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The Minnedosa

Since 1883
Volume 136 Issue 35 Friday, November 9, 2018 90 cents plus tax

INSIDE Town Council Takes Oath of Office

this week By DARRYL HOLYK

W ith the beginning

of the new month
came the beginning of the
next four years of Town
Council. The inaugural
meeting of the new council
was held on the evening of
November 1st in Council

A Chat With Chambers.

Chief Administra-
tive Officer, Cindy Marzoff
Reeve opened the meeting and
conducted the swearing
Dowsett in ceremony. First up, was

Pat Skatch who took her
oath of office as Minnedo-
sa’s 40th mayor followed
by the swearing in of re-
turning councillors Frank
Taylor and Rick Saler as
well as recently elected
councillors Jim Dowsett,
Mark Blais, Tom Dowsett
and Grant Butler.
Following the oath of
office, Mayor Skatch called
to order, a special meeting
of council at 6:47 p.m. In Photos by Darryl Holyk
the first order of business,
Veteran Fred Mayor Skatch appointed
Councillor Taylor as Dep-
Town of Minnedosa Council
Standing (L-R): Councillors Tom Dowsett,
Brown uty Mayor. This resolution
was passed unanimously
Jim Dowsett, Mark Blais and Grant Butler.
Seated (L-R): Councillor Rick Saler, Mayor Pat
Reflects by the new council. Skatch and Deputy Mayor Frank Taylor.

The second resolution
dealt with signing author-
ity for the Town. Signing Orr, Harvey Wedgewood reading expected to take
officers for the Town were and Rick Saler. place at the next council
appointed as Mayor Pat Council then reviewed meeting.
Skatch, CAO Cindy Mar- the organizational and Members of the
zoff, ACAO Chris Yuen, procedural bylaws and new Town Council will

Lest We Deputy Mayor Frank Tay-

lor, Councillor Jim Dowsett
and Municipal Clerk Stacy
CAO Marzoff made recom-
mendations for possible
changes and updates to
take part in a Town Staff
meet’n’greet and tour of
town facilities such as the
Town of Minnedosa Cheif Administrative Officer,
Cindy Marzoff observes as Pat Skatch takes her
Andrews. Signing authori- the bylaws. Council will re- Public Works Shop, Water

Forget ties removed from the pre-

vious council included Ray
view the bylaw and recom-
mended changes with first
Treatment plants, etc. later
this month.
oath of office as Minnedosa’s 40th mayor and the
third female to hold the head of council position
since the Town was incorporated in 1883.


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