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ESO 218: Computational Methods in Engineering

2nd Quiz 2003-04 II

Thursday, 15th April 2004
Duration: 30 minutes Full Marks: 10

Name: Roll No.

1. The integral of a function over the interval (0,1), is approximated by the arithmetic mean of its
values computed at three different points in this interval. Using a methodology similar to
Gauss Quadrature, obtain the location of these three points for highest order of accuracy.
2. The displacement of an object, xi, is measured at different times, ti. Since the velocity of the
object is decreasing with time, the time interval between two successive measurements is
increased by a factor of 2 such that ti = 2i − 1 . Obtain the divided difference expression for the
acceleration at time ti in terms of the time increment h (=ti−ti-1 ) and the measured values of xi-1 ,
xi, and xi+1 and show that the error is O(h).