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Christian Flesh Image and Presence
O RDERIN G Paul J. Griffith A Christological Reflection on
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theological reflection on the idea Natalie Carnes
listed in this catalog.
that being a Christian is, first Joining a growing multidisciplinary
Visit to order online. Visit and last, a matter of the flesh, conversation that rejects an Christian Flesh shows us what understanding of images as lifeless
for information on phone
being a Christian means for fleshly objects, this book offers a theological
orders. Books not yet published
existence. Depicting and analyzing meditation on the ways images
or temporarily out of stock will be
charged to your credit card when what the Christian tradition has to convey presence. Just as Christ
they become available and are in say about the flesh of Christians in negates himself in order to manifest
the process of being shipped. relation to that of Christ, the book the invisible God, images, Natalie
shows that some kinds of fleshly Carnes contends, negate themselves
@stanfordpress activity conform well to being to give more than they literally or
a Christian, while others are in materially are. Her Christological tension with it. But to lead a reflections bring iconoclasm and
stanforduniversitypress Christian life is to be unconstrained iconophilia into productive relation,
Blog: stanfordpress. by ordinary ethical norms. Arguing suggesting that they need not that no particular case of fleshly oppose one another.
activity is forbidden, Paul J. Griffiths
illustrates his message through Investigating such images as the
extended case studies of what it biblical golden calf and paintings
is for Christians to eat, to clothe of the Virgin Mary, Carnes
themselves, and to engage in distinguishes between iconoclasms
physical intimacy. that maintain fidelity to their
theological intentions and those
176 pages, 2018 that lead to visual temptation.
9781503606746 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale
Offering ecumenical reflections
on issues that have long divided
various Christian traditions,
Image and Presence provokes a
fundamental reconsideration of
images and of the global image
crises of our time.
256 pages, 2017
9781503604223 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale

Sharia Compliant Being with the Dead Divine Currency
A User’s Guide to Hacking Burial, Ancestral Politics, and the The Theological Power of
Islamic Law Roots of Historical Consciousness Money in the West
Rumee Ahmed Hans Ruin Devin Singh
For over a thousand years, Muslim All humans have developed This book shows how early
scholars worked to ensure that techniques of caring for and economic ideas structured Christian
Islamic law responded to the needs communicating with the dead. The thought and society, giving crucial
of an evolving Muslim community premise of Being with the Dead is insight into why money holds such
and served as a moral and spiritual that we can explore our lives with the power in the West. Examining the
compass. They did this by “hacking” dead as an existential a priori out of religious and theological sources
Islamic law in accordance with which the basic forms of historical of money’s power, it shows how
changing times and contexts. Today, consciousness emerge. Care for the early Christian thinkers borrowed
the process has stalled, and this dead is not just about the symbolic ancient notions of money and
book is designed to revitalize the handling of mortal remains; it also economic exchange as a basis for
hacking tradition. Rumee Ahmed points to a necropolitics, the social new theological arguments. God
walks readers through the process bond between the dead and living became an economic administrator,
of Islamic legal change, vividly that holds societies together—a and Christ functioned as a currency
describing how Muslim scholars shared space where the dead are to purchase humanity’s freedom.
have met evolving challenges maintained among the living. Moving Such ideas provided models for
on topics as diverse as abolition, from mortuary rituals to literary pastors and Christian emperors,
democracy, finance, gender, human representations, from the problem which led to new economic
rights, and sexuality. He argues that of ancestrality to technologies of conceptions of the administration
through engagement and creativity, survival and intergenerational of populations and conferred a
Islamic law can regain its intrinsic communication, Hans Ruin explores godly aura on the use of money.
vitality and resume its role as a the epistemological, ethical, and Divine Currency argues that this
forward-looking source for good. ontological dimensions of what longstanding association of money
“This original and thought-provoking it means to be with the dead. His with the divine has contributed to
book shows how law and practice phenomenological approach to key an ever-increasing significance
can interact to shape as well as reflect sources in anthropology, archaeology, of money, justifying various forms
a community’s collective wisdom. sociology, religion, and history gives of politics that manage citizens
It tackles with authority a highly us new purchase on the human along the way.
complex and contested set of concepts sciences as a whole.
in Islamic law.” 296 pages, 2018
272 pages, January 2019 9781503605664 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale
—Ziba Mir-Hosseini, 9781503607750 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale
University of London

272 pages, 2018
9781503605701 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale

Karman Creation and Anarchy The Mystery of Evil
A Brief Treatise on Action, The Work of Art and the Benedict XVI and the End of Days
Guilt, and Gesture Religion of Capitalism Giorgio Agamben
Giorgio Agamben Giorgio Agamben Translated by Adam Kotsko
Translated by Adam Kotsko Translated by Adam Kotsko In 2013, Benedict XVI became only
What does it mean to be responsible Creation and the giving of orders are the second pope in the history of
for our actions? In this brief and closely entwined in Western culture, the Catholic Church to resign from
elegant study, Giorgio Agamben where God commands the world office. In this brief but illuminating
traces our most profound moral into existence and later issues study, Giorgio Agamben argues
intuitions back to their roots in the injunctions known as the Ten that Benedict’s gesture, far from
the sphere of law and punishment. Commandments. The arche, or being solely a matter of internal
Moral accountability, human free origin, is always also a command, ecclesiastical politics, is exemplary
agency, and even the very concept and a beginning is always the first in an age when the question of
of cause and effect all find their principle that governs and decrees. legitimacy has been virtually left
origin in the language of the trial, This is as true for theology, where aside in favor of a narrow focus
which Western philosophy and God not only creates the world on legality. This reflection on the
theology both transform into the but governs through continuous recent history of the Church opens
paradigm for all of human life. creation, as it is for the philosophical out into an analysis of one of the
In his search for a way out of this and political tradition according earliest documents of Christianity:
destructive paradigm, Agamben to which beginning and creation, the Second Epistle to the
draws not only on minority command and will, together form Thessalonians, which stages a
opinions within the Western a strategic apparatus without dramatic confrontation between
tradition but engages at length which our society would fall apart. the “man of lawlessness” and the
with Buddhist texts and concepts Creation and Anarchy aims to enigmatic katechon, the power
for the first time. In sum, Karman deactivate this apparatus through that holds back the end of days. In
deepens and rearticulates of some a patient archaeological inquiry Agamben’s hands, this infamously
of Agamben’s core insights while into the concepts of work, creation, obscure passage reveals the
breaking significant new ground. and command. Exploring every theological dynamics of history
120 pages, 2018 nuance of the arche in search of an that continue to inform Western
9781503605824 Paper $17.95 $14.36 sale an-archic exit strategy, it points to culture to this day.
a philosophical thought that might 96 pages, 2017
overthrow both the principle and 9781503602731 Paper $15.95 $12.76 sale
its command.
136 pages, May 2019
9781503609266 Paper $16.95 $13.56 sale

Invisible Companions
Encounters with
Imaginary Friends, Gods,
Ancestors, and Angels
J. Bradley Wigger
From the U.S. to Nepal,
author J. Bradley Wigger
travels five countries on
three continents to hear
children describe their
invisible friends—one
hundred-year-old robins
and blue dogs, dinosaurs
and teapots, pretend
families and shape-shifting
aliens—companions springing from the deep well of Lucrecia the Dreamer
childhood imagination. Drawing on these interviews and Prophecy, Cognitive Science,
and the Spanish Inquisition
on a new wave of developmental research, he finds a fluid
and flexible quality to the imaginative mind that is central Kelly Bulkeley
to learning, co-operation, and paradoxically, to real-world Set in sixteenth-century Spain, this
rationality. Yet Wigger steps beyond psychological book tells the gripping story of
Lucrecia de León, a young woman
territory to explore the religious significance of the kind of modest background who gained
of mind that develops relationships with invisible beings. a popular reputation as a prophetic
What he uncovers is a profound capacity in the religious dreamer predicting apocalyptic
imagination to see through the surface of reality to ruin for her country. Stung that
more than meets the eye. Not just for parents or for those Lucrecia had foreseen the defeat of
the Spanish Armada, King Philip II
who work with children, Invisible Companions will ordered the Inquisition to arrest her
appeal to anyone interested in our mind’s creative and for heresy and sedition. During her
spiritual possibilities. imprisonment, trial, and torture,
the carefully collected records of her
“Riveting stories of children and adults aside, this engaging dreams were preserved and analyzed
book is ultimately a work of theology that poses a profound by the court. These dreams’
question: Is God just another imaginary friend? And, if not, authenticity, and their potentially
what is the difference?” explosive significance, became
the focal point of the Church’s
—Robert Wuthnow, Princeton University investigation. Drawing on the
cognitive science of religion, Kelly
232 pages, July 2019 Bulkeley finds meaningful patterns
9781503609112 Cloth $25.00 $20.00 sale in Lucrecia’s prophecies and sheds
new light on the infinitely puzzling
question at the center of her trial, a
question that has vexed all religious
traditions throughout history: How
can we determine if a dream is, or
is not, a true revelation?
256 pages, 2018
9781503603868 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale

Neoliberalism’s Demons The Prince of This World The Book of Shem
Adam Kotsko Adam Kotsko On Genesis before Abraham
Neoliberalism is usually considered The most enduring challenge to David Kishik
an economic policy agenda, but traditional monotheism is the Can anyone say anything that has
Neoliberalism’s Demons argues problem of evil: God is all-good and not already been said about the most
that it is much more than that. A all-powerful, and yet evil happens. scrutinized text in human history? In
complete worldview, neoliberalism The Prince of This World traces the one of the most radical rereadings of
presents the competitive marketplace story of one of the most influential the opening chapters of Genesis since
as the model for true human attempts to square this circle— the The Zohar, David Kishik manages
flourishing, transforming every offloading of responsibility for evil to do just that. The Book of Shem,
aspect of our shared social life. onto one of God’s rebellious creatures. a philosophical meditation on the
The book explores the sources of In this striking reexamination, the beginning of the Bible and the end
neoliberalism’s remarkable success devil emerges as a theological symbol of the world, offers an inspiring
and the roots of its current decline. who helps justify oppression at the interpretation of this navel of world
Neoliberalism’s appeal is its promise hands of Christian rulers. And he literature. The six parts of the
of unfettered free choice, but evolves alongside the biblical God, primeval story—God’s creation, the
that freedom is a trap. If we who at first presents himself as the Garden of Eden, Cain and Abel,
choose rightly, we ratify our own liberator of the oppressed but ends Noah’s Ark, the first covenant, and
exploitation. If we choose wrongly, up a cruel ruler. This is the story, the Tower of Babel—come together
we are demonized as the cause of then, of how God becomes the to address a single concern: How does
social ills. By tracing the political devil—a devil who remains with us one become the human being that one
and theological roots of the in our ostensibly secular age. is? By closely analyzing the founding
neoliberal concept of freedom, “With the ironic wisdom of a text of the Abrahamic religions, this
Adam Kotsko offers a fresh postmodern Beatrice, Kotsko guides short treatise rethinks some of their
perspective, one that emphasizes us through the sequence of hells deepest convictions. With a mixture
the dynamics of race, gender, and that leads to our own.” of reverence and violence, Kishik’s
sexuality. He accounts for the rise —Catherine Keller, creative commentary demonstrates
of right-wing populism, arguing Drew University the post-secular implications of a
that, far from breaking with the 240 pages, 2016 pre-Abrahamic position.
neoliberal model, it actually doubles 9781503600201 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale 136 pages, 2018
down on neoliberalism’s most 9781503607347 Paper $17.95 $14.36 sale
destructive features.
176 pages, 2018
9781503607125 Paper $22.95 $18.36 sale

Our Non-Christian
How Atheists, Satanists,
Pagans, and Others
Are Demanding
Their Rightful Place
in Public Life
Jay Wexler
Less and less Christian
demographically, America
is now home to an ever
larger number of people
who say they identify with
no religion at all. These
non-Christians have increasingly been demanding their
Unpublished Fragments full participation in public life, bringing their arguments
from the Period of Thus all the way to the Supreme Court. The law is on their side,
Spoke Zarathustra (Summer but that doesn’t mean that their attempts are not met
1882–Winter 1883/84) with suspicion or outright hostility. In Our Non-Christian
Volume 14
Nation, Jay Wexler travels the country to engage the
Friedrich Nietzsche non-Christians who have called on us to maintain our
Translated, with an Afterword, by
ideals of inclusivity and diversity. With his characteristic
Paul S. Loeb and David F. Tinsley
Edited by Alan D. Schrift
sympathy and humor, he introduces us to the Summum
and Duncan Large and their Seven Aphorisms, a Wiccan priestess who would
deck her City Hall with a pagan holiday wreath, and other
Stanford continues its English
translation of the famed determined champions of free religious expression. As
Colli-Montinari edition of Nietzsche’s Wexler reminds us, anyone who cares about pluralism,
complete works, which include the equality, and fairness should support a public square filled
philosopher’s notebooks and early with a variety of religious and nonreligious voices. The
unpublished writings. This volume
stakes are nothing short of long-term social peace.
provides the first English translation
of Nietzsche’s unpublished notebooks “Jay Wexler’s compelling account of ‘belief ’ in public life will
from the period in which he was be of interest to the deeply religious as well as those who
composing the book that he considered
his best and most important work,
cringe at the very thought of religion. I highly recommend it.”
Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Here, in —Anthony B. Pinn, Rice University
nuce, appear Zarathustra’s teaching
about the death of God; his discovery “Timely, trenchant, and tremendously engaging, Our
that the secret of life is the will to Non-Christian Nation is essential reading for anyone
power; and his most profound and interested in understanding the contemporary battles over
most frightening thought—that his religion’s role in our national politics and culture.”
own life, human history, and the
entire cosmos will eternally return. —Phil Zuckerman, Pitzer College

The Complete Works of
Friedrich Nietzsche
216 pages, June 2019
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news about this series]
9780804798990 Cloth $25.00 $20.00 sale
480 pages, March 2019
9781503607521 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale

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Otherwise, you may sacred objects were not always
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argues that the desire to shape and 1970s. Jesus Loves Japan offer
interpret the playing of children is a rare window into lives at the
an important cultural force. Not crossroads of return migration and
MAIL TO: only is this type of iconoclasm a global Pentecostalism. Suma Ikeuchi
Examination Copy fascinating phenomenon in its own argues that charismatic Christianity
Stanford University Press right; it has the potential to alter appeals to Nikkei migrants as a
500 Broadway our understanding of the threshold “third culture”—one that transcends
Redwood City, CA 94063 between the religious and the ethno-national boundaries and
secular, the forms and functions of offers a way out of a reality marked
FAX TO: play, and the nature of historical by stagnant national indifference.
(650) 725-3457 transformation and continuity. Through the lens of religion, she
336 pages, April 2019 insightfully describes the political
9780804798501 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale process of homecoming and the
ubiquitous figure of the migrant as
the pilgrim of a transnational future.
256 pages, June 2019
9781503609341 Paper $27.95 $22.36 sale

Divine Variations Reading the Hebrew Bible Jinnealogy
How Christian Thought Became with Animal Studies Time, Islam, and Ecological Thought
Racial Science in the Medieval Ruins of Delhi
Ken Stone
Terence Keel Anand Vivek Taneja
This book explores the significance
Divine Variations offers a new of animal studies for the In the ruins of a medieval palace
account of the development of interpretation of the Hebrew Bible. in Delhi, Indians of all castes and
scientific ideas about race. Covering Combined with biblical scholarship, creeds meet to socialize and ask
the last three centuries of scientific it sheds useful light on animals, Islamic jinns for help, writing out
thought and debate, Terence Keel animal symbolism, and the requests as if petitioning the state.
reveals the persistent links between relations among animals, humans, At a time when a Hindu right-wing
pre-modern Christian thought and and God. Without the presence of government in India is committed to
contemporary scientific perceptions domesticated and wild animals, normalizing a view of the past that
of human difference. Despite modern neither biblical traditions nor the paints Muslims as oppressors, Anand
biology’s ostensible shift towards religions that make use of the Bible Vivek Taneja’s Jinnealogy provides a
scientific naturalism, objectivity, would exist in their current forms. fresh vision of religion, identity, and
and value neutrality, contemporary Although parts of the Bible draw sacrality. The ruin, Firoz Shah Kotla,
scientific theories of race are not a clear line between humans and is an unusually democratic religious
a departure from but, rather, an animals, other passages complicate space, characterized by freewheeling
extension of Christian intellectual that line in multiple ways and theological conversations, DIY rituals,
history. Keel demonstrates that challenge our assumptions about and the sanctification of animals.
Christian ideas about creation, the roles animals play therein. Taneja observes the visitors, who
ancestry, and universalism helped Engaging influential theorists and come mainly from the Muslim and
form the basis of modern accounts experts in animal and ecological Dalit neighborhoods of Delhi, using
of human biodiversity. By drawing studies, Reading the Hebrew Bible their conversations and letters as an
connections between Christian with Animal Studies shows archive of voices so often silenced. In
thought and scientific racial thinking, how prehumanist texts reveal this enchanted space, he encounters
this book challenges the notion of unexpectedly relevant a vibrant form of popular Islam that
science and religion as mutually dynamics and themes for our resists state repression and challenges
exclusive intellectual domains. posthumanist age. postcolonial visions of India.
“Divine Variations offers us 240 pages, 2017 SOUTH ASIA IN MOTION
insightful new ways of thinking about 9781503603752 Paper $24.95 $19.96 sale 336 pages, 2017
the historical relations between 9781503603936 Paper $29.95 $23.96 sale
science and religion.”
—Peter Harrison, author of The
Territories of Science and Religion

200 pages, 2018
9780804795401 Cloth $60.00 $48.00 sale

Aurangzeb Mandatory Separation In Service of Two Masters
The Life and Legacy of India’s Most Religion, Education, and Mass The Missionaries of Ocopa,
Controversial King Politics in Palestine Indigenous Resistance, and Spanish
Audrey Truschke Suzanne Schneider Governance in Bourbon Peru
The Mughal emperor Aurangzeb Mandatory Separation examines Cameron D. Jones
Alamgir is one of the most hated how colonial, Zionist, and This book follows the Franciscan
men in Indian history. Reviled as a Palestinian-Muslim leaders mission of Santa Rosa de Ocopa in
religious fanatic who violently developed competing views of the Peruvian Amazon through the
oppressed Hindus, he is even blamed religious education during the eighteenth and early nineteenth
for setting into motion conflicts formative period of British rule. centuries, a period marked by
that resulted in the creation of a The British Mandatory government events such as the indigenous
separate Muslim state in South Asia. supported religious education as Juan Santos Atahualpa Rebellion
In her lively overview of his life and a supposed antidote to nationalist and the 1746 Lima earthquake.
influence, Audrey Truschke offers a passions at the precise moment Caught between the directives of the
clear-eyed perspective on the debate when the administrative, pedagogic, Spanish crown and the challenges
over Aurangzeb and makes the case and curricular transformation of of missionary work on the Amazon
for why his maligned legacy deserves religious schooling rendered it a frontier, the missionaries of Ocopa
to be reassessed. She evaluates vital tool for Zionist and Palestinian found themselves at the center of a
Aurangzeb not by modern standards leaders. This study of their policies struggle over the nature of colonial
but according to the traditions and and practices illuminates the governance. Cameron D. Jones
values of his own time, painting a tensions, similarities, and differences reveals the changes that Spain’s
picture of Aurangzeb as a complex among these diverse educational far-flung empire experienced from
figure whose relationship to and political philosophies, revealing borderland Franciscan missions in
Islam was dynamic, strategic, and the lasting significance of these Peru to the court of the Bourbon
sometimes contradictory. debates for thinking about religion monarchy in Madrid, arguing
“A fresh, balanced, and much-needed and political identity in the modern that the Bourbon clerical reforms
survey of one of the most controversial Middle East. that broadly sought to bring the
figures in Indian history.” “Mandatory Separation sheds empire under greater crown control
—Richard M. Eaton, welcome light on a crucial aspect of were shaped in turn by groups
University of Arizona the British Mandate for Palestine, ed- throughout the Americas, including
ucation for mass politics among both Ocopa friars, the Amerindians and
152 pages, 2017
9781503602571 Paper $19.95 $15.96 sale Jews and Muslims. An important and Africans in their missions, and
timely work.” bureaucrats in Lima and Madrid.
—Rashid Khalidi, Columbia University
352 pages, 2018
280 pages, 2018 9781503604315 Cloth $65.00 $52.00 sale
9781503604155 Paper $25.95 $20.76 sale

Digital Publishing Initiative
Stanford University Press, with generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, is now
publishing in the digital humanities and social sciences.


America’s Public Bible
Lincoln Mullen
Newspapers, as the first mass medium,
are a rich resource for analyzing public
discourse across nineteenth-century
America. A vast digitization effort at the
Library of Congress has now created a
data set from these newspapers, enabling
researchers to pose questions at a scale million pages. The centerpiece of the
only possible via computational means. project is an exploratory, interactive
Lincoln Mullen mines the data set to graphic of Bible quotations.
uncover the presence and interpretation
of biblical quotations in its nearly eleven

Constructing the Sacred
Elaine Sullivan
Using 3D technologies, Constructing the
Sacred addresses ancient ritual landscape
from a unique perspective to examine
development at the complex, long-lived
archaeological site of Saqqara, Egypt. Elaine
Sullivan focuses on how changes in the
built and natural environment affected focus on the dynamic evolution of an
burial rituals at the temple due to changes ancient religious site that is typically
in visibility. Flipping the top-down view viewed as static.
prevalent in archeology to a more
human-centered perspective puts the

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