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Environmental Aspect & Impact Register

ISO 14001:2015 EMS

Identification of Aspects Determination of Significance of Impacts Impact Rationale Objectives & Targets
Quantity, Interested Pollution Potential to Impact Objective

Inputs, Activities Legal Compliance Company

Category/Aspect Volume, Party Prevention Impact the [S = Significant, N = [C = Control, M = Monitor, I = Target
& Outputs Requirement Obligation Policy
Period Concerns Potential Environment Not significant] Improve]
No increase
Low volume
1 Energy usage Site-wide 50 kW/PA N/a N/a Medium Low Low Low N M Ensure no increase above 50
Reduction of
High volume Reduce volume of
2 Use of VOCs Fabrication 500 l/PA High High Medium High High High S I VOCs use by
usage VOCs, use alternatives

Contaminated Segregate contaminants Reduce by

3 Fabrication 5 Tonnes/PA N/a N/a Medium Medium High Medium S High volume I
scrap from other scrap 20%

Exhaust Delivery/Trans 2 Drivers to turn off Reduce by

4 1000 kg/PA N/a High High High Medium High S Co emissions C
emissions port engine when static 10%

CONSIDER THE HIERARCHY OF CONTROLS: (Elimination, Substitution, Engineering Controls & Administrative Controls)
Prepared by: Approved by: Approval
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