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Critical Item History - ALL

Name of Est Nature Business Street City/Town Permit

Critical Item Description Inspected By

Date C I Marked Follow-up Date LAG Time:

Designated Employee: Allen
Clinton Avenue Grocery Food Service Establishment 2310 Clinton Ave Huntsville 47-0773 Martin

31 Presence of roaches in ice machine area, pot/pan storage, eating area. 11/1/2018

27 No hand drying provision available in employee restroom. 11/1/2018

5 Adulterated food, leak from ceiling dripping onto uncovered food. Informed management, food 11/1/2018 11/1/2018 0
discarded during inspection. COS.

Designated Employee: Beavers

Hillwood Chevron Limited Food 11249 S. Memorial Huntsville 47-1118 Sweet

15 Ice machine had residue inside.SLS 10/30/2018 11/2/2018 3

11/02/18: Abated. Manager cleaned machine.
27 Employee restroom didn't have toilet paper. At hand sink by warewashing machine didn't have 10/30/2018
soap or paper towels and was not accessible due to items inside and in front of handsink. SLS
16 Probe thermometer and chemical test strips not provided. SLS 10/30/2018

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwic Limited Food 975 Airport Rd, SW Huntsville 47-4937 Sweet

07 Investigated complaint at wrong location, but found cold holding violations while on site: veto Meat 10/30/2018 11/2/2018 3
48 F and Provolone at 50 F.
11/02/18: Abated. Reach in cooler at 36 F and Veto meat at 37 F. Also Provolone was at 38 F.
Newk's Express Café Food Service Establishment 4851 Whitesburg D Huntsville 47-4378 Sweet

7 During cold holding cut tomatoes that were cut on 10/29/18 at 48 F, Lettuce at 50 F. 10/30/2018
11/02/18: Not abated. Cut tomatoes at 38 F and Lettuce at 46 F held in reach in cooler cut about
30 min. ago. PIC stated that they are using time as a public health control but they do not have
written policy. Extened notice till next week for manager to fix policy. SLS
Waffle House # 2062 Food Service Establishment 11500 Memorial Pa Huntsville 47-4924 Sweet

7 During cold holding cheese 46 F and cut tomatoes 46 F. SLS 10/30/2018 11/2/2018 3
11/02/18: Abated. Cheese at 38 F and Cut tomatoes at 38 F. SLS

Designated Employee: Boykin

Buena Vista Cantina Food Service Establishment 8217 Highway 72 Madison 47-4972 Johnson

06 Cooked chicken being held at 70F and queso cheese being held at 125F. 10/31/2018
11/06/18. Cooked chicken 156F AND Queso cheese held at 101F. Not abated. Issued NOIS. CMB
15 No concentration of sanitizer in the dishmachine. 10/31/2018 11/6/2018 6
11/06/18. Concentration of sanitizer was provided during the time of follow up. Abated. CMB

Howwin Pizza Co., LLC dba Un Food Service Establishment 8048 Hwy 72 W Madison 47-5606 Johnson

15 No concentration of sanitizer in the dishmachine. 10/31/2018 11/6/2018 6

11/06/18. Concentration of sanitizer in the dish machine was connected and fixed during the time
of follow up. Abated. CMB
16 No test strips available for sanitizing testing. Several utensils and food containers in storage were 10/31/2018 11/6/2018 6
found with debris and residue on them.
11/06/18. Manager bought new chemical test strips. Bins, ladles, scoops, in bucket were removed
and not in use during the time of follow up. Abated. CMB
Krystal-HTV005 Food Service Establishment 970 Old Monrovia Huntsville 47-0175 Johnson

15 Ice machine in kitchen and the drive-thru ice bin has black residue inside. 10/31/2018

07 Shelled eggs being held at 86F. 10/31/2018

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Name of Est Nature Business Street City/Town Permit
Critical Item Description Inspected By

Date C I Marked Follow-up Date LAG Time:

Designated Employee: Johnson
Baymont Inn & Suites Hotel/Motel 122 Cleghorn Blvd. Madison 47-3761 Johnson

31 The presence of fresh rodent feces was found rooms 107 & 108. 1 dead mouse found in the guest 10/30/2018
laundry room. Rooms must be reinspected by the health dept. before reopeneing. SMJ

Baymont Inn & Suites (Contine Limited Food 122 Cleghorn Blvd. Madison 47-3762 Johnson

31 Fresh rodent feces found in the kitchen for the breakfast area. 10/30/2018

Buffalo Rock DirecTV Food Service Establishment 400 Diamond Dr. Huntsville 47-4749 Johnson

08 Dented cans found in storage. COS. The cans were removed by management. SMJ 11/2/2018 11/2/2018 0

Cantina Laredo Food Service Establishment 300 Bridge Street, Huntsville 47-3565 Johnson

27 The restrooms had a maximum hot water temperature of 69F and 70F. 11/2/2018

16 A fryer basket was found with a loose wire. 11/2/2018

Guadalajara Jalisco, Inc. Food Service Establishment 8572 Madison Blvd Madison 47-1984 Johnson

15 The kitchen ice machine has black residue in it. The ice bin in the bar area has a black residue. 11/1/2018 11/5/2018 4
11/5/18. Follow-up. The ice machine was cleaned. Abated. SMJ

Jack's # 202 Food Service Establishment 3314 Wall Triana H Huntsville 47-1918 Johnson

05 Hair found on raw chicken. 10/30/2018

27 Paper and a whisk found stored in the hand sink. 10/30/2018

Logan's Roadhouse # 544 Food Service Establishment 8994 Madison Blvd Madison 47-4823 Johnson

06 Cooked chicken was held at 94F, and mashed potatoes were held at 115F. 10/29/2018 11/1/2018 3
11/1/18. Per management, proper cooking temperatures were reviewed by the employees.
Chicken is now cooked to order. No orders for chicken at the time of the inspection. Mashed
potatoes were held at 135F & 140F. Abated. SMJ
27 One hand sink was missing soap. One hand sink was inaccessible due to ice. The highest hot 10/29/2018 11/1/2018 3
water temp reached at 2 hand sinks was 68F.
11/1/18. Soap was refilled at the hand sink. All sinks were accessible. Both hand sinks reached a
max. temp of 104F. Abated. SMJ
16 11/1/18. No serving utensils or bowls found with debris on them. Abated, SMJ 10/29/2018 11/1/2018 3

Redstone Federal Credit Union Food Service Establishment 220 Wynn Drive Huntsville 47-2503 Johnson

07 Wings 52F, lettuce 60F, eggs 52F, and tomatoes 49F. 11/1/2018 11/5/2018 4
11/5/18. Follow-up. Lettuce 41F, Eggs 36F, No wings are served on Mondays. Tomatoes 40F.
Abated. SMJ
The Jackson Conference Center, Food Service Establishment 600 Genome Way Huntsville 47-3788 Johnson

08 Rice dressing held for more than 24 hrs with no date. COS. Item dated. Dented cans were found in 11/2/2018 11/2/2018 0
storage area. COS. Discarded by management. SMJ

Designated Employee: Martin

Big Chow Grill & Buffet Food Service Establishment 2230 Sparkman Dri Huntsville 47-3711 Martin

9 Lo mein and mac cheese among other items stored in large tubs unable to facilitate proper cooling 10/30/2018

Delicious Commissary Food Service Establishment 704 B Arcadia Circl Huntsville 47-5923 Martin

7 Compliance with approved plan. Unable to provide hot water aboard mobile unit. Highest water 10/29/2018 10/29/2018 0
temps recorded 76F-78F. Mobile authorization suspended.
10/29/18. Follow-up.H.S.103F, WWS 130F. Abated.

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Name of Est Nature Business Street City/Town Permit
Critical Item Description Inspected By

Date C I Marked Follow-up Date LAG Time:

2 No proof of approved knowledge course. 10/29/2018

New Golden Star Food Service Establishment 200-V Oakwood Av Huntsville 47-0856 Martin

8 RTE egg rolls and sweet/sour chicken not date marked. PIC stated they were made 10/31. 10/31/2018 10/31/2018 0
Corrected on site.

OH! Bryan's Family Steak Hous Food Service Establishment 2136 Hwy 72 E Huntsville 47-3372 Martin

6 Steamed veg. 125F, Rice pilaf 122F, Alfredo sauce 110F. PIC stated that items were only held for 10/31/2018 11/5/2018 5
20 mins, reheated to 165F minimum.
11/5/18. Follow-up. Alfredo 167F, gravy 170F, Veg and rice 180F. Abated.
15 Interior of ice machine not clean. 10/31/2018 11/5/2018 5
11/5/18. Follow-up. Abated.
31 Presence of flies in meat slicing area outside entrances to WIC/WIF. 10/31/2018 11/5/2018 5
11/5/18. Follow-up. Abated.

Pierce's Southern Eatery Food Service Establishment 14267 Hwy 231/43 Hazel Green 47-0242 Martin

27 Handsinks being used to wash dishes, and thaw frozen raw meats. Corrected on site. 11/2/2018 11/2/2018 0

6 Buffet: Scrambled eggs 124F, grits 126F, sausage and bologna 112F, gravy 120F, hashbrown 11/2/2018
casserole 120F. Discarded at time of inspection.

Pizza Hut Food Service Establishment 2417 N. Memorial Huntsville 47-0263 Martin

2 No proof of approved knowledge course. 10/30/2018

15 Interior of ice machine not clean. 10/30/2018

11/2/18. Follow-up. Issued NOIS.

Red Lobster # 0159 Food Service Establishment 1818 University Dr Huntsville 47-0074 Martin

7 Pina colada sauce 64F, Pico de gallo 55F, shredded cheese 54F. Discarded during inspection. 10/29/2018
11/1/18. Follow-up. Pina colada sauce 47F, shredded cheese 49F, Sour Cream 45F. Discarded.
Provided time as public health control information.
10 Shellstock tags not in chronological order, missing last sold by dates. 10/29/2018

Designated Employee: McCaleb

McDonald's # 31904 Food Service Establishment 2234 Winchester R Huntsville 47-3115 Sweet

7 Using time as a public health control cheese without time stamp 55 F. Also eggs sitting out on 10/31/2018 11/5/2018 5
counter at 51 F. SLS
11/5/18. Follow-up. All time stamps within date/time, no food sitting on counter. Abated. CM
Designated Employee: Roberts
5A's Restaurant Food Service Establishment 6297 Hwy 53 N Harvest 47-0468 Roberts

08 Cooked meat not datemarked. 11/1/2018

AMBE SHREE LLC DBA Supe Hotel/Motel 3803 University Dri Huntsville 47-1484 Roberts

35 Chemical bottles not labeled. (one in laundry room and one on maid's cart) 10/29/2018

Everyday Market, LLC Limited Food 4811 University Dri Huntsville 47-1160 Roberts

27 No soap and paper towels at any of the three handsinks. 11/2/2018

Tim's Cajun Kitchen Inc Food Service Establishment 114 Jordan Lane Huntsville 47-0703 Roberts

08 Chicken wings in reach in and walk in coolers not datemarked. 10/29/2018

Designated Employee: Sweet

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Name of Est Nature Business Street City/Town Permit
Critical Item Description Inspected By

Date C I Marked Follow-up Date LAG Time:

Baumhower's Victory Grille Food Service Establishment 2309 Memorial Pk Huntsville 47-6109 Sweet

7 During cold holding chicken salad at 51 F, Lettuce at 54 F, Turkey at 60 F, Cabbage (Cole Slaw) at 10/30/2018 11/2/2018 3
54 F.
11/02/18: Abated. Chicken salad 39 F, Lettuce 38 F, Turkey 41 F, Cabbage (cole slaw) 38 F.
Church Street Wine Shoppe Food Service Establishment 501 Church Street Huntsville 47-5167 Sweet

16 Food probe thermometer and chemical test papers (Quat) not provided. 10/31/2018

Cracker Barrel Old Country Sto Food Service Establishment 2001 Drake Avenu Huntsville 47-3141 Sweet

1 Barehand contact on tomato and lettuce that an employee touched while making a burger without 10/29/2018 10/29/2018 0
washing his hands or using gloves. COS. Manager discarded food.
27 Highest registering temperature in men's restroom 70 F. 10/29/2018

16 Dented stainless steel food containers. 10/29/2018

The Original Public House, Inc. Food Service Establishment 3310 S. Memorial Huntsville 47-0232 Sweet

38 Chemical bottle not labeled with bleach inside. COS. Manager labeled bottle. 11/2/2018 11/2/2018 0

7 During preparation raw shrimp left out for an hour at 59 F and fish (raw) at 57 F. Manager put the 11/2/2018 11/5/2018 3
shrimp and fish back in walk in cooler on ice to make sure it got back down to 41 F.
11/05/18: Abated. Manager made the employees move the fish and shrimp in a reach in cooler
before preparation. Shrimp 32 F, Fish 36 F.
27 Hand sinks not accessible due to items in and in front of hand sink. Also soap and paper towels 11/2/2018 11/2/2018 0
not available at hand sinks. COS. Manager replaced soap and paper towels and removed items at
hand sink
Walmart # 5197 (Produce) Limited Food 330 Sutton Rd Owens Cross R 47-5824 Sweet

15 Residue on water sprayers for vegetables. COS. Manager cleaned before inspection was over. 11/1/2018 11/1/2018 0

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