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1.1. Citiți textul cu glas tare.

”Hi. My name is Larisa Dima and I'm 25 years old. I live by myself in a small apartment in
Bucharest. I'm from Bacău. Well, my parents live there. I moved out a few years ago when I
came to college.
I studied Economics here, in Bucharest, and when I finished I found a job. I'm very proud of
my career evolution until now. It's not that I can speak about a career in the real sense of the
word, like professionals do, but I think I still have plenty of time for that. I'm young and right
now I earn enough to live decently.
My boyfriend's name is Dan. He finished the first in his class in Computer Engineering. We
were born the same year and that makes him a little immature in my eyes but we have lots of
fun together and we love spending time in each other's company.
We like going out with all our friends. We laugh a lot and talk about stuff we can't talk with
anybody else. We tell stories from work or from college, we remeber the times back home, or
we talk about the news we hear online or on TV.
It's very comforting to know people that actually love you and care about you. I couldn't live
without being sorrounded by all of them.”