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Off the Wall continued from pone22 Stair Swags step up the interest on plain stair risers with garlands of fresh-picked posies guaranteed to Choose floral - motifs—from romantic roses t0 country sunflowers—that speak to your inner gardener, If your stairway is visible from another room, it’s best 0 choose flowers in colors that coordinate with the colors in that room. If the stairway stands alone, you ean choose motifs in any color. Before adhering the wallpaper cauouts, tpe them in place t0 test arrangements, Mark a center point and outer boundaries on each riser so the arrangements are uniform. Mix up floral sequences so each riser boasts an individvaized swag. Then adhere the cutouts by moist- ening the adhesive and patting the tmotifsin place. For heavily wafficked stairs and permanent displays, pro tect the risers with a coat of clear water-based varnish, Skip the sealer ifyou wantto change the removeable flowers with the season, “To order wallpaper cutouts, see page 36 continued on page 36 os _ poly’ US ee u wee 7 Re Broues 6 een on a