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IN@Y narionar OILWELL VARCO PRESS-Fit MUD PUMP CRANKSHAFTS PATENT PENDING PRESS-Fit = no welding National Oilwell Varco" PRESS-Fit triplex mud ump crankshatts are specifically designed for the next generation of large capacity 7500 psi pumping systems. Our innovative design and manufacturing processes assure that these Ccrankshafts will meet or exceed the high-pressure requirements of deep dling operations. ‘These new PRESS-Fit crankshatts are fabricated from high-grade forged steel and press ft to ‘exacting specifications for an extremely tight, below zero tolerance fit. This patent-pending process eliminates welding normally required at the shatt-to-lobe intersections, along with the ‘tress failure associated with welded crankshalts. ‘The elimination of uneven welded joints also results in improved balance with loss vibration for ‘ameother operation under varying load eycles. The NOV" line of non-welded, PRESS-Fit erankshatts are also factory-balanced to ensure years of ‘smooth, reliable service. Designed with higher strength materials to be lightor and easier to handle for service and ingoection, the NOV PRESS-Fit erankshatts are also directly interchangeable with a wide variety of ‘existing cast crankshafts*, Also, since the crank shafts are not welded, and can be readily disas~ sembied, costly downtime for repair is minimized, Uuizing oniy the highest quailty design and ‘manufacturing processes, NOV PRESS-Fit mud ump crankshatte meet or exceed all ISO 2000 specications. IMPROVED MUD PUMP OPERATIONS. 5 ation > NOV spe mt pure carats ated dace rom hin gas, ea eB, ao so. 3 ng oat genaha, Ress mandeeutng process, reed wereld. - UO hats sets ade na wen, ey ae ese apse at sions at regh Tas process nd era egy pros sod win wet bone. “se sare sone maser { trance be sng ane by sal essai rf aon Span, costco pean iance for Smooth Operation U pre ankle aoe design are manfacureg ware 39 ‘macaed st nogetesesions yn Sng weltg poets a a ‘Ssecad ingest = ast oneal craft acs. vn sige Seance or ru rau specabos 3 ‘rants jure proms wih ese nate ane Tonvsv en auld We stege {aged sel esas ea cra als igh sd eser ware Warnance an epson open ees ie