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DS SasteMEs Delivering Best-in-Class Products gs catia BS EXALEAD Virtual Product Design Information Intligence 2 2. DS SOLIDWORKS DS NETVIBES 30 for Professionals Dashboard Intelligence oa 2 % BS SIMULIA DS 3DSw™ Realistic Simulation Socal Innovation oS DELMIA BS sDviA Virtual Production (Onlin 3D Lifelike Experiences 2, DS ENOVIA Global Collaborative Lifecycle Management Dassault Systémes, the SDEXPERIENCE Company, provides business and people with virtual “universes to imagine sustainable innovations, Its woré-leaing solutions transform the way products are designed, produced, and supported. Dassault Systemes’ collaborative solutions foster social innovation, expanding possibilities forthe virtual word to improve the real word ‘The group brings value to over 150,000 customers ofall size, in al industries, in more than 80, countries, For more information, visit, CCATIA, SOLIDWORKS, SIMULIR, DELMIA, ENOVI, EXALEAD, NETVIBES, S3DSWYM, 30VIA are registered trademarks of Dassault Systemes orits subsidiaries in the US and/or other counties. arepe/ Middle East/Africa sin Pace Aneticas Dassaul Systimes Dassaul Systemes Dassaule Systames 10, rue Marcel Dassault Pier ity shibsra Bg 10F 175 Wyman Street. cs 4oso1 Kagan, Minate-Ko Waltham, Massachusetts 72946 Vig vilocublay Cedex Tayo 108-002 onasi-1225 France Japan usa Visit us at 3DS.COM/SIMULIA