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com Mass Worksheet
Celebrating Our Catholic Faith

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Sunday, November 18th, 2018
Worksheet for ages 11 to 14 years old
1. What day is it, today, in the Church’s calendar?

2. Did you sing a song, today, as the priest entered? Or did you recite the Entrance
What was the name of the song? Or the theme of the antiphon?

Do you sing a lot of songs at your church, or just a few? Do you enjoy singing at Mass?

What is one of your favorite songs that you sing at Mass?

3. From which book of the Bible is today’s first reading?

4. From which book of the Bible is today’s second reading?

Who is the writer talking about in this passage?

5. Today’s Gospel reading is taken from the shortest of the four Gospels. From which
Gospel is it?

The Gospel reading talks about Jesus’ return to earth. Who knows when that will

6. Do you know the names of the three archangels?

7. What is an angel? What is an archangel?

Do you ever talk to your guardian angel? We are never too old to talk with our guardian
angel. Many saints did, such as Padre Pio, St. Catherine of Sienna, and St. Gemma
Galgani. Start, today, to make it a habit to spend a moment or two each day talking with
your guardian angel.

8. This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day. Make time to thank Jesus for all your blessings on
this day.

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