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Top 5 Cities Around the World

These are some of the best cities in the world – make sure you try and factor at
least one of them into your travels!
1. Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo; city of flashing neon lights, super-advanced gadgetry, Hello Kitty and
about 13 million people, which makes it one of the most densely populated cities
in the world. But it’s got more to offer than batteries, bodies and blinking lights.
From the cacophony of sights, sounds and smells that is Tokyo, it is possible to
make a short journey and find yourself atop a mountain with nothing other than
peace and tranquillity surrounding you. It may be far to travel to but it’s got a
whole lot to offer – whether you like stuffed cat toys or not.
Tokyo and Japan in general is not a cheap place to get to or stay. Cheap flights
can be obtained for about £400 to £500, but during the summer months can peak
at £900 return! Hostels cost around £15 to £20 per night and there are plenty of
fast food outlets about, so you can feed yourself cheaply. If you’ve got the
stomach for it, sushi can cost as little as £1 per portion, so that should help stretch
the budget.
2. New York, USA
New York, New York; setting for hundreds of sitcoms and films, inspiration of
many a song. Five boroughs, 12 avenues and street after street crammed full of
museums, shops, fast food outlets and ‘I ♥ NYC’ gift shops – and that’s before
you get started on the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park,
Times Square and all the other tourist-tastic stuff that you can get up to.
Home to the world’s largest department store, New York is probably the most
fashionable, hip city on the planet. Plus it’s really easy to get to with all major
mulit-national airlines flying there – flights costs range from £300 to £700
depending on the time of year you travel – summer months are much more
expensive. New York is not a cheap city to stay with prices similar to those in the
UK, but beware, prices displayed are not inclusive of tax, so bear this is mind
before you head off on the mother of all spending sprees! Go on, take a bite out
of the Big Apple…
3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Say Rio and you think Carnival, thousands of bronzed bikini-clad bodies snaking
through the sun-baked streets of Brazil’s capital city in time to a thumping samba
beat. But this city has plenty more besides – some of the world’s most stunning
beaches, thriving nightlife, a 24/7 party vibe and Sugar Loaf mountain too. All of
which are proudly enveloped by the open arms of the huge white statue of Christ
the Redeemer standing atop the Corcovado Mountain at a height of 710 meters.
Rio de Janeiro, a jewel in South America’s crown.
A couple of things to be aware of before hot-footing it across to Rio. Portuguese
is the official language throughout Brazil, although you shouldn’t have any
problems finding English speakers in the main cities like Rio. Flights start at
around £400 to £500 and peak at over £900 in the summer months, so pick your
flights carefully. A bed in a hostel costs around £7 a night and you can eat plenty
of food very cheaply in Brazil. But you’ll soon burn off any excess calories dancing
the night away in the Rio’s bars and nightclubs.
4. London, UK
It was a toss-up between London and Paris for the honour of top European city,
but we think that England’s capital just pips it. After all, London played host to the
2012 Olympics, so we figured it must be better. Home to Buckingham Palace, the
Houses of Parliament, the Tower of London, the London Eye, the London
Dungeon’s and more musuems than you can shake a cucumber sandwich and a
cup of tea at, this city is simply bursting with history and culture. Take a boat trip
along the Thames, stroll through Hyde Park, gaze at the Crown Jewels or feed
the pigeons at Trafalgar Square. We promise you’ll never get bored in London…
London can be a pretty expensive place to stay if you want it to be, but you can
also do it on a budget. A bed in a hostel costs about £15 to £20 and there are
loads of small, quirky restaurants and cafes down various backstreets that allow
you to eat well, but cheaply. London is a massive city and the best way to get
around is by underground; you can get a one day travelcard for all zones for
around £6.
5. Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town is often regarded as the World’s most beautiful city. Combining the
fast pace of a great urban metropolis with the immense natural beauty
synonymous with Africa, it certainly is a city of contrasts. Nestled on a peninsula
between lush valleys and rocky heights and overlooked by the great Table
Mountain, whether it’s stunning wildlife or crazy nightlife you are after, Cape Town
has it in spades.
Flights to Cape Town begin at around £400 and peak at £600 in the summer
months – bear this in mind when booking. A bed in a hostel costs around £7 and
you can eat out cheaply too – just get off the main streets and hunt out the smaller
places that will offer you cracking seafood or game animals by the half kilo. It’s
also worth remembering that South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere so has
seasons opposite to the UK’s (their winter is during our summer, etc). Also Cape
Town has a Mediterranean-type climate with hot summers and warm, wet winters.
The South Africans are also well-known for their partying, so will certainly be able
to show you a good time if you stop by Cape Town.

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