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NEWSLETTER Autumn of 2018

Omaha Works Volunteers
Omaha Division of
Jacobs House International
In Service and Support to the Community

Bylines by Richard Maxwell…

At the last L M Luncheon on Thursday August 23rd, 2018 the attendance was 102 people
with three grocery carts of food for the Salvation Army.

Items of interest since Summer Newsletter.

Bereavements: John “Jack” Cornwell, Joseph “Jim” Coughlin, William “Bill” Deegan,
Arlyn “Hank” Hankes, Anthony “Tony” Lassek,Ronald “Ron” Mehok, Melvin “Mel”
Weaver, Oliver Whitaker, John Pechasr, Jr., Elidia “Lil” Arellano, Donald Barnes, Joan
Hinkle (Kucera), Michael Huerta, Louis “Mack” Johnson, Byrom “Glen” Maxwell,
Steven Petersen, Joseph Sharpnack Jr., Nathaniel Shaw, Thomas Bosiljevac, Stephen
Costello, Ruth Engler, Emma “Betty” Evans, Richard Geise, Herbert “Herb” Hickman,
James Lathrop, Margaret Maurer, Everett Peterson, Dale Plowman, Joye Scott, Johnnie
Shambley, George Thiel, Susan Amato, Alberta Clark, Delores Hansen, Daniel Lubash,
Eugene “ Nick” Nicholson, John Pleskac, William Pokorny and Evelyn Winters. Total
Life Members are 2646.

Hug-A-Bears have delivered 1206 bears since Summer Newsletter making a total of
43,624 delivered since 1999.

Hooks and Needles have made 531 items since Summer Newsletter. If anyone has or
finds yarn or heavy material, drapery or tapestry for walker or dignity bags, that the Club
can use please contact Betty Golmanavich @ 402 390-9834.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to raise funds for supplies for Hug-A-Bears and
Hooks and Needles. You can view it and contribute by going to and
scroll down to see a Go Fund Me link. Click on it to see story and you can contribute.
Upcoming Events for the rest of 2018:

During October and November Deb Grady will contact last year’s helpers for Turkey Fest
and Dick Maxwell will contact last year’s helpers for Bell Ringing --hopefully you all
will help again this year.

On Wednesday evening November 21st the Turkey Feast starts by filling sacks with roll,
butter, cookies, and plastic wear at the Kroc Center. On Thursday morning November
22nd the meal is cooked and delivered to families that have requested meals. Please
contact Deb Grady @ 402 333-2557 or email her at if you would
like to help.

Last Life Member Luncheon of 2018 is Thursday December 6th with a food drive for the
Salvation Army. PLAESE be generous for this food collection. Bob’s truck will be at the
North entrance for this collection. Reservations are due November 29th and you can use
the copy in this mailing or find it on under Omaha then
under square marked LML and check other squares for information.

I have two couples to do Adopt-A-Family Radiothon paper work on Friday the 30th of
November in the office area of Westroads Mall from 8:00 a. m. till 12:00 noon.

Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army will be Saturday’s the 1st, 8th, and 15th of
December at Sam’s Club as in the past. Two hours shifts from 10:00 a. m. till 6:00 p. m. I
have all slots filled for 2018 with ringers from 2017. Please contact Dick Maxwell @402
572-8474 or email @ if you would be able to ring this year if someone
cancels or to ring in 2019

Each Tuesday from 9:00 a. m. till 1:00 p. m. we stuff bears at the Maple Ridge Adult
Living Center located at 168th and Maple Street. Please contact Steve Dawkins @ 402
740-2475 if interested in helping.

Recently each third Saturday of the months except July, August, December, January,
February the Hooks and Needles meet at the Ralston Library located at 5555 S. 77 Street
at 1:30 to turn in items, discussion, show and tell, and a snack. Please contact Elaine
Hobbs @ 712 328-2580 or Tricia Bonaiuto @ 4702 896-2014 or if
interested in helping with this project

You all come help with some of our great projects. They are not difficult, and we try
to have some fun each time.