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Participant book


A good lesson in
cludes a numbe
essential compo r of
• activities that
suit the learners
’ level
• differentiated
materials or activ
• clear lesson st ities
• well-timed activ
ities that maintai
• varieties of inte n a good pace
raction patterns
group work, etc. – pair work,

Lesson plan stages

divided into stages
Lessons are usually Interaction
warmer activity, patterns
that may include a
e topic or context, Describe the
an introduction to th transaction
activities and in a lesson e
logically sequenced .g. learner to
rtant to allow time learner pair
feedback. It is impo work or lear
for and from the to the rest o
for feedback, both f the class.
lp to plan future
learners. This will he
lessons more effec

Why plan lessons?

Lesson planning has real
benefits for the teacher and
learners. As well as making
Lesson o , sure that classes are structured
f a lesson
utcomes o at the
Aims or o to descri b e w h well, fit the syllabus and meet
e n
usually w ri tt at the end learners’ needs, they provide
w il l b e a ble to do
learner a record of work done in the
of the less classroom and can be re-used
for future classes.

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