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Kabar Itah

Edition 54 : October - December 2017

Editorial Annual village review and planning for a better 2018
As we enter the first quarter of 2018, we
continue to work on a number of interesting
projects in the community development
and small scale mining sectors. We have
essentially completed the mapping stage in
our social forestry project in Damang Batu
subdistrict. We’re now moving onto active
community management of their social
forestry areas, with the main emphasis on
economic livelihoods, which may involve
improving the quality of rubber production
to get a better price, or planting high value
crops, such as red ginger. Each of the eight
communities in the subdistrict has a different
set of preferences.
Our work with small scale gold mining is also
becoming more interesting, as we shift focus Representatives
cccccc from communities in Miri Manasa subdistrict discuss YTS project activities during
to support the government’s ratification the subdistrict annual review and planning event
of the Minamata Convention on mercury.
We would like to see Central Kalimantan
become a leading province in Indonesia,
providing innovative examples of the best As part of our commitment to program in 2018. The subdistrict
way to address the various challenges facing empower communities and local event provides an opportunity to
government and society in reducing and government officials, we ended exchange experiences regarding
eliminating mercury use in small scale gold the year by conducting an annual program implementation and the
mining. Indonesia is facing a huge task: first review of our project activities and by work plan. Information from this
in quantifying the scale of the problem; then facilitating planning for 2018 in each activity helps both government and
putting into place appropriate policies and
of the 28 villages where we provide village communities to implement
regulations; and finally, providing technical
solutions to replace the use of mercury in support. This is in four subdistricts – better projects in the coming year,
gold extraction. three in the upper Kahayan River and and supports the Village Government
one in the municipality of Palangka Work Plan that covers four areas:
We have begun engaging with several United
Raya. The process started with annual village government management,
Nations agencies – UNEP and UNITAR, and with
the Environment and Mining ministries. The reviews in November in each village. village development implementation,
UN agencies are providing advice, guidance community development, and
and funding to government to complete a The village reviews were followed community empowerment.
comprehensive inventory on mercury, and to by a review and planning session
come up with a National Action Plan that will in each subdistrict. This provided The approximately 40 people who
bring about significant change. an opportunity for representatives attended in each subdistrict were
It’s encouraging to be involved at this level, from each village to present their enthusiastic in their engagement
and we expect that by working with these comments on the support program with the issues. This was reflected in
partners, we can develop some unique results in 2017. They discussed the activities their presentations and discussions.
in Central Kalimantan. carried out in 2017, related issues, Local government officials actively
problems and challenges, and supported these reviews. The
Bardolf Paul recommended the way forward. subdistrict heads opened each
Executive Director This provided useful inputs for YTS’s event and participated in the
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Pictures that reflect the voices of miners and farmers
event to provide space for villagers to present their
perspectives on their ASGM (Artisanal and Small-scale
Gold Mining) experiences and the physical changes
they have caused to the local landscape over time.

The event was officially opened by representatives
from YTS and Edinburgh University, and government
officials from village, subdistrict and district levels.
The men and women formed two separate groups,
and the six women and four men individually
presented their photographs in each group, telling
the stories behind the pictures. Other community
Vovia Witni from YTS leads the discussion with a group of women to explore the
members engaged in the discussions and expressed
stories behind the photographs displayed in the Photo Voice exhibition. their voices in terms of historical, socio-economic
and environmental issues and concerns.

Continuing the social research activities of the ‘Visual The photo exhibition closed with a session discussing ‘life
Story-telling Project’ using photo-voice methodology, YTS after mining’ and making recommendations for follow up
conducted a workshop and photo exhibition in November actions on developing a sustainable livelihood plan for
entitled ‘The Story of our Homeland: The Voices of Miners and after mining resources are exhausted. Tika Tatarriano from
Farmers in Tewang Pajangan in Photos’. the Planning Agency in Gunung Mas stated his hope about
the event, ”I hope that this activity can produce an action
With funding from the Canadian International Resources plan to follow up on the discussion results, so we can see
and Development Institute, CIRDI, and in collaboration improvements in our village community.” We expect the
with Sam Spiegel from Edinburgh University, we held the action plan will further touch local policy making.

CSR Coordination Forum: The Journey of CSR Governance in Gunung Mas District
As a collaborative project between the ASEAN CSR Network eight companies are in the process of integrating their CSR
and YTS to strengthen the CSR Coordination Forum (CCF) programs with those of selected government technical
that was established in Gunung Mas district in 2016, YTS agencies in order to address strategic issues in the district
and Gunung Mas district government conducted a series aimed at improving the quality of children’s education,
of meetings, forums and trainings during the last semester women’s empowerment, and child protection, as well as
of 2017. It brought together government, companies and HIV-AIDS and elimination of stunting. One company will start
communities to strengthen program integration among implementation once it is in production. In the financial sector,
these three key stakeholder groups. three banks, namely BRI, BNI and Bank Kalteng, have expressed
their interest in supporting tourism programs, family business
In the last quarter of 2017, YTS continued the activities development, and children’s forum creativity competition.
by conducting advanced training for all CCF organizers
and facilitators, organising a shared learning event,
and reaching the final stage of all activities by
facilitating a road trip for government officials to
meet with extractive industries to accelerate CSR
program integration.

The trainings, that involved representatives from
government agencies and companies, improved
the ability of the CCF secretariat and facilitators to
organize and manage forum activities. The shared
learning event included time for reflection, evaluation,
discussing lessons learned, and formulating strategy.

Nine private companies in the plantation, forestry, Company representatives having a discussion on program integration with the
government and community during the Action Plan on CSR program integration
and mining sectors contributed to achieving better
CSR governance in Gunung Mas district. Currently,

2 Kabar Itah - Edition 54
Training of trainers for chicken farming in communities in Gunung Mas

From October to November YTS undertook a Community- selecting brood hens and day-old chicks, taking care of broilers
based Economic Empowerment Program that focused on and organic chickens, and making probiotics and herbal
chicken farming training. This was conducted in partnership medicine to treat chicken diseases.
with BP3D, the Regional Planning Agency in Gunung
Mas district. The project aims to support community The participants expressed strong appreciation for their
empowerment activities based on the local economy. training. Murni from Rabauh village said, “This training gave
me a lot of benefits on how to do chicken farming, and how
The project comprises two components: visits by experts and to prevent and solve various problems. The training has
training trainers. In the initial visit, the experts conducted addressed the needs and problems in Rabauh village, where
field surveys and made observations in three communities, the community often experiences various diseases in certain
identifying the potential for chicken farming, as well as chicken seasons. Together with my team partner, I am ready to train
farming problems and the needs for training materials. people in our village to get better results from their chicken
A total of 40 people in Rabauh village, Sepang subdistrict, 23 farming.” Another village facilitator, Wahidah from Tumbang
people in Tumbang Tambiran village, Kurun subdistrict, and 41 Juntuh village, spoke about the increased confidence she
people in Tumbang Juntuh village, Rungan subdistrict gathered obtained, “This training really addresses the needs in our
for discussions with the experts. They represented the village village. The materials are really useful. I also feel that this
government, the Village Consultative Agency, farmers’ groups, training should be given to village officials to get used to
womens’ groups, youth organization and the community. speaking in public on various occasions. I now feel more
confident to speak in front of people.”
Following this, YTS organised a training for trainers session on
chicken farming. This took place from November 20th to 22nd The training materials addressed questions and needs about
at the Yayasan Usaha Mulia centre in Bukit Batu subdistrict, chicken farming in the village. As follow-up actions, the
Palangka Raya. Three women and three men village facilitators participants will train community groups in their respective
from the three selected villages participated actively in the villages on chicken farming utilising the 2018 People’s
training. They learned techniques for building chicken coop, Economy Program.

Participants of chicken farming training for trainers presenting their learning on the techniques for how to make probiotics and herbal medicine to
treat chicken diseases

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discussions, adding their own comments to the various capacity building for the village government and council.
village presentations. Johnson Ahmad from Miri Minasa YTS’s activities deserve our thumbs up. We would like to ask
subdistrict said in his opening speech, “We are grateful to YTS YTS to continue with its activities and help us solve existing
for helping out with village activities in many ways, especially problems that we are challenged by today”.
in the areas of empowerment, development, planning and

Kabar Itah - Edition 54 3
News Flash Agenda

Eight villages now have approved maps of formal village and January
forest boundaries YTS Annual Board Meeting
In collaboration with USAID LESTARI in the ‘Collaborative Management
and Sustainable Livelihood Inititative in Gunung Mas district’ project, Coordination with relevant local governments
YTS facilitated a final workshop and village map exhibition in Damang Community Development
Batu subdistrict in mid-November. Approximately 50 people, from the Kahayan: Capacity building for village government
spatial planning work teams in each community that went through Monitoring and strengthening livelihood activities
a participatory mapping process, presented and discussed their final Monitoring 2017 Village Revenue and Expenditure Budget in Kahayan
village maps. We will continue with further steps in the formalization LESTARI: Workshop on Community-Based Forest Management
process on village and forest boundaries. Formation of Village Forest Management Groups in Damang Batu
Facilitation of social forestry proposals
Facilitation of social forestry technical verification and co-
YTS 2017 annual review and 2018 planning management agreement
Bukit Batu: Facilitation of KUB proposals
For two days in mid-December, we had our 2017 Annual Review in
Monitoring Development Planning Forum and KUB
Rungan Sari. All units in YTS presented their activities and outputs in
2017. In open discussions and through reflection, we evaluated our Artisanal & Small-Scale Gold Mining (ASGM)
work, and discussed the challenges and lessons learned within each unit. Pure Earth: Awareness campaign on mercury in Tewah
The sessions ended with developing and presenting the 2018 plans for CIRDI: Identification of women’s group for fair trade mercury-free gold
each unit. As a special learning activity, we visited Yayasan Permakultur February
Kalimantan and their operation at BCU School to learn about about
processes and strategies for sustainable farming.
Coordination with relevant local governments
Community Development
A research project to restore degraded peatlands in
Kahayan: Community Led Analysis and Planning (CLAP) in
Central Kalimantan Tewang Pajangan
To kick off a 10-year research project entitled ‘Improving Community Fire Monitoring Development Planning Forum in 3 subdistricts
Management and Peatland Rehabilitation in Indonesia’, YTS together Bukit Batu: Coordination with Extension Service for Agriculture,
Farming & Forestry, Tangkiling
with researchers and academics from Indonesian and Australian Monitoring and data collecting of KUB fish cultivation
research organisations and universities, got together for an inception Monitoring Tangkiling public market
workshop in Bogor in November. The research project is funded by Meeting and discussion with KUBs
Australia and seeks to address the problem of unwanted peatland fires Coordination and discussion with fish technical expert
by understanding the dynamics of fire and restoration of degraded
Artisanal & Small-scale Gold Mining (ASGM)
peatlands, including finding sustainable livelihood solutions for those
CIRDI: CLAP in Tewang Pajangan
living in and around restored peatlands.
Socialization on elimination of mercury use together with Governance
Gunung Mas district government Capacity building for village government

In partnership with Pure Earth/ Blacksmith Institute, YTS with the Community Development
Gunung Mas district government jointly hosted a workshop in mid- Kahayan: Monitoring Development Planning Forum
(Musrenbang) at district level
November on ‘The Dangers of Mercury in People’s Mining’. Through
Collecting village social data and farmers group data
presentation and discussion, this event aimed to socialize the reduction
LESTARI: Training assessment on CBFM and village-owned
and elimination of mercury use and its hazards as outlined in the enterprises
Minamata Convention and by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Facilitation of social forestry proposals in Gunung Mas
Around 50 people from relevant government institutions, non- Fish Value Chain Analysis in Palangka Raya municipality
government agencies and local communities attended and called for
Artisanal & Small-scale Gold Mining (ASGM)
immediate action to stop harmful practices.
CIRDI Phase III: start up
ASGM baseline supporting National Action Plan in Kapuas district
Supporting sustainable aquaculture livelihoods in Bukit Batu Pure Earth: Awareness campaign on mercury in Kuala Kurun and Sepang
Women miners project start up
To continue our support for the growth and development of sustainable
aquaculture livelihoods in Bukit Batu subdistrict, in collaboration
with Irish Aid, we provided basic training on fish cultivation for the Kabar Itah
Kabar Itah is the quarterly newsletter of Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta (YTS), an affiliate of PT. Kalimantan Surya Kencana
community in Sei Gohong Lewu in early November. Altogether, 19 (KSK), a mineral exploration company.

men and 20 women participated. We distributed 3,000 tilapia and
3,000 catfish fingerlings for them to apply the technical and practical Published by: Bank Accounts:
knowledge they received. Subsequently, we provided an intensive Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta
Jl. Rajawali VII, Srikandi III No. 100
Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta
BNI 1946
training at the end of the month for 17 selected participants. We also Bukit Tunggal Palangka Raya 73112 Palangka Raya Branch
Kalimantan Tengah-Indonesia Central Kalimantan
prepared ponds for fish breeding and growth, as well as distributing Telp. +62 (0536) 3237184 INDONESIA
Fax. +62 (0536) 3229187 Number 0114981608
fingerlings, breeding pairs, and fish feed for each participant. Email: Swift: BNINIDJA

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