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In the Hindu tradition most people seek out their understanding from a guru.

The root word “gu”
stands for darkness and “ru” for its’ removal. The Guru removes of the dark veil which covers
the true nature of the Self.

Siddharameshwar tells us that the most important Guru is the “Light of the Self.” When one is
truly dedicated to realizing the Self beyond all identifications, the Sadguru or true guru appears
as the inner Light of awareness. When we have made contact with the Light of the Self, then
such awareness is the inner guide that will lead us forward on the path to Self-realization.

In a book written in 1925, called “Golden Day.[Siddharameshwar Maharaj (1925), Golden Day,
p.5]” Siddharameshwar notes that the human condition is a filled with difficulties. These
difficulties are part of temporal life (Samsara). Spiritual life (Parmartha) is freedom from
temporal identifications and related difficulties through a realization of the eternal, infinite and
limitless aspects of being. Siddharameshwar notes that Parmartha “has become very difficult.”
He notes that “inexperienced imposters have thrust into the Parmartha path many false and
misleading principles and therefore various sorts of beliefs, superstitions, sentiments and
usages are to be found which have caused great confusion in Religion” [How do we do this?]