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DESIGN GUIDE THIRD EDITION STRUCTURAL BEARING PAD . AVL THE BEARING PAD PEOPLE ABOUT THE GUIDE rn a Welcome to the third edition of the MASTICORD™ Design Guide & eS When MASTICORD™ was originally developed and the first design guide published in 1982, it filled a glaring need for better bearing pad materials, MASTICORD™ was quick!y recog- nized as a reliable, econamical, eng neered product with an easy 10 use : design procedure. In an ongoing effort, MASTICORD"* was improved in 1984 and a much expanded design guide was published {0 “provide predictable performance parameters which address ‘real world fila conditions. Since then, MASTICORD™ has enjoyed such a successtul perform ance record that we now know that itis capable of higher performance limits than originally thought. Con. sequently, this all-new third edition only does it contain new loading information based on new testing but also expanded information on the design of MASTICORD” into a slide bearing system, UVLis the original developer of a high quality, low cost, engineered random oriented fiber bearing pad material — MASTICORD™. {tis hoped that the new information contained in this guide will demonstrate to the user the ‘ongoing commitment to excellence that is the spirit of JVI Sh, Vee C7 sames 8. Voss President AVI. ee THE BEARING PAD PEOPLE @ 7191 N. Ridgeway Avenue Lincolnwood, Ilinois 60712 © USA © 847/675-1560 e Fax 847/675-0083 + 800/742-8127 E-Mail: « Internet: CONTENTS AN INTRODUCTION TO MASTICORD™ ........ COMMON SENSE APPROACH A NEW PERSPECTIVE REDEFINING THE TASK ....... NON-UNIFORM LOADING (NUL) NOMENCLATURE ENGINEERING ........ SOURCE AND PURPOSE... DEALING WITH ELASTOMERS MASTICORD™ BEHAVIOR DESIGN PARAMETERS ........ MASTICORD™ DESIGN PROCEDURE . DESIGN EQUATIONS ..... 0.0.0 0s cee ee ee eee cet ee eee ROTATION DESIGN EQUATIONS ..........5 DESIGN TABLES FOR PLAIN MASTICORD™ AND MASTICORD™ FOR SLIDE BEARINGS .............. HOW TO SPECIFY MASTICORD™ MATERIAL... cose MECHANICAL EMENTS: FABRICATION REQUIREMENTS: INSTALLATION . MASTICORD™ SLIDE BEARINGS ...... . TREATMENT OF NON-UNIFORM LOADING (NUL) GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS FOR DYNALON™ SLIDE BEARINGS . EXAMPLES: TEST PROGRAM SUMMARY .. . EVALUATION OF TEST RESULTS UNIFORM LOAD - MASTICORD™ ...... NON-UNIFORM LOADING - MASTICORD™ SHEAR-COMPRESSION LOADING - MASTICORD™ . . UNIFORM LOAD - DYNALON™ , : FRICTION VALUES - MASTICORD™ AND DYNALON™ ‘SUMMARY LIMITED WARRANTY