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ERGO Monday, July 14, 2008

Slovenian film festival
A Slovenian film festival will be inaugurated today at the South Indian Film Chamber Theatre, 606 Anna Salai. Films Ekspres Ekspres and What are you going to do when you get out of here will be screened at 7 p.m. and 8.15 p.m. respectively.

Man dead after tussle
A 26-year-old man was found dead in his bed after returning home from a brawl near his home in Villivakkam on Saturday. Police said the deceased was Joshi of Raja Street in Villivakkam. On Saturday night Joshi had gone to a wine shop near his house, where he got into an argument with one Thomas of Villivakkam and three of his friends. The argument turned violent and Joshi was assaulted by Thomas and group. Following this, Joshi had gone to the Villivakkam police station to lodge a compliant, but was asked to come in the morning as he was in an inebriated state. Joshi reached home and went to bed and was found dead the next morning, police added. Villivakkam police are probing the case.

The lights and lasers, imported from Germany, add to the ambience and bring alive the dance floor

One dead, three injured
A man believed to be in his mid-30s was found dead near Poonamallee High Road, Porur, on Saturday night with severe injuries. Police are yet to identify the man. Some 300 metres away, three men were found unconscious with head injuries, raising suspicion that the two incidents might be inter-connected. Police said the three men had consumed alcohol. They were admitted to a nearby hospital and further investigations have been put on hold till the three regain consciousness.

The funky green lights form patterns on the dance floor at OPM

Jewellery shop burgled
Burglars broke into a newly-opened jewellery shop in Korattur in the early hours of Sunday and decamped with gold and silver jewellery worth Rs. 20 lakh. Korattur police said the shop of Suresh (40) at Periyar Nagar, 54th Street in Korattur, which was inaugurated last Friday, was broken into when it was closed after Saturday’s business. An investigation is underway.

The new club on the block
Accord Metropolitan’s OPM will open its doors to the public on July 16

ant a fresh Saturday night option? Head out to OPM, the latest addition to night clubs in Chennai. OPM, situated on the second floor of Accord Metropolitan hotel, spreads across 2,000


square feet and has a bar, dance floor and a private area for the VIPs. At the launch party last Friday, B.M.Sundhar, the restaurant manager, spoke about catering to the needs of the younger audience in Chennai. “For any hotel to become popular, it’s becoming mandatory that it offers a hap-

pening club,” he added. Why call it OPM? “We couldn’t call it Opium, so had to settle for OPM, besides we hope people get addicted to the club,” said Rupesh Pandey, Food and Beverage Manager, at the hotel. The club will be officially open to the public from July 16. The bar will be open between 5pm and 11pm.

Oriental Theme
The interiors are based on an oriental theme, with fiery dragons honing the walls. The lights and lasers, imported from Germany, add to the ambience and bring alive the dance floor. The bar offers a wide variety of cocktails and mocktails but that’s not the only reason why the guests were crowding around the bar on the inaugural day. The Chief Bartender, Vinod, has a few stunts up his sleeves, from juggling to fireflaring … its not just about getting your orders right. Apart from drinks, the club offers full meals that include biryani and kebabs. The music played at the launch party by DJ Ravi didn’t excite those present, but as the night progressed, more beaty numbers followed and the crowd finally hit the dance floor. ■

Above: Youngsters partying the night away. Left: The DJ churning out popular numbers.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fashion stop
Zentrum Fashion and Fits has opened its new showroom at Anna Nagar. The store has a bouquet of brands, latest in design and trend. Zentrum is at 338/2, New Shine Apartment, 11th Main Road, 2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar West.

Ergo hosts facility managers meet


acility managers from nearly 20 IT and ITeS companies got an overview of how the newspaper industry functions at a meeting organised by Ergo this Saturday.

Representatives from Ergo and The Hindu group explained the various processes that go into the making of the newspaper, from the newsroom dynamics, the production work carried out by the editorial department right up to the post-production work by the circulation department. Through

a series of audio-visual presentations, aided by videos, and a ‘Q and A’ session, journalists and other newspaper representatives meticulously detailed the lifecycle of a newspaper. K.Purushotaman of NASSCOM, who participated in the event, addressed the gathering and spoke about transportation on the IT corridor stretch. Following the presentation, the facility managers were taken on a guided tour to The Hindu’s printing facility at Maraimalai Nagar, a suburb of Namma Chennai. One of the biggest such facilities in Asia, this is the press where Ergo gets printed Sundays through Thursdays. It was an eye-opener for the facility managers and journalists alike. Ergo thanked the facility managers for their support in reaching its readers. ■

Home advantage
A lady Sub Inspector of Police attached to a station in the Anna Nagar limits resides just 100 metres away from her workplace. She reports to work and is back home in 5 minutes, walkytalky in tow. When seniors ask for her position through the walky-talky, she replies “on duty, sir” from her kitchen. And when an officer is likely to make a visit to the police station, she comes to know of it in advance through her friendly gadget and rushes to the station as if nothing has happened.

station in the Kilpauk zone with a written complaint – thrice. A lady Sub Inspector, who was acquainted with the accused, refused to accept the complaint and threatened to book her for immoral trafficking. After much struggle, the girl managed to get through to the top brass and lodge a complaint against the lawyer, who is now absconding. The axe is also likely to fall on the ‘friendly’ lady cop. hearted officer, unable to officially allot her the quarters, personally arranged for her accommodation on St. Thomas Mount.

Doc for a cop?
A former lady Deputy Commissioner of Police who was transferred a month ago is a happy woman these days as she is flooded with marriage proposals. The smart lady cop is known to have short-listed a four, which include a doctor and an engineer. Sources say that she prefers the stethoscope man.

Sympathetic senior
A lady constable, who is a widow, recently met a city-based IPS officer with the grievance that she hasn’t been allotted living quarters. Moved by her plight, the soft-

Price of friendship
A call centre employee who pressed rape charges against a junior lawyer was shocking denied justice after she approached an all-women police



ERGO Monday, July 14, 2008

What your VC is looking in you?


A budget tells us what we can’t afford, but it doesn’t keep us from buying it
William Feather

A South Korean couple covered in mud play in a pool during a mud festival at Daecheon swimming beach in Boryeong, 190 kilometers southwest of Seoul on Sunday. The annual festival is organised to encourage the use of mud as a cosmetic skin-care and to promote the sightseeing region which includes Daecheon beach. AFP PHOTO

work for a living. It is called VC. Like you set targets for your business, even I have my own. It is not us vs them. This is our business and we need to do our best.” M.J. Aravind of Artiman Ventures did not mince words when asked why it’s so difficult to win trust of Venture Capitalists (VCs). If this wasn’t a convincing enough answer as to why you are turned off by VCs each time you approach them for funding, then you had to be present at the TiE’s (Indus Entrepreneurs Association) event last Friday. Representatives from two leading VC firms and a CEO of a venture-funded start-up took centerstage to offer lessons to a full house of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs on ‘What do VCs look for in early stage ventures while making decisions?’


The winning points
♦ The core team should ideally have two to five members. The collective work experience of the co-founders should be 20 years and above. ♦ It is always a plus point if you’ll were ex-colleagues. Remember every VC is not for everybody, so go through the website before approaching the VC. ♦ Have a two page executive summary, as much as you need a business plan.
make up the components of the business plan,” he said. “We love passion in the founder, but at the same time we want him/her to be frank and also talk about the risks involved.” ■

Funding dreams
Chandran Sankaran, founder and CEO of Zyme Solutions, gave example of Cibel which was built without any VC funding. “Have great clarity in your idea and

make sure you have complete belief in it. Put yourself out there first and check for yourself if there is a market.” He ran Zyme without any investment for the first year. So, how much funding should one ask for? According to Gagan Kumar of Erasmic Venture Fund one must figure out the amount of money one needs before approaching a VC. If getting the business components right was the best way to win trust of the VC, then Aravind’s advice taught enough. “The problem, solution, market resources needed, opportunities and threats and finance should

Mind games
Computer headset lets brain control action


t’s mind over machine: a US high-tech company has created a headset allowing computer game lovers to use their thoughts to move mountains and make objects disappear on screen. Emotiv, a San Francisco-based start-up that marries neuroscience and computer engineering, says its EPOC gaming headset offers only a glimpse of what the technology has to offer. “There is no natural barrier from what we can see,” Emotiv co-founder Tan Le said while demonstrating the headset in the firm’s office. “This is the tip of the iceberg for what is possible for us. There will be a convergence of gesture-based technology and the brain as a new interface -- the Holy Grail is the mind.” Gamers will be able to get their hands on the gadget in time for the winter holiday season, the company says. The EPOC headset features 16 sensors that press against a user’s scalp to measure electrical activity in a brain using electroen-

cephalography. A built-in gyro tracks head movement. The sensors also register users’ moods and facial expressions, merging the data in computer software that “learns” to match readings with what people are thinking, according to Le. “There is a direct correlation between thought and what happens on screen,” Le said. “It really fulfils this long fantasy people have had of moving objects just with thought.” A videogame will be included with the headset when the package goes on sale for 299 dollars at the Emotiv website and select shops. The martial arts fantasy game has a rural Asian setting. An animated “master” leads players through exercises that include lifting mountains with their minds. A test of the headset showed that after “training” the EPOC system for less than a minute one could spin, push, pull and lift objects onscreen, or make them vanish, by simply thinking about it. ■

Monday, July 14, 2008

Websites of the day
Get involved with Britain’s annual charity event Comic Relief http://www.comicrelief.com/ A magazine for drunks http:// www.moderndrunkardmagazine.com/ issues/03_03/03-03_zen_drinking_alone.htm

your shoe
At Mr. Pronto’s Spencer Plaza outlet.
liffythomas@goergo.in PHOTO: S.S. KUMAR

e, On two,


Abhishek Dhingra gave a more refined term to a cobbler’s job to start his own

hoes are his target. The ones priced above Rs. 1,000 for men and Rs. 600-plus for women. Agreed, he makes hay after heavy rain, but what makes Chennaiites queue up at his stores on Saturdays and Mondays is something even he hasn’t figured out. If you haven’t spotted this shoe and bag repair clinic, it’s time you take that pretty little pair which only needs some minor repair and meet Mr. Pronto or ‘the shoe doctor’ on that pretext. Chief Shoe Care Consultant for customers, Director (Franchising) for his franchisees or Director to his staff, Abhishek Dhingra’s odyssey with shoes started during his MBA days at the Asian Institute of Management, Philippines. Intrigued by the question “Where/ how do people repair shoes in India?” posed by his Philippine classmate, Abhishek decided to pursue his Management Research Report or thesis on setting up a shoe service store in India. Thus began the entrepreneurial journey of Abhishek, who returned to open his first outlet at Spencer Plaza in 2003.

Intrigued by the question “Where/ how do people repair shoes in India?” posed by his Philippine classmate, Abhishek decided to pursue his thesis on setting up a shoe service store in India
Chennai was his first choice as it had a good supply chain. Pronto in Chennai and one in Ahmedabad hasn’t been any cakewalk for the shoe doctor. Dealing with Indian labour and getting supplies were his biggest challenge, while the former continues to be. “Initially, it took us three to four hours to repair a shoe,” he recalls. But, soon they picked up pace and stood for what they meant (‘Pronto’ is a Spanish word for ‘fast’). “As for the initial capital, it was entirely supported by my father. And when I moved from my second to the third outlet, I borrowed money from a bank,” he says. Comparatively, marketing the concept has been much easier. “For the first three years my boys and I were regulars at beaches and parks in the morning, distributing pamphlets,” he recalls. As for the logo, two of his cartoonist friends lent their creativity.

Learning the art
“My mentor in the Philippines insisted that I first learn how to repair shoes,” Abhishek recalls how he learnt the cobbler’s art. He is clear that the humble cobbler is not his competition. “I wanted to build a brand,” says Abhishek, who took inspiration from Mr. Quickie from Philippines, a chain of shoe repair stores run by his friend. Besides, Abhishek wanted to give this unorganised service a more organised name. How? “There is stable income, I update him with all the latest techniques and improve his customer skills,” Abhishek reasons as to why he employs roadside cobblers. Interestingly, he started his first outlet with two footwear technicians and one cobbler. Krishna Moorthy, who is currently working at the Anna Nagar outlet, was picked up from outside Spencer Plaza. The former employee of ABN Amro Bank and CII looks at his entrepreneurial venture also as a social responsibility. In fact, before this interview with ERGO, Abhishek was on a visit to the slums of North Chennai. “That’s where a majority of cobblers reside. I go and convince cobblers’ wives why working for me is financially more viable, etc.,” says Abhishek, who even picked up Tamil for his business.

Plans upfront
The down-to-earth businessman agrees he is yet to make his mark but is not deterred with obstacles. Mr. Pronto is looking for more franchisees. Abhishek is keen to see even a roadside cobbler get trained and run a franchise. Meanwhile, Mr. Pronto will be opening its first outlet in Mumbai this September. “We hope to open six more stores across India in the next one year,” he promises. ■
If you are an entrepreneur with a successful business model or know one, write to us at firstinnings@goergo.in

In a Minute Company I Pronto Franchising Pvt. Ltd. Started I 2003 Founder I Abhishek Dhingra Services I Shoe and bag repair, key duplication, leather garment repair Know me Better I www.mrpronto.com Ph I 2447 5571/ 4218 8686

Fighting it out
Opening three outlets of Mr.


ERGO Monday, July 14, 2008

Tick delay
A flight from Colorado to Iowa was delayed for six hours after a tick was found in economy class. No passengers were found to have ticks, but officials wanted to make sure the plane was rid of the parasites.

We’ve water, but don’t ask about veg
The main reservoirs in Beijing are holding more than enough water for the Olympics
he good news for Beijing’s Olympics organisers is that they will have enough water and petrol, but they still need to work on vegetables and tourists. Final preparations for next month’s Games are in full swing, with booths of smiling volunteers and flower tubs sprouting across the city. And it seems Herculean efforts to ensure the capital will not run dry, despite several years of drought, have paid off: the main reservoirs feeding the capital are holding more than enough water for the 1 million or more domestic tourists and up to 500,000 foreign visitors expected during the Games. “Beijing has combined all water resources, including reservoirs, underground water and rainfall, to ensure the supply for the Olympics,” Yu Yaping, a Beijing Water Bureau official, said in remarks reported on Sunday by Xinhua news agency. To ensure there was no risk of Beijing running short for the Games, officials ordered a 309km (192-mile) northern section of the larger South-North Water Transfer Project first be completed to pump more water if needed

Japan warns NKorea against cheating on nuclear deal
Japan’s foreign minister warned North Korea on Sunday against any deception in the international deal to disable its nuclear facilities in return for economic and other rewards. “Sanctions are something that can be lifted and imposed again,” Masahiko Komura said on public broadcaster NHK. “What I want to tell the North Korean people is that they had better not underestimate or insult the United States much,” he said. “It is a big mistake if they regard it as a profit when they get what they want, and get away without delivering on what they have promised." The deal was announced as the latest round of six-nation disarmament talks concluded in Beijing.


from Hebei, a largely rural province adjoining the capital that is itself acutely short of water. The authorities are also stockpiling plenty of petrol and diesel, even though cars will be allowed on Beijing’s road only on alternate days from July 20. PetroChina and Sinopec, China’s two leading oil producers, are expected to import 3,10,000 tonnes of petrol and 4,10,000 tonnes of diesel for use in eastern China, according to ChemNet, a chemical and petrochemical industry information website. By contrast, supplies of vegetables coming into Beijing have dropped about 10 per cent recently, pushing up prices by an average 65 per cent, according to Wang Xiaodong, the director of the city’s agricultural office. Some checks are already in place, to enhance security and reduce pollution, and they are about go get tougher. Travel agents and sports hospitality companies are worried that stifling security, difficulties obtaining visas and recurring warnings about the threat of terrorism will keep many tourists away from the Games, which run from Aug. 8-24. ■

Menon in Kabul to review security for Indian missions
Amid threats of fresh attacks on Indian assets in Afghanistan following the deadly suicide bombing at its embassy, Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon arrived here on Sunday to discuss ways to revamp security to thwart designs of the Taliban and its mentor ISI. Menon will discuss with Afghan authorities measures to ensure proper security to Indian missions and about 3,000 Indians engaged in reconstruction and development works in the war-torn country. The Monday’s bombing has sparked fresh worry in New Delhi especially with new intelligence inputs that the Taliban were planning more attacks to target Indian consulates in Kandahar and Jalalabad.

Suspicions mount in Israel against Olmert
Suspicions of fraud mounted on Sunday against Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert with the publication in a newspaper of what it said were invoices backing police allegations he made duplicate claims for travel expenses. Denying any wrongdoing, Olmert flew to Paris for the launch of a French-inspired Mediterranean Union amid renewed calls in Israel for his resignation in the latest chapter – dubbed ‘Olmert Tours’ by the Israeli media – of a corruption probe. On Friday, police said they were now examining whether Olmert received duplicate funding for travel abroad from different public bodies.

Malaysia PM to keep promise to retire in 2010
Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he will keep his promise to retire in 2010, and not extend his term beyond that, official Bernama news agency reported. Abdullah had said on Thursday he would hand over the reins to his deputy Najib Razak in June 2010, hoping to silence calls for him to quit after his government’s disastrous showing in March polls. “I won’t go to Najib and tell him "They like me now, can you allow me to stay on for another one year?” the premier was quoted as saying in a Bernama interview late on Saturday. “If anything were to happen (such as an economic crisis), he (Najib) will have to settle that."

Monday, July 14, 2008

This day, that year
It was in July 14, 1933 that in Germany, the Nazi Party under Adolf Hitler banned all opposition parties.

Bug jewellery
American teens have started a new trend - dead bug jewellery. The jewellery is made out of the cicadas that swarmed their Massachusetts town this summer.

Clinton on Obama’s U

Those who are considered include Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, and Republican Senator Chuck Hagel

.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has listed his former rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton, as one of his vice president potentials, the Los Angeles Times reported on Saturday. According to the report, Jill Iscol, a Democratic donor, was told over a phone conversation by Obama that Clinton is one of his running mates candidates. Iscol, who was a faithful supporter of Clinton’s presidential campaign, told the newspapers that Obama has reached out to his former rival because he heard she was unhappy about the way she had been treated by the Democratic Party and the media. She also recalled that Obama said it would be a mistake not to have Clinton on such a list but her husband, former President Bill Clinton, was a potential ‘complication’ to him. “He said once you’re a president, even if you’re a former president, you’re always a president,” Iscol said. Speculations are increasing on whom the Illinois Senator would choose to be his vice presidential candidate. Those who are considered being on his list include Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, and even Republican Senator Chuck Hagel. However, Clinton’s supporters have been calling Obama to share the dream ticket with the New York Senator, who has won 18 million popular votes in the primary season. ■

Can you stomach this?

octors in Trujillo in Peru have saved life of a 38year-old man by removing 17 metal objects - including nails, a watch clasp and a knife - from his colon and stomach. Luis Zarate was taken to the hospital by his family after he complained of sharp stomach pains. While at the medical centre, the ’metal eating’ man’s chest X-rays were taken which revealed his insides littered with screws. “There were 17 strange objects found at the level of his stomach and colon. The objects had caused the stomach to expand,” News.com.au quoted Dr Julio Acevedo, one of the surgeons who operated him, as saying. The doctors also said that this man was mentally ill but they could not tell why he ate the metal. ■


‘Food prices to remain high until 2012’
orld Bank president Robert Zoellick has said that he expected food prices to remain above 2004 levels until at least 2012. He repeated that with food and fuel prices in a ‘danger zone’ there was a need for 10 billion dollars to provide food and cash handouts for the world’s poorest. Soaring oil and food prices have fuelled inflation across the globe at the same time as economies slow, posing a sharp dilemma for policymakers. Earlier this week, leaders of the Group of Eight rich nations in Japan agreed on the need to address global inflation, particularly elevated oil and food prices. “I think the statement on food security was a good statement, but the test will be on the delivery of the action,” Zoellick said. “During the meeting I tried to

Incredible India

Robert Zoellick


emphasise that I feel we are in a danger zone of high food prices and fuel prices and there is a great need for additional resources,” he added. ■

Young foreign tourists taking a break at the famous Brihadeshwar Temple in Thanjavur on Saturday. PTI PHOTO/R SENTHIL


ERGO Monday, July 14, 2008

Surendra qualifies for Olympics
India’s Olympic contingent just got larger with Surendra Singh improving his one month old national record in the men’s 10000m run en route to a fourth place finish in the Spanish Olympic trials “Campeonato De Espana de 10000” at Vigo, Spain. According to information received, Surendra achieved the “B” qualification mark for Beijing Olympic Games after clocking 28:02.89s.

Dada’s latest avatar
Former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly will change his cricketing whites for football gears in the upcoming ILeague. Ganguly will take his place in the recently promoted I-League side Chirag United SC for few of the I-League games which start this September. “It’s a great moment for us. I think if we can have someone like Ganguly in our team it will motivate the players to give their best. It will not only help to promote our club, but also football in the country. Ganguly was one of the best strikers for the Saint Xavier’s during his college days, so we don’t have much to worry,” said Chirag United’s chief recruiter, Nabab Bhattacharyya. Incidentally, Ganguly is also the brand ambassador for Chirag Computers. He is expected to sign as a footballer in favour of Chirag at the Indian Football Association (IFA) office on his return from the Sri Lanka tour.
Ergo Correspondent

All’s not lost for INDIAN F TB

Bhaichung Bhutia, Dutch-Surinamese midfielder Clarence Seedorf and former German Formula One driver Michael Schumacher celebrate after scoring a goal at the Allianz Arena stadium in Munich, during a charity football match with international stars.

Jeev rises to tied third
Jeev Milkha Singh kept himself in contention for a British Open berth after rising to the tied third spot with an eventful two-under 69 in the penultimate round of USD 5.92 million Barclays Scottish Open in Glasgow. Jeev, who needs to finish among the top five herefor a berth in the British Open, has a three-round total of eightunder 205, just two strokes off the pace of leaders England’s Simon Khan (68) and Northern Ireland’s Graeme McDowell (66). After an opening bogey and two more dropped strokes on the fourth and seventh holes, Jeev saved his front-nine by sinking in a couple of birdies before charging back with a bogey-free back-nine. One-over at the turn, Jeev picked up birdies on the 10th, 14th and 15th holes to round off another strong card. The Indian pro is in a four-way tie for third place with Australia’s Richard Green (70), Spain’s Miguel Angel Jimenez (68), and England’s Ross Fisher (68).



ndian skipper Bhaichung Bhutia scored twice in the Goal4Africa charity match but his side lost by a margin of three goals at the famous Allianz Arena in Munich. The Mohun Bagan striker rubbed shoulders with few of the games greats like Clarence Seedorf, Michael Ballack, Steven Gerrad, Didier Drogba and Gennaro Gattuso.

Finding his feet
Bhaichung started the game for “World Team One” led by former Dutch international Seedodf. As the match progressed, the Sikki-

mese sniper came into his element and set up Seedorf after a brilliant one-two but the Dutchman failed to capitalise as early as the 12th minute. In the 33rd minute the Indian skipper controlled the ball on his chest and sent in a powerful left foot strike to beat Nelson Dida from close range. In the closing minutes of the first half, he had a couple of half chances which were not converted. Playing probably the most important match of his career he carried his brilliance into the second session and kept the pres-

sure on with his darting runs down the middle and the burly Italian defender Gennaro Gattuso had a tough time keeping Bhutia in check. Minutes into the second session the 31-year-old outran the defenders but his resultant shot was inches wide. Around the hour mark Bhutia was instrumental in setting up Michael Schumachers who scored from the easiest of tap-ins. A little later, Seedorf laid the ball for the Indian star to score his second. The Indian star played the full 90 minutes and in spite of an inspired performance from him, his

Monday, July 14, 2008

Knock out
Ukraine’s Vladimir Klitschko knocked out America’s Tony Thompson in the 11th round to retain his WBO and IBF world heavyweight titles on Saturday. Klitschko, who has held the IBF belt since April 2006, was fighting for the first time since taking the WBO crown off Russia’s Ruslan Ibragimov in February in New York.


Summit clash
Amritraj just one win away from maiden ATP title



side lost 6-9 in the night. But, Bhutia surely proved to the world that India can play football. Goal4Africa is a charity set up by footballers like Seedorf to celebrate Noble laureate Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday and kick-off a worldwide initiative that has a greater goal – to make Mandela’s dream a reality – to defeat child poverty in Africa. The foundation works on the motto: donate an amount every time a goal is scored, be it in an amateur competition in your neighbourhood or at the international level. ■

rakash Amritraj stunned seventh seed Frank Dancevic in a gruelling three-setter to become the first Indian in a decade and only the second wild card in the tournament history to enter the finals of USD 385,000 Hall of Fame Tennis Championships in Newport, United States. The Californiabased Indian Davis Cupper upset his Canadian rival 7-6 (7-4), 4-6, 6-3 in a battle lasting two hours and 18 minutes to join Australian Mark Philippoussis, who had clinched the title in 2006, as the only other wild card to make the Newport finals. Giant-killer Prakash will now be up against the second seed and defending champion Fabrice Santoro, who beat Vince Spadea 7-6 (7-4) 6-1 in the

other semi-final, in the summit clash. The 24-year-old Prakash is the first Indian to reach an ATP final since Leander Paes won the 1998 Newport title. Prakash’s hard-fought win was watched by his father Vijay Amritraj, who clinched three of his 16 ATP titles at Newport. If Prakash beats Santoro, it would not just give him his maiden ATP title and a pay cheque of USD 64,000 but would also make him and Vijay just the second father-son duo to have won an ATP title. In 2002, in Newport, Taylor Dent won the title, joining his dad Phil as the first father-son duo to have won ATP titles. Prakash has a 6-1 season record after posting wins this week over Joseph Sirianni, Jesse Levine, qualifier Rohan Bo-

panna and Dancevic. His previous best ATP result came last year at Newport only, where he reached the quarter-finals. Meanwhile, in the doubles competition, fourth seeds Rohan Bopanna and his Pakistani partner Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi advanced to the final after rallying to beat South African Rik De Voest and Australian Ashley Fisher 5-7, 6-4, 11-9. Bopanna and Qureshi will take on the un-seeded American pair of Mardy Fish and John Isner in the summit clash. Fish and Isner defeated the German-Austrian pair of Philipp Petzschner and Alexander Peya 7-6 (7-4), 4-6, 10-7 in the other semi-finals. ■


ERGO Monday, July 14, 2008

Talking to toothpicks
While filming Night at the Museum, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson only had one day that they saw each other. Stiller talked to a toothpick for the Jedediah scenes, then three months later Wilson came in and filmed all of his parts.

Jolie gives birth to boy and girl; babies’ first photo sold for USD 11 million
ngelina Jo to health lie has given b irth y not imm boy, in th twins, a girl an ediately da e French Sunday tern Riviera m morning be reached o an to confirm port. into, the ity clinic she ha sc N the reported o ice-Matin news hecked Jolie and pa n Pitt (4 subject naecolog Sunday, quotin per reof celeb 4) have been th g her gy ist. rity goss e tion sin The twin ip fa ce s, Knox their 200 they met on th scinavienne Leon an 5 film M M e set of d Vir an shortly b archeline, we Dubbed re born e ‘Brangeli d Mrs Smith. adopted on Saturd fore 8:00 pm (18 na’, the th 0 a born in ree children: M y have gynaeco y, the paper said 0 GMT) add logist M Cambod quoting ichel Su Pax, born ia; four- ox (6), Jolie is fi ssmann. year-old in Vietn ne after (3), born ian secti a on, it ad having a Caesarin Ethio m; and Zahara ded. pia They als Knox Le o had a . Shiloh, 2.27 kilo on was reported biologic born in gra to a Namibia l child, 2006. Vivienne mmes (five pou weigh , in Ma nds) and y gramme Marcheline 2 The pa .28 kilo s (5.02 p ounds). magazin ir, who freque The bab e n ies’ first beautifu lists of the worl tly top sold to l people a US pa photograph wa d’s mos t s per for or coup home in dollars 11 le, set u (6 M p ed from ay in a chateau Matin sa .9 million euro million they ren an Ameri s), Nice id tcan acqu in Franc would b , adding that th e’s P aintainc e given e to a hum e money cause. Pitt was rovence region anitarian . previous Friends A source ly marr sta close to Jolie has r Jennifer Anisto ied to said earl the clin been ma ier the b ic had rried twic n, while ■ irth was in mid-A e before expected ugust. . The twin s brough lie’s bro t 33-yearod with old Jo AFP partner six. Brad Pit t to THE TW Pitt was INS, KNO ta Maria seen entering N X LEON AND VIV ic c IENNE M hospital linic, part of th e’s Sanon the se ARCHEL e Lanva WERE B l afront P des Ang INE, ORN SH romenad lais ORTLY e two of th , on July 2 wit BEFORE h at leas eir 8:00 PM t A spoke children. (1800 G ON SAT sperson MT) URDAY for Lanv al could


ot everyone in showbiz was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Naomi Campbell was spotted window shopping in Covent Garden at the age of 15 years by a scout from the Elite agency. And after a year of convincing her mother Valerie for being permitted to model, a glittery modelling career took off. Will Smith was an established rap musician when he met a Warner Bros vice-president in the Universal Studios car park and asked for directions to a Los Angeles sports ground. That’s when this Warner man was convinced that Smith was the one who could breathe life into a sitcom called The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. A 14-year-old Kate Moss was spotted travelling with her father by Sarah Doukas, founder of the Storm model agency in 1988. “I was on my way home after a scouting mission for models when I spotted her at the airport,” The Daily Express quoted Doukas, as saying. Charlize Theron, a South African native, was having problems transferring money from South Africa to Los Angeles. This got her into fury and the angry scene was witnessed by an agent standing in queue. He gave her his card and said that if she could be like that in front of a camera, she had a career in acting. A young Harrison Ford trained as a carpenter while he tried to get a break in Hollywood. While he built cabinets in the home of director George Lucas, the latter gave him a supporting role in American Graffiti. Lucas asked him to read lines for actors being cast in Star Wars in 1975 and there he was starring as Han Solo in the movie. ■


Monday, July 14, 2008

Hot Vishal, Sizzling Nayan
Vishal and Nayanthara shake their leg to a hot song in the movie Sathyam. The movie, directed by debutante Rajasekar, will hit the screens in August. For more pics of Sathyam log on to www.goergo.in

Cine City
K. Balachandar, Manorama to be honoured
The University of California has decided to confer doctorates on veteran director K. Balachandar and actress Manorama for their respective achievements in the field of Tamil cinema. Brian Lee, Vice-Chancellor, University of California, said that works of these eminent personalities will remain forever undiminished in the hearts of people. V. HARIPRIYA


Tamil movie shot in just 11 days in over 400 locations with the biggest budget ever. The movie, to be released on August 15, has a Hollywood star sharing the screen with Kollywood stars. Unbelievable? Not really. Planning to book tickets as early as possible? No need to worry, as the movie will be screened in over 1,000 screens worldwide. The invitation for the audio launch of Poi Solla Porom that took place Friday stood true to its title. Poi Solla Porom is a joint venture of director Priyadarshan’s Four Frames Pictures and UTV Motion Pictures. Priyadarshan, who has directed more than 75 films, turns producer for the first

time with Poi Solla Porom. The movie is directed by Vijay, whose first directorial venture was Ajith-starrer Kireedam. The star cast for the movie includes Nasser, Mouli, veteran Malayalam actor Nedumudi Venu, Karthik Kumar, RJ Balaji, Bosskey and newcomers Preethi and Omar. A remake of Bollywood movie Khosla ka Ghosla, Poi Solla Porom was shot in just 25 days. “The movie is a family entertainer. In actuality, Poi Solla Porom will be a serious film with a humoristic approach. There are 14 important characters in the movie and each has equal roles

to perform in the movie. If this movie clicks at the box-office, we can expect more healthy movies of the similar genre in Kollywood,” said Vijay, director of the movie. Karthik Kumar, well-known in the city theatre circuit for his work with the group Evam, is the hero of the movie. Though he has acted in five movies so far, he said that this movie will be a turning point in his career. “My boy-next-door image will vanish after this movie and I am sure to get due recognition,” Karthik said. Arvind Krishna, the famous cinematographer, who has done films like Thulluvatho Ellami, Kaathal Kondaen and 7G Rainbow Colony, is the director of the photography for Poi Solla Porom. M.G. Sreekumar scores music for the lyrics penned by Na. Muthukumar. ■

Sibiraj to enter wedlock
Actor Sibiraj, son of actor Sathyaraj, will tie the knot with his long-time girlfriend on August 14. The bride is a software engineer by profession. Sources said that both were in love for the past eight years and that was much before Sibiraj commenced his career as an actor. The wedding ceremony will be held on August 14 at Hotel Accord Metropolitan in Chennai and the very next day the reception will be held at Mayor Ramanathan Chettiar Hall.

The audio release of ‘Poi Solla Porum’, a remake of ‘Khosla ka Ghosla’, was held last Saturday


ERGO Monday, July 14, 2008

Macaulay’s 99
According to tv.com, Macaulay’s character in Home Alone, Kevin McCallister was ranked 99 on Premiere Magazine’s ’100 Greatest movie character’s of all time’.


Star Movies

Discovery Travel and Living


Animal Planet

Fargo – 9 pm
Marge Gunderson (McDormand) is a pregnant police chief whose affable, folksy demeanor masks a whipsmart mind. When a pair of motorists are found slain not far from the corpse of a state trooper, Marge begins piecing together the mystery.

Miami Ink III

– 8 pm Chris Garver. And my loyal apprentice, Yoji Harada. With this talent, I knew we would hit it big. We fought to make it and now comes the fight to stay on top. Welcome.

Pyaar Ke Side Effects –
9-30 pm Sid a DJ, who finds himself playing music at Trisha’s marriage to Vivek in Delhi. Before you know it, they’re in a relationship. Trisha thinks she is ready for marriage. Sid suffering from the typical commitment phobia, is at a loss for an answer.

Up Close And Personal Season 1 – 11 pm
Behind the scenes with Mike Bhana filming a swarm of Reef Sharks in the Bahamas. In Indonesia Paul Donovan films two Komodo Dragons fighting one another.

Behind the Scenes: Ergo Blitz Day 1


to be y needed The green nt to the se ing to m, accord roo mbers. token nu their s and Two room hell le: 150 peop se! broke loo

t’s not everyday that a bunch of college students working part-time for a tabloid get to help in organising a corporate culturals and also be a part of it. And we plan to give you a blow-byblow account of what we did and also what we ‘didn’t’ do. So here we go, seven of us going ‘behind the scenes’ of Ergo Blitz. The week preceding Ergo Blitz was full of excitement and all of us were looking forward to meet our readers in person. People in office were shifting between making pages for the next day’s edition and also checking blitz@goergo.in for new registrations and answering queries. (We didn’t do much here though!) Saturday, at the registration desk Anusha Parthasarathy: All geared up in an ‘Ergo’ t-shirt, I stepped into Image Auditorium to be a part of the hosting team. The registrations for the event for going on and we were asked to go around telling people who were lounging here and there to register for the events. With seven of us running about in seven different directions (uh … are there seven directions?!), we managed to round them up and get the registrations done. Swetha Ganesan: That’s where I made my first mistake. On paper, that is. We were asked to fill in the names of the companies on a sheet of paper with columns and I wrote ‘Wipro’ under the ‘Name of team leader’ column. Oops! Hence, my very first job was transferred to Anusha. (Anusha: hehehehe!) I then escaped off to spot teams which hadn’t registered to shepherd them to the desk. Monisha Mohandas: Well, there can be no dance without music. And the mu-


sic CDs had to be tested by the sound technicians there. That’s where I came in. I did it without any hitches (Swetha: Hmph! don’t rub it in!) Nandhini Ramkumar: The first day was the dance event and the teams were arriving with their ‘luggage’. They needed to be sent to the green room, according to their token numbers (which was given to them during registration). Two rooms and 150 people. Hell broke loose! Armed with two more ‘goondas’ (Lokpria and Vipasha: EXCUSE ME!), I somehow managed. Running in and out trying to make sure that the girls especially would dress up at a faster pace was pretty much a marathon. (Monisha: you were only handling the ones inside the green room, I was handling the ones outside!! and I didn’t have ‘goondas’ to help out!) Vipasha Sinha: (shouts) I AM NOT A GOONDA! Getting back to the point, the people at the registration desk wanted to know how many teams were ready and

how many weren’t. I was coordinating this through messages, calls and what not. I demand a reimbursement of my balance! Kidding … ok Loku your turn. V. Lokpria: Can I copy-paste what you just typed, Nandhini? (Nandhini: No! Get original!) I had to help out teams directing them to the different places; this included the backstage, food court and the loo! Not to mention the helping out I did at the green room. Tharini Viswanath: I was writing out the list for the judges. Sheets with columns for judging criterion and order of appearance of teams had to be prepared and I was filling it. That’s all, right guys? Anusha: What about the sleeping beauty? (Swetha: SHUT UP!) Tharini: Oh yeah, Swetha nicely slept off on my shoulders only to be rudely awaken by Balaji himself. (All of us except Swetha: LOL) Porky Pig: That’s all folks!
To be continued …

Monday, July 14, 2008

Worked to death
A 45-year-old Toyota employee has died from being worked to death. The Tokyo man died from too much pressure and working too many hours on the new Toyota Camry, hybrid.

Dear Haarish, First smile, first laugh, first tooth, first step, first birthday! A Very Happy Birthday to U.....
With Lots of Love, Deepa & Selva, Birlasoft

Vinnyasa Premier Art Gallery presents ’Contemplative Nature: Kerala Landscapes’ by Yashwant Shirwadkar, a famous artist from Mumbai. Get the feel of visiting Kerala at Vinnyasa! Where: Vinnyasa Premier Art Gallery, C I T Colony, Mylapore When:July 14, 11.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m. Contact: 3253-3655

Hi Anbu (HP), Sudhakar (TS) & Guna (PS), May God bless the B’day Babies life to be filled with Joy, Love and Prosperity at every forthcoming seconds from this wonderful day. Wish you all a very Joyful Birthdays.
Wherever you go, our wishes follow you....... Vijay, Dhana & Senthil, Perotsystems.

My Dear Sriram, 26 Years is Low, and Many More years to go Birthday Wishes will Flow Co’z I am wishing in ERGO !
Vinod Nageswaran,Wipro Technologies

Caro Toms, Buon Compleanno e Tanti Auguri. Gifts await you if you agree “ACCELERATION IS CONSTANT ;-)”
From Krishna, Delen and Deepa, SSIL

Dear Thaadshayini, Happy Birthday Kuttu!! May god continue to bless and watch over you everyday. Lots of love and kisses from Dad, Mom, and everyone who knows you!
Malarkodi Thilak,Aspire Systems

French National Day
To celebrate the French National Day, the Alliance Francaise of Madras is organising events centered on original aspects of French culture. Famous French chef Mickaël Besse will come as a special guest at the Alliance Francaise auditorium to present a glimpse on gastronomy and will focus this time on chocolate desserts. The number of participants is limited to 50 people, Where: Alliance Francaise of Madras College Road Nungambakkam When: July 14 Mickael Besse French cuisine: 3.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m., Dances of Brittany AMM School: 6.00p.m. – 7.00p.m. Fashion show ‘Christian Fabre’ : 7.30p.m. Contact: 28279803 / 28271477

Pie and Steak at Any Time

Dear Malathi, Many More Happy returns of the day and Puttina Roju subha khanshalu. May all your dreams get fulfilled this year with the choicest blessings of the Almighty.
Best Wishes from, CRM 1, Ramco Systems Limited.

Dear Vaideesh, Many More Happy Returns of the Day!! Have a Blastful Year ahead !
Best Wishes from eBay DW Team, Cognizant Tech. Solutions

Dear Babish, Happy B’day!!! Have a great day ahead!!!
Frndz from Hexaware

Dear Meganathan(Thalai), Happy Birthday!!!!! Have a fantastic Years ahead!!! Late Wishes but Best Wishes
By Non-Tandem SCMS & PG Teams Lovable S & D FSS, Tidel Park

Pie and Steak festival features hot favourites from traditional English cuisine and also a variety of Asian steaks. Pies with fragrant crispy shells and interesting fillings and toppings are a great ’anytime’ snack. Enjoy the delicious anytime snack at GRT Grand! Where: Sir Thyagaraya Road, T Nagar When: All day dining, till July 18

Dear Pranesh, Many More Happy Returns Of The Day. May God Bless you with all the Blessings you deserve.
Wish you the best in your Life. Hearty Wishes, Deepa,Prabha,Sowmya, Kar & Srikanth, TCS

You don’t actually have to know most of the weird facts that are listed in any article that is titled ‘Top 5 weird facts you need to know about …’ Google indexes over 35 400 different Top 5 weird Facts, scientific term for which is “a whole shitload”. There has never been a Top 5 article called “Top 5 Ways to Rape a Donkey”. Most of the Top 5 articles are written when there is nothing else to write about or when a person has no clue about the subject he or she is writing about. Most of the time at least one weird fact is made up to make sure there are really five weird facts.

Dear Mom (Manjula) & Dad (Kulasekaran), “HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY”
Hearty Wishes, Lakshmi Software Engineer HCL Technologies Ltd.

Dear Yasmeen, We wish you a Happy Birth Day :)
NandaGopal S Infosys Technologies Ltd.


ERGO Monday, July 14, 2008

Kitty adopts panda
A Dutch house cat has become the foster mom for an abandoned baby red panda. The cat nurses the panda along with her own kittens.


Vinothkumar Gopal of Aspire Systems caught the expressions of his relative Vaishnavi when she was playing in the terrace. The software engineer loves to write Tamil poems (htpp:// vinothusoft4u. blogspot.com) and paint. He shot this picture with his Moto L9 SLVR mobile.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Word’s worth
"Vaticinate" (vuh-tis-i-nate) to predict events; to speak as a prophet. A rarer adjective from the same Latin root is vaticinant, meaning ’prophesying.’

Loot in the loo
Around $55,000 was found in the bathroom of a Missouri jail. A correctional officer found the cash behind the toilet paper dispenser and the owner has yet to claim the dough.

It is a lucky day for you in general. Ganesha feels that you will be trying to work on new things. At office, everyone will value your suggestions. On the relationship front, you may be very enthusiastic. In short, a positive day is lying ahead for you.

You are in a different mood today. You may not wish to take up anything that is very heavy. There will be tranquillity in actions but thinking process may create conflict. Office work may seem slightly boring. Love life may remain uneventful.



Your attention is drawn towards worldly matters. You may seek attention of others. Unless you deal very nicely with your beloved, you have scope of getting into false arguments. Day may be good for dealing with public. A better than average day.

You are likely to feel like working hard at office. You may be very targetted. On the personal front, you may need to be more ‘adjusting’. To remain happy with partner, you may need to compromise. It’s a good day but requires careful handling.

LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
Ganesha finds this to be an energetic day for you. There can be opportunities to learn new things at work. You may feel like developing skills at personal level to maintain harmony. Ganesha finds you in cheerful mood, almost throughout the day.




Your attention is divided in two parts – domestic and professional. This split can make you feel confused at the start of the day. But later you may find a good solution. You will spend good time with your partner today. You may try to remain at peace.

It’s a day to earn credit at work. Important meetings should go well. A day to socialise with friends. Your partner may find you in a good mood hence romance may also flourish. In short, you should try to fetch more out of this lucky day.

You are likely to be pretty direct while talking to others. . Be ‘to the point’. With beloved one, you may not have major issues, unless you are pinpointing the mistakes. Day requires careful dealing in personal and professional relationships.

You may be quite optimistic today. You may take up challenging tasks and finish them off in time, at office. At home, you may keep everyone ’charged up’. Romance may be on the peak. In short, day may remain cheerful and charming.

You will be philosophical in your thinking but at the same time, may be focussing on loss and gain at work. You may feel like giving advises to others. You may wish to establish spiritual union with beloved. The day is more Karmic in terms of work.


It’s a day to fetch gains through various means at work. You can be addressing a group discussing various matters. Your life partner may remain in cheerful mood so you too would be. It’s a day to enjoy parties with someone ’close to your heart’.

Ganesha finds you becoming more practical about work. You may be interested in working out long term plans. Your love relationships may undergo serious discussions. It will be easy to strike a better level of understanding with the partner.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni


ERGO Monday, July 14, 2008