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Pediatric Urology manages careful issues of kidneys, bladder and genitalia in kids.
Frequently these issues can be recognized antenatally and the guardians may
require advising. A portion of the LAPAROSCOPIC UROLOGY IN
MADURAI issues require pressing treatment promptly after birth. It is a mind
boggling field and needs expert experience to choose urologist in madurai when
medical procedure is required and when it tends to be maintained a strategic
distance from.

HYDRONEPHROSIS: Hydronephrosis can be because of inherent inconsistencies

like PUJ impediment, Vesico ureteric reflux, back urethral valves and so forth.
Antenatal advising and URO ONCOLOGY IN MADURAI incite treatment after
birth will help in counteracting intermittent pee diseases and loss of kidney work.

PUJ OBSTRUCTION: Majority are distinguished nowadays antenatally and don’t

require careful remedy. Anyway a little extent of them are serious obstrucion that
can result in loss of kidney CANCERS GENITOURINARY IN
MADURAI work over some undefined time frame. It is basic to recognize these by
appropriate assessment with DTPA/MAG3 output and ultrasound. Pyeloplasty is
prompted in such a circumstance.

Back URETHRAL VALVES (PUV): Often suspected antenatally and affirmed by a

Current treatment includes endoscopic adjustment of valves instantly after birth.
Normal follow up is fundamental to forestall renal disappointment


youngsters might be because of VUR. Frequently it settle precipitously. Repetitive
treament warrants mediation. Endoscopic STING strategy, or open Ureteric
Reimplantation is

HYPOSPADIAS: In this condition, young men pass pee from under surface of
penis. Redress at 1 years old makes them pass UROLOGY SPECIALIST IN
MADURAI pee like other youngsters and forestalls future issues like barrenness.
ENDOSCOPIC SURGERY: Endoscopic treatment is accessible for conditions like
Posterior urethral valves, urinary stones, NEURO UROLOGY IN
MADURAI ureterocele, vesico ureteric reflux and numerous comparable issues
that can happen in youngsters.

LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY: Laparoscopic medical procedure is offered to

numerous pediatric urology issues (undescended testis, varicocele, nephrectomy for
multi cystic dysplastic kidneys ANDROLOGY IN MADURAIor non working
kidney in ectopic ureter; pyeloplasty for PUJ obstacle).

ESWL: Stones in kids can be broken without medical procedure with the assistance
of ESWL. They can likewise be PAEDIATRIC UROLOGY IN
MADURAI expelled with the assistance of endoscope or PCNL.


Yuvanurology you been searching for the best urologist in Madurai? Look no
further. Sathish kumar, we plan to give most progressive and creative medicines for
nephrological and urological issue. By making ANDROLOGY IN MADURA Ia
perfect and agreeable condition for the patients, Yuvanurologynephrology and
urology specialists inspect and give brilliant medications a wide range of genital
tumors including ureter, bladder,kidney, and prostate for the two grown-ups and

Yuvanurology have patients who get dialysis treatment every year. You can
depend on us for Endo-urology, TURP and laparoscopic urological medical
procedures, performed by the best urological specialists in Chennai.

For what reason do patients require kidney transplants?

Yuvanurology Nephrology is a field of prescription that arrangements with the

examination and treatment of infections identified with the kidney. BEST URO
GYNEACOLOGY IN MADURAI probably am aware, Yuvanurologykidneys
are in charge of separating the waste items from our blood. When they quit
working, all the waste and electrolytes store in our body.

A sudden drop in blood stream, overwhelming blood misfortune, contamination,

blockage in the renal framework and NEURO UROLOGY IN
MADURAI damage are a portion of the reasons why patients require a kidney
transplant. The transplant achievement rate is around 90% when the kidney is from
a live benefactor than a perished giver, or, in other words 85%.

Yuvanurology Kidney disappointment can be maintained a strategic distance from

by rolling out a noteworthy improvement in your way PAEDIATRIC UROLOGY
IN MADURAI of life, eat healthy, quit smoking, practice routinely, keep away
from liquor and have less salt in your eating regimen.

Kidney transplant at Sathishkumar –

Yuvanurology have a group of presumed and affirmed pros who offer broad
urological care to all patients. With the assistance of cutting GENERAL
UROLOGY IN MADURAI edge gear and offices, Yuvanurology can give
quality medications to Renal Stone sicknesses, Urological Cancer, Urinary issues in
pediatric and grown-up patients, innate disarranges and Incontinence.

At Sathish kumar, we comprehend the troubles patients look because of changed

sorts of kidney sicknesses. UROLOGY SPECIALIST IN MADURAIThis is the
motivation behind why we just give the best kidney transplantation method to
guarantee 100% achievement rate. Yuvanurology ensure we pursue stringent
disease control and immunosuppressive protocols. UROGYNAECOLOGY IN
MADURAI distinctive sorts of kidney transplants done by us include:

Laparoscopic contributor Nephrectomy

Cadaveric renal transplantation

Live Donor Transplant

Body contributor kidney transplantation


Our careful have a demonstrated reputation CANCERS GENITOURINARY IN

MADURAI of directing and undertaking methodology that are testing. And
keeping in mind that we guarantee that every one of our patients are cared for to the
best of our capacity, urologist in madurai depend on the best specialized gear, the
most recent methods and the best personalities in heart care to deal with your each

What would we be able to offer you?

Thorough treatment choices for all URO ONCOLOGY IN MADURAI kidney

related sicknesses and mastery in cutting edge medications. Current medicinal gear
and indicative office giving early access to new treatment
choices .LAPAROSCOPIC UROLOGY IN MADURAI Worldwide patient
committed help earlier and post treatment. Far reaching backing and care for you
and your family.