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Questions for The Lottery

o Reiterate that our purpose is to discuss Tradition, Human Nature, Family, Conformity
o Ask participants to take a few minutes to look back at their notes on their text.
 Opening Question– Identify main ideas from the text:
o What could be another title for this story? (round robin)
o Why?
 Core Questions – Focus/analyze textual details:
o According to the text, what was the original purpose of the lottery?
o What are some examples of irony in the story?
o Jackson gives interesting names to a number of her characters.
o What is the symbolism of the black wooden box and the black spot on the fatal slip of
o What are some of the examples of literary elements Jackson uses in her story?
o What is the significance of Tess’ final scream, “It isn’t fair, it isn’t right?
 Closing Question – Personalize and apply the textual ideas:
o What does Shirley Jackson’s story teach us about traditions?