Duration: 8 Hrs Database Basics – Oracle/SQL Data Warehousing Basics Concepts
Data Warehouse concepts. What is and OLTP? What is Data Warehouse? OLTP Vs Data Warehouse? Where was this Data Warehouse before? How is Data Warehouse evolved? Why do you need Data Warehouse? How do you build Data Warehouse? Data Warehousing Technology Overview – Part I Definitions and descriptions Data Warehouse Architecture Introduction to BI tools Introduction to ETL tools Data Warehousing Technology Overview – Part II Data Warehouse – Infrastructure Top Down Vs Bottom Up Approach Data Warehouse Vs Data Marts Standalone Data Marts Enterprise Data Warehouse Operational Data Store (ODS) Front end architectures—OLAP, ROLAP, MOLAP, HOLAP What is Data Modeling? Relational Data Modeling Vs Dimensional Data Modeling? Physical Vs Logical Modeling? Reverse Engineering Vs Forward Engineering? Physical Database Design Star Schema Vs Snow Flake Schema Facts & Dimensions Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 SCD updates. Surrogate key Concept. Data Staging Basic ETL Techniques

Data Warehousing Management
Identify warehouse requirements Plan and create a data warehouse Maintain a data warehouse Choose warehouse features based on requirements Provide the proper hardware and software support for a data warehouse Match business requirements to warehouse features

Load Sales Transaction Staging Table Lab B .Using the Designer and Workflow Manager Source Qualifier Source Qualifier Transformation Lab A .Features and Techniques I Lookups and Reusable Transformations Lookup Transformation Reusable Transformations Lab A .INFORMATICA Duration: 8 Hrs Data Integration Concepts Data Integration Mapping and Transformations Tasks and Workflows Metadata Power Center Components and User Interface Power Center Architecture Power Center Client Tools Lab .Load Dealership and Promotions Staging Table Expression. Filter.Load Employee Staging Table Lab B . File Lists and Workflow Scheduler Expression Editor Filter Transformation Workflow Scheduler Lab . Features and Techniques I Joiner Transformation Shortcuts Lab A .Load the Customer Staging Table Duration: 8 Hrs Joins.Load Shipments Staging Table Source Qualifier Joins Lab B .Load Date Staging Table Debugger .Load Product Staging Table Source Pipelines Lab C .

More Features and Techniques Lookup Caching Lab A .Debugging Mappings Lab .Reload the Employee Staging Table Router. Parameters and Variables Unconnected Lookup Transformation System Variables Mapping Parameters and Variables Mapping Wizard Target Load Order Plan Lab .Using the Debugger Sequence Generator Sequence Generator Transformation Lab .Load Employee Dimension Table Dynamic Lookup and Error Logging Dynamic Lookup Error Logging Lab .Load Date Dimension Table Lookup Caching.Load Promotions Dimension Table Lab B . Aggregator and Self-Join Sorter Transformation Aggregator Transformation Active and Passive Transformations Data Concatenation Self-Join Lab .Load Sales Fact Table Duration: 8 Hrs .Features and Techniques II Duration: 8 Hrs Sorter. Update Strategy and Overrides Router Transformation Update Strategy Transformation Expression Default Values Source Qualifier Override Target Override Session Task Mapping Overrides Lab .Load Customer Dimension Table Unconnected Lookup.

Groups .Load Product Daily Aggregate Table Mapping Design Designing Mappings Workflow Variables and Tasks Link Conditions Workflow Variables Assignment Task Decision Task Email Task Lab . folders and granting privileges.Mapplets Mapplets Lab .Load Product Weekly Aggregate Table More Tasks and Reusability Event Raise Task Event Wait Task Command Task Reusable Tasks Reusable Session Task Reusable Session Configuration Worklets and More Tasks Worklets Timer Task Control Task Scheduler Relational Connections FTP & External Loader Lab .Load Inventory Fact Table Workflow Design Designing Workflows Workflow Monitor Monitoring workflow logs Monitoring Session logs Gantt Chart View & Task View Administrative Tasks Creating the Users. .

Creating/Deleting/Backing Up and restoring the repositories. Comparing the repository objects PMCMD/PMREP commands Duration: 8 Hrs Performance Tuning & Pipeline Partitioning ETL Requirements and Test Scripts documentation. Introduction to Unix and understanding its necessity in ETL Projects A Real Time Project loading Facts and Dimensions REPORTING TOOL Duration: 8 Hrs Business Objects Overview . Brining the Informatica Services up and down.Importing the Sources and Targets into the Common Objects Folders and creating the shortcuts in the individual folders. Migrating objects from one repository to other repository.

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