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251-Enforcement of the RegtiIatioas

Thc pnscnt rcguktiofis dekw all cars built in 1a.r or small series a'nd
nxqgiseci by h F.1.A. in categories ~ ~ T O U a d ~&'GRAND
G ~
TOURING" in complimm with, prd~siomof Wick 254 below.
~lsorjjyapply to all events entered on t h ]International
They CO (speed events or regularity trials) or on b Cdandar of
National Events with foreign partici ation authorised and in which s ~ k s
bmduction cars of thn Touring and and To~wiartCattrotits dartir=iaatle.

252-Categories and groups o f v & d ~

NJL-Bis Group t a b ia &o Series Touring Cars with a l M tmdies
a well W To& Cars belonging io the formes Group of ' ' S p k I Cm."
Events open 60 cars of the Touring W o r Grand Touring categork
may also be opix 10 cars of the "Spoh*' category, In that wse cars of
this calegory, which is not cldined in Lhe present Rqylatiom, dlhan farm
C--"SPORTS CAR" category:
Group q--Sporfx cars

CZars shall be distribuled in10 the follolNing 15 dam, accarding b;,

tbeir engine cylinder capacity:
254 - RewgnRion o f series production models

All Touring and Grand-Touring Cars recognised by the FLA. will be

descsibed on a famz, called Rmgnilion Pom drawn by the Natimal
Automob.& Club, m~ r W v&h be entered h e chief apcxificaliom enabling
-the idmtikatian of each ruodel,
A single type ofnywgdtiw form drawn up by Ihe CSL, shall be used
by all A.C.N,s.
- A k r a aertain dale to &-fixed by Lhe F.LA all ~ m ~ t nshall r s have
to carry the rwgnition form caacerning fheir modd of W. Pmmokrs
wiU be &fled to r e f ~ p ~ p a t i of o na cat. in t k i r mleniif said €mis
: notproducedatacrutin69SiZ1g.
They must ba of a m&!io cu& p d u c l j o n ar which has m€berm
abandoned for m four pm, l k y m s t haw been m u -
rachmdinmksat a fnjnrmnmrab of 1,M)Dunibin12 c o ~ v e m o n t k
- a n d -&-ideatid as-far-asadtanism-and coach-work-memncernrjd.
By identkal b meant that the efiemaI shape and Ihr,mmponent materials
of ths mechanical parts, the chassis and the body must remain unchanged,
To the exception of themadificaticm and additiaas explicitly authorised
according ta the present xegulatiom any accessory and/or aoy mechanical
part may only be rep2aced by tbe same accessory or the same part wed by
tb manufacturer for the c0midEZea md4 the only, ~leranccsin s k
being those oBjiciafIy fo- by the factory.
All elemenh nf the wbicle must compulsorily be tlmse of m sanib
mgnhlrnodd, w ~ a r s a i d m b tbob&una
~ orone of its varimb
alm recognised (;seeaht. 254) to the e d o n of demmfs w&mfh
addition, th m o w 1 or rhe ~-18:oernent b mplicitly authorised according
to the regulati~skeafter,
a p p w i by the maker of the chassis may ba admitted. For cars whasc
body habenmade outside the main fiicbry, there wiU ham to b~ at least
1,w amembled within a period of 12 c o m t i % months and s a 3
mm wiU be subject to a separate recognition.

259-Nmnber and dimensions of S&

For a passenger seat (a) is m u r e d at 20 cm.above floor l e v d or

the bottom af raxws X need be.
(l) Lightbg d e d c a : make and nnonber arc h e , provide4 they comply
~ 5 % the Ialenrathnal Convention on Road TraEc. -
(2') R a d z s t a l g a n d f i & ~ : a n y r a & ~ - ' o i ' ~ b l f a a k p r o v i d d b y L h e
man&- for the model consihed and mentioned:in the mkhtmance
h W e l and cm the:mgniticm fom rnay be wed,
The USB ofradiamra haviug a capacity superior to Lhat oF&m provided
by the manufaclure~mayYEM aulhwised by h A.CN. in in case of
m n f s orgmhed under particular climatic condilinns.
The addition of a radiator s c m w b t h fixed or mobile, regmdbs of
its syshn of control, is aufborid,
(3) Air-i"Ier; may be changed or m ~ v e d .
(4) CarirmWn:their number, type and make must- comply with those
nssd by* m u E a d m for the maef wmidc:md. %y muat always be
liable to be directly adapted on Lht idet. rnariifdd bub. all the xetllngs and
rhe changes of the veatds, t be jels and chokes are authorised
All tuning operations and modificathns 01the \m€urisor h lets Wd
chokes are autharised, eves when tuning is obtained by a mMtulion of
-h-carbaretlor- bady; provided-the mountiog on the inlet mmifald cgn-
h u a to be done without any kiad 01intermediary device whatswlvcr-
The subBtitution of an autamatic control a l the starter by a hand control
(or viceversa) is alrtharised.
(5) Battery: tbe t i m i h (valbge-) M well as the Iocation provided by tbe
manufachutx may not be changd, but h make, tyge and capacity
(amperage) are fiee as well as the shape, the dimepsions and aUwhment

(a Ignition ail, w-er and distribufor: are free, on wndition ItK

@ition aystem rmabs as pro* by the manufachuer C a r h oon-
s ~ h e mad&
A spare coil and/or a spare c o n h e ; r may be get up anywhe;re provided
h mw;itching fiam rnain 10 spahe wnnot be controUEd from tba inside of
TBe r e p k m af an automatic con(rg1 of the ignjiion by a hand cxm-
tml (ar vicevma) is authorised.
(7) P l w : a m number per cylinder as psavidesl by the manufbCanrer,
make and type free.
(8) PtXml pump: a msdrdcally matsolled pump may be m p l d by
an eIecbfcally controUed one and vioe-m.
When Lhe engine has removable sleeves, tbe
anthorised m the s a m mditiow as provided here
is also permittedpmoviMthe replacameat sleem are ideetirdl to the d g -
inaI ones and in parLidar Lh& basic mataid is the same. Moreover,
mgha with movabla sleeves s h a l l enjoy the same wboxing t o h a n ~ 3
as provided for slbeveIw eogks.
(10) M$Hw: the make and type m fm, p v M the n o u d m i n g
&ciency is not
~ u kport
t i~ not modiiled.
and the exhaust Manjrold and particularly ib
(11) n 'an: my manually or a u t a m a w y canfrdled wrbox
wnd m y axle ratio provided and supplied by h e manuIactmm, mentioned
in Che maintenance bookld and an the recognition form may be usted. The
substitution of clukh pedal by an automatkdy mholIed one,
--.- a operation, h anthorisd
of its ~ y s- b of
(12) m k abpofIxxi : - 61em& -3id-~--ze--fi$zrbute t h w tlF& -
rmmbernat t f i systemof optmdkm, nor their system of attachmat, may
By wtem of o p e h n is meant: hyataulicar W o n shock-abmkr,
of~ ~ p i orr IBWI c type, regpdle5s 01 the mech.aiwl resdultants of b
difhznt systems, such as for instance whether the device has a doubk-
acting or a xlmpleacthg effect, and in case uf hydraulic sh&-nbsorbers:
whether hare is or mt an additional gas chm~bm.
('13) WheeTs: musF b OF a t y p ~pwvidtd by the mufw d
staled on the mgniticm F m
One basic series may oIDprehend wh& of d~~ @ofid or
parfixated disc wheels, poke w h l l s , m).
The wheels, induding their attachment system, may ba r e i n f o d , m n
if the strengthmhg entails a rnad3c;atbn of said aUachmGnt system, :
(14) Tlyres: the make and typa are h but t h y muat fit without any
modification t b m d on original wheels andlor rims wiihout the neFd
of any inbE:dm-&vice.
(1 5) Bmbs: any system improving the &g or tlie &ty
of the bra& aystwn is auihoriged, m 4 as Car i a s W h fitthg of
, special air-pipes (grovidcd the body as Mined: in h. 258 is not altared).
Thefilthgof addal ~poranytypeofdeivicepIYWidingbothasimul-
tarn- d o n on ~w our whaels a d a divided action on the front and
reat w h k is au&or&d. The mks d attachment system of the M q p
ism .
. AU the d g i n a l supports and all t b dimmions
~ of inner f ~ o .adam
&all remain &aged.
By Origina2 supprts axe areant thorn 04 which are W the mabiIe
parCB (drums or b) and aka the a U a c W system of the ehenhs
bczuhg Uie Griction parts -hoes or pad-liniags).

'l& quilting may be changed and all inner &work a c c a m k may

be nqiaced by other oaes or xeoloved.

of G-f detachbk hub
aid j-g-y===6*d cqg liable .*10-Binterfwe
wdiem-d. &, with the chang-
m m3m. m
gain of neight Lhus o b t a b d must of wuMe be mduded in the tolerance
of 5 % pmvided by Art. 260 hemabove.
The addition of any protective strcmdhing devka not provided by the
mamrfa&.mr for the m - d a e d wxks madcl is pmhibjted. H o m r , far
erents m an particularly difficult ground (snpw, sand, Ntfed
the promoter, in supplwnfmy regulations, may gemally authorise
or even n=quire the addition of a stream-- appliance or any other
uedesneath protective device.

Any cbang~or a d d i h not listed above, and w b k h hm not beeo s u b w

to a previous written statemeat bf the entrant will entail a pe;na,lly which
onay go as far as d o s i a n h m the campetition without pxqjudia to higher
penalties in case of ~ ~ p ~ t i o n ,
Lo addition to the 18 latihdes granted for cars of Groop I, the i b h w h g
chnga and extra equjpment are authorized,
(19) Mmh: may h of a dipfmt type than the anear those prosided
by Ihe maoulacturer provided the hub remains u n c h d as well as the
dimensions of Ihe r i m and: or the Lrack provided and stated by hmanu-
(20) R-g: authorised in the same conditions as Tor cam OF the first
group (cf M .261-8), b1.11 wilh a ma*urn toleranos of 1.2 mm. (!!stead
of 0.6).
(21) S&bilisar: the iitliog OI a wmmerc-ial suspension stabiliser or
equivahl device is authorlse4, on condition it clcm not constitute an ad-
di h n a l day rod.
(22) Oil fll(er: an oil Uter m y be added when the mode1 p ~ i d a dby
the manubchner has none.
(23) sprPngs of;lny kin6 (vJ- dut& suspension, etc.): They m y be
replaced by other o n a of mre&kted a r i a but without modiJlcatkm
of ihs m m k r provided by t b m a n u E t d m and on condition they can
be fitled without any alleration of the original supports.
(24) P-g OR; all perkding operations by lhkhing or azacfiining
ho r @ d parts but not their mplacement except regard to spring
as s p d e d b e a b o v e . h othm words, provided it is always p m i b 1 e to
ascertain nrquestionably the origin of the series production part, ik may
be r&, Maoced, li&tened,
shape through t aoling, to
~~ or madi6ed Nith regard 10 I&
exdusion of any addition of material or any
mhanical mbuion or of any proms invnlviag a change of the charm
Ceristics of the molecular structure or 01 the sudam of the metal,
The increase ol (he coqression ratio thm+ matbining the cylindw
head or block, orusiag a t h e r gasketordoing w&out one, kau[rhorW.
(25) Br-g: the braking power may be increased subject to (be syslm
of operation provided by &e r n a a u k ~ u r e{chumr brakes or disc brake-%)
being maintahd as u d as the original supporh (see Art. 261, par, 15).
NB.--Any alteration or addition not specifically provided h m b o v e
will make the vehicle unfil for cbssificatian in Gmnp 2 and will
in ils being aE&d to that of the two a t h r p u p s of the
p-t regulafims which applies.
Any a h a t i o n or addition a d listed above and which has not
hsubject 10 a previous w d t m sbtement of t h entrant ~ wiR
e d a p d t y which may go as fix as exclugioa b m the corn=
petson wiEhoui prejudice to h i g h penalties in case of wilful
Gia nd tauring cars are vahicles built in small m-ics far car stamen who
are loo& for a Mkr @ormance andfor a maximum oomfort p d are '

not particularly coacemd abaut m m m y ,

Suchcam shaU'mnfom to amodd defiaedia a catalogue and be olTe~d,
to the customas, by the regular SsIw Departonat of tba mauufa&.
They must be recognised by the F.1.A a d g to the provisM of Gct,
265 Exlow.
Shall on the other handdso be clam din group 3 (Grand Touring Gm).
Touring carg m& OF series pducficm m d d park andbnDthaving
been subject to any o h changes or additioas apart f m thosr! authoxhed
according to A I ~261
. and 263 but equipped w f i a special c o d w o r k .
By speqiaI ogachwork is meant ;
(a) w'thm the original one ' C Y it~ h been s u h j d to any kind of
alfera(ion In shape or appearance (ather than one due to a l a h d e @anled
under 261 or 263) or to a . aIfmatiw of h a material 4 by the m m -
@) orb coachwork without sriy ri$ation.wvlfhtheoriginal omandmade
@a& e i k by the m a n u f a e or an iade-gendcntbuilder to answer
a private order. In that as,two poSBililifieS am to be exirrnind :
M parts of the chassis shall be a t h t 12 cm,from h m u d , so that
a mass 80 cm. wide anxi 22 cm,high may be introdad between tise back
wheels and through the h g t h af the car.
lhis ground desranm may be m w m d with empty Lank and nobody
in Ihe car, WW must ba equipped wifh the wheels and Qx-s that am to
be used in wm@€ion.

The xmxbmm lock shall be 6.75 m , which means that the car must be
able to make a m te tarn in any direction wilhout tb w M g going
k y m d trvo parallel 13.50 m, apart, h w n on the ground.

Grand Touring cars shall have one of f i d tanks provided by the

rnauufachmr and Cbe,capaciciw of saidtaph shall be e n t d on the m g -
- &m.
- --
t~-T~Tai-~~@--~f-tlie-~I--%adox-(rnaifl and-a d i a r t c 9 ,
if such is the cam) &all not dthe follorsing: mmima:
Carsrupto1OOO~ofengioecyimdermpau~ 70 1
Carsfram1O0Occ,~3300cc. ...
Cars horn 1300 oc, to 1600 cc. ...
Cam from lBOO cc, to 2Q00 cc. ...
. -.. ...
. 85 1
100 1
. l l0 1
. 120 1

~ f m r n 2 O c c lo2500cc.
. ...
Ca~ftom2500cc,t03MX)w. -..
Cars ex&

. 130 1
3000 CC. of eogine cylbder
capcity ... .-. ... -.. .- . .
140 1

Grand Touring swies cacs shall be equipped opiih a coach~vorkena b h g

a normal t o e W, in particular as concerns oodorl, habitabcitiw and
protection against bad w e a k .
Gachvmrk 6;haU be UI mplelely hished with~utany provisianal part.
It shall offer at least two seats h l d on either side of the longhcliaal
&E - - - - tSe n m d sysLem of
of €he. rzjr at Lhe sama l e d Rritho~lpmjudidng
adapting hmt (0 the 8ize: of tlm piIot.-
The miniovlm inside widfh shall be 100 cm,for cary with an eogin~cy-
linder capcity of lOOD cc. or less, and 110 cm.for cars of a higher capacity.
W s width, masured pehpendEcalarly to h Io&dinal axis of the car
mmt be respecled a l m g a minknu bd&t of 25 cm. and a minimum
depth of 30 m, measured m hw&cal plang tangent tg the bsck of the
steering wheel and &e back 01the seat (Le. at the normal piam where lhe
driver needs elbowroom).
Mudguards shall be of pwmanent nature and M y h e d .
Ilhep t~hahlba placed exactly abow the wfi& and pro rid^ efficieat
aovehg af a t least one-third of their circumferenm.
3% width of thn mudguards shall be such that no part or the tyre will
pass beyand 9% edga when the w b l s are not sLee:rd.
--m -a
-&--fta -lm-- - tigjid a~m-oh-eacair-S~EIG
with lock and hinges, giving dinxi a m a s to seats. When opm it &all
liberah a space allowing for the fronts! passage of a 50x30 cm;re&n@~,
Vehicles wich a fmt or rear door may have ody one &or.
Catg wiQ c l d or wnwxtible ~ ~ a c shall h w have~ doom quip@
TVitR security glass nr fsan~parenirigid plasLic material providing ventr-
lation, W& whdow having a minimum width 0140 cm.and a minimum
height of 25 cm.
Rear window
It sbalI let Lheligbt Ihrougb a minimum widlh 0150 cm,and a minimum
height (fbr tbe Fvhofs minirnurn width) OF I0 cm, vertically masared.

AO D ~ space
~ G being
~ an inlegral part of lfie machwork but outdde
. of hspaceoccllpied by the front mt~,!argeenoughto redveatnnk of
6 S x 4 0 x Z O cm. minkntlm, besides the spare wheel, tools or the Eddd
b o d , shall be provided.
271--Sp&d bodies
272-Minimm weight

AU ad&tional equipmmt and mxiifhtiozrs auLhorised Sm s e h pm-

dudon Tollring car8 (group 1) and hprovixl T o e caxs (group 2) ara
authorised for Grand Touring cerrs (jgoug 3). in particular all thog htcd
in Artides 261 and 263.
Grand Touring car extra equipment or subject to any modi-
fiahan not e q M lly authorised may take part m a competition only in
gmog 4, ;hs d&md BemaCta a1 Art. 275, and subject to said gruup being
provided in the Supgkrnenlary Regulations.
NB.-Aoy sltmation or addition na t expEcitIy authorised bmabow
v d l enkil the vehicle hdigi'ble m group 3 and will entail ie assignment
to group 4 (see Art. 275 Wfw).
Any c h a q or~ additioa not &led above and which has not been SUM
La a previous written BEatemeat of the enlraat will entail a penalQ which
may go as fsr as mllrsion b r n the competition without p e j W to
-Ji@E%wdtiwin case of-wXu1 misrepresentation.

274-Touring cars slssimilakd to "Grand Touringy'

(a) T o w Cars with Special C!aa&m(xk
Tourhg cars of a model m g i k d by the FLA. equipped with
coachmrk, as &fined m Art. 2-70 above, but m cadon& with regard
to with the swim production model, exayt far changw and
additions au.thorised according to Arts 261 and 2433, shall be assirnilafxd
to Grmd Tauring cars and may putidpale h eveats in ginup 3.
If the above cars arr, subject to changesr and addihns m z e d h g the
!.h& provided under Ark. 261 and 263, they shsll pass into group 4, and
will then be subject to no further obligation apart fmm having to oomplg
with the r a q u i r e m ~of Appendix C to hLdernational Sporting Code*
@) To* Ous wilh SLandacd Coo-& and SpxM MerBaafcal Parts
(PreplougBr caeQd Speck4 Taming Caps]
Sball atgo be assimilated to Grand Touring am8Touring of an
F.IA reoognkd model equipped with their original wachwork bnt which
k w ~ s u b j e r t - t altaatiollsand
o add'tiom other than those a u t h k c i
276-Cars belonging to none d the above &egark or graqs