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First of all I would like to express my gratitude towards Almighty God, who has given me the
strength and confidence to complete the entire process of my internship program and to finish
my report as well. It is a great pleasure to take this opportunity to thank some people who
have encouraged, directed and supported me throughout the internship program.

This internship task has given me much pleasure. I am very pleased to get the chance of
doing the assigned task given by my respected supervisor Ms.Yesmin Sultana . I would like
to thank her for supervising me in all possible and flexible way for a successful internship

I am very grateful to Mr. Hasan ASaimoom, SVP & Head of MCB Bashundhara Branch, Mr.
Shaiful Islam Khan (Assistant Vice president (AVP) & Manager Operation, Bank Asia
Limited, Bashundhara Branch for granting my internship in their organization and all the
others who helped me in my internship. Here, with day by day detailing alongside mental and
proficient help improving my involvement in my temporary job life.

At last, I would like to thank everyone who supported me in any respect for the successful
compilation of my internship report also I am communicating my expression of remorse that I
could not say by and by one by one. I am satisfied to complete the report of the given subject
properly and authentically.

All of them supervised my work, taught me the work I was assigned, gave me feedback
regarding the work completed which helped me in becoming more efficient while learning
more about the credit assessment as well as maintaining corporate culture and its customs. I
thank them for accompanying me in this journey to assess me help regarding preparing the

I would like to humbly express my gratitude and indebtedness to all my faculties who have
taught, helped, guided and motivated me over the last four years to train and equip me for the
corporate world out there.
Executive Summary
The Internship report is prepared as requirement of BBA program of American International
University-Bangladesh. This report is on “General Banking” of Bank Asia Limited. General
Banking department deals with customer service, remittance, cash, and accounts related
activities. This unit plays an important quality service to its customers. Through this section it
establishes Banker Customer relationship, collects bills for customers, remit funds of
customers from one bank to another. General Banking provides these services in fast and
better manner.
In the first chapter, I have provided detailed information about the company background,
mission & vision, objective, corporate slogan, and departments, products & services,
hierarchy of operations, corporate social responsibility of Bank Asia Limited.
In the second chapter, I have written about job responsibilities as an internee of mine at Bank
Asia Limited. I have also discussed about the departmental tasks of General Banking
Department in a brief manner so that their tasks in a bank can be understood.
In the third chapter, I have discussed about the challenges I have faced or the issues which
hinders the progress of Bank Asia Limited to some extent.
In the fourth chapter, I brought down a learning the lessons of the company this report by
aligning the knowledge Bank Asia Limited
In the fourth chapter, finally, I brought down a conclusion of this report by aligning the
knowledge I gathered from my university and the experience I got from working in a reputed
Banking Financial Institution, Bank Asia Limited.
Table of Contents

1.1 Rational of the Study ........................................................................................................ 4

1.2Objectives: ......................................................................................................................... 5
1.3 Company Profile ............................................................................................................... 6
1.3.1 Bank Asia’s Vision, Mission & Slogan ................................................................................. 7
1.3.2 Product details/ Services ........................................................................................................ 7
1.3.3 Operations of Bank Asia Limit ............................................................................................. 14

2.1 Activities Undertakn ........................................................................................................ 15

2.2 Others Relevant Activities ............................................................................................... 20
3.1Challenges ......................................................................................................................... 21
3.2 Academic Preparation ...................................................................................................... 22
3.3 Missing Knowledge and Skills: ....................................................................................... 22

Lessons learned from the internship report ............................................................................ 24

5.1 Summary .......................................................................................................................... 25
5.2 Suggestion ........................................................................................................................ 26
References ................................................................................................................................ 27
1.1 Rational of the Study
In Bangladesh, banking financial institutions (BFIs) are old in the financial system as
compared to non-banking financial institutions (NBFI). A non-banking financial institution
(NBFI) is a financial institution that does not have a full banking license but banking
financial institutions (BFIs) have. The major differences between NBFIs and BFIs are BFIs
can do transactions related to Foreign Exchange issues, but NBFIs cannot. BFIs can open a
bank account for a client which obviously cannot be done by NBFIs. Bank Asia has been
launched by a group of successful entrepreneurs with recognized standing in the society. The
management of the Bank consists of a team led by senior bankers with decades of
experience in national and international markets. The senior management team is ability to
support by a group of professionals many of whom have exposure in the international
Within a short span of time Bank Asia has established itself as one of the fast growing local
private banks. It has at present a network of 121 branches serving many of the leading
corporate houses and is gradually moving towards retail banking. Its other significant
delivery channel is the shared ATM Network. Bank Asia has 25 ATMs as a member of
ETN along with eleven other banks. Since its humble beginning in 1999, it set milestone by
acquiring the business operations of the Bank of Nova Scotia in Dhaka, first in the banking
history of Bangladesh. It again repeated the performance by acquiring the Bangladesh
operations of Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd. (MCB), a Pakistani bank. Last year the Bank
again came to the limelight with over subscription of the Initial Public Offering of the
shares of the Bank, which was a record (55 times) in our capital market’s history and its
shares commands respectable premium.
The asset and liability growth has been remarkable. By December 2013 the total asset of
the Bank grew to Tk. 163,777.74million, increase of almost 30% comparing to 2012. As of
December 2013 deposits increased to Tk. 133,489.37 million, an increase of 37% over that
of 2012, and Loans & Advances reached Tk. 104,911.26 million, an increase of 25% over
that of the year 2012.
Bank Asia has been actively participating in the local money market as well as foreign
currency market without exposing the Bank to vulnerable positions. The Bank’s investment
in Treasury Bills and other securities went up noticeably opening up opportunities for
enhancing income in the context of a regime of gradual interest rate decline
Bank Asia is maintaining its competitiveness by leveraging on its Online Banking Software and
modern IT infrastructure. It is the pioneer amongst the local banks in introducing innovative
products like SMS banking, and under the ATM Network the iSTELAR Online Banking
software enables direct linking of a client’s account, without the requirement for a separate
account. Bank Asia has successfully established a transparent process of recruitment seeking the
best talent. In its efforts towards continuous development of the human resources of the Bank, it
arranges training programs throughout the year. Bank Asia symbolizes modern banking with
innovative services in Bangladesh. It provides Online Banking, ATM Support, SMS and Net
Banking Services in the country. It’s newly developed web application is fully authentic, secured
and robust. This technology based services also provide you Fund Transfer through internet,
Debit/Credit Card facility, free SMS message of special type of withdrawal from your account
time to time

Broad objective:

 The broad objective of this study is to be familiar with the working environment of
present institutions, know the internal culture of the corporate world and fulfill the
requirements of BBA theoretical knowledge gained from the course work of the BBA
program in a specific field.

Specific objective:

 Place customer interest and satisfaction as first priority and provide customized banking
products and services.
 Value addition to the stakeholders through attaining excellence in banking operations
 Maintain high ethical standard and transparency in dealings
 Contribute significantly for the betterment of the society.
 Ensure higher degree of motivation and dignified working environment for our human
capital and respect optimal work-life balance
 Committed to protect the environment and go green.
1.3 Company Profile
Bank Asia Limited., a leading financial institution of the country was established in 1999 as a
public limited company, to cater the investment needs of our economy. It was incorporated on 27
November 1999 as a public limited company under the Companies Act 1994 with an initial
authorized capital of BDT 218 million. The Bank had been widely acclaimed by the business
community, from small entrepreneur to large traders and industrial conglomerates, including the
top rated corporate borrowers for forward-looking business outlook and innovative financing
solutions. Thus within this very short period of time it has been able to create an image for itself
and has earned significant reputation in the country's banking sector. Presently, it has twenty-
seven branches in operation.

Organization Name Bank Asia Limited

Form of Organization Public Limited Company

Nature of Business Banking Financial Institution

Commencement Business November 27, 1999

Number of Branches 121

Chairman Mr. A Rouf Chowdhury

Managing Director Md. Arfan Ali

Registered Office RangsTower(2nd to 6th Floor) 68,Purana
Paltan Dhaka-1000.
Website and Email Website:
Table-01: Illustration of company profile
1.3.1 Bank Asia’s Vision, Mission & Slogan
Bank Asia's vision is to have a poverty free Bangladesh in course of a generation in the new
millennium, reflecting the national dream. Our vision is to build a society where human dignity
and human rights receive the highest consideration along with reduction of poverty.
 To assist in bringing high quality service to customers and to participate in the growth
and expansion of national economy
 To set high standards of integrity and bring total satisfaction to clients, shareholders and
 To become the most sought after bank in the country, rendering technology driven
innovative services.
Slogan :
“For A Better Tomorrow’’ is the Slogan of the Bank Asia Limited. As the Vision is to make
Bangladesh a poverty free country and Mission is to serve the best to satisfy the client,
Shareholders and also satisfy by the employees the slogan is go through with the vision and

1.3.2 Product details/ Services

Bank Asia is another participant in the Private Banking segment of Bangladesh. It is resolved to
give adaptable administrations to its clients for their most extreme advantage and higher
fulfillment. Step by step Bank Asia builds its item list for the significant clients which are
mentioned forth a few offerings and plans been stated underneath.

Deposit Accounts
Saving Account
This is an interest bearing account and only individual person can open this sort of accounts.
Loan cost may vary from bank to bank. At present, Bank Asia is putting forth 6% interest on its
SB accounts. This might be considered as minimal effort store for bank. Interest is charged to the
record on quarterly premise. Components of Savings Account are:
 Interest bearing record
 Provide sensible interest. Rate is presently 7 %
 Customer can Store any sum and no. of store is not confined
 No. of withdrawal is limited
 Deposit underneath tk15000.00 charges tk100.00 on half yearly premise
Current Account
It is well known as Present Account. Any individual, organization, firm, may open this sort of
record in its own name. This is non-interest bearing account. So it is a cost free store for bank,
then again, clients appreciate the privilege to wiredraw cash the same number of times as they
wish. Features of Current Account:
1) Noninterest bearing Account
2) Running Account
3) No. of withdrawal or store is not confined
4) Worked any number of times excluding a working day
5) For the most part keep running by various business associations
Short Notice Deposit
This is opened and worked for fleeting and for particular reason. It is additionally an interest
bearing account and where rate of interest is for the most part underneath the reserve funds rate.
Regularly, intrigue is paid on day by day item premise. People, Firms, Organizations, and
Affiliations may open this account. Current Loan cost of Bank Asia for this store is 5%.
Fixed Term Deposit
People, Firms, Organizations, and Affiliations may open this record. The store is taken for a
particular altered timeframe, for example, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6months, 1-year and so
forth. Loan fee relies on upon sum and period and reaches from 8% to 10.70%. If there should be
an occurrence of untimely encashment for the most part, no premium is honored. In uncommon
thought interest at sparing rate or STD rate might be permitted. It is considered as high cost store
for banks. Components of Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) Account are,
Tenor Interest Rate

1 Tenor Interest Rate

2 1 months 3.00%

3 2 months 3.00%

4 3 months 4.50%

5 6 months 4.50%

6 12 months 5.00%

7 1 year 5.00%

Table 2: Fixed Deposit scheme of Bank Asia Limited

Deposit Pension Scheme

The details of this package is stated


Monthly After 3 After 5 After 7 After 10 After 12

years years years years years

Deposit I=3.99% I=5.39% I=6.35% I=6.84% I=7.69%

500/= 19,150.000 34,500.000 53,000.000 86,250.000 118,500.000

1000/= 38,300.000 69,000.000 106,000.000 172,500.00 237,000.000


2000/= 76,600.000 138,000.000 212,000.000 345,000.00 474,000.000


3000/= 114,900.000 207,000.000 318,000.000 517,500.00 711,000.000


4000/= 153,200.000 276,000.000 424,000.000 690,000.00 948,000.000


5000/= 191,500.000 345,000.000 530,000.000 862,500.00 1,185,000.000


8000/= 306,500.000 552,000.000 848,000.000 1,380,000. 1,896,000.000


10000/= 383,000.000 690,000.000 1,060,000.0 1,725,000. 2,370,000.000

00 000

Table 3: Deposit Pension scheme of Bank Asia Limited

Monthly Benefit Scheme
Elements of this item are:
 Only individuals can open this record.
 The people must have an investment account with the bank in which the month to
month advantage will be credited consequently.
 Deposit sum will be least Tk. 1, 00,000/ - or it's various, and greatest store will be
Tk. 25,00,000/ - under single name and Tk. 40, 00,000/ - under joint name.
 Depositor will get month to month advantage of Tk. 975/ - or it’s various for store
measure of Tk. 1, 00,000/ - or its different for a long time term store.
 Depositor will get month to month advantage of Tk. 1,000/ - or it’s different for
store measure of Tk. 1, 00,000/ - or it's different for a long time term store.
 Loan office is accessible against the saved sum.

Double Benefit Scheme

DB+ is a 6 years‟ term store plan. Store the cash in this record and it gets double the amount of
cash in 6 years.
Elements of this item are:
 Only individuals can open this record.
 Money stored in this record will be multiplied in 6 (six) years.
 Deposit sum will be least Tk. 1, 00,000/ - or it's various, and most extreme store will
be Tk. 25, 00,000/ - under single name and Tk. 40, 00,000/ - under joint name.
 Loan office will be accessible up to 90% of the kept sum.

Tenure Initial Deposit Value at maturity

11 years Benefit per one lac for 3 years Tk. 450.00 with interest rate

Table 4: Double Benefit scheme of Bank Asia Limited

Triple Benefit Scheme

Features of this product are,
 Only individuals can open this record.
 Money kept in this record will be Tripled in 9 (nine) years 6 (six) months.
 Deposit sum will be Tk. 1,00,000/ - or it's numerous, and most extreme will be Tk.
25,00,000/ - under single name and Tk. 40,00,000/ - under joint name.
 Loan office will be accessible up to 90% of the kept sum.
Pay Order : A pay order is an instrument from one branch to another of the same Bank to pay
a certain sum ofmoney to the person thereon or to his order. Unlike cheque, there is no
possibility of dishonoring pay order because before issuing P.O Bank takes out money of the pay
order in advance.
Charges of pay order :
Up to Tk. 2,00,000/- is Tk. 58/-
Above Tk. 3,00,000/- is Tk. 88/-
Consumer Finance
Auto Loan : in. BDT 0.30 million to Max. BDT 4.00 million Customer Segment are
Employees of reputed MNCs and large local corporate, foreign NGOs, aid agencies, UN bodies,
Banks, self-employed or professionals with substantial and reliable income source. Landlord or
property owner whose incomes are from rents. Max. 5 years (Re-condition) & 6 years (New).
House Finance : Loan for the purpose of purchasing and renovation of house, and has a grace
period of 6 months to 12 months.
Shopner Abash :Loan for purchase of Flat/House, with a minimum amount of BDT 5 lac to
Maximum BDT 1.2 core.
ShopnerNirman : Construction of structured building with a minimum amount of BDT 5
lac to maximum BDT 1.2 core.
Locker Services: Bank Asia is providing facility of locker service for the purpose of safe
guarding the valuable property of customers. The person or organization that has any account in
Bank branch can enjoy this service. They keep their valuable assets in banker’s custody.
Customers have right to look after with a key of their individual lockers provided by Bank.

Size of Locker Charges

Small Yearly Tk. 1200/- plus Security money Tk.500/-

Medium Yearly Tk. 1800/- plus Security money Tk.1000/-

Big Yearly Tk. 2500/- plus Security money Tk.1500/-

Corporate Banking:
Export Finance: They offer a comprehensive range of export finance products designed to
reduce the trade and credit risks when you do business abroad. The export finance team identifies
the business needs and design a wide array of products to facilitate the business’s capital
investments and working capital requirements.
Offshore Banking Unit : In order to cater the need of financial support off-
shore Banking facilities is being provided to the foreign owned/ Join Venture unit in the EPZ’s
of Bangladesh.
Cash Management : Bank Asia can provide your business with the full range of cash
management products and services. They offer a wide range of solutions to help you plan, monitor and
manage your company's liquidity and meet your payments, receivables, accounts and information

Debit Card : Cash withdrawal from any Visa logo ATMs 24/7 all over the country, Purchase
thorough any Visa logo POS, Mini statement through ATM. Debit card is issued against the savings,
current or STD account.

Internet Banking:
 Check account balance
 Take print out of account statement for a particular period
 Transfer fund within your own account
 Make payment of mobile phone bill
 Enquire foreign exchange rate
 Recharge your mobile phone as well as others from your account

Islamic Banking: Banking activity that is consistent with the principles of sharia (Islamic
law) and its practical application through the development of Islamic economics. in Islamic
banking interest is prohibited. In Islamic Banking Profit on trade of goods or charging on
providing service is the basis for earning profit rather than interest loan.
1.3.3 Operations of Bank Asia Limited
Hierarchy of Position in Bank Asia Limited Bashundhara Branch
President and Managing Director
Deputy Managing Director (DMD)
Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP)
Executive Vice President (EVP)
Senior Vice President (SVP)
Vice President (VP)
First Vise President (FVP)
Assistant Vice President (AVP)
First Assistant Vice President (FAVP)
Senior Executive Officer (SEO)
Executive Officer (EO)
Senior Officer (SO)
Management Trainee Officer (MTO)
Junior Officer (JO)
Assistant Officer (AO)
Banking Officer (BO)
Trainee Officer (TO)
Figure 1: Hierarchy of Bank Asia Limited.
2.1 Activities Undertake

I had the opportunity to work under general banking division of Bank Asia Bashundhara Branch.
My complete internship period, which is ninety days or twelve weeks, can be classified
according to my workings in different departments of the branch, where twelve weeks I have
worked under General Banking division.
2.1.1 Work Related
Every day at morning I had to reach at the bank at 9:00 am and give attendance in the attendance
sheet. After that I had to attend the prayer at 9:45 am in the morning as it is mandatory for every
employee in the Bashundhara Branch to attend the prayer. And it is also mandatory to attend a
weekly meeting on every Sunday where the manager of the branch shares his ideas, experiences
and inquires about how the activities are going.

The first responsibility that I was given is to record various documents in the register book.
Various documents received from different areas. Such as-
 Request to transfer fund (salary amount mostly)
 Request to open an L/C
 Request to change of address, phone number, name, nominees
 Clearing cheques (Cheques of other branches) which come through courier
 Request to update the transaction profile
 Application to decrease the interest rate of loan amount
 Application to re-open the account etc.
I received this sort of documents and wrote it in the register book which is called INWARD.
All the documents that came to the name of Head of Branch, needed to register in the inward
book. After that my duty and responsibilities were
 Cheque book requisition form received, and delivery,
 NID verification of account holders.
 Giving official seal in the documents
 Updating the form manually
 Attaching all the documents appropriately
 Scanning the form after update
Account opening procedure of Bank Asia Limited is very convenient. I had to collect all the
necessary documents whenever they open an account.
Necessary documents that are needed to open an account:
 National ID card/Passport/Birth Certificate (any one of these)
 For savings account- 2 copies of passport size photographs of the account holder and 01
copy of passport size photograph of the nominee.
 For Fixed Deposit account- 1 copy of passport size photograph of both account holder
and nominee.
 Photocopy of Utility bill (ex. Gas bill or electricity bill. The address of the utility bill and
present address of the account holder need to be same)
 Documents of source of fund. (Appointment letter for job holder/Trade license for
 TIN (Tax Identification certificate)
After collecting these information’s, I had to fill up the account opening form. In every bank, the
customer wants to get the best service without facing any problems. I worked in customer care
help desk where I had to give various information about the Bank Asia Limited. Like,
 Sharing information about saving/current/student/DPS/FDR accounts. .
 Providing ATM related queries/request.
 Debit card information and service.
 I used to update the customer’s account opening form. I provided service related
information to the customer.
 Correction of uncompleted form which was detected by the internal audits. Like there
were some forms which were filling up without putting account number, title number,
nature of the organization the clients work in. Some forms were kept without proper
address, TIN papers, National ID card number. My job was to complete those form.
 Making phone calls for collecting necessary photographs photocopy of National ID
cards or any other requires.
 Distribution of desired cheque books by asking them their name, account number and
then verify them. Sometimes I made phone calls to the customers who did not collect
their cheque books after passing 2-3 months.
2.1.2Functions of the Department: General Banking:
General Banking is one of the important departments of bank as it is considered the starting point
of all banking operations. It is the department which provides day to day service to the
customers. General Banking department does the following:


Cash Genarel Cheque Clearing

Saction Banking


Figure 3: General Banking

Account Department:
This is the most confidential department of the bank. Recording all kinds of transaction of the
branch, confirming their accuracy and preparing statements are the main jobs of this department.
The function of the account department can be dividing into two parts:

Daily function
The routine daily functions of this department are as under:
 Record of the daily transactions in the cash book
 Record of the daily transactions in general and subsidiary ledger
 Prepares the daily position of the branch comprising of deposit and cash
 Prepares the daily statement of affairs showing all the assets and liabilities of the
branch as per ledger and subsidiary ledger separately.
 Pays all expenditure on behalf of the branch
 Makes salary statement and pay salary
 Records of inter branch funds transfer and providing accounting treatment in this
Periodical function
The routine periodical tasks performed by the department are as follows:
 Prepare the monthly salary statements for the employees
 Publish the basic data for the branch, which is sent to the Head Office to maintain
Cash reserve requirement
 Prepare the monthly position for the branch, which is sent to Head Office to maintain
liquidity requirement
 Prepare the weekly position for the branch comprising of the break of sector wise
deposit, credit etc.

The types of account that bank offers are:
Current Account
Any businessman, firm, limited companies, local bodies, corporate bodies etc. can open a
Current A/c. Current deposit is 100% demand deposit and account holder can deposit/withdraw
his/their deposits frequently without any limit.
Savings Bank Deposit
Any individual person, local bodies, club, society, association, house wife, student, non
profitable organization etc. can open a Savings Bank Deposit A/c. Savings Bank Deposit is both
and demand deposit, of which 10% is demand and 90% is time deposit and account holder can
withdraw his/their deposits twice in a week up to a certain limit.
Special Notice Deposit
Any businessman, firm, limited companies, local bodies, corporation, corporate bodies etc. can
open a Special Notice Deposit A/c. Special Notice Deposit is 100% Time deposit and account
holder can withdraw his/their deposits with prior notice to the bank.
Cheque Clearing Section
In clearing section, Cheque, dividend warrant and other forms of financial instruments, which are
easy for encashment, are received. The clearing departments send these instruments to the
clearing House of the Bangladesh Bank for collection. As soon as cash is received the amount is
deposited in the clients account. Collection of Cheque, drafts etc. on behalf of its customers is
one of the basic functions of commercial bank.
Clearing sends for mutual settlement of claims made in between member’s banks at an agreed
time and placed in respect of instruments drawn on each other.
Types of clearing
There are basically two types of clearing.
Outward clearing :
Outward Clearing means when a particular branch receives instruments drawn on other bank
within the clearing zone and those instruments for collection through the clearing arrangement is
considered as outward clearing for that particular branch.
Inward clearing:
The bank provides the instruments to other bank through clearinghouse, which have been
collected different clients. It performs this kind of service for its clients without any charge or the

Cash Department:
Cash is the lifeblood of all financial activities. Cash section is a very sensitive point of the
branch. This section deals with all types of negotiable instruments and it includes vault, used as
the store of cash, instruments. Operation of this section begins when the banking hour starts.
Cash officer begins his transaction with taking money from the vault, known as the opening cash
balance. Vault is kept in a more secured place. The amount of opening cash balance is entered
into a register. After whole days‟ transaction, the surplus money remains in the cash counter is
put back in the vault and known as the closing balance main branch. They also collect Wasa&
Desco bill from the customers. The main functions of this section are:
 Cash Receipt
 Cash Payment

2.2 Others Relevant Activities

I was also given the responsibility to give remittance to customer whose money had arrived
through the bank’s remittance collaborative company like
1. Prabhu
2. Western Union,
3. Small world,
4. Placid,
5. Trans Fast,
6. Xpress money,
7. Merchant Trade
8. Uremit
9. IME ( International Money Express)
10. BA Express
11. RIA

 Bank Asia has its own remittance department in abroad in UK and USA that help
reliable & secure
transaction and these are: BA Express and BA Exchange.
 I was entrusted with the access to the agent ID where I performed the role of a
remittance agent and help in the transaction. After making electronic transfer and
arranging the final paperwork, the documents are given to the officer to verify and
approve. And the customer collects their payment from
the cash counter.
During my internship period I faced some problems and identified some issues of the branch
which are given below:
 Lack of Information: Every organization has their own privacy and secrecy which is
highly confidential. Even there is some information which is only known to Manager
himself and not by any other employees. So there was some information that they could
not provide me because of sensitivity & that was quite reasonable.
 Lack of Direction: The branch is small in size but the work load is exactly the opposite.
The officers have to work from 10 am to 9 pm. So they all are busy doing their work. So
most of the times they could not provide me enough direction for my assigned work
since they were too busy with their work.
 No specific Desk for the Intern: The branch is not so big in size. So there were limited
number of chairs and desk for their employees and no specific desk for the intern which
is very disappointing.
Apart from that there were some of the issues I identified regarding the branch & they are as
 Shortage of Equipment’s: One thing I have noticed is the shortage of equipment’s.
They have three printers, but those printers don’t work well. So employees are always in
a hustle & sometimes it breaks down because of excessive load. They only have one
scanner. Sometimes it is seen that they had to wait in queue to scan.
 Lack of efficient software & server: Officers use iStellar for their regular work. But
their software is not updated. Sometimes it took so much time that the employees had to
wait for a long time. At times it doesn’t work at all for a while. And when the customers
come to pick their remittance money the server doesn’t work properly. As a result
customers have to wait for a long and sometimes customers lose patience and get angry
then go back without their money.
 Shortage of Employees: There was shortage of employees in the branch. As a result,
they find it difficult managing their work. During customer pressure, they cannot handle
the customer properly. There are only two employees handling the overall customer
service department. So, sometimes they do not get the time to satisfy all the customers
and customers have to wait a long time and lose their patience. So without proper
services customers become dissatisfied. Sometimes their manager gets furious with them
if the work is not done in time.
 Problems with newly Recruited Employees: Newly recruited employees find it
difficult to work at the beginning as they don’t know how his given assignment is done
accurately. The senior employees are so busy with their work that they don’t get enough
time to train the new comers. As a result, during the work because of lack of enough
knowledge they had to face problems with the customers. Customers standing in the
queue get furious because they think that newly recruited employees work slowly.
 Service Failure: As there was shortage of employees it was difficult to provide
promised services to the customers. As a result, they fail to meet customer’s expectation.

3.2 Academic Preparation

Mismatch Between Academic Knowledge and Practical knowledge:
Currently we are in internship level and fresh graduate. After completing the graduation, we have
to enter in this current level of achieve some practical knowledge that matches with academic
learning and enhance our future experience. But as we fresh graduate, we don’t have accurate
and pure knowledge about real life corporation situation like the other corporate officer and less
knowledge lag us behind and it sometimes seems very challenging to cope and match with the
knowledge with other officers who are fully experienced.

3.3 Missing Knowledge and Skills:

 Lack of computer skills: I have done some computer related course in AIUB but that is
not enough for solving all kind of computer related problem in any organization. For
instance, I have only the knowledge about Microsoft word, excel and power point but that
is not enough. I should have the knowledge about web design, Photoshop etc which is
necessary for any kind of corporate sector.
 Lack of organizational Knowledge: at the time of studying in AIUB I have get very less
facility to visit any organization physically which creates a gap of knowledge in knowing
about organizational structure. Before entering in internship program, I was not
knowledge about any organization behavior.
 Less experience about field work: During my BBA program I have get very few
opportunities to go for field work. If I had got the opportunity to go for field work
regularly then I could improve my skill in a better way.
4.Lessons learned from the internship report

I successfully completed my internship at Bank Asia limited Bashundhara Branch under the
Customer Service Department. Through working here, I have learned lots of thing about dealing
with customers, the total remittance process and a little about loan system which will be very
helpful in my future.
 Build up Communication: An internship helps to build a network of contacts in
corporate field. Through networking, I may hear about suitable job openings and develop
mutually beneficial relationships.
 Knowing about Corporate World: Internship program is the entrance of corporate
world for students. Through internship, I learn how to behave with clients, how to
manage work pressure on time, how to adjust with corporate culture.
 Ability of Interact: In my internship period, I have deal with different kinds of people. I
had to deal with different clients, abide by senior’s rules and solve different types of
 Getting Job:One of the recurring themes in any entry level job search is the lack of
experience factor is “Where do I get experience if no one is willing to hire me?" The
answer is simple: Get an internship.
 Leadership and Skill Development: Internship is the way of Learning new skills and
adding toone’s knowledge base while gaining confidence in his abilities, Opportunity to
practice communication and teamwork skills, gain industry knowledge first hand from
an organization and professionals.
5.1 Summary
I have successfully completed in a three months long internship in Customer Service department
of Bank Asia Limited Bashundhara Branch. On the basis of my observation I would like to
present the following recommendations-
 The number of employees should increase in General Banking sectors like Cash and
Customer Service.
 Bank Asia Limited may give greater emphasis to manage the complaints of various
customers and to encourage customers to give feedback about the services.
 Banking is a service-oriented marketing. Its business profit depends on its service
quality. That’s why the authority should always be aware about the service quality
and redesign the service process.
 Bank Asia IT division should improve their software iSTELAR to better the online
services in order to get positive responses from its customers & attract more of them.
 The loan sanction process should be easier that the clients can feel convenient to take
loan from the bank.
 Bank should make advertisement on TV so that every initiative of the bank can go at
the door of the customer.
 Sufficient number of ATM booths should be established.
 The services like online internet service, 24hours customer service etc. should be
more improved so that customer can reach to the desired service they are up to which
will be beneficial to compete with other banks and thus will improve customer
5.2 Suggestion
During the three months of internship program at Bank Asia Limited, Bashundhara Branch,
almost all the desk in General Banking Department has been observed more or less. This
practical orientation program, in first has been arranged for gaining knowledge of practical
banking and to compare this practical with theoretical knowledge. Comparing practical
knowledge with theoretical involves identification of weakness in the branch activities and
making recommendations for solving the weakness identified.

Although Bank Asia Limited has some issues that are needed to be resolved, nevertheless it is
progressing and has a greater prospect to develop further ones the problems are resolved.

Internship program is very important for every business student as we only have acquired
theoretical knowledge. This program gives us the prospect to have the practical knowledge so
that we can relate the theories to the reality. I am fortunate enough to complete my internship
program at Bank Asia Limited. Although the internship period is very short to acquire in-depth
knowledge, yet it gave me the taste of commercial world. I have given highest effort to achieve
the objectives of the internship program.

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