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Hi We are back from a memorable trip to Manali is a beautiful place with lot of apple trees, snow peaked mountains, beautiful river and great weather.... i have few suggestions if you are planning your trip to Manali... 1. Pls do not book the private Volvos.. Instead go for Hpsrtc.. private Volvos stop every now and then and make the journey too long... 2. Rohtang pass is just an amazing place to enjoy snow...but be prepared to face the worst roads on the way...the roads are full of stones and in some places wet and slippery is advisable to take big cars so that the travel is not v hectic.. 3. I did paragliding from a point above Gulaba peak which is truly amazing...the glide is for approx 20 min and costs around 1500 Rs....Do try that if you are an adventure freak...Gliding in Solang is comparatively for a less duration and cheaper too but this sport is deftly worth a try be it from Solang or Gulaba. 4. Club Mahindra snow peaks is a very beautiful resort with apple trees all around and great view of the snow peaked mountains...little expensive but worth the money.... 5. The trip from Delhi to Manali takes around 15 hrs in Volvo..a little tedious trip if going with if you can afford pls take a cab(Innova is most preferred) I would say this place is a must see place for everyone who loves nature....Wish you a nice trip.

Manali - an heavenly abode Overview of the destination How should I describe Manali..?? Every description would fall short before the beauty it holds in itself..The journey itself was beautiful. We had time constraints, otherwise the place is worth staying for 4-5 days(minimum). Food, sight-seeing and shopping Places worth visiting:-We had only 2 1/2 days. We had set 1 day each for snow point (rohtang pass was closed at that time) &1 for Solang valley. While going to Snow point, tour bus drivers would stop by for you to take heavy woolens, rubber shoes, gloves & sticks on rent. Normal rates at those points are Rs.100.We got better deals near snow point (half price). Actually, heavy woolens were not required in summer. Light woolens, which we already had were sufficient (Time: early May). I have no idea regarding rohtang pass as we were unable to go there. But rubber boots & sticks r must in snow. On the way, there was rahela falls with tube rides & decorated snow structures for you to take photographs with. Tube ride is actually inflated tube of trucks on which you sit & slide on snow all the way down. We did tracking on snow to have a closer look of tired, took tube ride. Nice & enjoying lift to come down. Bus driver stopped 2-3km before snow point showing a heavy traffic jam ahead. He told us to move on ponies as it could take lot of time to clear, promising to reach snow point as soon as traffic clears. Don¶t believe them, they won¶t come. Actually, they are not allowed beyond that point. Small vehicles (indica, qualis, etc) can be taken to snow point if you leave early. Take ponies for to & fro. Buses will wait for you at the same place they had left you. There were sledge rides at snow point, which they claim to take you to inner snow point, which actually is 2-3 mins walk. Still kids would enjoy the ride. There was skiing, tube ride & photography in traditional dresses. Bargaining is okay & must for better deals. I would suggest you to have enough memory (for digital) or reels (for standard) cameras. We couldn¶t stop shooting. We took almost 600 pictures in 3 days trip & still could not capture the entire beauty of Manali. In fact, I kept clicking while sitting in bus as well & got some nice scenic photographs. Solang valley: We had a nice company of another newly married couple who had taken the same bus for snow point. So we 4 got together to enjoy solang valley (30mins drive from mall road).Nice place to go for paragliding, zorbian ball & pony ride to temple near waterfall. Locals say, temple is a must see place. Would definitely go & have a look next time (as it takes approx 3-4 hours for to & fro). Paragliding & zorbian ball r the only 2 things where there is no bargain. Paragliding is a must. You¶ll have lovely experience of flying in the air. Zorbian balls r for true adventurers. We did it once(my first &last , just for my husband).He enjoyed, I screamed.. but the feeling was amazing.. doing something adventurous..together..Young girls were carrying wild rabbits & angora rabbits to take pictures with these cute little creatures..We couldn¶t stop ourselves from holding them..My husband did a little biology study of counting its teeth..Okay, I am not stressing enough on beauty around Manali ..go & have a look by¶ll end up just like me..unable to describe.. 'kaise karun bayaa, lafzon ki kami hai..khud hi jaaker dekhlo, kitni hasin zameen hai..!!' Yeh lines kisi shayaar ne nahi, maine likhi hai..If u r romantic at heart, u can make more beautiful sonnets on Manali! I am just an amateur! Actually, there is so much beauty around you, you can create your own picnic spots. We made our own. While going towards solang valley, we came across a beautiful waterfall which ends up in river. While returning from solang valley, just after crossing the bridge over river, there is a small walking trail that leads to fall & there is another trail (midway)that takes you to river. Nice place to do little bit of rock climbing, relaxing, enjoying the beauty around u & taking lots of photographs. Ladies, do avoid sarees & long skirts at all costs to be comfortable & enjoy the solang valley. On the way, you¶ll come across nehru kund. No need to specially go there. Really interested in having a look? Stop there for 5 mins. Not worth more than that. For Vashishtha kund(hot sulphur spring),there

is a diversion on the way to solang valley. What I loved about the place was beautiful wood carvings of mandir, nice nepali/tibetian food(momos, etc.),bakeries & car parking. Why car parking??Just stand at the railing behind the parking, have a look at the breath taking view around the valley& you¶ll know why. As for bakery, I hated lemon cheese cake I took but the dog sitting next to me, looking at me yearning for it, loved it..I loved the dog¶s style & used the same yearning look on my husband. His choco-walnut cake was delicious!!!Do not fall in trap of free gifts with blanket buys. They never reach u even in month. My relatives had warned me before hand. They were victim of one such offers. Hidimba temple: Must see..beautiful temple and breath taking surrounding....Hidimba was a Demon princess, wife of Bheema (second son in Pandavs), Mother of the brave Ghatotkatch, and a great devotee of Lord Shiva. Locales pray for a son over there and offer Yak¶s horns on fulfillment of wishes at Ghatotkatch temple just walking distance from Hidimba temple. Yak¶s ride is fun and you can also buy some cool wood craft and woolen items on bargain. We didn¶t have time for Monastery visit. My relative told me, I missed out something worth a visit. But I have one funda..If I like a place, I make sure of leaving one such spot to go back to that place again...!!! Activities & things to do Detailed description in 'Food, sight-seeing and shopping' DISCLAIMER: We had visited Manali in may 2006. I wanted to add this review as I enjoyed that trip a lot...please do not add this review for competition. Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc. Getting there:-Manali is easily accessible via road from Delhi, Chandigarh & Shimla. No idea about train. Jagson airlines fly on daily basis from Delhi. They drop you at Bhuntar which is 50Km away from Manali. From there you can take a taxi. People coming from Katra can take deluxe bus that runs daily at 5:30pm (Katra-Manali). Confirm the time beforehand. Staying: There are many options available in all price ranges. We would recommend 'The Manali Inn' where we stayed. Their package was almost complete to take care of most of our needs. Still, we would suggest you to explore as there are more competitive packages available with every season change.

Well, Manali is called the "Switzerland of India" capped with breath taking snow peaks and wooded with pine trees, fruit orchards, oak and conifer trees and tiny fields, wow! It seems that I am in heaven. This is the place where tourists from all over the world attracted because it offers almost all types of trips like Manali wildlife trip, Manali heritage trip, Manali lakes trip, Manali fair and festival trip, Manali religious trip, Manali eco-trip, Manali adventurous trip, Manali camping trip and Manali trek-routs trip. Well, among all these trips some of the famous tourist attractions of Manali day trip are Manali day trip to Hadimba Temple, Manali day trip to Manu Temple, Manali day trip to Club House, Manali day trip to Tibetan Monasteries, Manali day trip to Mountaineering Institute, Manali day trip to Vashist Hot Water Springs and Temple, Manali day trip to Nehru Kund, Manali day trip to Solang Valley, Manali day trip to Kothi, Manali day trip to Rahala Water Falls, Manali day trip to Rohtang Pass, Manali day trip to Arjun Gufa and Manali day trip to Jagatsukh, Oh my God! It is just so nice to write about this place which is really unbelievable. This place is really heaven to me because of several reasons. I was so happy and relaxed as if I got everything, peace, happiness, everything. Though, Kullu also known as the Valley of Gods is the most ambrosial region in the Western Himalayas which is located along the banks of the river Beas, Kullu, is the originating place for a number of treks. The ravishing valley spreads out its charm over an area of 80kms. Mossy prairie enclosed by the impetuous streams and winding lanes makes the region a reasonably extended an idle place for the tourists, the trekkers and the mountaineers. Well, Kullu is located at an height of 1,219m, observes a pleasant and cool climate, making it a tourist spot all the year round. We visited there last year along with my husband & few more friends. This is the place where you can enjoy if you are with your friends & family why? Because at the very moment you can share what you are feeling right there..:-) at the moment. There are places which are of major attractions. When you go there you must go to Bijli Mahadev Shrine which is at the altitude of 2460m and at a distance of 10km from Kullu the temple is most prestigious in the town. The terrain is rough and rugged but definitely a treat for the treakers. We were so happy here and enjoy each and every step there. Then we headed towards Camping Sight Raison which is at a distance of 16kms. from Kullu, it is a ultimate place for overnight stay at holding youth camps. We were in the camps overnight and enjoyed a lot. The landscape here is breath taking. It is an exciting place for an adventure holiday. What I felt was this place is an extravagant pageant of natural scenery, one of the primarily places of snow capped mountains. Yeah! We saw Katrain, the central and the widest part of the valley, it was 20kms. from Kullu , full of apple orchards which is of course adding fascination and popularity to the place. There are various temples in Manali. We visited Naggar as this place is dedicated to the famous temples of Vishnu, Lord Krishana and Tripura Sundari. It was the capital of preceding Kullu State for about 1400 years. It is also famous for Roerich art gallery containing the paintings and sculptures. The Place can easily be accessed by Cars and jeeps. We also visited Manu Temple at ManaliIt, it was 3 kms. from the main market of Manali is known as the creator of human race on the earth. Hadimba Temple This temple is dedicated to goddess Hadimba have modeled mythical figures and symbols on its four-tiered Pagoda shaped roof and door. This temple located amidst wooden forest of

mountaineering. skiing and water sports. fishing (licenses can be obtained from the Fisheries officer). rail or road. from the tourist office.deodar is about 2. Skiing and trekking equipment¶s can be hired from here by booking in advance. This is one of my beautiful moment of my life visiting Manali is like visiting somewhere I have been longing for. they sell it at very cheap cost and the pure one.5 kms. Well. Well. My experience was very nice and hope you like my experience & am sure next you are going to plan for a trip. The 3 newly constructed kaleidoscopic monasteries are also the shopping hub for the visitors where they can buy carpets and other Tibetan handicrafts. we were so delighted and captured so many pictures. You can go there by either of ways: air. So we go by our car and enjoyed our trip very much. It was all fun there. we opted to go there by road. All the best! . The distance from Delhi to Manali is just 570 km. there are many activities which you can do here in Manali like trekking. We bought carpets from Tibetan Monasteries.

Manikaran. Kullu Manali is blessed with copious attractions and tourism opportunities which tourists can experience on their Manali travel and Kullu visit. During the winter season these beautiful hill towns gets covered with thick sheet of snow that makes the place heavenly for adventure enthusiasts. Vashisth Village & Temple. Kullu and Manali are two different hill towns but due to the close proximity both are considered in himachal tourism industry as one. Most of the tour operator now-a-days provides on-line tour packages. In actual fact. Go through it and choose one of your choices and enjoy holidays in these heavenly hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. These hill stations mesmerize tourists and vacationers with their awesome beauty of nature and provide them wonderful opportunity to enjoy holidays in a delightful way. All these winter sports truly offer some fascinating experience that tourists will love to relish forever and ever. You will surely love to cherish the memories till eternity. etc. Shimla Manali Tours is also popular among adventure enthusiasts with wide range of adventure & sport activities. iceskating. thick forests of pine & cedar trees. heli-skiing. Tourists do not forget to take snap shot of such wonderful views. India. Blessed with extraordinary nature beauty they offer ample of tourism and adventure sport opportunities. Truly plan your vacation in these beautiful hill stations of India and treasure remarkable memories to relish for lifetime. paragliding. etc. hot water springs. beautiful meadows with colorful wild flowers. or visit to Shimla but several reasons makes tourists to come to these favored hill stations of Himachal Pradesh. fruit laden apple orchards. trekking. mountaineering. These are the prime attractions of Kullu Manali and Shimla. etc. tourists and travelers from all the nook and corner of the world come for tours to Shimla Manali . golfing. families. Manali mountaineering institute. ancient temples. Well if you want to feel the charm and beauty of these exciting attractions book one tailor make tour package to Kullu Manali from a well known travel agent. . There are not only one reason to plan for Manali Tours. Actually. These hill stations are awesomely beautiful blessed by nature which has made them very popular among vacationers. Kullu Manali and Shimla are endowed with Snow-covered mountain peaks of majestic Himalayas. honeymooners. Jagatsukh. nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Arjuna Gufa. Nevertheless Kullu and Manali are worth visit and appreciate. not only Kullu and Manali but entire region of Kullu district is worth enjoyable. Solan Valley and Rohtang Pass are very popular attractions of Kullu Manali tours and one can enjoy trekking to these wonderful places. One can feel the thrill and hair rising experience enjoying winter sports like skiing. rock climbing. You will surely cherish the moments for lifetime. Manu Temple. Glimpse of towering snow caped mountain peaks of majestic Himalayas and deepness of dynamic valleys are really commendable. are key attractions of travel to Manali . gorgeous valleys. Hadimba Devi Temple.Kullu Manali and Shimla are picturesque hill stations and the perfect holidaying destination located in the lap of Mother Nature in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Due to the astounding beauty and the fascinating tourism options.

Then we visited Mountaineering Institute. Lakkar Bazaar. After hearty breakfast at the hotel. Climate was soothing and we all were awestruck.Previous summer I went to Shimla and Manali tour with my family. It is one of the most important temples in the region. Nature beauty was superb. We visited attractions like the Mall. Our Manali tours were truly mesmerizing full of delights. Till pre-decided date we all were very excited thinking how Shimla and Manali are. Tara Devi Temple. After breakfast at the hotel our tour representative took us for sightseeing tours of Shimla ± the Capital City of Himachal Pradesh famously known as the Queen of Hill Stations. Next day we were transferred to Shimla by car. the Ridge. Next day after breakfast we were taken to Rohtang Pass. Then we also visited Solang Valley. It was approx 6 hours drive from Manali to Shimla. Till next day we were very excited to explore Manali. You can get more information about Manali and Shimla tours package on various website travel websites catering tourism in Himachal Pradesh. Next morning we were transferred to Chandigarh Railway Station by car. Upon arrival in Shimla we were transferred to our pre-booked hotel. I and my younger brother enjoyed hot air ballooning at Solang Valley. we were taken for sightseeing tours in the city. We are very surprised to see the fantastic nature beauty of landscapes with lofty mountain peaks and thick forests in surroundings. So we decided to have a dip into the springs. My wife said me it is truly a wonderland to explore. On fixed date we arrive at Chandigarh where we were welcome and transferred to Manali by a representative our travel agency. We traveled in and around this beautiful hill station and enjoyed a lot. In time we were taken to hotel at Manali for dinner and overnight stay. Our guide told us that bathing at spring is known for curative property. It was a journey of approx 8 hours. Jakhoo Hill & Temple. excitements and fun. the Christ Church. I booked a tour package with a reputable travel agent. Sankat Mochan Temple. . Chadwick Falls. First of all we visited Hadimba Devi Temple also called Dungri Temple. about 51 km away from Manali. At Manali we are accommodated at a budget hotel as we have decided to stay at budget hotels during our tour. Prospect Hill. In time we all were transferred to our hotel for dinner and overnight stay. etc. It was really beautiful and we enjoyed a lot by watching scenic surroundings and snow clad mountain peaks of majestic Himalayas. We boarded train for Delhi to and return back to our home with the sweet and enduring memories of Shimla Manali tours. Manu Temple and Vashisth Temples & Hot Water Springs. We have a good sleep at the hotel and woke up in the early morning with the excitement of Shimla tours. And we did so.

Hidimba Devi Temple Hadimba or Dhungiri temple in Manali is one of the most important temples in the region. The village.76m is a little hub of hundred houses. Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa This Gompa dominates the Tibetan area around the bottom of the Mall in Manali. Manali literally means the 'Home of Manu'. picnic and photography.000 tribals.skiing. Mountaineering Himachal Pradesh has some challenging peaks and each year expeditions are organized by the Mountaineering Institute at Manali.Manali Manali Resorts The Kullu valley has an ancient town in its lap called Manali. . Prime Attractions of Manali Heli Skiing For high mountain thrills perhaps nothing can surpass the magic of heli. The Gompa is covered with brightly coloured frescoes and a mid size Buddhist statute. Manu is the mythological character who is supposed to have survived when the world was drowned in Flood. Manali's major asset is its proximity to the snowline. a popular honeymoon destination and trailhead for numerous treks as well as a great countryside ideal for adventure sport lovers. Thus. Rohtang Pass. The Tibetan refugees built the Gompa in the late 1960's. The Mountaineering Institute has regional centers at Dharamsala. Gulaba Camp 20-km from Manali. Bharmour and Jispa. He then came to Manali and recreated human life. It is a flourishing orchard industry. which organise adventure courses as well. which consists of 1. It also carries a list of the martyrs killed in occupation of Tibet of 1987 to 1989. Deo Tibba and Chanderkhani Pass near Manali. the area of Manali is sacred and Hindus treat the temples over here as pilgrimage. Surrounded by towering peaks at an arm length. situated at an altitude of 2. is this beautiful place famous for sightseeing. The sport is available in the area abound by the Hanuman Tibba. has an immaculate system of self-governance. Malana Valley In the valleys of Kullu and Manali below Chanderkhani Pass. This four story wooden temple is located in the middle of a forest called the Dhungiri Van Vihar.

. just 3km from Manali. Nehru Kund It is a spring of clear. Mountaineering Institute The Mountaineering Institute located at Manali provides training facilities for basic and advance climbing both for Indian nationals and foreigners.Manali Sanctuary This sanctuary is located in District Kullu's nearest town. formerly known as Bashist. skiing. The sanctuary was notified on 26th February 1954. 1933. For daredevils. rockclimbing.180 hectares. is an amorphous jumble of traditional timber houses and modern concrete cubes. The institute has sufficient lodging and boarding arrangements and equipment can be hired for trekking purposes. the large settlement of Vashisht. is a very lovely village set on a hill surrounded by forests. named after the late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and is 6-km from Manali on Keylong road. offers best opportunity for Heli-Skiing. There is a large modern Tibetan temple to the South of the bus stand and also a small handicrafts centre. This institute also conducts other adventurous sports activities like high altitude trekking. Tibetan Temple Tibetans have a base in Manali too. as a base camp. Manali and Narkanda come to life with adventure seekers competing their way downhill. cold water. and high altitude rescue and relief courses. Naggar was the capital of Kullu valley in the 16th century and the monuments in the region are witnesses to the glory it had once lived in. Manali. The area of this sanctuary is 3. Manali. Winter Carnival Snow continues to play a major part in February's festivals and Himachal's Winter Carnival is also held this month. minor mountaineering. under the Punjab Birds and Wild Animals Protection Act. Naggar Taken as an excursion from Kullu or Manali. Manali is named after the sage Manu who meditated when he came in this area. Vashisth Village Famous for the sweeping valley views and sulphurous hot-water springs. Ski slopes of Kufri. divided by paved courtyards and narrow muddy lanes. Temple Of Manu Slippery stones paths lead through the old village houses up to the temple of Manu. Nagar also known as Naggar.

) On the left bank of the Beas. and the Beas River flows through a very deep and narrow gorge at this point.) The old Manali area is located some 3-km from the present day Manali. In here Arjuna practiced austerities to get Pashupata Ashtra or weapon from Lord Indra. It provides a wide panoramic view of mountains rising far above clouds. at the start of the climb to the Rohtang Pass. Kothi (12Km. which look ancient now. Arjun Gufa (5Km. Close to the rest house is an awe-inspiring gorge where Beas enters a chasm about 61m deep and just few metres broad. at the Rohtang Pass and is easily accessible. on the Manali-Keylong road. About 6-km from Manali. which is a sight truly breath-taking. and orchards where the livestock move at will. 51-km from Manali town.) It is a pretty little village. The place is still hallowed by the celestial light. Rahalla Falls (16Km.Excursions from Manali Rohtang Pass (50Km.) It is one of the biggest villages in Kullu district. The old Manali is covered with guesthouses. Solang Nullah .501m. It was because of this that the river got the present name of Beas.112m. is the 'Arjun Gufa' or the cave of Arjuna. The well-situated Public Works Department (PWD) Resthouse is a popular place for overnight stays. 4. Vyas performed `Tapa' here during the Mahabharat times. Jagatsukh Temple (6Km. 12-km from Manali on the Keylong road at the foot of Rohtang Pass. Beas Kund (50Km. are the beautiful Rahalla Falls at an altitude of 2. The great sage.) About 16-km from Manali and 4-km away from Kothi. 5-km from Manali near the village of Prini.) It is the source of river Beas. Old Manali (3Km.) Rohtang Pass is the highest point. Jagatsukh is famous for its Shiva temple that is built in "shikhara" style and nearby is the old and interesting Devi Sharvati temple. There are very fine views from Kothi.

jewellery and thangkas. Keylong acts as a good base for visiting several Buddhist monasteries in the area . Further a field lie several more . The Hidden Attractions Keylong is the district headquarters of Lahaul and here lies the fork for Ladakh and Leh. Bokar.) 14-km northwest of Manali in the Solang Valley. Istingri. which has an outlet on the Mall.Manali Shopping The Mall in Manali offers many interesting items to be purchased. masks.and miles of flat lands. Dongma.) This small village near Manali is famous for its scenic beauty. Darcha. this place offers Himachal Pradesh's best ski slopes.Guru Ghantal. mainly assorted Tibetan curios such as prayer wheels. Past it are the racing waters of the river Chandra. Vashisth Hot Sulphur Springs (3Km. The river Bhaga flows out of the Suraj Tal that lies by the pass. Gumrang. Past the little settlements of Jispa. Shashur Tayul and Gemur are some of the more famous ones. Lindur. from cloths to decorative pieces and gift items. Khinang. Tingal. Then the flat roofed houses of Khoksar provide a glimpse of living in these areas. Kardang. The village has some hot water springs. Around the bazaar there are innumerable stalls stacked with hand-woven goods and pillbox Kullu Topis. It is a picturesque little place. Sarchu rests in stark splendour and the scenery past it is remarkable.Trilokinath. The route to Leh starts from Manali. Kolong. HPTDC runs seven-day package for ski courses with accommodation in the Hotel Rohtang Manaslu in Manali. just opposite the tourist office. Udaipur. Enroute to Leh also come the high passes of Lachlang La And Tanglang La . amulets.Manali The Trans Himalayas is at once stark and forbidding and yet. Tinna. which are said to carry medicinal properties. How To Get There . The first of the high passes on the road is the Rohtang La. Thola Pyasu. its lunar like landscape has a strong fascination and a haunting beauty. Leisure . The Mountaineering and Allied Sports Institute operates a 300m high ski lift and the month of February is the best month to ski over here. 3-km out of Manali but on foot the distance is a bit shorter. Darcha and Patseo. The village has a temple dedicated to Lord Rama and Vashisth Muni. particularly the brilliantly patterned shawls for which it is known for. comes the 8-km long Baralacha pass. Woollen goods are the town's real forte. and is along the second highest highway in the world. Manali's other specialty is Himalayan handicrafts. Sarchu has a tented . Courses are also offered by the Mountaineering and Allied Sports Institute and the North Face Ski School.(14Km. Lapchang. dorjees or thunderbolts. Jagdang and Othang. Jispa. musical instruments. Piukar. Another reliable emporium is the government sponsored Bhutico. Jholing. The NSC or 'New Shopping Centre' Market near the bus stand sells a good selection.

Manali Altitude 2. including Hotel Tourist. From Bhuntar one can take a taxi or a bus to Manali. Pinewood Hotel. By Road The road to Manali passes through the picturesque valley of Kullu.colony and hotels. Places To Stay . The altitude of Manali gives it a climate. The reservations can be made one month in advance. Rohtang Pass. Climate . Jhon Banon'n Guesthouse.Manali There are dozens of places to stay in Manali. Sunshine Guest House. Hotel Highlands. It is better to take a taxi. which is loved by one and all. Beas Hotel and Hotel Rohtang Manalsu. Hadimba Temple Location Himachal Pradesh . HPTDC runs several places and bookings can be made at the HTPDC Marketing Office on the Mall. The scenic beauty of Kullu while going to Manali can best be enjoyed on a bus or a taxi. The motorable roads to Manali connect the town with other major tourist places in Himachal as well as in the nearby states. During the monsoon months due to heavy rainfall there are landslides. The best time to visit Manali is May and October but one can visit this place during winters too. By Rail The nearest railhead is that of Joginder Nagar and this narrow gauze railway station is 95km from Kullu. Main Attraction Vashisth Hot Sulphur Spring. During the winters the snow line comes down and there is snowfall in the region and heavy woollen cloths are required. which hamper movement. which one can stop and enjoy the nature at will. By Air The nearest airport to Manali is that of Bhuntar. At the Manali bus stand there are two booths. Both private and state government buses are in service over here. which do computerised reservation for buses. which is 52-km from Manali. Hotel Chetna. Sunshine Guest House.050m Best Time May To October. General Information . The summers are cool and the winters prove to be very harsh.Manali The climate of Manali is very cold as it is located in the Himalayas and the snow line is not far from the place.

There are private organizations that provide training as well as equipment for skiing. Patalsu. PARAGLIDING Paragliding is a combination of hang gliding and parachuting. The slopes of Solang Nullah provide just the right kind of slopes for paragliding during summers. In fact Patalsu and Rohtang slopes are the only places where one can do summer skiing. The national level skiing competition is held on the slopes of Solang Nullah and the winter carnival is organized at Manali. One can hire equipment from the private organizations in Manali and around. . which have been rated the best for skiing in the world. The various clubs provide the basic equipment required for the water sports.Activities ADVENTURE SPORTS RAFTING The Beas River flowing through Kullu valley is suitable for not only white water rafting but is ideal for canoeing and kayaking too. The slopes are being further developed to accommodate more trainees and tourists. The Mountaineering Institute has put up a small ski lift at Solang Nullah. The trip starts from Mohal and covers a total distance 10-kms. There are organizations. The season normally starts from May to midJune and rest depends on the arrival of monsoon. which offer packages for paragliding. Marhi and Rohtang slopes are very good for skiing in the winters as well as in summers. Kothi. SKIING Near Manali there are some slopes. The Solang Nullah. The place has immense potential to offer some world-class ski slopes and they are being developed on the same lines. In parachuting one has to jump from an aircraft whereas in paragliding one has to run down hill. The Beas River from the Manaki to Jhiri near Bajaura in Kullu district has become very popular among the lovers of river rafting and many competitions have been organized in the same.

Monsoons offer very less rainfall during July to August. It may be bit difficult during rainy season.Best Time to Visit Manali has a cool climate all through the year. If snowfall is your main motive. Heavy snowfalls are common during winters. Winters (November to February) are chilly with minimum goes down well below 3°C and maximum never crossing 14°C. Make sure that winter woolen clothes are kept with you while touring. especially during January. Best time to visit this hill station is any time of the year. . Manali is a safe destination to visit. Winters is good for winter skiing. then Dec-Feb is the time when you can expect snowfall. Rohtang pass is open only in July and August. Summers (March to June) are very pleasant with temperatures ranging between 12°C and 25°C.

You can get heavily embroidered and exotic looking shawls that are readily available in the local markets in Manali. Manali-Location Manali is a beautiful hill resort in the state of Himachal Pradesh. on the banks of river Beas. One can also take a tour to the Vashisht Baths.Manali . Manali-Shopping If you are o a holiday to Manali. another popular hill station of North India. They are in a little village called Vashisht. If you are willing to take a walk. It is believed that the first man on earth Manu. 2. meters above sea level 40km from Kullu 01902 .Fast Facts Altitude Location STD Code Manali-Introduction If you happen to be a nature lover and have not yet been to the beautiful hill resort of Manali in Himachal Pradesh. If you are a man and shopping for you spouse or beloved. This is exactly how Manali looks. landed on this very spot after a great flood. One of them being the Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa. hillsides covered with green pine trees and vast green lawns and fragrant fruit orchards. then you are really missing something. Imagine snow-capped mountains in the backdrop. do not forget to get great gifts for friends and family back home. It takes a half hour walk up the hills to reach Manu Temple in the old Manali. The hot springs here are very popular with the tourists along with a temple dedicated to Lord Rama. A perfect hill resort along the Beas river that not only offers such natural beauty to its visitors but also a chance to try out certain adventurous sports and visit many old and culturally rich heritage sites. Gompas are the Tibetan monasteries. Another major tourist spot that feature in most tourists lists to Manali is the Hadimba devi temple. It is about 1. It is a major tourist attraction of Manali because one can also buy woolen shawls and carpets here.5 kms from Main Mandi. It is 40 kms away from Kullu. then you can visit the Manu Temple.050. It is in the midst of woods and is an extremely beautiful temple with a 4-tier pagoda shaped roof ad a doorway that has a lot of intricate carving and sculptures which depict legends and old Indian mythological characters. This particular Gompa was built in the year 1969. Manali-Sites to Visit Kullu-History A holiday package to Manali would most certainly include a tour of the major tourists spots in Manali.

enjoying the picturesque beauty along the way. Continental and regional cuisine. Manali-Best time to visit The best time to visit Manali is either between April to June or September to October. You can also try rock climbing since The western Himalayas mountaineering institute in Manali offers rock-climbing courses even for beginners. it not only provides accommodation for all budgets but also has many restaurants and eateries that offer not only hygienic and delicious Indian food but also Chinese. If you are planning to take a tour to Manali in winter season then you can enjoy skiing on the slopes. The hill resort of Manali has such variety and offers so much that it is a perfect holiday spot for people of all ages. Since Manali is a major hill station. River-rafting on river Beas can also be tried. which is 77km from Manali. whereas during winters you can play in the snow and enjoy skiing on the slopes. . silver jewellery (inlaid with turquoise and coral besides many other semi-precious stones) and pashmina (which is obviously a bit expensive). Manali-Where to stay There are lots of good hotels and guesthouses in Manali. If you rather go by road. then you can hire a cab from Kullu to cover a stretch of 67 kms. Manali-How to Reach You can either choose to get to Manali by air or road. The closest airport to Manali is at Bhuntar. The hill resort is a treat for the trekkers who can trek through some hard yet really rewarding trek routes. You can visit this beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh by making Hill Resorts India your travel partner so you can enjoy a great holiday in the lap of can buy a firan. Manali-Adventure Sports If you are a trekker and looking forward to spending your ext holiday enjoying your favorite outdoor activity. In summers you can enjoy rock climbing and river rafting along with a lot of excursions. by simply booking a tour package online. which not only have all the modern amenities but are also reasonably priced. All these things can easily be bought at the popular shopping center or mall in Manali. then come to Manali. The hill station offers unlimited fun to people who love to be outdoors and truly enjoy the company of nature. Hill Resorts India offers online booking to many of them.

the fish warned Manu of an Impending deluge when the entire world would be submerged and bade him to build a sea-worthy ark. Manu Temple: This is dedicated to the sage Manu. General Information Climate: Cool & pleasant Weather: min -10° C & max 15° C Best Time to Visit: May. for it was at Manali that life began again. Jagatsukh: The one time capital of Kullu. There are thick forest full of cool breezes and bird song. All creating enchanting facades of Manali tours. smell picturesque hamlets and fruit laden orchards. this has good ski slopes and picnic spots. There are high mountains surrounded by silent snows and deep boulder strewn gorges. It has the glacier closest to Manali.October. These are just beyond the Himachal tourism baths. The beautiful Rahalla falls (16 . Kothi (12 km) is a picturesque village and has a thrilling view of the deep gorge through which the Beas swiftly races. Towards the Rohtang Paas: On the road to Keylong is the Nehru kund (6 km) which is a clear water spring and a scenic spot named after late Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. And today this legendary cradle of all human kind is a prime holiday destination. As the earth slowly dried. Vaivasvata.which was only appropriate. here arose a place of breath taking natural beauty . visit during winters to see snowfall. Monasteries: There are three recently built Tibetan monasteries at Manali. There are fields of wild flowers. Vashishtha: Well known for its hot springs. It is famous for its exquisitely carved doorway. Here are old temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and to Sandhya Gayatri.One day. The fish told him to look after it with devotion for one day it would do him a great service. The Arjun caves are just ahead. the seventh incarnation of Manu found a tiny fish in his bathing water. There are old temples dedicated to the sage Vashishtha and to Lord Rama. Solang Valley: In a picturesque setting. Vaivasvatatava took care of the fish till the day it grew so huge that he released it into the sea before departing. Suggested Clothing: Woolen Places to visit y y y y y y y Hadimba Devi Temple: Built in 1553 and with a superbly crafted four tiered pagoda roof. As the waters subsided the seventh Manu's ark came to rest on a hillside and the place was named Manali (2050 m) after him. When the flood came Vaivasvata and the Seven Sages were towed to safety by Matsya the fish-which is regarded as the first avatara of Lord Vishnu.

Sher-i-Punjab: Indian food and pizzas. the Rohtang Pass is at the height of 3980m. Mona Lisa: Indian and western food at reasonable prices. for a bit higher prices. Run by HPDC.Rs 45 Dhabas Himalaya: For Indian food Kamal: For Indian food . Tibetan and Japanese food.y y y y y y km) are at an altitude of 2500 m. Located near bus stand. Mahadev Food Corner: For cheap Indian food Moc Restaurant: Cheaper Chinese. Keylong is the headquarters of Lahaul and spiti district Monasteries of Kardung and Shashus are important attractions. a library.. Chopsticks: For Chinese. Juniper Restaurant: Good Food. Keylong: Lying about 120 km from Manali. just 10-12 km from Manali. A crucial link on the old trade route and still the gateway to trans Himalayan Lahaul.Mall Road is flooded by variety of eating options constituting of small settlements such as local dhabas to fancy restaurants. The main market region in the city. a billiards room. Club House: The club House with its comprehensive facilities that includes roller skating ring. Some of the famous restaurants you can check out while on tours to Manali are: Restaurants y y y y y y y y y y y Cafes y Jhonson's: For pasta. Located near the Mall. deserts and cold beer. an auditorium. Tibetan & Japanese delicacies. a bar and a restaurants. Located near Sukhiran Guest House. Udaypur: An important pilgrimage place in the Pattan Valley. Food & Restaurants Ranging from Indian cuisines to international preparations such as Italian or Chinese cuisines all is available in the Manali market. Mount View Restaurant: A cosy place offering good Chinese. Kothi: A place with charming natural beauty. Swamiji's Madras Cafe: A large thali may cost around Rs 40 . pizza. Triloknath: Located in the Pattan Valley. makes a wonderful outing for the day. it is an important pilgrimage centre noted for its temple dedicated to six armed statue of Avalokiteshwara Bodhisattva. Be it local cuisines or Tibetan food even Vaishnavi Dhabas you are sure to find something interesting in the alleys of Manali. Mayur Restaurant: For vegetarian food. Tibetan and Japanese food. Located on the Mall. Vashisth Bath: One of Manali's main attractions is a place to luxuriate in Himachal Tourism's baths where the water of hot sulphur springs renowned for their medicinal qualities has been piped into baths.

It's a Tibetanrun place.Kashmir Handicraft Cooperation (Bus Stand) offer local clothes (viz. Other than HPTDC. The nearest one Bhuntas is about 50 km from Manali. Traditional Afghan. Roadways The entire Kullu Valley is connected with various centers both inside and outside the state. Access Airways Manali has no airport of its own.y y y y y Phuntsok Coffee House: A range of cakes and pies is served here. Go for bargain! For thangkas and a variety of silver and jewellery. Little Tibet: Cheap Tibetan food is served here. Mount View: A good secluded place located in Old Manali area. Ish: A popular place. located in Old Manali area. Do buy locally made pickles. Pashmina shawl) and souvenirs. Shopping Charitrust Tibetan Handicrafts Emporium (Mall) and Kullu . shawls etc go to the Manali market. jams and juices. . Total distance is about 300 km Via Ghaggas and Sundernagar to Pandoh. Ludhiana and Shimla. Shimla to Manali (via Mandi) One has three options for Shimla-Mandi drive. Total distance is about 270 km. One which passes through Jalosi Pass. Located in old Manali area. a fleet of buses is run by road transport corporations and private operators. Booking could be made through travel agents both at Kullu and Delhi as well as other places. Tibet Kitchen: Popular for its Tibetan noodles and western food. Through Tattapani. Kullu and Kinnawri hats are quite cheap. Delhi. For woollen stuff such as sweaters. Flights are available to and fro Lucknow. you can go either to the Tibetan Market or the Tibetan and Nepalese shops near the Post Office.

around 2 hours from Manali. Manali Location : Manali is 580 kilometers (193 miles) north of Delhi.Manali. Ayurveda. so it¶s necessary to travel quite a distance by road to reach Manali. but police interference has put a huge dampener on the party scene and it¶s not what it used to be. so you can actually lie down and rest properly. when nature starts coming alive again after the cold winter. Manali Festivals : The Hadimba Temple Festival. You can do as little or as much as you want there. there's an airport in Bhunter. Outdoor trance parties are held in the hills around Old Manali. and hiking are all on offer in or around Manali. and the government operated Directorate of Mountaineering and Allied Sports. and Reiki) and monastery tours. For something different. Many people head off on a road trip to Leh from Manali. which takes place in May each year. There¶s also a carnival for the kids. offers a blend of tranquility and adventure that makes it one of northern India's most popular travel destinations. The Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation and Himachal Tourism both operate buses from Delhi and surrounding locations. the nights and mornings are cold. white water rafting. Some reputable ones with high safety standards are Himalayan Journeys. and masses of butterflies are a real treat. and it starts snowing in December. The crisp clean air. at the northern end of the Kullu Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh. which falls in October each year. mostly from May to July. rows of blossoming apple orchards. Trans Himalayan Adventures organize tailored healing holidays (including Yoga. When to Visit Manali: The best time for travel to Manali is late March until October. provides an interesting glimpse of local culture. Fishing. You¶ll find many companies that organize and run adventure tours. Manali Adventure Activities: Anyone looking for thrilling adventure sports will love Manali. From October onwards. and local artists perform traditional folk dances. skiing. The spring (late March to late April). paragliding. which give it a special energy. It¶s a magical place bordered by cool pine forest and the raging Beas River. 320 kilometers (198 miles) away. mountaineering. Alternatively. Getting to Manali: The nearest main railway station is at Chandigarh. It¶s possible to book a sleeper. although many people prefer the semi-sleeper reclining seats in the deluxe Volvo buses. with its soothing backdrop of the Himalayas. North Face Adventure Tours. Another popular festival is Dusherra. Gods and Goddesses from local villages are dressed up and carried in procession to the temple. Manali Side Trips: . is a beautiful time to visit. The trip from Delhi takes around 15 hours and most buses travel overnight.

One of the best ones is the Manu Allava Spa Resort.Manali town and Old Manali. and health treatments and massages on offer. deep ravines. Old Manali is full of quaint and inexpensive guest houses. and trekking opportunities to temples and waterfalls.8 miles) from Manali. with rooms from around $85 including breakfast. and it distinctly lacks the charm and village atmosphere of Old Manali. and Purnima Guest House. has panoramic views of the valley and hot mineral springs that you can soak in. Another popular Manali hotel is the Banon Resort Manali. Solang Valley shows nature at its best with snow.The small village of Vashist. Make sure you try some of the delicious local fruit wine for less than 200 rupees ($5) a bottle. Veer Guest House. which you can do in a hired taxi from Manali. The scenery is incredible and features views of glaciers. A little further out. Rooms at the Manu Allava Spa Resort start from around $150 for a double per night and include tea. It¶s a commercial area full of honeymooning Indians and families who¶ve flocked there to escape the scorching summer heat. Make sure you wear warm clothes! Manali Travel Tips: Manali is divided into two parts -. Manali Hotels: Manali has some wonderful luxury resorts with tranquil mountain settings. The town is best avoided unless you want to go shopping or make travel arrangements. such as the Dragon Guest House. will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. and of course snow covered mountains. The peaceful surroundings. . Rohtang Pass is highly recommended day trip. breakfast and dinner. only 3 kilometers (1.

The distance between Kullu & Manali is 40 k. Ropar. Mandi & Kullu. away at Kalka. . drive from Manali via Karnal. » By Road: Delhi is 14 hrs. or exploring the variance in fruit orchards Valley of Gods known as Kullu has it all. Recently Heli-skiing has also been introduced. You can enjoy all sorts of challenging experiences here from trekking.m. » Gateway for Jeep Safari to Leh across snow covered mountain passes & barren landscape of Lahaul Valley from July to September. Bilaspur.m. This festive time is the best to witness the true color of the Kullu valley.m. from Kullu & 55 k. Over 600 local deities come here to pay their homage to Lord Raghunath. skiing to river rafting and paragliding. enjoying the scenery of the snow covered mountains. an ideal place for the individuals who crave for fun and adventure in the Himachal hills.Kullu / Manali Travel Fishing on the shores of river Beas.m. Excursions : » Manikaran Hot Springs » Roerich Art Gallery » Naggar Castle » Rohtang Pass & Snow Point » Bijli Mahadev Temple » Keylong Monestary & Udeypur temples » Solang ski slopes How to Reach Kullu Manali : » By Air : Bhuntar airport is connected by small aircraft to Delhi & Shimla ( Bhuntar is 15 k. » By Train: Nearest broadgauge is 280 k. from Manali. Kullu Valley has engulfed among itself a breathtakingly beautiful town Manali. Places of Interest in Kullu Manali : » Raghunath Temple » Jagannath Devi Temple » Hadimba Temple » Gadhan Thekchokling Gompa » Old Manali Village » Manu Maharishi Temple » Vashisht Sulphur Bath Special Attractions of Kullu Manali : » Kullu Dusshera : The festivities start in Kullu town when the rest of the country is through with Dusshera during October. Adventure Sports in Manali : Kullu and Manali are the best places when it comes to adventure sports.

the high mountain passes road to Leh is open from July to September. Skiers throng to Manali from January to March. For adventure seekers. .Best time to Visit Kullu Manali: The ideal time to travel Kullu Manali is April to June & October.

Chandigarh.Delhi. Also visit Old Manali village. DAY 07 : Manali . Later proceed for full day sightseeing Old and New Delhi.978 m. On the way up to the village you come upon the Vashist hot baths where a natural sulphar spring is piped into a modern bath -house. Meet & greet on arrival and transfer to hotel. Tennis and Squash at the club racing and Cricket at annandale. DAY 04 : Shimla . initially chosen as a sanatorium for invalid European officers.Manali After breakfast. Riding in Jakhu. DAY 09 : Chandigarh . . It has a carpet making operation. Hadimba is said to be the wife of Bhima from the epic of Mahabharata. DAY 06 : Full day city tour of Manali Visit Tibetan Monastery. DAY 02 : Delhi .). drive from Shimla to Manali (280 kms . Hadimba Devi temple-It is small temple situated in the dense forest is very interesting . Dinner and overnight at hotel. In the evening drive back to Manali for overnight stay.Chandigarh . Enroute you may stop for lunch in any nice place. but soon developed into a big hill town and became the summer capital of the country. Golf at Naldera and winter sking at Kufri. check-in to hotel.Shimla Morning after breakfast. After breakfast drive back to New Delhi (275 kms) Check into the hotel.Onward destination Depart New Delhi by train/air & reach destination. is only open from June to September. Dinner and overnight at hotel. Drive to Chandigarh {370 Kms}.051 ft. OR visit to the Rohtang Pass. India.DAY 01 : Delhi Arrive Delhi by any convenient mode of transport. or 13. Morning after breakfast at the hotel. DAY 10 : Delhi . On arrival in Shimla. There are ample opportunities in Shimla for sports.Kullu .Manali Full day excursion tour to Kullu (49 kms ). On arrival in Delhi. check in at the hotel. The pass (3. Continue drive to Shimla. Overnight at the hotel. Overnight at the hotel. DAY 03 : Shimla One of the most popular hill Resorts of the North. Vashist. Overnight stay at the hotel. drive to Shimla. Day 08 : Manali . The pass connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahul and Spiti valleys of Himachal Pradesh. Overnight stay in hotel. The town is situated at an altitude of 6810 ft. DAY 05 : Manali Walk through town visiting newly constructed Buddhist Monastery.10 hrs) Arrive Manali and transfer to hotel. it is an extremely picturesque little place clinging to the steep hill side. Overnight stay at hotel.

Around Manali Hadimba Temple: Hadimba or Dhungiri temple in Manali is one of the most important temples in the region. Chinars and tall deciduous Deodars. The motorable road is shaded by Chestnuts. there are sulphur springs-gush. Manali. This four-story wooden temple is located in the middle of a forest called the Dhungiri Van Vihar. Rohtang Pass. Manali has spectacular views of snowcapped peaks and wooded slopes. This forested backdrop enthral one¶s spirit and refresh one¶s mind all along the uphill path. a popular honeymoon destination and trailhead for numerous treks as well as a great countryside ideal for adventure sport lovers. He then came to Manali and recreated human life. . Manali's major asset is its proximity to the snowline. Vashist Springs (1. Manu is the mythological character who is supposed to have survived when the world was drowned in Flood. over the high passes. It is a flourishing orchard industry.982m): At about half an hour¶s brisk walking distance from town.Manali Location : Altitude : Main Attractions : 40-kms From Kullu. Manali literally means the 'Home of Manu'. Hadimba Temple Best Time To Visit : April To June & September To October Situated at the northern end of the Kullu valley. is a popular base for trekking and mountaineering in summer and skiing in winter. Thus. with its mountaineering institute. the area of Manali is sacred and Hindus treat the temples over here as pilgrimage. Interesting routes into the surrounding valleys.050m Vashisth Hot Sulphur Spring. are provided with tourist huts and rest houses for trekkign enthusiasts. Himachal Pradesh 2. Winding paths through forests and glades of whispering Deodars form the setting for the majestic wooden temple of Hidimba Devi in Manali. Surrounded by towering peaks at an arm length.

Water flows at the source of the river like a spring. The season normally starts from May to mid-June and rest depends on the arrival of monsoon. Rohtang Pass (13-kms): Situated about 50-km from Manali town. A few mules graze around while all and sundry try to brave the wind on a clear sunny day. is the Rohtang Pass. snow streaked and snow crowned. and high altitude rescue and relief courses. 5-km from Manali near the village of Prini. Beas Kund: Further ahead is the Beas Kund.emerging out of the mountains at Vashisht. Rafting in Manali: The Beas river flowing through Kullu valley is suitable for not only white water rafting but is ideal for canoeing and kayaking too. Arjun Gufa (5-kms): On the left bank of the Beas. A few km away from the pass is the Sonapani glacier and. the very source of the holy river Beas. Here. There is a beautiful Dasohar Lake left of the Pass. is open from June to November each year. About 6-km from Manali. Snowfall is. The Beas River from the Manaki to Jhiri near Bajaura in Kullu district has become very popular among the lovers of river rafting and many competitions have been organized in the same. slightly to the left are the twin peaks of Gaypan-jagged pyramid of rock. The institute has sufficient lodging and boarding arrangements and equipment can be hired for trekking purposes. unpredictable and blizzards can close the Pass even during this period. is the 'Arjun Gufa' or the cave of Arjuna. In here Arjuna practiced austerities to get Pashupata Ashtra or weapon from Lord Indra. warming all kinds of ailments out of their systems. which provides the only access to the Lahaul Valley. skiing. in a bath complex with a restaurant and a beautiful view.111m on the highway to Keylong. so clear and icy cold that it almost numbs the fingers. Here one sees the majesty of the mountains at its height and splendour. minor mountaineering. The and medicinal . rockclimbing. The various clubs provide the basic . at an altitude of 4. The tiny roundish igloo like stone hut shelters the Beas Kund. Adventure Sports in Manali Manali Mountaineering Institute: The Mountaineering Institute located at Manali provides training facilities for basic and advance climbing both for Indian nationals and foreigners. All around is the rocky terrain with very little vegetation. Jagatsukh is famous for its Shiva temple that is built in "shikhara" style and nearby is the old and interesting Devi Sharvati temple. The trip starts from Mohal and covers a total distance 10-kms. Jagatsukh (6-kms): It is one of the biggest villages in Kullu district. couples can soak in the privacy of their own sunken bath. This institute also conducts other adventurous sports activities like high altitude trekking. however.

which have been rated the best for skiing in the world. Skiing in Manali: Near Manali there are some slopes. The motorable roads to Manali connect the town with other major tourist places in Himachal as well as in the nearby states. How To Get There Air: The nearest airport to Manali is that of Bhuntar. The slopes of Solang Nullah provide just the right kind of slopes for paragliding during summers. The Solang Nullah. Rail: The nearest railhead is that of and this narrow gauze railway station is 95-km from Kullu. DISTANCE FROM MAJOR CITIES Kasidhar: 15-km » KasoRohtang Pass: 50-km » Kothi: 12-km » Solang Nullah: 14-km » Bhuntar: 52-km » Kullu: 40-km » Jogindernagar: 135-km . One can hire equipment from the private organizations in Manali and around. There are required for the water sports. Both private and state government buses are in service over here. The reservations can be made one month in advance. Kothi. Marhi and Rohtang slopes are very good for skiing in the winters as well as in summers. The scenic beauty of Kullu while going to Manali can best be enjoyed on a bus or a taxi. The slopes are being further developed to accommodate more trainees and tourists. The Mountaineering Institute has put up a small ski lift at Solang Nullah. Road: The road to Manali passes through the picturesque valley of Kullu. It is better to take a taxi. In fact Patalsu and Rohtang slopes are the only places where one can do summer skiing. Patalsu. In parachuting one has to jump from an aircraft whereas in paragliding one has to run down hill. The national level skiing competition is held on the slopes of Solang Nullah and the winter carnival is organized at Manali. which one can stop and enjoy the nature at will. which do computerised reservation for buses. At the Manali bus stand there are two booths. Paragliding in Manali: Paragliding is a combination of hang gliding and parachuting. which offer packages for paragliding. From Bhuntar one can take a taxi or a bus to Manali. There are private organizations that provide training as well as equipment for skiing. The place has immense potential to offer some world-class ski slopes and they are being developed on the same lines. which is 52-km from Manali.

It is an open space with white clean sands. ancient temples. enchanting rivers.Kullu Manali Tour Kullu is a picturesque hill station and valley town in Himachal Pradesh. The valley of Kullu is trekkers¶ paradise offering them outstanding opportunity to see copious nature with thrills and excitement. The temple is located on the banks of the Beas River. and give your eyes a great feast. etc are popular attractions of Kullu tours and travels. Blessed with superb nature beauty. It is noted for some beautiful miniature paintings in Kullu style. Raison is a popular camping site in Kullu . Basheshwar Mahadev Temple : Dedicated to Lord Shiva this temple is situated at the distance of 15 km from Kullu. Raison : Located on the Kullu-Manali Highway. Places to Visit in Kullu Raghunath Temple : It is the 17th century ancient temple. Kullu draws a large gathering of tourists from all over the world. It is a favorite destination of vacationers and honeymooners. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. gushing streams. It is also a hotspot for trout fishing. explore beautiful valley. lush grass meadows and rocky terrain. lively valleys. experience unique serenity. Sultanpur Palace : It is an architecturally beautiful palace in Kullu. honeymooners and adventure enthusiasts. it is an idyllic holiday destination in Kullu. This temple was built by Raja Jagat Singh. dedicated to Lord Rama. visit Kullu. India. It is very popular among tourists. Kasol : It is situated on the River Parvati. 1. In general. Bijii Mahadev Temple : The temple is situated atop a hill and offers some spectacular views. The valley of Kullu has nature¶s treasure with beautiful wild flowers. Beautiful meadows. Vaishno Devi Temple : Dedicated to Goddess Ambe the temple is located at the distance of 5 km away from Kullu on the Kullu Manali National Highway No. It is a favorite destination of nature lovers. Shoja : It is a beautiful place perched atop a hill offering marvelous views of Kullu town and its gorgeous valleys. indulge in adventure & spot activities. Well. It is one of the major attractions in valley. . thick-wooded forests. It is an ancient temple dating back to the 9th century. beautiful meadows and snow-capped mountains peaks. trekkers. The paintings are based on simple themes showing rural backgrounds without human figures in them. Jagannathi Devi Temple : It is a beautiful temple in Kullu Valley dedicated to Goddess Durga. The temple provides marvelous views of the city from above. vacationers. trekking trails. picturesque landscapes.

. The mild Summers last from April to June. Taxis and buses are available here reach Kullu.District. Adventure Activities Kullu draws a large gathering of adventure enthusiasts. all through the year. Best time to visit The hill resort of Kullu remains pleasant. Best Time to Visit The beautiful hill resort of Kullu remains enjoyable all through the year. How to Reach Kullu By Air : The nearest airport is at Bhuntar about 10 km away from Kullu. Kullu can be enjoyed. The Dussehra festival in October is another favored time to visit Kullu. This makes the summer months between April and June the best time to visit Kullu. Delhi and Shimla. river rafting. It is one of the few places in Himachal that offers solitude and adventure at the same time. The cold winters last from November to February. They are trout fishing. trekking. It provides wonderful opportunity to indulge in some thrilling adventure and sport activities. run by Himachal Tourism on the banks of the Beas River. etc. Kullu experiences monsoons from July to September. mountaineering. By Road : Deluxe and Luxury buses connect Kullu with major cities like Chandigarh. In each season.

The Rohtang pass is 51 KM north of Manali and it is located on Manali Keylong Highway at an altitude of 4111 meters ( 13. The permission to travel on this highway is given by Indian army after they clear the snow and inspect the road for it's fitness and safety for movement of person and the vehicles. There are daily bus tours to Rohtang pass.Manali is the gateway to Rohtang pass beyond which lie the twin valley of Lahaul and Spiti. This pass opens for tourist from April end to October end of the year. There are taxi operators in most parts of the city and some good centers are there around Mall road whom you can contact for all travel requirements. Your hotel boy or manager can easily plan your travel arrangements. A full vehicle can be booked for a journey to Rohtang or one can use shared taxi. This river starts from here ( Beas Kund ) . This point is one of the main attraction for tourists coming to Manali. In winter the mountain slopes are snow clad and they turn into perfect skiing slopes. You can . On the way to Rohtang pass one can find many food stalls serving variety of foods. Rohtang Pass is closed on Tuesday. Only middle row or only front row of a jeep can be booked. The Rohalla falls are on the way to Rohtang pass from Manali and are worth visiting. The same road connects to Leh Ladakh ( State of Jammu & Kashmir ) from Manali ( state of Himachal Pradesh).400 ft ). Places of interest Manali site seeing places Important places in Naggar Manikaran Tourist destination Manali Vehicle Hire charges The other hamlets around Manali also have houses embellished with wood carving. Sonepani Glacier and a small lake (Dashahr) are located opposite and left to Rohtang respectively. On the way to Rohtang at Beas Nallah one has to cross the river Beas.

The place is surrounded by lush green meadows. the water has some medicinal effect. Kothi is located at 15Kms from Manali on hill top with curved roads. This place is just 6-7 Kms from Manali. Whenever Rohtang pass is closed due to bad weather conditions. One can see pure water rushing out of rocks. The height of the water fall is nearly 50Mts. There are some more important places to see and are listed below. Marhi: This place is as famous as Rohtang pass. Kothi: This is supposed to be the first village on the banks of Beas river. The area is scenic and many hotels are available to have refreshments and enjoy the nature.get a cold drink as shopkeepers keep then in running water to maintain the temperature as there is no need of a refrigerator here. Gulaba: This place is considered as a picnic spot and starting point to Brighu lake trekking. Gulaba is 20Kms from Manali. The area is filled with beautiful flowers and very calm and pleasant. All kind of restaurants (both indoor and outdoor) are . This fall is 27Kms from Manali. this place is named as Nehru Kund. As per the local belief. Fully covered with snow. all kind of water sports are available. Nehru Kund: Being a favorite place of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. people will be allowed to visit upto this place. Rahla Fall: This water fall is from one of the branches of River Beas. One can relish the food by sitting inside the low running water of the river Beas.

The safest and the easiest way to reach the snow point is by horse ride but it is a bit costly ride. coffee and drinks are available at Rohtang pass and these are sold by local people. So other option is to start late and take the help of horses (or walk ) to reach the top. But if you start late to visit here then you may have to walk a bit or take help of horse to reach the peak point. Marhi is 35Kms from Manali Rani Nala: This is the glacier where snow is available for the entire year. Walking here is not a big problem but not advisable for elderly persons or small kids. Image Gallery Rohtang on the way Marhi before Rohtang pass The main attraction for tourist at Rohtang pass is snow and the scenic beauty of the area. The weather here is highly unpredictable and it does not take much time for the bright sun shine to change over to moderate to heavy snow fall.available for people. So going early mean returning late from there. The horse man charges around Indian Rupees 400 per trip ( both ways ) per horse. The shop owners have provided some temporary sheds for the benefit of tourists/visitors to take shelter in case of sudden change of weather. The road is very narrow near the Rohtang pass and the parking of vehicles is very difficult and one has to be very alert while parking the vehicles because slight distraction may be hazardous. All types of food stuff. . It can be a 15 to 30 minutes walk depending on the traffic to reach the snow point from the parking area. Sometime this may not be a good options for families with kids to stay long time in cold conditions. Tourists plan their trip in early hours to reach Rohtang very early to avoid traffic and reach at the snow point. but elderly and the small children can comfortably use this service. Hence it is advisable to come here very early in the morning and stay upto afternoon and starts returning once the traffic gets clear. Rani Nala is 40Kms from Manali. at the same time it is equally difficult to return as all vehicles way down as to be clear the road.

I am planning to go to that once again in those years sunny 20-01-2009 We visited Kullu and Manali in jan 2009 as industrial tour package. we still remember those days with extreme happiness and excitement. so most welcome xyzyzyz it is very good 09-05-2009 dencan 11-05-2009 .. we could not suppress the sceneic beauty of snow Sankar Deka 15-12-2008 I went to Manali in 2003 with my friends and I still remember each and every moment of that trip.boy(F. we have decided to go there once in every four years.R.. once we entered the rohtang. It was awesome place for photos manali. Whenever i think of that trip it seems that as if I went to that place a couple of days back.really we were enchanted by the valleys the majestic himalayas. gouri 27-09-2008 we visited rohtang pass in 2007.I) 23-04-2009 I am from Manali and I wish to God whenever I born I be there only I and also I owe my life for the conservation of scenic beauty of Manali. NEVER MISS IT...Manali . it was our first experience with snow. if possible.Reviews K G RAVEENDRAN 03-08-2008 we made a trip to Kullu .rohtang pass in 2004.

priya 21-05-2009 We visited Manali in April 2009 as honeymoon. I stayed in Manali for 3 days and it was so osam for me. I am planning to go to that once again in this years sushma 28-05-2009 hi friends I had gone to Manali in 2009. Complete snow in solang valley. we made the trip to Manali in 1973 and we walked up the took 2 days. people there are very hospitable and hard working. I still remember each and every moment of that trip. we stayed 1 night with a Mongolian? family we think they were working on the road. We visited in December 2001. It was very nice place for snow. what a fabulous experience we will never forget it. very kind hospitable people it only cost us a couple rupees for bed and evening meal. I wanna go back again to Manali. we had gone to Kullu Manali through school for a week when we were in 8th standard. it iz just like dream. Praveen 01-06-2009 It is a fantastic experience. we recommend it to all. I think u should will be there. Whenever i think of that trip it seems that as if i went to that place a couple of days back. bye and take care frndz. everywhere there is snow and rain. stunning scenery and wonderful people. and my dream iz truth.hi people.calm n quiet. i can't forget the days. it will cost a bit more now and there is more people but hey that¶s progress. each and every place is very pure . we get a calm and peaceful environment here I can\'t express my feelings through words but i felt that i was in the lap of gods and . this place just looked like heaven for me. anchel 05-06-2009 I m 15 year old anchal.

(Mohammad Saleem) . Amit 30-06-2009 Sir. jyotsna 16-06-2009 Will there be snow (not necessarily snow fall) in Manali and Rohtang pass during September 3rd week.. it was such a wonderful experience i suggest u to once in a life time u shud go to this heavenly place K.Sai Sandeep 09-06-2009 hai i am sandeep 22 years old ... looking at the peaks of mountain.. it touches so much to my heart that at the time of departure when last time I saw those mountains my heart filled with sorrow and sadness. I was glad say that the journey towards manali to routang pass is very excitement and adventures. Mohammad Saleem 28-06-2009 I went to Manali on 22nd June 2009. We plan to be there for navratri H N SINGH 20-06-2009 Visiting Rohtang Pass is a life time achievment. I spent my wonderful 4 days there with my wife and now I am again going there in full snow in next December. playing with snow.. We have started organizing adventure camps cum sightseeing trips to Kullu Manali. People of Manali are accept their guest with hospalitality Kejal 12-06-2009 I went to Manali last year for camping. I was weeping and I can't forget those zigzag roads to Rohtang. again this year in May last week I went to Manali to relive that experience... It is a stunning place.goddesses of heaven.. it was the most beautiful time of my life..

great crowd. There were clouds rolling around us.Hope you had a great trip. all of the above Rohtang pass was great that huge mountains covered with snow great site really it is like heaven. please guide me.. shall we have woollen clothes there.How is the weather there. Best time to go to Rohtang from Manali in peak season is in the morning because later in the day heavy traffic jams can cost you 3-4 hours so.. AMIT GUPTA 16-08-2009 Hi .My freinds and I are planning to go on 2nd of July. If you ever get a chance to go to Rohtang. MANISH 01-08-2009 MANALI IZ REALLY A GOD GIFT 2 HP I M DYING 2 GO 1MORE TIME.. good people. Rohtand in third week of SEPT.... good quality hotels and we didn't face any problem of foods as there are many Punjabi hotels. . It was the best site I had ever seen before. is it possible to any encounter with snowfall and possible skeeing.and is there any snow??? Arjun Puri 13-07-2009 I visited Manali from 10th June to 14th June 2009 really Manali is wonderful place to visit. don't miss it.09 . The sceneries were very beautiful. go and enjoy nisha 30-07-2009 I visited Manali from 18 feb 2008 really Manali is vry nice place $ snow point is also vry gud . having plans to go to Manali. I am Amit. harry 16-08-2009 I went to Rohtang pass in 2009 in the month of August with my parents.

and possible skeeing. Planning to visit Manali & Rathang pass with my friends on 2nd Oct. Any possiblities of heavy monsoon?? is it possible to any encounter with snowfall. planning to go to Manali.sujoy 07-09-2009 The chance of getting snow in second week of SEP is bit less. please guide me.. I am extremely to have achieved both. I went to Rohtang second week and October last year and it was completely snow covered that time. shall we have woollen clothes there... thanks to the \"WEB(Internet)\"....IN THER LAST WEEK OF DECEMBER THIS . you will get it all.How will be the weather & crowd? Rohtang will be opened or closed? Is it possible to any encounter with snowfall? pls tell me.HYDERABAD 01-10-2009 HI! FRIENDS. Manali for 15 days alone.09 . Rohtang in third week of SEPT. it want to make house in Manali and shift there . gaurav chate 24-09-2009 I went to Manali and Shimla in may with my parents and sister.. SIVA 11-09-2009 Hi . I went for fresh air and new life. REJO ABRAHAM 25-09-2009 Hai. I am Partha. Kullu..09 for 3days. How'll be the weather & crowed then. the weather is very unpredictable and you may get the first snowfall :-). I am Rejo. RAKESH. You name it. SREEJITH 29-09-2009 I was in Shimla.. I M PLANNING TO VISIT MANALI. But you never know.

. U can take feeling like heaven on this place.. Already planning to go to Leh this year.. in winter u can enjoy snow events in Manali. WLD IT BE WORTH AT THAT TIME N SIMLA AT THE SAME TIME. Went to Manali > Rohtang > Kaza > Shimla last year. Next year i.. u can also make tour across Rohtang for Kaja & Udaypur but in summer. have good & safe & enjoyful trip. PL ADVICE dev thakur 13-11-2009 hi. I am very excited to see the snow.YEAR.. 2010 again I am going to see Rohtang pass with my family Ashwini 30-11-2009 Hi everyone. :) plzz let me know if u have any idea.. Rohtang is a very beautiful place for summer vacation. naveen 09-01-2010 its amazing i love snow falling mast maja aaya h Amit Sharma 18-01-2010 Crossing over Rohtang pass and visiting the other side is a lifetime experience.. srinivas (chitti) 28-11-2009 Hi.. . this is Srinu I went to Manali in 2002 Dec 13 with my friends I enjoyed a lot those days and unforgettable.e. Will there be snowfall or snow covered mountains in April 1st week? We are planning to be there by march end or April 1st week.

Amazing place the memories of that .......wt a bullshit our lives in cities ??? leave that kinda life and squeeze some time for the Manali & is like living dreams . everyone need to visit who really like adventures ...... have taste in landscape and snow activities.still the taste is on our tongue¶s a thrilling experience ... What a rocking experience we have had .. its thrilling exp for the children ......... Yogesh 08-04-2010 I visited Manali from may 2006 really Manali is vry nice place $ snow point is also very gud ............i wish the tourists who go to Manali to have pleasant days in rohtang pass Ajay Anand 16-05-2010 I have been to Shimla and then Manali & Rohtang . Deepak Negi 20-05-2010 i have been to Manali and Rohtang Pass in Dec 2009.. paril 10-04-2010 in the month of April after 20th could i found snow fall in Manali or rohtang and what is the right time to visit rohtang pass jayaram 23-04-2010 Of korse Manali (rothang pass) is unique place in india...any one wants to join...wt a heaven on earth...go go go Manali go...

place will be in my mind forever. we 17 participants had been there till 31st of may. It was our base camp. The road towards Rohtang was blocked..its very amazing dear when we have to wear long coats even in the month of June .its amazing .we have been invited from our National Office for the expedition of Keep Rohtang Pass Clean\'2010 on 25th of May at Marhi. right time to visit it is April to October becoz it closed during winter.yhaindia.m. Anyone who asks me to go to Hill Station I tell him to go to Manali and Definitely to Rohtang Pass j.. Manali is must go place for everyone. meena 28-05-2010 I visited Manali 3 times and still I wants to go again and want to see that beautiful snow caped mountains that greenery all around and chilly winds once again. On 26th We reached at Marhi which is just 16 k.I have answers of all ur questions. So tourists enjoyed at Marhi a lot in snowfall. The program was organized by our national head qtr and himachal govt.p brar 26-05-2010 I have visited rohtang many times . This was very unique experience for us.K. and i found snowfall in month of June on 1&3 .. temp of Marhi was below 5.We visited to tourists and explained them not to make dirty our beautiful tourism places. Manali is better than Shimla its most important place to visit is rohtang pass. The shivering wind was blowing amazing experience i had there all times so pls must visit there R.. Next day there was heavy snowfall. before from Rohtang Pass. Gupta 05-06-2010 I am member of YHAI (www. at rohtang u can find snow for entire year. Name of our group was RP17 2010 VISHAL PALIWAL 06-06-2010 hey everyone..

.paragliding-Rs 450 to 2200 per person. it was such an amazing experience to stay at this place. River Rafting at Kullu is yet another adventure sport which one should not miss. feb. E expenses are moderate. river crossing 100 per person. jan. Vishal 16-06-2010 have visited rohtang many times . Uthra 07-06-2010 I visited Manali in the last week of May\'10.. Its a feeling I cant is Amazing in chill wind in the ice heap of Rotang. snow point is heaven! Skiing experience here was really adventurous. I would just love to visit Rohtang pass again and everyone should visit. for adventurous parsons....zorbing-300 per person sangeeta 07-06-2010 We are planning to go Manali and Rohtang Pass during the last week of June.1500Rs per day tourist taxi room stars from 800 to 5000 per day.. Baptu (dwarka) 16-06-2010 We went to Rotang Pass on 2009.its amazing . hot air balloon 600 per person. Proud Indian!! chitra sanganeria 12-06-2010 Manali and rohtang pass was an ultimate experience it was like being in Switzerland enjoyed hot air ballooning too it was really very cool. ..rafting 4 people-Rs1200.June 2010 so never bothered about snowfall u can find it any time but in Manali u could found snowfall in dec. Please tell us where to stay at a reasonable price.its very amazing dear when we have to wear long coats even in the month of June ..

It was wonderful to see the snow & the snowfall for the first time. I just enjoyed that wonderful moment. the Rohtang Pass road was closed . we went to the other snow-point. Thanks to nature.2010. we had to walk a long distance coz there was a lot of traffic jam that day as rohtang pass was . Can we see snow? tanu Hi friends!! 02-07-2010 had gone to Manali with family. We enjoyed the journey to our heart and soul. It was a experience that cannot be explained in words. Visited rohtang pass on 14th June. Don\'t miss going to \"Zero Point\" behind Beas Temple along the Leh Road. majestic snow capped mountains all around.. It\'s heaven ! Teju 23-06-2010 We went to Manali in the month of April 2010. There is no such word to say that it was really awesome.So.There is snow and beautifull.Actually when we visited Manali.JAUHRY OM 23-06-2010 During my excursion trip to Manali with wife and other family friends from 11th June 2010 onwards I visited rohtang pass but due to some glacier the road leading to rohtang was closed and therefore we enjoyed our return journey near a beautiful fall and snow clad mountains of rohtang was quiet a good refreshment after exams. It was all amazing and mind blowing environment. Vikram Singh Rao 23-06-2010 I was at Rohtang Pass on June17. Jacob 24-06-2010 we are visited at rohtang it is very nice place piyu 28-06-2010 we want to go Rohtang Pass in 2nd week of Oct\'10. The weather was cold unlike Delhi where hot summers spell is still continuing.

See u there. 10. Its amazing. Ashima Jauhy 13-07-2010 I visited Manali and Rohtang Pass with my parents in June.. all should it at least once in life. sudhir mandavgane 09-07-2010 we had visited at Rohtang Pass in third week of May 2010 & it was really thrilling experience... But after reaching up there it was beautiful.. amazing weather all around. It is so enjoying and full of warmth experience there that it is impossible to explain the same in words. Every one.closed for 3 days before that..really sssss 05-07-2010 hi i am going to Manali in august 1st week is snow will be there in rohtang pass vikas singla 07-07-2010 we went to Manali last month june2010. Our efforts were worth. really really very very joyful experience was that.we also had maggi up there. One cannot forget the snow clad mountains and milky water falls on way to Rohtang pass.. there was very heavy snow fall on the site. Enjoyed road side foods. Veena Jauhry 12-07-2010 June.. expecially the baked Challi ( the Corn. As a matter fact. Have a happy journey to Rohtang Pass and of course Manali too. the journey of life should start at the snow clad mountains of rohtang pass and end there in a way the God proposes. it is my wish that. and it was totally nice experience for me and rohtang paas and Hidimba mandir I liked very much. Mahesh 18-07-2010 . Bye. hot and crispy). 2010 : Our Journey to Manali and Rohtang Pass was memorable and no one can imagine the joy and satisfaction of mind one got after visiting Rohtang pass.. should at least once visit Manali and Rohtang pass...

06 to 10. So my suggestion to all is not to visit Manali or rohtang July and August because of heavy rainfall. Abhishek Sinha Hey All 11-08-2010 I visited Rohtang Pass and Manali just two days back. We decided to come back to Manali every year and we r going there again in October. all the best Vipin Kumar 05-08-2010 I visited to Manali from 05. We can not forgot that time...I love it.02.'m telling you its one place to visit in lifetime.. it is so romantic and pure place.I will be visiting Rohtang twice more. I suggest to all of you please go to Manali at least ones in your life..02.... We really enjoy of that time.. During my tour we went sohlang vally. I cant explain more about it but I want to say to all couples that please go to Manali and rohtang in there life once time... Hadimba temple and Vaishno Devi temple in Kullu.It was the honeymoon time of me and my wife. Such an adventure which I never experienced before this trip.. We went there by our car (believe me.. . Lalit Sharma Hi All.. 20-08-2010 Me and my friends visited Manali in the month of august.Go People Go. I must admit it was was Honda City and everyone who saw us there at rohtang pass with my car was amazed... IT was just a horrible trip because of the bad weather conditions... It was all raining despite of the heavy rainfall and landslides we went to Rohtang and got Struck there for Two days. when u go once time u cant forget it in life n my wife went to Manali for our honeymoon.once with my parent and next on my bike..) A great place. Anoop 07-08-2010 We visited Manali for 1st time last year in march. It was monsoon season in Manali. Good Bye.06.. Manikaran..09 by our own car from Delhi.

May god Give u a chance to visit Manali . thank u. 01-09-2010 i go to Manali in December. MANALI is most Beautiful and romantic Places of INDIA.I cant forget that trip. Where there i see there was snow. when u go once time u cant forget in life time.I want to Say to ALL the couples that Please go to Manali once time in there life. I wanted to go to rohtang pass but in those days the way to rohtang pass was blocked due to snow. Agar Aap logo ko Zindgi ke Maze lene hai to aap HIMACHAL PARDESH zarur gaye .Rajpinder Hi All. I was in 9th standard when I go to Manali with my school friends on a school trip Mahesh Mehta 12-09-2010 Me n MY wife went to Manali for our Honymoon.