is famous for its F) with plantations of pine, oak, beech and birch. Most forests are in the Carpathians and Polisia, Ukraine has more than 3,000 lakes. In the ‘Shatski lakes in the North-West there are a lot of fish: perch, pike and carp, The, animal world of the Crimean Mountains is 6) from the other zones. Here we can find rare birds and H) -« (carrion eagle, black griffon, red deer) The Black Sea is deep and has a wide range ‘of animal life. However, there is no life lower than 1,500 m 1) The deepest point of the Black Sea is 2,210m,