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The bold geometric patterns of patch- re-create traditional patterns or create you r own,
work are striking in today's homes and juxtaposing independent design blocks or working
out an allover pattern . On this page we show some
can be used in decorating windows,
traditional patterns. The bench pillows are, left to
walls, tables, even floors as well as for right, "Georgetown Circle," "Steppi ng Stones" and
the more conventional quilts and pillows "G randmother's Choice"; the bench pad, "Double
The charm of patchwork-a uniquely Ameri can Nine Patch"; the scalloped floor pillow, "Spinning
craft-can be translated into paint, self-adhesive Triangles." And note the basket covered with a
vinyl, tile or other materials besides fabric. You can patchwork of simil ~ r- pattern self-ad hesive vinyl.
, more~

the sixty second aouche.
I Sunimers Eve.
I~ The first ready-to-use premixed so safe and effective, a 60·second

i~ and premeasured internal
h ygiene p roduct you use just
douche replaces the quart-or·more of
liguid in old-fashioned douches.
once-then throwaway. So now you can experience that
If you've always felt you should alive, refreshed, really dean feeling in
Pa ttern douche more often- but hated the fuss less time th an it takes to brush your teeth.
"Spinning Triangles" Pillow and wasted time Summer's EveS At leading drug
is for you. Summer's Eve is the first and food stores. Jlf,iciii.~~r
~Eams to one. Cut 36 fabric A triangles. Cut 48 B, complete! y disposable self-contained Inexpensively
16 C and 28 0 triangles. Join 16 triangles, follow·
douche. No mixing, no measuring, no
ing diagram I, for a pie·shaped segment. Make 3
more segments hom diagram L bags or syringes to bother with. After
priced. Summer's A '

Make 4 segments following diagram 2.
following photograph for placemenl. join the 8 use, you throw it away- what could be
segments into octagon.
Scallop Make 31/2" x 121A" reclangle pattern. simpler or more sanitary,
Curve one side so that you have hall an oval. On A Summer's Eve is scientifica lly
Irace and cui 8 half ovals, adding scams. Repeat
wi th B. With right sides lacing, stitch half oval A fonnu lated for gentle is
and hall oval B together along shaped edge; turn.
Repeat with (cmaininR pieces for 8 finished scal-
lops. Side A is ri ~ ht side.
Backing Cut 2 pieces backing the shape and size
of half the patchwork, adding 1f.!" seam to center
~ --
straight edge. Cut 2 pieces muslin sa me size as
lull pa tchwork for inner pillow and put aside. Center
and stitch Lipper between the 2 backing halves;
finish sea m a\ each end of zi pper. With right sides
lacing and raw edges ma tching. pin a scallop to
each patchwork segment. Place backing, wrong
side UII, on lop. Stitch together along all 8 seg·
ments, catching scallops in stitching. Open zipper .-.
and turn.
See General Directions to make muslin inner
pillow. Insert pillow in case.

( page 1SJ
Size Each drapery measures 12' x 8'.
Materials 13 yards 45"·wide camel·colored cotton,
25 yards rust lor patchwork and lining, 3 yards
chocolate, Ph yards white, :y., yard blue (we used
Spring Mills fabrics for all colors); 8 ya rds 3"-
wide pleater tape; pleater hooks and 4 end pins.
Note Eilch drapery is composed of 4 panel s (3
From Per$onol loborolotl.. Oivhioll of C. 8. Fleet Co., In(.
pa lchwork and 1 plain), side border and lower
See General Directions, page 170.
Make two patterns for each of the following
shapes, a~ding seams to one of each: 3" x 6" x

Panel I Panel 2 Panel 3

Color Key
• blue
I[! chocolate

§ rust
Diagrams [!J white
Drapery (continued on page 200)
WOM AN'S DAY o camel 199
triangles into rectangles and small triangles into
2 squares. Stitch 24 rectangles into strip for bot-
tom border. Stitch to bottom of drapery. Slitch
15 rectangl es into strip for side border and add
a square to each end. Stitch border in place. From
camel or rust cut 4"·wide facing strip for bottom
of drapery (piecing, if necessary, for correct length).
With right sides facing, stitch to lower edge of
drapery. Fold to wrong side, turn under seam and
topstitch along border seam line.
lining From rust cut and piece lining same sile
as drapery, adding 3" or 4' hem. With right sides
faci ng, stitch together along top and sides. Hem
lining. Turn,
Finishing Following directions that come with
pleater tape, stitch to top of drapery and add pins.
Make other drapery in same manner.

(page 72)
Size 26W' square.
Materials l Y2 yards 45" ·wide floral prin t cotton
(A) for patchwork and backing, IA yard each ging·
ham (S), red (C) and while (0) coilon; scraps 6-
stra nd embroide ry II ass for tufts; tapestry needle;
H~ ya rds 36"- or 45"-wide muslin for inner pillow;
two 5·pound bags Dacron polyester for stUffing;
20" zipper (oplional).
See General Directions. page 170,
Hate PatchHork is composed of nine square sec-
tions in two different patterns (diagrams 1 and 2)
and two borde rs.

"Vintage Wlneberry Jam" Is an unusual
recipe made from strawberries and Red Star
Yeast. A tart n' tangy jam, it's perfect for
brunch over an English muffin, waffles, pan-
cakes, or French toast. Or- try It on dinner
rolls with an entr~e of ham, poultry or beef. Di agram I
You'll find the recipe on the back of spe-
cially marked packages of Red Star Yeast.
It's .JE easy to make because it's a re-
frigerator jam made with frozen or fresh
strawberries. Mix up the recipe, ferment
a few days, simmer a few minutes and
refrigerate. You'll want to put it up in
attractive jam jars to give to people you
love as a unique "homemade" gift.
Mll wlukee, WI.coosl n 5.3201
Diagram 2
Large Square Pillow

Patchwork Cover Make two patterns for each of the
following sha pes, adding seams to one of each:
lW' x lW' x 2W' right-angle triangle, l ~ "
square, 3W' square and 1W' x 3'h" rectangle.
from fabric A cut 52 lriangles. Cui 20 B and 72 G
PATCHWORK EVERYWHERE From camel cut 12" strip the Width of panel, triangles, From B cut 16 sma ll squares and 4 large
adding seams to long edges. Stitch to top of panel. squares. From D cut 20 rectangles.
Continued Stitch triangle A to triangle C to form square.
Cut 18" strip the width of panel, adding seams
6l1!" triangle (A), 3" x 3" x 4Vo" triangle (S) and as before, and stitch to bottom of panel. Make 3 more squares. Join all 4 to form large square
9" x 9" x 12l1!" triangle (C) (all right-angle tri- Panel 2 Followi ng diagram. cut shapes as indicated. (see center unit, diagram I). Join 0 rectangle to
angles), 3" square (0), 6" square (E), Y' x 6" rec· Also cut one 6" x 18" blue rectangle, two 7" x 12" each side. From C and B triangles make 4 squares
langle (F), 3" x 9" rectangle (G) and 3" x 12" and four 4" x 12" rust rectangles, two 6" x 12" and join to corners to complete diagram 1. Make
rectangle (H), The remaining, larger pieces can be camel rectangles. 4 more square sections from diagram l.
cut directly from fabric as needed. Stitch pa tches into blocks and join into panel Assemble 4 square sections following diagram 2.
Panel 1 Following diagram, cut shapes indicated. as before. Following photograph for placement, join the
Only one of each pattern shape is marked on each Panel 3 Following diagram, cut shapes as indicated. 9 sections into one large square. From C cut two
diagram. The large, extra shapes to be cut without Al so cut one 9" x 12" rust rectangle and two W'·wide strips the length of side of square, adding
patterns are marked with Zi cut them as follows: 6" x 12" camel rectangles. Stitch into blocks and seams to long edges of strips. Join to 2 tlpposite
one 6" x 24" blue rectangle; tl'lO 6" ~ 12" choco join into panel. sides of square. Cut 2 more strips and join to 2
late rectangles; two r x 12", two 13" x 15" and To Assemble Matching X's on sides of panels I remaining sides of square to complete inner border.
In similar manner, from A cut four 2"-wide strips,
two 10" x 12" rust rectanglesi two 9" came l and 2 and Y's on panels 2 and 3, pin panels to·
squares. gether. From camel cut and stitch too and bottom adding seams, and joi n to square for outer border.
Stitch long edges of a white and a rust triangle strips for pane ls 2 and 3 to match length of Tufts Thread length of embroide ry floss in ta pestry
together to form a rectangle. Make 9 more rec panel 1. needle and take 1 stitch in center of a square
tangles. Make 6 white·blue rectangles. Following Panel 4 From camel cut pane l 30" wide and the section. Cut floss to 3" length and tie in knot.
center of chart, stitch rectangles into strips and length of other 3 panels, adding seams to long Make tuft in center of each section and corner
join to large blue rectangle. Following heavy lines edges. Slilch 10 panel 3. joinings.
on diagram, stitch pieces together in blocks, then Border From rust and white cut 39 A triangles To finish pillow, see General Directions.
join blocks to form panel. each and 2 B triangles each. Stitch pairs of large . (co ntinued on page 202)
From A cut Ii nine the size of shade. Cut 4 strips
01 Roman-shade tape the length of lining, making
sure the lowest rine on each tape is 1" from lower
eoge of linine. Topstitch a tape I" in fl om each
side of lining and 2 tapes evenly spaced between.
With right sides facing, stitch shade and lining
tugether, leaving openi ng for turning. Turn alld
close opening. Fold borders at top and bottom in
hall to wrong side lor casing: lopstitch. l eave
ends open to insert pine strips. Topstitch through
shade, lining and tapes along patchwork, stitching
lines at even intervals to hold the 3 layers together.
Slide pine strips into casings. Insert 4 screw
e~es Ihrough fabric and tape into pine strips across
i.QP 01 shade on wrong side. Cut cord in 4 equal
lengths. Tie il length to bottom ring on each tape
and lace up through lings and across through screw
eyes: bring cords down one side to raise and lower
(pogt> 74)
Si ze About 10" square .
b'iaterials '.8 yard each of four different prints
45/1 wide: red print lor cenler (A), green print (6)
and white print (C) lor inner border, dark print (D)
for corners: lh yard 36"· or 45" ·wide muslin for
inner pitlow; small roll of cotton balling for quilt·
109; Dacron polyester for stuffing; 8" zipper top·
See General Directions, page 170. KNOWN

~ Diagram
Chair Pillow

Patchwork Cever Make two patte rns for each of
the following shape!:, adding seams to one 01 each:
3lh" square (A), 1%" square (Cl, 1%" x lW' x Margaret was found in a back lane of Ca l- HtJ rd-pressed by the nalUral disasters
2'·9/16" right ·angle tr iangle (B). 5W' x 5W' x 7'A" cu ll a, lyi ng in her doorway. unconscious and phenomenal binh ra le, the Indian
rilhl·angle Iriangle (0) and 2·9/16",2·9/16",311" from hun ger. Inside, her m ot her had just govern men{ is valia ntly trying to curb
rir hl·angle tr iangle (C). died in chi ldbirth . what Ma ha tma Gand hi cal led "The Etcr-
Cut 2 A squares, Hi B triangles, 8 each C trio You ca n see from the expression o n nal Compulso ry Fast. "
anJ!les, C squares and 0 triangles (e nough to piece Margare t's face Ih al she doesn' t under- But Margaret 's s tory can have a ha ppy
bolh sides 01 pillow), sland why her mother ca n' t get up, orwhy ending, because she has a CCF sponsor
Sti tch 2 B triangles to 1 C triangle to form her father doesn' t co me home, or why the now. And for only $ 12 a month you can
re::tangle (see heavy outline on diagram). Make 3
mo'e rectangles for inner border. Sti tch a C square dull th rob in her stomach won't go away. a lso sponso r a child like Margaret and
10 bolh ends of 2 of Ih' reclangles. Stilch Ihe 4 What yo u can't see is that Margaret is help provide food , clothing, shelter-
border baJlds arounl! center square as shown on d ying of mal nutriti o n. She has period s of a nd love.
Ili 2J!ram. Stitch 0 t. ian~le to each side of square. fa inting, her eyes are stran gely glazed . You wi lt receive the chi ld's picture,
lAake anot her patchwork piece in same manner for Next wi ll come a bloated sto mach, fa ll in g pe rsonal history, and the opportun ity to
olher !id~ 01 nilloN. hair, parched skin. And fina lly, death exchange letters, Christmas cards-a nd
CuI 2 pieces musli n same size as palchwork. from ma lnutriti o n. a ki ller tha t cla ims priceless fri e ndship.
~!Irearl a thin laver of batting over each muslin 10,000 lives eve,.y day. Since 1938, American sponsors have
"if'':'e. Place a pa tchwork piece, riithl side up, on Mean wh ile. in Ame rica we eat 4.66 found thi s to be an intimate, perso n-to-
tho: battin~ and baste layers together. With pencil,
lifi!hlly mark Qui lling linl!s in a 1" grid pattern po unds o f food a day per person, then person way of sha ring their blcssingswi th
(lver eath patrhwork niece. e'llll with tiny run· throw away enough 10 feed a family of youngsters around the world.
ning flitch..... or machine·lopslilrh. six in India . So won ' t you help ? Today?
With ripht sidp.s la cinQ stil rh both Quilted If yoll we re to suddenl y join the ra nks Sponsors urgently needed this month for
nieces t o ~ eth'!r around 3 !:ides. Turn. Insert zipo"r. of Ilh billion people who a re foreve r hun- children in : ·India, Brazil, Phi lippines,
if d'!sired. and fce General Directions to make gry, your nex t meal might be a bowl o f Ind onesia and Guatemala. (Or let us
musHn inner pilloN. rice, day afte r IOmorrow a piece of fish se lcct a chi ld fo r yo u from our emergency
I he size of a silver dollar. later in the week list.)
more ricc- maybe. ~~~
(p,ge 74)
Size 20" square.
. . .Write
- - - -
toc!n y: Vercnt J . Mills
- -
Box 26511
- .,. '.'

Materials 20" !'Quare piece W' hardboard; mirror
1J1,.;" in diameter; decorative adhesive vinyl , 20" CHRISTIAN CHILDREN'S FUND, Inc. Richmond, Va. 23261
square piece lor background, I"·wide strips for Name'________________________
borders, small amounts of 2 floral orints (we userl I wish to sponsor n 0 boy D girl in
Marvalon Super Coverings); two 12;' strips 1 x 1 (Country)I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Address;_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __
pine; 2 screw eyes; picture wire or nylon cord; o Choose a ch ild who needs me most. I will CitYI _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __
I"·wide double·faced foa m tape. pay SI2 a mOl1lh. I enclose my first payment
Insert screw eyes in a pine strip about W' o f S_ _ . Send me chi ld's name, story, Sta tc' _ __,-,:--:-::.,--_,_....,Zip,-------
from eac h end. Nail strips to back of board about address and picture. I cannot spo nsor a chi ld Registered (VFA"()80) ..... ith the U.S. GO\'ernment's
4" from top and bottom edges. being sure to place but wan t 10 give $_ _ . 0 Please send me AdYisory Com mittee o n Volulitary Foreign Aid. Girts
are IIIX deduetible. C3nlld ians: Write 1407 Yonge,
screw eyes facing up. more informatio n. ~o ro nto 7. WD 3690
(continued on page 204)
Shown on page 73
f ollowing manufacturer's directions, apply sheet
of white adhesive vi nyl to 1 side of board. Follow-
You can order the Patchwork Primer devised by Hilde Liu for Distlefi nk Designs. Please ing photograph for design, apply strips of black
fill Oul coupon below and send check or money order for S8.S0 payable to Distlefink around edge for border. Cut twenty 1W' x l lhff X
Designs. No stamps or C.O.D .. please. New York State and City residents. please add 21h" right·angle triangles from each pri nt. From
1 pri nt cut lour Ph" squares. Place a square in
sales tax. Canadian resi dents, add Sl lor handling. Also, items shipped to Canada are each corner and 10 triangles along each side, alter-
subject 10 Canadian larlll. oat ing prints. Apply another border, touc.hing points
of tria ngles.
Attach mirror to center of board with foam tape.
To: Dist lefin k Des igns Attach wi re to screw eyes.
Dept. WD
New York, New York 10003 ( PQ ge 74)

Sizes 1611 square coverlet; about 8" square pillow.
(Please aI/ow four weeks for delivery.) Materials 1A yard each blue print (A), red pri nt (8)
and gold (el; roll of cotton batting.
See General Directions, page 170.
Please send me . Patchwork Pr;mer(s ) at $8.50 each . Pri ce includes postage .
New York State residents, add sal es t ax
New York City residents, add sal es ta x ..
Ca nadian resid en t s. add $1.
Add ta riff for items shi pped to Canada Diagram
Doli 'carriage Coverlet
Total amount enclosed ............ .............................. ..
NAME Coyerlet Make two pa tterns for each of the follow-
ing shapes, addi ng seams to one of each: 4" x 4" x
ADDRESS 5%" right·angle triangle, 4" square and 8" square.
Cut 16 each B and C triangles, 8 small A squares
CITY ... and 2 large A squares (enough for both sides of
coverlet) .
STATE ................... ZIP CODE ........ ...... ...... ....... .. Stitch B triangle to C triangle to form squa re.
Make 7 more squares. Stitch pairs of squares to-

Our disposable
is not so disposable.
The Rogers Disposable. It lasts longer. A lot longer.
It doesn't even work like
other disposables. (It has a flip-top
One reason it's not so thai makes lighting easier, and
disposable is that it's doesn't wear out your thumb.)
made with extra fuel.
(Enough to last about a
month longer than the
disposable you may
now be usi ng .)

It's not so disposable
looking , either. In fact, it
looks more like the The Rogers Not-So-Disposable
higher-priced lighters is also not so expensive.
than any other It costs just $1 .29, in any of
disposable you can buy. six colo rs.

The Rogers®
Butane Lighter.

204 SEPTEMBER. 1973
get her to form 4 rectangles for borders (see heavy
lines on diagram). Stitch a small A square (0 both
Your laundry now needs ....... -_ _-
ends of 2 rectangles. Stitch the 4 border bands
around a large A center square. Make another
patchwork piece in same manner.
the bleach substitute. BoraJepm
Spread a thin layer 01 cotton batting over wrong .... IIlEAOI PIUS
side of one patchwork piece and baste in place.
With right sides lacing, stitch both patchwork
pieces together. leaving 6" open. Turn; close open-
Topstitch (or hand·quilt) around each patch....ork
Pillow Cut two 4" squares each from print A or B
and sllieh together for pillow. Turn, stuff and close

( page 74)
Size About 6' square.
Materials 2lh yards 45"·wide stri ped cotton, 2
yards lIoral cotton, I yard polka-dot cotton. all In
same colors (we used black·and·white prints by
Schwartz·Liebman Textiles); 4'h yards 4S" -wide
solid·color colton for lining (or use a sheet); plastic
shower.curtain liner; 12 grommets; 12 rings,
See General Directions, page 170.
Patchwork Triangle Make two patterns lor each of
the following right·angle triangles, adding seams
to one of each: J¥.t" x Jil t< x 5·5/16" triangle (A)
and 2·1/16" x 2·1/ 16" x 3l\" (8). Cui 136 floral
prinl A lriangles. Cui 68 polka·dot A Iriangles, 16
lIoral print B triangles and 8 polka-dot B triangles.
Following diagram 1, stitch 6 floral A and J
polka·dot B triangles together to form large tri o
angle. Make 19 more large triangles. Following
diagram 2, stilth 2 floral A, I polka·dot A, 2 floral
B and I polka·dot B triangles together to form
small triangle. Make 7 more small triangles.
From striped fabric cut twenty II W' x 11 '14" x
15-15/16" righi-angie lriangles IC) and eighl
8" x 8" x 1PA" right·angle triangles (O), adding
seams to all. Following layout, stitch patchwork
and striped trian!leS together (C and 0 triangles
are shown striped.
Border From floral fabric cut 2 sldps 4" wide and
as long as width of patchwork curtain. With right
sides facing, stitch strips across top and bottom
of curtain. Cut 2 more strips the length of curtain
and stitch to sidlJs.
From striped fabriC cut two 9"·wide strios the
length of curtain and one 2'h"-wide strip the width
of curtain for grommets. Stitch wider pieces to
sides. Stitch 2W'·wide strip across top. )n July. 1972. a perm anenl care o An d t hat's where BmtATEE\1
Finishing From lining fabric cut lining the size of label i ng law was en forced_ Now Plu s_ th e bleach subs ti lule. co mes
curta!n. With right sides facing, stitch lining and every articl e o f clOI hi ng sold for S3 i n. Strong enough to whiten whites .
curtam together around all sides. leaving opening
for turning. Turn, topslitch around all edges, clos- or more must carry instruc ti ons on Stro ng eno ugh to dissolve mosl
ing opening, and across seam line of grommet band. how to tuke care o f il. 0 M os t stains. But never so strong it'll
Following manu facturer's directions, atiach grom washa hles yo u bu y today have labels bleac h out yo ur co lors. 0 Thal's
me ts, evenly spaced, to band. t hat warn YO LI against using bleac h. why i t's th e bleac h substitut e.

Iront, ~ yard solid-color cotton for backing, JA
yard while cotton, 1A yard each 01 3 different
prints in the same colors, thin quilt batt or large
roll 01 cotton batlin~.
See General Directions, page 170.
Border Make two patterns for I~~" x ll~" x 2W'
right-angle triangle and lor 11.. " square. adding
seams to one of each. On white fabric trace and
Diagram I cut 43 triangles. Repeat with one of the prints.
Stitch a white and print triangle together to form
square. Make 42 more squares. Join 9 squares to
form strip. arranging them in sawtooth design (see
photograph). Make another strip in same manner.
Make 2 more striPS of 12 squares each. From an·
other orint cut 4 squares for corners. Join a square
to each end of the 9-square strips. n
Bottom Pocket Make two patterns for l'h x lIh" x
Shower Curtain 2hl" tight-angle triangle. adding seams to one.
On print used for border, trace and cut 24 tri-
angles. Repeat with print used lor corner squares.
Layou t Join 4 squares to form larger s~uare (see diagram). ' f',
BACK·OF-THE-OOOR POCKET HOLDER Make 5 more large squares, JOIO squa res into two
Shower Curtain (p a g~ 74 ) 3-sQuare strips, then Join str ips to form rectangle
Size Aboul 18y," x 25" lfinished. quilled si,,). Isee pholograph).
Materials Ih yard 45"-wide polka·dot cotton lor (continued on page 206)

@arve Your (9wn
Q Q 01
000 001I
0 I great
0 0
o 0 0 o

The day Back·of·the·door Pocket Holder

you first talk Cul baiting and solid-color lining same size as
patchwork. With righl sides facing, stitch lining
and patchwork together across one long edge (topl.
to her fold right side ouL Place batting between patch·
work and lining; baste.
woman-to-woman Topstitch (Quilt) across broken lines indicated
on diagram.
Zigzag·design Pocket Make two patterns for }lis" K
2W' rectangle. addi ng seams to one. From white
It's a very c l o se, very impor- fabric cut 6 rectangles. Repeat with print used for
t ant time fo r both of you. And border. Join a print and white recta ngle to form
you want to ma ke it as com- square. Make 5 more squares. Join all 6 square s
f ortab le and natura l as you can . to form rectangle (see photograph).
Follow second paragraph under "Bottom Pocket";
Kotex !) napkins can he lp. With
stitch lining and patchwork together across one
a lovely mother -ta-daughter gift short edge for top. Quilt around zigzag print pieces.
packag e that will h e lp you he l p Square Pocket Cut 1 piece each from another print.
her understand her changing self. batting and lining to measure 5" square, plus seams.
Our Kotex Napkin Introductory Follow second paragraph under "Bottom Pocket."
Kit conta ins t h ree dow n -t a-ea rth Quill 3 X lines, W' apart, across square.
Hangers From a print cut two 3" x 5" strips. Fold
book l e t s d i scus s ing me n strua- in half lengthWIse, wrong side au\. Make W' Carve this handsome replica of t he
t io n and adolescence for yo u to seam across long edge of each. Turn.
read toget her. Of course. there's To Assemble Cut polka·dot Iront 17" K 23". Turn
Great Seal of the United States of
also a se l ection "' of Kotex nap- under seams on pockels and pin to front. With Am erica. Complete easy-to-follow
kins. a Kotex feminine belt . a right sides facing. stitch borders around front,
Kotex panty, and a pretty p l as- joining al corners. Cut backing and baiting same directions in clude a reusable full-
tic pouch for ca rrying a singl e site as assembled hon!. Slack and baste layers size pattern, cutout letters, con-
napkin in h er purs e. together as for Dockets. Topst itch pockets and
around joining of border. Turn under and pin seams struction details, and photographs
The Kotex Napkin I ntroductory all around holder. inserting ends of hangers. Top·
Kit . Send for it . It 's a gift box
of carving tech ni ques . The step-
stitch around edges, catching hangers in stitching.
y ou ' ll be pro u d to give your l itt le by-step instructions make this proj-
girl . . . whe n yo u we lcome h er TOILET-PAPER HOLOER ect su itab le for every level of skill.
to womanhood. (pa ge 74 )

Size 2'h" x 29'1, includinl! ring.
Materials I/.; yard 45"·wide coli on print; ¥s yard Enjoy making this impressive
of another print in the same colors; 3 round but· 29 V2"-diameter plaque . .. an at-
tons; plastic ring 3" in diameter.
See General Direcl ions, page 170. tractive addition to any room-liv-
Make two patterns for l W' K 1%" rectangle, ing room, foyer, den, children's
adding seams 10 one. Cut 18 rectangles from each
pri nt. With long sides vertical, stitch rectangles room, family room or dining room.
For your Kotex® Napkin
together checkerboard fashion into strip 2 pieces
Introductory Kit. wide by 18 pieces long. From one print cut strip
j ust se nd $2.50 to: 3'h" K 28" for backing. Seam I end to end of SEND 75¢ to Great Seal of the U.S .•
patchwork piece. From same print cut another Woman 's Day. P.O. Box 1000.
K im be r ly- Cl a r k Co r p . strip for tininJ! same size as patchwork-backing Greenwich, Conn. 06830
Box 551 WD4. strip. With right sides facinJ!, seam lining and
other strip together along sides and both ends,
Neenah. Wis. 54956 leaving opening lor turning. Turn; close opening.
Referring 10 ohotograph, test-fit 3 roll s of paper Great Sea l of the U.S.
NA M E_ _ __ __ _ _ _ __
as follol'ls: Cradle I roll in strip and place pin Woman's Day
through strip to hold; insert another roll ; place P.O. Box 1000 WD·4731
AOO RESS' _ __ __ __ _ __ pin; insert third roll. Slide lining end of strip Gree nwich, Conn. 0 68 ~ u
through ring; lap other end over first and pin. Re-
CITY· _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ move rolls. Blindstilch overlapped ends. Topstitch I am enclosing $;_ _ _ _ __ _ _ __
across pinned areas, dividin$!: holder into 3 sections. Please se nd Grea t Seal
STATE' _ __ _ __ ZIP' _ _ __ Sew button on each topslilching row for decoration.
instru ction lealtets @ 75¢ each.
Goad anI, In U.S.A. All ow 4-e wftlkl 10f d~ll¥efY. TABLECLOTH
( p a ge 73) Name' __________________________
@ Femininity today from Kimberly-Cla rk
Size 42" square.
Materials IIh yards 45"·wide wine coiton print (A) Address; _______ _____
for palchwork and lining. V4 yard blue (8), Ih yard
each cream (Cl and wine (I)) (we used Concord City _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
printed colton and Spri ng Mill s solid colors).
See General Directions, page 170. State _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Zip _ __

Color Key
Kitchen Curtains DC
Make two patterns for 2" square, adding seams
to one. Cui the following number of squares: 21 A,
84 each 8 and C. Join I A, 4 Band 4 C squares to
~o!m a block (heavy lines on diagram indicate 2
JOIned blocks). Make 20 more blocks. Join them
into 2 strips each 5 blocks long for curtai ns and
I strip II blocks long for valance.
From muslin cui J lining strips same size as
patchwork strips, piecing to size if necessary. With
With righ,! sides facing, stitch lining to each palch-
work striP across ends and 1 long side (lower
edge); lurn.
~ get a qualitY
From A cut 2 curtains 27" deep and Ph" wider
!han length of patchwork strip, Topstitch 112 " lin·
and tliese super little
Ished hem along 27" edges (sides) so that curtain
measures same as strip. Topstitch 2" finished hem
at 1 raw edge (top edge), then topstitch across
hem W' from fold for curlain·rod casing. With
fight s.ides facing , stitch raw edges of curtain
and stnp together. leaving lining edge free. Turn
under raw edge of lining and blindslitch in place.
Repeat for other curtaln.
From A cut valance IS" deep and 11J211 wide r
than .Iength of patchwork lItrip. Complete as for
(pog c 73)
Size 12" x 16".
Materials 1h yard 45"·wide dark blue colton for
patchwork and backing, lid yard light blue {we used
cottons lrom Spring Millsl; I'.. yard 36"· or 45"·wide
mushn for inner pillow; Dacron polyester for stuff-
ing; 12" zipper (optional).
See General Directions, page 170.

- - .. •
Because the makers of Benson's Sliced Old Home Fruit Cake
~ dark blue realize that the ave rage club member isn·t exactly crazy about selling
things~lI'e've tailored our fund·raising program to the Iloll-salesman - by
D light blue offering free sample slices. Benson·s--and only Benson's- includes these
dramatically effective sales aids with your order. And they really work!
Diagram People who try it. invariably buy it. -
Light·and·dark·blue Chinese· puzzle Pillow We also provide you with all the organizational and publicity
materials you need for a successful campaign, along with our
Patchwork Cover Make two pa!lerns for each of the
foltowing shapes, adding seams to one of each: personal interest.
2" square, 2" x 5" rectangle (A), 2" x 6" rectangle These things are important. of course. But for really easy
IB) and 1" x r rectangle Ie). selling, you need quality too. We're nationally known for ours. A
From dark blue cut 4 A rectangles, 2 B rectangles Benson·s Fruit Cake is always crammed with choice fruits and nuts. And
and 2 C rectangles. From light blue cu t 7 squares it comes in a variety of sizes and prices, from $2.00 on up.
and 4 A rectangles.
Following diagram. stitch squares and rect an~les Profit? Ifs up to three times higher, per sale, than most other
together into 5 strips (see heavy lines). then loin fund·raisers; so you don·t have to sell as many to make as much.
as shown. Mail this coupon today for a free
From light blue cut two I"-wide border strips
the tength 01 rectangle, adding seams to long edges. brochure and generous sample of fruit cake.
Stitch borders in place. Take it easy-and make it easy on your club. I !~~i111ii1
See General Direc ti ons to complete pillow, using Sell Benson· s. t.
dark blue for backing. Good ~.~'k"p;'9;1 ____ .
(pogc 7S) Benson's Old Home Fruit Cake. 2",S N. Thomas Street,
Size 18" ~ 24/1. P.O.Oox 1948. Dept. A· I7,Alhens. Geo!l:ia 30601
Materials 18" x 24" piece %" plywood; 18"·wide Please send at no obligatio n your free brochure a nd generous sample of fruit cake (0:
self-adhesive vinyl. IA yard each in 3 different wood Your Name ____________________________________________________
grains (dark. medium and light); walnut stain for
edges of plYW!lOd; 2 screw eyes and picture wire Your Address _____________________________________________
to hang plaque; ruler lal least 18" long) and trio
angle. City _______________________ State _________________ Zip _______
Sand and stain edges of plr,wood.
Cut IW' x Ph" )( 2Ys' right-angle triangle Your Phone: Area Code ( _______
pattern. Cut 28 dark·color, 40 medium·color and
31 light·color triangles. Officer or C hair held _____________________________________
lightly mark dots II'.." apart all around edge
of board. Do not rule grid across board because Qrganizmion _______________________ _ _ __ ________________
pencil marks are difficult 10 remove. line up ruler
with lowest pair of dots on sides of board (see (We can ho nor o nly those inquiries listing an organization's name. as we sell excluSiyely to
dots on each side of diagram). Tape ends of ruler no n· pro fi t RroUps.)
(conrlnued on page 210)

hen youJre Each = 1-1 /2"

The average
ready for housewife
contraceptive Color Key
spends 8
---¥'~--oi''''I--1 • dark
hours a day
protection ... -+--+->+'9--1 ~ medium ruining
.---t-+-t---H 8 light
her nails.
Washing, ironing, cleaning,
Wooden Wa ll Hanging
gardening_It all makes for
problem nails. But you can
to hold it in place. Nol'I rest triangle on edge of help chipped, broken, peel-
ruler at X on dia,l!ram. lininS! iI UD with dots at top ing, sp litt ing nails with
and bottom of board. Using ruler and triangle as
placement guide, apply first dark triangle for base Sa lly Han sen ' Hard as
so of tree. Move triangle over Ph" to line up with
next 2 dots and apply next triangle for base. Con·
tinue in this manner until all 5 triangles have been
placed for base of tree. Remove tape and slide
Nails' with Nylon. It now
comes in 23 super colors.
It sea ls. It protects , It
ruler up Ph" to line up with next 2 dots on sides. works. As hard as you do.
is this Relape ruler and, loll owing diagram, continue until
all triangles have been placed.
Insert screw eyes on back of board and attach
wire .

applicator TABLE MATS
(page 74 )

Size About 8W' across.
Materials 1/4 yard each of 3 different 45"·wide
calico prints (A, B and eli ~8 yard gingham lor
lining. -
~ ~
,.- -""'- --
See General Directions, page 170.
Patchwork Mal Half of ilciul! i~ tfrarrrOrid pattern\len:-i>ra wo ruTl patterns, adding seams to
one. Make two 2'12" x 2W' ~ 3112" right·angle
triangle patterns, adding seams to one.
On fabrics A and B trace and cut 16 diamonds
each. On fabric C trace and cut 32 triangles.





Pre-fi ll the appl icator up to a
12 C
week in adva nce and StOre j t C
within easy reach_ Apply in
I Diagram
seco nds ... in stan c protection .
No delays to ma r the mood I
Table Mat

or rempr you to skip _ D ainry,
narural feeling _ No hormones_ I
Hig hly effective_ Recommended Pattern
by physicians_PRE-FIL Table Mat
is so safe and simple Followi ng diagram, stitch 4 diamonds 01 each
to use you ca n buy ir
a r d ru g de pa rem en rs
print together, then sti tch triangles between
poi nts 01 diamonds to form octagon. Make 3 more
From lining fabric cut 4 octagons same size as
America's leading nail treatment.
wi rhour prescriprion_ patchwork. With light sides facing, stitch a lining
!o each patchwork piece: leaving opening for turn·
II'lg. Turn and close opening. If desired, arrange the
4 mats as in photograph and sew them together
T HE" E MK O COMPANY. ST L OUIS . MO where they touch (ther e will be an empty space in
center). The End
SEeJ-.E.M.6.ER. 1973:_ _ _.....