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The Gift of Global Talent deftly explores In a political climate that is skeptical
why talented migration drives the of hard-to-measure outcomes, public
E XAMINATION COPY knowledge economy, describes how funding for research universities is
P O L ICY universities and firms govern skilled under threat. But if we scale back
admissions, explains the controversies support for these institutions, we also
Examination copies of select
titles are available on To of the H-1B visa used by firms like cut off a key source of value creation
request one, find the book you are Google and Apple, and discusses the in our economy and society. Research
interested in and click Request economic inequalities and superstar Universities and the Public Good offers
Review/Desk/ Examination Copy. firms that global talent flows produce. a unique view of how universities
You can request either a free digital Examining popular ideas and work, what their purpose is, and why
copy or a physical copy to consider rigorous research across fields such they are important.
for course adoption. A nominal as entrepreneurship and innovation,
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regional advantage, and economic Countering recent arguments that
copy requests.
policy, Kerr gives voice to data and we should “unbundle” or “disrupt”
ideas that should drive the next wave higher education, Jason Owen-Smith
@stanfordpress of policy and business practice. argues that research universities are
valuable gems that deserve support. “This is a clear-eyed exposition of While they are complex and costly,
stanforduniversitypress how talent moves around the world their enduring value is threefold: they
and why so much lands in the
Blog: stanfordpress. United States. This is a must-read for simultaneously act as sources of new policy makers.” knowledge, anchors for regional and
national communities, and hubs that
—Janet Napolitano
connect disparate parts of society.
STANFORD BUSINESS BOOKS These distinctive features allow them,
256 pages, 2018 more than any other institution, to
9781503605022 Cloth $27.95  $22.36 sale
innovate in response to new problems
and opportunities.

232 pages, 2018
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Bubbles and Crashes Tyranny Comes Home The Green Bundle
The Boom and Bust of The Domestic Fate of Pairing the Market with the Planet
Technological Innovation U.S. Militarism Magali A. Delmas
Brent Goldfarb and Christopher J. Coyne and with David Colgan
David A. Kirsch Abigail R. Hall The market for green products
In Bubbles and Crashes, Brent Many Americans believe that foreign has expanded rapidly over the last
Goldfarb and David A. Kirsch give military intervention is central to decade, but most consumers need
us new insights into the causes of protecting our domestic freedoms. something more than eco-benefits
speculative booms and busts. They But Christopher J. Coyne and Abigail to motivate their purchases. Magali
identify a class of assets—major R. Hall urge engaged citizens to think A. Delmas and David Colgan argue
technological innovations—that can, again. Under certain conditions, that many green products now offer
but does not necessarily, produce policies, tactics, and technologies the total package—a “green bundle”
bubbles. This methodological twist is that are used overseas in the name that checks the environmental box,
essential: Only by comparing similar of national defense are re-imported but also offers improved performance,
events that sometimes lead to booms to America, changing the national health benefits, savings, and status.
and busts can we ascertain the root landscape and increasing the extent To help consumers cut through the
causes of bubbles. Goldfarb and to which we live in a police state. noise and make their best decisions,
Kirsch identify the factors that play we need new strategies.The Green
Coyne and Hall examine this
a key role in these episodes, consider Bundle offers some of the best and
pattern—which they dub “the
implications for technology bubbles most effective communication
boomerang effect”—considering
that may be in the works today, techniques for pushing consumers
a variety of rich cases that include
offer tools for investors to identify in the right direction.
the rise of state surveillance, the
whether a bubble is happening, and
militarization of domestic law Combining insights from
propose policy measures that may
enforcement, the expanding use of sustainable business and behavioral
mitigate the risks associated with
drones, and torture in U.S. prisons. economics, Delmas and Colgan
future speculative episodes.
Synthesizing research and applying show managers how to lead buyers
“A fascinating account of how and an economic lens, they develop a from information to action. This
when new technologies lead to generalizable theory to predict and book is a research-based, practical
exuberant asset prices. Anyone who explain a startling trend. Tyranny guide for understanding how
thinks about innovation and financial
Comes Home unveils a new aspect companies can create the next
markets will enjoy this book.”
of the symbiotic relationship tipping point in green consumption.
—Jonathan Levin,
Stanford Graduate School between foreign interventions STANFORD BUSINESS BOOKS
of Business and domestic politics. 288 pages, 2018
280 pages, 2018 9781503606418 Paper $29.95  $23.96 sale
256 pages, February 2019
9780804793834 Cloth $35.00  $28.00 sale 9781503605275 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale

Measuring Social Change BRICS or Bust? The Moral Power of Money
Performance and Accountability Escaping the Middle-Income Trap Morality and Economy in the
in a Complex World Hartmut Elsenhans and Life of the Poor
Alnoor Ebrahim Salvatore Babones Ariel Wilkis
Alnoor Ebrahim addresses one of Once among the fastest developing The Moral Power of Money
the fundamental dilemmas facing economies, growth has slowed investigates the forces of power and
leaders as they navigate change or stalled in Brazil, Russia, India, morality at play, particularly among
in the social sector: performance China, and South Africa. How can the poor in a slum of Buenos Aires.
measurement. How can they track governments jump-start the rise Drawing on fieldwork, Ariel Wilkis
performance towards worthy goals of these middle-income countries? argues that money is a critical symbol
such as reducing poverty or climate BRICS or Bust? argues that economic used to negotiate not only material
change, improving public health, catch-up requires investment in possessions, but also the political,
or advancing human rights? What the productivity of ordinary citizens. economic, class, gender, and
results can they reasonably measure Diverging from the popular narrative generational bonds between people.
and legitimately take credit for? This of increased liberalization, it calls
The author proposes a new concept
book tackles three core challenges for direct government investment in
of moral capital based on different
of performance faced by social human infrastructure, policies that
kinds, or “pieces,” of money. Each
enterprises and nonprofit increase wages and the bargaining
chapter covers a different “piece”—
organizations alike: what to measure, power of labor, and the strategic
money earned from the informal
what kinds of performance systems use of exchange rates to encourage
and illegal economies, money
to build, and how to align multiple export-led growth. Examining
lent through family and market
demands for accountability. It lays barriers to implementation, Hartmut
relations, money donated with
out four different types of strategies Elsenhans and Salvatore Babones
conditional cash transfers, political
for managers to consider—niche, find that the main obstacle to such
money that binds politicians
integrated, emergent, and ecosystem— reforms is an absence of political
and their supporters sacrificed
and details the types of performance will, stemming from closely guarded
money offered to the church, and
measurement and accountability elite privilege under the current laws.
safeguarded money used to support
systems best suited to each. Finally,
this book examines the roles of Stanfordbriefs people facing hardships. This book
builds an original theory of the
funders such as impact investors, 128 pages, 2017 moral sociology of money, providing
philanthropic foundations, and 9780804799898 Paper $12.99  $10.39 sale the tools for understanding the
international aid agencies, and details
role money plays in social life today.
how they can best enable meaningful
performance measurement. CULTURE AND ECONOMIC LIFE
224 pages, 2017
264 pages July 2019 9781503604285 Paper $29.95  $23.96 sale
9781503601406 Cloth $29.95  $23.96 sale

Globalization Under and Discreet Power Making Money
After Socialism How the World Economic Forum How Taiwanese Industrialists
The Evolution of Shapes Market Agendas Embraced the Global Economy
Transnational Capital in Christina Garsten and Gary G. Hamilton and
Central and Eastern Europe Adrienne Sörbom Cheng-shu Kao
Besnik Pula In Discreet Power, Christina Garsten Beginning in the 1950s, Taiwan
The post-communist states of and Adrienne Sörbom undertake rapidly industrialized, becoming
Central and Eastern Europe have an ethnographic study of the World a tributary to an increasingly
gone from being among the world’s Economic Forum (WEF). Granted “borderless” East Asian economy. And
most closed, autarkic economies to access to one of the primary though President Trump has called for
some of the most export-oriented agenda-setting organizations of our the loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs,
and globally integrated. Besnik Pula day, they situate the WEF within an domestic retailers and merchandisers
reaches deep into the region’s history emerging system of “discretionary still willingly ship production
and comparatively examines its governance,” in which organizations overseas, primarily to Taiwan.
long-run industrial development to craft ideas and entice formal
From prominent names like Pou
explain this shift. In the 1970s, Central authorities in order to garner
Chen and Hon Hai to the owners of
and Eastern European socialist significant sway. Yet the WEF has
small and midsize firms, Taiwan’s
leaders intensified engagements with no formal mandate to implement its
contract manufacturers have become
the capitalist West, which challenged positions. It must convince others
the world’s most sophisticated
the Stalinist developmental model to advance chosen causes and enact
suppliers of consumer products
in favor of exports and transnational suggestions, rendering its position
the world over. Drawing on over
integration. A new reliance on quite fragile. Garsten and Sörbom
30 years of research and more than
exports launched the integration argue that the WEF must be
800 interviews, Hamilton and Kao
of Eastern European industry into viewed relationally as a brokering
tell these industrialists’ stories. The
value chains that cut across the organization that lives between
picture that emerges is one of agile
East-West political divide. This book the market and political spheres
neo-capitalists, caught in the flux of
enriches our understanding of a and that extends its reach through
a rapidly changing landscape, who
regional shift, while also explaining associated individuals and groups.
tirelessly endeavor to profit on it.
the distinct international roles that They place the WEF in the context
Making Money reveals its subjects to
Central and Eastern European states of a broader shift, arguing that
be at once producers of economic
have assumed in the globalized networks across business, politics,
globalization and its byproducts,
twenty-first century. and civil society organizations are
and how Taiwanese businesspeople
becoming increasingly powerful
272 pages, 2018 have played a tremendous role in
9781503605138 Cloth $65.00  $52.00 sale agents in global relations.
their nation’s continuing ascent.
240 pages, July 2018
9781503606043 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale 320 pages, 2017
9781503604278 Paper $27.95  $22.36 sale

Entrepreneurial Finance Money Well Spent Pricing Credit Products
Venture Capital, Deal Structure & A Strategic Plan for Smart Robert L. Phillips
Valuation, Second Edition Philanthropy, Second Edition
In the wake of the 2008 financial
Janet Kiholm Smith Paul Brest and Hal Harvey crisis, it became apparent that pricing
and Richard L. Smith Philanthropy is a booming business, loans in a way that is profitable for
Through a combination of theory with hundreds of billions of dollars lenders and sensitive to risk is
and methods, this book prepares committed to the social sector each anything but simple. Robert L.
readers for a wide variety of situations year. Money Well Spent, an award- Phillips worked with major banks
that stakeholders confront in an winning guide on how to structure and financial services companies for
entrepreneurial venture, teaching philanthropy so that it really makes more than a decade to help them
them how to think from the investor’s a difference, offers a comprehensive improve their pricing capabilities.
perspective. The second edition is and crucial resource for individual This book draws on his experience,
thoroughly revised to reflect new data, donors, foundations, non-profits, as well as the latest academic
research, and changes in practice and scholars who focus on and teach research, to demonstrate how lenders
in this fast-moving field. It has an others about this realm. can apply the proven techniques of
increased focus on venture capital, price optimization, such as market
The authors draw on the experiences segmentation, targeting customers,
while maintaining its hallmark of hundreds of foundations and
coverage of the financial aspects and machine learning and
non-profits to explain how to deliver optimization, to responsibly improve
of entrepreneurship. Updates on every dollar. They present the
throughout address technological the profitability of their loans. It
essential tools to help readers create is a go-to resource for academics
changes that have the potential to and test effective plans for achieving
dramatically change the landscape for and professionals alike, particularly
demonstrable results. The second lenders who are looking for ways to
finance. These include: blockchain, edition accounts for a decade of
cryptocurrency, crowdfunding, do better business in an increasingly
progress: a rise in impact investing, competitive (and regulated) market.
artificial intelligence and machine the advent of pay-for-success
learning, and internet connectivity programs, the maturation of impact “Bob Phillips is the preeminent
(loT). Lastly, the book offers a useful evaluation, and the emergence of authority on and intellectual father of
suite of resources for students and price optimization in retail banking.
a new generation of mega-donors. As banks globally are implementing
instructors alike, including: Today, the notion of results-driven
spreadsheets, templates, simulation data-driven approaches to pricing,
philanthropy is more important than this is required reading.”
applications, and interactive cases ever. With this book, the social sector
and tutorials that are available —Frank Rohde,
has the techniques it needs to deliver CEO, Nomis Solutions
for download. on that idea with impact.
640 pages, July 2019 9780804787208 Cloth $65.00  $52.00 sale
392 pages, July 2018
9781503603219 Cloth $90.00  $72.00 sale
9781503602618 Cloth $29.95  $23.96 sale

NOW IN PAPERBACK The Time of Money Self-Regulation and
The High Cost of Lisa Adkins Human Progress
Good Intentions How Society Gains When We
Speculation is often associated with
A History of Govern Less
financial practices, but The Time
U.S. Entitlement Programs of Money makes the case that it Evan Osborne
John F. Cogan not be restricted to the financial Most of us are familiar with
sphere. It argues that the expansion free-market competition: the idea
Federal entitlement programs are
of finance has created a distinctive that society and the economy benefit
strewn throughout the pages of U.S.
social world, one that demands a when people are left to self-regulate,
history, springing from the noble
speculative stance toward life in testing new ideas in pursuit of profit.
purpose of assisting people who
general. Speculation changes our Less known is the fact that this theory
are destitute through no fault of
relationship to time and organizes arose after arguments for the scientific
their own. Yet as federal entitlement
our social worlds to maximize method and freedom of speech had
programs have grown, so too have
productive capacities around flows gone—and that all three
their inefficiency and their cost.
of money. Defining features of our share a common basis. It was long
The High Cost of Good Intentions is age are hardwired to speculative thought that society was better left to
the first comprehensive history of practices—stagnant wages, organize itself through free markets
these federal entitlement programs. indebtedness, the centrality of as opposed to political institutions.
Combining economics, history, women’s earnings to the household, But, over the twentieth century, we
political science, and law, John F. workfarism, and more. Examining became less confident in the notion of
Cogan reveals how the creation of five features of our contemporary a self-regulating socioeconomy. Evan
entitlements brings forth a steady economy, Lisa Adkins moves Osborne traces the rise and fall of
march of liberalizing forces that cause beyond claims that indebtedness is this once-popular concept. He argues
entitlement programs to expand. This intrinsic to contemporary life and that—as society becomes more
process is as visible in the eighteenth vague declarations that the social complex—self-regulation becomes
and nineteenth centuries as in the world has become financialized. more efficient and can once again
present day. His work provides She delivers a precise examination serve our economy well.
a unifying explanation for the of the relation between finance and
evolutionary path that nearly all society, one that is rich in empirical “Osborne’s argument and ability to
connect disparate tidbits expanded my
federal entitlement programs have and analytical detail.
own knowledge a great deal.”
followed over the past 200 years, CURRENCIES: NEW THINKING FOR
—Gary Wolfram, Hillsdale College
tracing both their shared past and FINANCIAL TIMES
the financial risks they pose for 240 pages, 2018 STANFORD ECONOMICS AND FINANCE
future generations. 9781503607101 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale 272 pages, 2018
9780804796446 Cloth $65.00  $52.00 sale
512 pages, March 2019
9781503610071 Paper $24.95  $19.96 sale

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