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October 2018

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6-Step Prescription
for Living Well

5 Signs of
in Teens

Flu Fears?
Fall brings worries about
virulent replay of last year...

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2 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

A 6-step prescription for living well


o matter how old or
young, taking care of
your body, mind, and
soul is the key to warding off
chronic diseases such as diabe-
tes, heart disease, and certain
types of cancer.
While there is no magic
potion or formula for healthy
longevity, there are some basic
guidelines. Among them:

Eat right
Feed your body the right
foods the majority of the time.
Aim for being on target with
your diet 80 percent of the
time. This allows for celebra-
tions and treats. Enjoy physical activity every day. Get your heart rate up, build muscle and remain flexible with exercises such as walking, swimming,
n Emphasize fruit, vege- yard work, dancing, aerobics or bik riding. Strive for 30 minutes of exercise per day.
tables, whole grains like oat-
meal, brown rice, and barley weight in order to keep diabe- syndrome, and accidents.
and low fat or fat-free milk tes and cardiovascular disease n Stay away from street
products. at bay. A healthy body weight drugs such as marijuana, co-
n Include good for you will also put less stress on your caine, methamphetamine,
proteins such as lean meats, joints. heroin or pain pills such as
poultry, fish, beans, eggs and Oxycodone that have been
nuts. prescribed for you. These
n Limit junk food that is
Challenge your mind
drugs are highly addictive and
high in calories, fat, sugar, and n Be a lifelong learner. may lead to death even with
sodium. Potato chips, cookies, Read books, play games, learn one use.
candy, and cake should be an to play an instrument, or pick
occasional treat not an every- a new language. Brains need
day occurrence. activity to stay sharp. See your doctors
n Rest your brain by n Schedule a regular phys-
Get physical getting plenty of sleep every ical.
night. This will aid memory n Talk to your doctor about
Enjoy physical activity every and concentration. Plenty of Playing games gives your brain an activity to stay sharp. screenings for blood pressure,
day. Consider it play time! sleep also diminishes mood cholesterol, and osteoporosis.
n Any amount of exercise swings. n Speak with your doctor
n Make time for fun and others.
is better than none – Just Move n Limit screen time. While about mammograms, prostate
and Groove! this is important for everyone, checks, and colonoscopies.
n Gather with friends and Don’t do drugs
n Strive for 30 minutes of it is essential for children. n Floss, brush, and see
exercise per day. family in times of joy and cri-
Their brains and bodies need Stay away from harmful your dentist regularly.
n Get your heart rate up, sis. drugs.
toys and regular play to devel- n Reduce stress by simpli-
build muscle, and remain op well. n Quit smoking. Tobacco Lorraine Wichtowski is a communi-
flexible with exercises like fying your life. causes more health problems ty health educator at UR Medicine
walking, swimming, yard n Consider social clubs, than any other drug. Noyes Health in Dansville, NY. To
work, dancing, aerobics, or Be social volunteer activities, a reli- n Drink alcohol responsi- discuss this article or suggest
future articles, contact Lorraine at
bike riding. Remain social throughout gious organization, or support bly. Too much alcohol causes or
n Maintain a healthy body your lifetime. groups as a way of joining liver damage, fetal alcohol (585) 335-4327.
Health Guide Thursday, October 25, 2018 • 3

4152 West Main St.
(in the Valu Plaza)
Batavia • 344-0080
Monday-Friday 10am-8pm,
Saturday 10am-5pm,
Sunday Noon-5pm

George Costello, President
4 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

How to talk to seniors about driving ability
From AAA Aging Drivers (LongROAD) ten: Be positive, be supportive older driver. Talking sooner, who remain behind the wheel.
Nearly 83 percent of older project. and focus on ways to help rather than later, can help set Families can use the AAA
drivers report never speaking Researchers found that only keep them safe when behind mutual expectations and re- Driver Planning Agreement as
to a family member or physi- 17 percent of older drivers the wheel, including other duce safety issues or emotion- a guide to starting conversa-
cian about their safe driving report ever speaking with a forms of transportation avail- al reactions down the line.” tions about safety. The agree-
ability, according to research family member or physician able to older drivers. It is important that families ment allows families to plan
from the AAA Foundation for about driving safety. The most n Avoid generalizations: have a plan to help keep the together for future changes in
Traffic Safety. commonly cited reasons for Do not jump to conclusions older driver on the road for as driving abilities before they
Of the small percentage of having the discussion include: about an older driver’s skills or long as safely possible. Past become a concern.
families who do have the of- n Driving safety concerns abilities. research from the AAA Foun- –––
ten difficult conversation, 15 (falling asleep while driving, n Speak one-on-one: dation for Traffic Safety found FOR MORE INFORMATION
percent do so after a crash or trouble staying in lane): 65 Keep the discussion between that older adults who have on AAA resources for older
traffic infraction has occurred percent. you and the older driver. In- stopped driving are almost drivers, such as RoadWise
— which could be too late. n Health issues: 22 per- viting the whole family to the online/classroom courses
two times more likely to suffer or other programs that help
Due to their fragility, older cent. conversation can create feel- from depression and nearly seniors better “fit” with their
drivers are at greater risk of n Driving infraction or ings of alienation or anger. five times as likely to enter a vehicles, visit www.SeniorDriv-
death and injury if involved in crash: 15 percent. n Focus on the facts: Stick long-term care facility as those
a crash. n Planning for the future: 7 to information you know,
In 2016, more than 200,000 percent. such as a medical condition
drivers ages 65 and older were
injured in a traffic crash and Having the talk
or medication regimen that
might make driving unsafe. Do you have HEEL pain
Do not accuse an older driver
more than 3,500 were killed.
With seniors outliving their AAA recommends that fam- of being unsafe or assume that or ARCH pain?
ability to drive safely by an ilies start talking with older driving should be stopped al-
average of seven to 10 years, adults about safe driving early together. HEEL SPUR SYNDROME/PLANTAR FASCIITIS
families should not wait to talk and avoid waiting until there n Plan together: Allow the
about safety. are “red flags” such as crash- older driver to play an active is a common problem among people who are active. It starts as
AAA urges seniors to begin es, scrapes on the car (from role in developing the plan for a dull intermittent pain in the heel which may progress to a sharp
planning for “driving retire- bumping into garages, signs, their driving retirement. persistent pain. Classically, it is worse in the morning with the first
ment” at the same time they etc.), new medical diagnoses, “The best time to initiate a few steps, after sitting, after standing, or after walking.
begin planning for retirement or worsening health condi- discussion with a loved one
tions. about staying mobile without • Plantar fasciitis often begins with irritation and tearing of the
from work. fibrous band of tissue on the bottom of the foot, which may
“The right time to stop It is helpful to begin dis- a set of car keys is before you
cussions when an older driver suspect there is a problem,” eventually result in the formation of a heel spur.
driving varies for everyone,”
starts planning for other life said Jake Nelson, AAA director • Contributing factors: flat pronated feet, high arched feet, poor
said Dr. David Yang, executive
director of the AAA Founda- changes, such as retirement of traffic safety advocacy and shoe support, increased age, sudden weight increase,
tion of Traffic Safety. “This from work or moving to a new research. “Planning for per- increased activity level, family tendency.
research shows that older home. When talking to an old- sonal mobility and indepen- • Approximately 2-3 times your body weight of force is exerted
drivers can be hesitant to ini- er driver, families should: dence should be done working on each foot with walking. Flexible, non-custom molded arch
n Start early and talk of- shoulder to shoulder with the supports found at those advertised shoe stores cannot support
tiate conversations about
their driving capabilities, so it these forces and usually do not provide long-lasting relief, do not
is important that families en- Specializing In Individual Personalized Care come with a lifetime warranty, and are typically more expensive
courage them to talk early and than custom-molded ones made by our office.
often about their future be-
hind the wheel. With early dis-
cussion and proper planning,
ALPINE MANOR • 95% of our patients’ symptoms are resolved with conservative
treatment, avoiding surgical intervention.
• We also offer surgical procedures with the best post op success
elderly drivers may extend Assisted Living Facility rates using Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy techniques, EPF
their time on the road.” resulting in minimal incisions and scarring, immediate ambulation
In New York State, accord- Est. 1971 • NY SDOH Licensed Facility and often back in a shoe in 1 week.
ing to preliminary data, in An adult living facility
2017 there were more than • No Tier Pricing • If you can’t remember when your feet didn’t hurt, now is the
52,196 crashes involving se-
dedicated to providing • RN On Staf time to give us a call.
nior (65+) drivers, including each resident with high • Health & Medication
210 fatal crashes and 19,994 quality, personalized
Advanced Podiatry Associates
injury crashes. The 52,196 care. With only 36 resi- Dr. Joseph Canzoneri
crashes were the most this dents we are able to give • Daily Recreation / Activities
decade; 2016 was next closest, every person the indi- • Trained 24 Hour Staf
with 51,047. Failure to yield 2 STATE STREET, BATAVIA
vidual, personal care • Assist. available for qualiied
right-of-way was the most 585-343-8150
common contributing factor they deserve. veterans
(10,837) to senior driver crash- MINIMAL WAIT TIME
es in New York.
The report is the latest
Mon., Thurs., Fri. 8AM-5PM; Tues. 11-8PM
research released in the AAA EVENING HOURS AVAILABLE
Foundation for Traffic Safety’s 2714 POPLAR HILL ROAD • LIMA, NEW YORK 14485 In Ofice Flouroscan • Handicap Accessible
Longitudinal Research on
Health Guide Thursday, October 25, 2018 • 5
6 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

Did you know? Why antiobiotics are not
effective in treating or preventing the flu
Staff Report without the presence of a
Antibiotics are not effec- bacterial infection will not
tive in preventing or treating help a person feel better fast-
the flu. er, and taking antibiotics un-
Antibiotics are used when necessarily could compound
bacteria is the cause of ill- the growing problem of an-
nesses and help kill bacteria tibiotic-resistant strains of
or stop them from reproduc- bacteria.
ing, indicates Medline Plus. The best defense against
Influenza is a viral infec- the flu is a flu vaccination.
tion, meaning antibiotics will The is ample evidence of the
be useless against it. vaccine’s flu-prevention ef-
The only times when an- fectiveness and its ability to
tibiotics may be prescribed
reduce flu severity.
during a flu illness is if flu
symptoms have contributed MORE ON THE FLU: For a
to secondary or tertiary ill- look at the upcoming flu
nesses, such as strep throat season, a vaccine Q&A, and
or ear infections. why it’s important to be vac-
ROCCO LAURIENZO/THE DAILY NEWS Requesting antibiotics cinated, turn to page 15.
Dr. Gregory Connolly is shown at the infusion area of Lipson Cancer Institute at United Memorial
Medical Center in Batavia. Connolly says many women do not benefit from chemotherapy and
doctors are finding other ways to fight cancer and help patient lead a more healthy lifestyle. ALL BABIES CHERISHED
Pregnancy Assistance Center
Fighting cancer without chemo ~ Helping Families Make Life Choices ~
Babies are a precious
gift from God.
UMMC doctor says preventative treatment is the key Motherhood should be
By JOHN ANDERSON tute at 127 North St. in Batavia. Month and noted that it was treasured. He explained two decades a good opportunity to remind 445 Ellicott St., Batavia, NY 344-5660
BATAVIA — It’s not a good ago, chemotherapy was al- people about the importance Donations and bequests gratefully accepted
time to be cancer in America. ways the first option with of screening.
Thanks to preventative breast cancer and other can- “In many regards, breast
measures and new treatment, cers. However, things have cancer is a success story in the
doctors are finding ways to changed. cancer world largely because
treat cancer without chemo- “Nowadays, because of very of screening,” he said. “A high
therapy, and other measures good research over decades percentage of cases we see are
to help those who do have in the cancer world, they have early-stage cancer, opposed
cancer lead a more healthy developed good, personal- to other types of cancer, like
lifestyle. ized approaches with cancer pancreatitis cancer, they come
In fact, 70 percent of women patients,” said Dr. Connolly. to us with advanced stages of
diagnosed with breast cancer “When there is early-stage cancer. ACIDIC SOLUTION
are not avoiding chemother- cancer, we try to eliminate the With mammograms and While some have adopted the habit of drinking an early-morning glass
apy. cancer and let them live long- self-screening, when they are of hot water with lemon juice to get their digestive systems working, this
Dr. Gregory Connolly is at term, cancer-free with the detected and found, the goals supposedly healthy routine does their teeth no favors. The fact is that lemon
the Rochester Regional Health least amount of side effects.” of treatment are there so they juice is a strong acid that eats away at tooth enamel. As this erosion occurs,
United Memorial Medical Dr. Connolly said October the teeth may become increasingly sensitive. As the tooth enamel weakens
Center’s Lipson Cancer Insti- is Breast Cancer Awareness See CANCER T7 further, it effectively dissolves to the point where fissures may appear. Over
time, as the enamel erodes, the underlying dentin will begin to show through
the translucent enamel. At that point, teeth will appear to be yellow and will

If you are looking for one become increasingly so. Unfortunately, no amount of tooth-whitening prod-
ucts can counteract this effect.

place to meet all of your eye
In addition to our commitment to patient health and well-being, we also
dedicate ourselves to keeping our patients out of the dental chair. BATAVIA
FAMILY DENTAL provides the highest quality of preventive care, including

care needs, look to our
sound dietary advice, so that you’ll spend less time in treatment and more
time enjoying your healthy smile. We offer complete general dental care,
from cleanings to full mouth reconstruction to repair of any damage done

professional & friendly staff! by neglect or trauma. We also provide cosmetic dentistry here at 6 Batavia
City Centre, for the sunniest smiles possible. Call us at 585.343.4246 for
an appointment.
We accept most insurance including P.S. Dentists strongly suggest that if you do drink highly acidic beverages,
EYEMED, NYS Vision Plan, Univera, Community Blue, you sip them through a straw. In addition, never brush your teeth after drink-
(585) 344-1345 Spectera, Aetha, Cigna, Excellus, MVP, Fidelis, ing or eating acidic drinks or foods, when tooth enamel is most vulnerable.
113 E. Main St., Batavia, NY Davis and Independent Health
Health Guide Thursday, October 25, 2018 • 7

Cancer curable. Also the new treat-
What men need to know
‘ It’s an exciting time ments in breast cancer,” he
said. “Women in early stages,
in cancer treatments
From T6
and breast cancer
we are better with supportive
measures to stop the after about prostate cancer
can be cured.” effects. Special to The LCN
treatmen is no fruits and vegetables, but is
While Dr. Connolly is in- “Patients with more ad-
According to the Ameri- low in saturated fats is the best

volved in treatment, he wants exception to that. vanced cancer, where maybe
can Cancer Society, prostate defense for most diseases, in-
to make sure patients see their it’s not curable, some of the cluding prostate cancer.
cancer is the second leading
primary care physician, espe- new treatments we have are cause of cancer-related deaths If men have a strong fami-
cially if that patient is a female DR. GREGORY CONNOLLY, more targeted,” Dr. Connol- among men in New York State. ly history of this disease (men
nearing 40 years old. He said Lipson Cancer Institute at ly continued. “There is oral As men get older, their risk whose father, brother, or son
if there is a history of cancer in United Memorial Medical Center, medicine and pills, these offer
Batavia. for prostate cancer increases. had prostate cancer are at a
the family, testing can be done fewer side effects than the About six in 10 prostate can- higher risk), consume a diet
earlier. But it’s not something chemotherapy, which helps a cers are found in men age 65 high in fat and low in fruits and
that should be disregarded be- patient have a better quality of or older. vegetables, or show symptoms
cause a person is healthy. life and enjoy things they do, The prostate is a male re- which include: frequent urina-
“Preventative treatment they do not have intravenous productive gland that is locat- tion, trouble stopping or start-
women in the intermediate
is good for long-term out- treatments and have the side ed between the bladder and ing urine flow, blood in the
comes,” Dr. Connolly said. area do not need chemother-
effects.” the anus. It is about the size urine, or have constant pain in
“The big recent breakthrough apy.”
Dr. Connolly said the first of a walnut. Its function is to the lower back, pelvis or upper
has been, a study released a Dr. Connolly said living lon- step is to see your primary produce the white milky sub- thighs, the Livingston County
few months ago called the ger and having a better quality doctor or OBGYN. He said stance that carries the sperm Department of Health recom-
TAILORx trial. Basically wom- of life is a goal for patients he most screenings are negative, mends that they talk with their
during ejaculation.
en with early-stage cancer, we sees with cancer. but if it is not negative, do not Men who make healthier health care provider.
used an oncology-type test “We are seeing an improve- become fearful. food choices, exercise, do not For more information,
which measures 21 different ment in survival. I think some “It’s an exciting time in can- use tobacco products, and get contact the Cancer Services
genes involved in breast can- of that is because of screen- cer treatments and breast can- screened regularly may reduce Program of the Finger Lakes
cer growth and the spread of ing and identifying patients cer treatment is no exception their risk of prostate cancer. Region at (585) 224-3070 or
growth. This has been validat- in the early stages when it is to that,” he added. Eating a diet that is high in 1-866-442-2262.
ed with hundreds of women
with breast cancer.”
According to the federal
government cancer informa-
tion, “TAILORx trial, show
no benefit from chemother-
apy for 70 percent of women
with the most common type
of breast cancer. The study
found that for women with
hormone receptor (HR)-pos-
itive, HER2-negative, axillary
lymph node–negative breast
cancer, treatment with che-
motherapy and hormone
therapy after surgery is not
more beneficial than treat-
ment with hormone therapy
alone. The new data, released
at the American Society of
Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
annual meeting in Chicago,
will help inform treatment de-
cisions for many women with
early-stage breast cancer. “
Dr. Connolly said this is tre-
mendous news for women.
“Through this, we know
women on the high-risk end,
and women on the low-risk
end do not benefit from che-
motherapy,” he said. “For a
long time, people in the inter-
mediate area were a gray area,
we did not know if chemother-
apy helped or did not.
“This trial gave us more of
an idea if they need chemo-
therapy or do not need it,” Dr.
Connolly continued. “Most
8 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

NY law now requires mental

health education in schools
Special to The LCN elementary, middle and high
The Mental Health Associ- school students receive in-
ation in New York State Inc. struction in mental health and
has launched the School Men- wellness. Schools will empha-
tal Health Resource & Train- size mental health literacy in
ing Center to assist all New their instruction, which will
York State public and private prepare students with lifelong
schools with the implemen- skills to understand mental
tation of the new state law wellness and increase their
that requires mental health awareness of when and how to

signs of education in all Kindergar-
ten through 12th-grade class-
access treatment or support for
themselves or others.
“With the School Mental

depression This school year is the state’s
first since enacting its first-
in-nation law that ensures all
Health Resource & Training


in teens
The Mayo Clinic says. generally depressed mood.
It’s no secret that teenagers She says new guidelines 2. Trouble sleeping or ex-
can be moody, but research suggest screening all teens for cessive sleeping.
shows that ongoing moodi- depression starting at age 12. 3. Sudden severe weight
ness often is far more serious. “About half of kids are not gain or weight loss.
Dr. Janna Gewirtz O’Brien, a identified with depression 4. A sudden drop in grades
Mayo Clinic pediatrician, says when they have it in the primary in school.
teen depression is much more care setting, so we need to make 5. Sudden loss of interest in
common than most people sure that we’re catching more activities they used to enjoy.
realize. of those,” O’Brien says. “We can
“This is something that “So if somebody reaches out
do better.”
affects teenagers of all walks to you, an adolescent reaches
What to watch for out and says: ‘I’m worried. I’m
of life, of all backgrounds,
and actually of ages from as She says parents also should depressed. Or I’m thinking
young as 12 — sometimes look for these five signs that about harming myself,’ that is
even younger — and up to the their teen is depressed: something to be taken very seri-
young adult years,” O’Brien 1. Excessive irritability or ously,” O’Brien says.

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Genesee County 8:30am-5:30pm;
for over
25 years! Fri. 8:30am - 5pm
Sat. 9am-Noon

Healthy Kids... Healthy Future!
We are accepting new patients, please call office to make appointment.
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Health Guide Thursday, October 25, 2018 • 9

The School Mental Health
Mental org.
Through a variety of tools,
including webinars and in-per-
partnerships with regional ad-
vocates and specialists,
n Develop plans for ongoing
cation requirement, but does
not mandate a specific curricu-
lum. The School Mental Health
Training & Resource Center is
supported through grant fund-
From T8 son trainings, the Center will professional development of Resource & Training Center ing from the New York State
offer professional develop- faculty and staff, will help meet school districts’ Legislature and Gov. Andrew
Center, we have created a go-to ment to empower educators n Identify resources to en- Cuomo.
needs related to creating and
resource for educators across with the expertise they need hance mental health services –––
continuously improving their For more information, visit
New York State as they begin to foster the mental wellness and education, and
teaching mental health les- of their school communities. n Engage students and fam- mental health curriculum.
sons in their classrooms,” said An online training program ilies to help expand the impact
Glenn Liebman, CEO of MH-
ANYS. “After five years of per-
sistent advocacy in the State
focused on mental health and
wellness is expected to launch
in October 2018, and region-
of the law into the community.
“We’ve designed the School
Mental Health Resource &
Early Detection
Legislature, we knew our work
couldn’t stop after we helped
al Youth Mental Health First
Aid trainings will take place
Training Center to apply a pub-
lic health approach to mental is your best Protection
pass New York’s groundbreak- throughout the year. health education. That means
ing Mental Health Education The Center has made avail- providing knowledge and skills
law. MHANYS and its region- able for download a series of to all members of the school Schedule your
al partners are now working
alongside school districts to
lesson plans to help school
districts develop their curricu-
community — educators, stu-
dents, families, caregivers and Mammogram today
help them understand the re- lum for mental health educa- community partners — as well Free Gift For All October Mammograms!
quirements and shape their tion. The lesson plans focus on as facilitating connections be-
own curriculum for their stu- multiple dimensions of mental tween these groups,” Liebman
dents.” health, including identification said. “This will allow us to not
The School Mental Health and expression of emotions, only help schools comply with
Resource & Training Center the development of coping the new law, but also drive pos-
will work with school districts strategies and the promotion itive change and improve the
to provide assistance and guid- of help-seeking behaviors. health of communities across
ance through an online plat- Teachers and administrators the state.”
form, phone- and web-based can access the lesson plans by New York is the first state
technical assistance, and a visiting the Center’s website in the nation to enact a law
team of experts in education
and mental health. The Cen-
and registering as an educator.
Additionally, the Center and
requiring mental health edu-
cation in all K-12 schools. The
ter’s online platform can be
visited at mentalhealthednys.
its staff will help schools:
n Establish community
law, which went into effect July
1, enacts a mental health edu-

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10 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

Who is the United Memorial Diabetes programs available
at UR Medicine Noyes Health
Surgical Associates Group? Staff Report
If you are one of the mil-
tiredness, pain and depres-
Staff Report illness from complex gastrointestinal disor- lions of people living with Individual programs are
BATAVIA — The United Memorial Surgical ders to cancer. We have medical and radiation diabetes, there is some good available. For information,
Associates Group consists of three surgeons: oncologists working at the Lipson Cancer In- news. go to
Dr. Samar Alami, Dr. Jennifer Griffith and Dr. stitute that allow our patients to travel shorter Participating in a diabetes.
Andrea Zucchiatti. distances to get the recurring care they need self-management program To find out more about lo-
The United Memorial Surgical Associates without having to be too far away from home.
can help you manage your cal workshops contact Noy-
Group is located on the UMMC campus in Bat-
diabetes, prevent compli- es Health at (585) 335-4358
avia, 229 Summit St. ,Suite 4. The group sees Q: Why should someone choose your group?
patients for consultations at its office and cover cations and take control of or email cbarrows@noye-
emergencies and perform procedures at the A: Many of the procedures we offer are min- diabetes symptoms such as
main hospital. imally invasive. This means the patient suffers
less discomfort and is able to resume normal
Lifetimes Fillled with Possibilities
Here is a question-and-answer session with
Dr. Zucchiatti: activities sooner.
We offer the latest technology which al-
lows our patients to get the very best
Q: What specific surgeries do you care possible. This includes our
perform? new 4k camera technology in our
A: We do a wide array of operating rooms that allow us
procedures. They include to see images more clearly and
but are not limited to: precisely.
n Hernia repair. As rural surgeons, we strive
n Gallbladder removal. to give our patients the spe-
n Appendix removal. cialized surgical services they
n Drainage of abscesses. need close to home. We treat
n Endoscopies. each patient as an individual We empower and support people of all ages with
nColonoscopies. with the empathy and respect intellectual and developmental disabilities to be independent,
they deserve. productive and dignified members of our community.
United Memorial
ic and serious Group is at 229
illnesses? Summit Street, Hilltop Industries
(Vocational Services, Day Habitation)
Suite 4 in KidStart (Early Intervention/Pre-School Services, Day Care, Head Start)
A: Yes. Batavia. The Transportation • Residential Services • Family Support Services
We treat practice can Recreation • Clinical Services

patients be reached 18 Main St., Mt. Morris, NY 14510
with at (585) 344-
585.991.5459 Intake (Jean Angililli)
585.658.2828 (Main Office) 585.658.4109 (Fax)
various Dr. Andrea Zucchiatti 5470.

Help Wipe Out Breast Cancer with a
Breast Cancer
Welcome Mat
HOSPICE is there so his smile can 5 styles to choose from
still brighten her days. The
100% of the proceeds go to the Breast
1-877-277-2615 National Breast Cancer Research Foundation Research

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Thurs. & Fri. 8:30AM-7:30PM, Sat. till 3PM Visit our web site at:
Health Guide Thursday, October 25, 2018 • 11

Why baby-talking to your grandma is not OK
By Cindy Dampier “Oooh, Mr. Nelson, let’s be But research shows the issue
Chicago Tribune (TNS) careful with our coffee now, goes beyond preference. A
Willie Nelson is 85. This is sweetie. Is that hot? Is it 2008 study showed that de-
either scary, or awesome, de- HOTTT?” mentia patients become more
pending on your point of view Now imagine Willie punch- agitated and resistant to care
and your love of a latter-day ing you right in the face. when spoken to in this manner.
outlaw. A lot of people are aging And, Corwin points out, “it can
Nelson has spawned his in America these days. This cause experiences of lower
share of legends, not least year, U.S. Census Bureau data self-esteem, but it also cor-
among them the notion that showed that within the next relates with reduced cognitive
he’s toured so much that ev- two decades adults 65 years ability, so it’s a real problem.”
eryone from backstage hang- and older will outnumber Dementia patients, in
ers-on to pizza delivery boys children. Which means we all particular, are often subject
has had the chance to meet better learn how to talk to our to elderspeak, and dementia
him. elders. cases are rising along with the
Suppose you got the chance: For years, scientists who aging population. According to
Imagine you walk into a din- study the way we age in West- “Elderspeak” is the widespread tendency to talk to the elderly Alzheimer’s Association data,
er, sit down on a stool at the ern societies have noticed the in a way that mimics the sugary tones some people use on small more than 16 million Ameri-
counter, order your coffee, proliferation of “elderspeak,” a children or pets. But there are pitfalls to using such language. cans are currently providing
turn to your left and see Nelson widespread tendency to talk to care for a person with demen-
There are several specific calling people ‘dear’ or ‘sweet-
occupying the next seat. What the elderly in a way that mimics tia. Last week, the largest ever
would you say? the sugary tones some people characteristics that define el- ie’; pronoun substitution like
National Institutes of Health
Would you ask him about use on small children or pets. derspeak, according to Corwin: using the collective pronoun
budget increase for dementia
writing “On the Road Again” “It sounds like baby talk, like “It has a slow speech rate; ex- ‘we’; and lots of repetition.”
research — $425 million — was
on the back of an airline barf simplified speech,” says Anna I. aggerated intonation; elevated It’s easy to picture people signed into law, a move that
bag? Would you tell him that Corwin, an anthropologist and pitch — raising your voice as if talking to elderly grandparents recognizes it as a burgeoning
“Angel Flying Too Close to the professor at St. Mary’s College everything is a question; elevat- in this way or to recall well-in- public health crisis.
Ground” makes you cry every of California whose work has ed volume; simplified vocabu- tentioned caregivers use elder- Reducing elderspeak is
time? focused on the study of aging in lary and reduced grammatical speak. And it’s easy to imagine
Or something like this: Catholic nuns. complexity; diminutives, like why the elderly wouldn’t like it. See TALK T14

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Call to meet with a local agent:
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All medicare recipients
are allowed to change their
coverage from Oct 15 to Dec 7.
12 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

Did you know? Alzheimer’s affecting the younger
10 early signs of Alzheimer’s Metro Creative Syndicate
Alzheimer’s disease, the
mer’s is not just for retirees but
capable of affecting younger
Metro Creative Syndicate most common form of de- men and women with fami-
Change plays a big role in mentia, is often mistaken as lies and careers is important.
the aging process. As adults something that only affects The Alzheimer’s Association
age, both their minds and aging men and women. points out that healthcare
bodies undergo changes. While the Alzheimer’s As- providers typically do not
The changes associated sociation notes that age is the look for signs or symptoms of
with aging are not uniform. biggest risk factor for Alzhei- Alzheimer’s in young people.
Some people may experience mer’s, the group also warns In such people, symptoms of
small changes as they inch that even men and women Alzheimer’s may be incorrect-
toward and ultimately pass nowhere close to retirement ly attributed to stress.
retirement age, while others age can develop the disease. Adults who suspect they
may undergo changes that The Alzheimer’s Association might be suffering from ear-
affect nearly every aspect of reports that, in the United ly-onset Alzheimer’s should
their lives. States alone, roughly 200,000 have a comprehensive med-
Cognitive decline is the type people younger than the age ical evaluation, which may
of age-related change that of 65 have early-onset Alzhei- include a neurological exam
Cognitive decline is the type of age-related change that can have mer’s disease. Many people and/or brain imaging, con-
can have a dramatic impact
a dramatic impact on a person’s life, affecting his or her ability to with early-onset are in their ducted by a physician who
on a person’s life, affecting
live independently. 40s and 50s. specializes in Alzheimer’s dis-
his or her ability to live inde-
Recognizing that Alzhei- ease.
pendently. A general term men and women to report or solving problems: Some-
used to describe symptoms any of these 10 early signs and one exhibiting this symptom
associated with a decline in symptoms of Alzheimer’s to may have trouble following a
memory or thinking skills such their physicians the moment recipe or paying monthly bills.
as judgment and reasoning, they’re noticed. Family mem- 3. Difficulty completing
dementia is often mistaken as bers who notice these signs in familiar tasks at home at
a normal part of aging. How- their relatives also should re- work or at leisure: Forgetting
ever, the Alzheimer’s Foun- port them to their loved ones’ the rules of a favorite game or
dation of America notes that physicians. experiencing trouble driving
dementia-related illnesses, to a familiar location are some
including Alzheimer’s disease, What to watch for
examples of this symptom.
are not a normal part of aging. 1. Memory loss that dis- 4. Confusion with time or
Because many people rupts daily life: Examples of place: People with Alzhei-
associate memory loss with this symptom include forget- mer’s lose track of dates, sea-
aging, they may be compelled ting recently learned infor- sons and the passage of time.
to accept some of the early mation; forgetting important 5. Trouble understanding
signs and symptoms of Alzhei- dates and events; and asking visual images and spatial re-
mer’s as mere byproducts of for the same information over lationships: Some people with
growing older. However, the and over.
Alzheimer’s Association urges 2. Challenges in planning See SIGNS T14 Feel Good About Yourself...

Help The Elderly
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Health Guide Thursday, October 25, 2018 • 13

A guide to understanding opioids
Metro Creative Syndicate Why are opioids misused? types of prescription opioids
For many years, law en- are Vicodin (hydrocodone),
According to the NIDA, opi-
forcement agencies have tried OxyContin (oxycodone), mor-
oids are effective at reducing
to educate and inform the phine, and methadone.
pain. B nFentanyl: This is a syn-
general public about a grow-
ing opioid epidemic. ut while they are prescribed thetic opioid that the CDC
Opioids pose a signficiant to treat pain, opioids also pro- notes is considerably more
health problem throughout duce a feeling of euphoria. powerful than other opioids.
much of North America. Opioid users, whether Fentanyl is typically only
Drug overdoes killed nearly they’re using heroin or a prescribed to help patients
64,000 Americans in 2016, and prescription opioid such as dealing with severe pain, such
roughly two-thirds of those Vicodin, can easily become as that caused by advanced
deaths involved a prescription dependent on opioids be- cancers.
or illicit opioid, according to cause of that euphoric feeling However, illegally manufac-
the U.S. Centers for Disease they get when taking them. tured and distributed fentanyl
Control and Prevent. When this happens, users are is at the heart of the opioid
likely to misuse opioids, tak- epidemic. In fact, the CDC
What are opioids? ing them in larger quantities reports that death rates from
The term “opioid” refers to than prescribed or looking to overdoses involving synthetic
a range of drugs, including il- illegal opioids such as heroin opioids such as fentanyl dou-
legal drugs such as heroin. in search of that euphoric bled in 10 states from 2015 to
Whether an opioid is an feeling. 2016.
illegal street drug or one pre- What are types of opioids? n Heroin: Unlike fentanyl
scribed by a doctor, the Na- and prescription opioids,
tional Institute on Drug Abuse The CDC notes that there heroin is illegal. Despite that,
notes that all of these drugs are three common types of heroin usage has risen sharply
are chemically related. Each opioids: prescription opioids, in recent years across nearly
opioid interacts with opioid fentanyl and heroin. all demographics in the Unit-
receptors on nerve cells in the nPrescription opioids: ed States.
body and brain. Prescription These are prescribed by –––
opioids are often prescribed to doctors to treat moderate to More information is available
relieve pain. severe pain. Some common at

14 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

“still working at 100!” — feeds this per- three types of communication that are end they would say amen, because all
Talk ception.
Elderspeak and baby talk, Corwin
effective in ending elderspeak, even
with dementia patients.
that mattered is they believed that God
had heard. Honestly, it was beautiful to
From T11 says, are speech patterns that indicate The first was storytelling: “The nuns watch, to witness.”
our perception that a person is less than would just come in and tell stories. They Though the religious community of
one of the most basic ways society can productive, is somehow dependent. were able to use grammatically rich nuns is unique, their tactics, Corwin
address dementia. In fact, Corwin’s And this kind of speech “segregates chil- speech, and you can pause, and the per- says, can be universal. “If people pray,
research published last year on nuns dren and older adults and also people son can contribute what they remem- saying prayers together can be a really
(long noted for aging more successfully with disabilities from regular society.” ber, but they’re not required to. Even if beautiful thing. But for people who
than secular peers) found that “the vast Such speech patterns also come into they remain silent, you can just resume are secular, just telling stories together
majority of sisters who were caregivers play with people we believe are im- the story.” works. This is what the nuns were doing.
were not using it.” paired in their communication, either Humor, she says, is also effective. It didn’t require training or anything
Absence of elderspeak isn’t unusual through hearing loss or a lack of ability “Jokes worked the same way. People special, just finding ways to have that
in some societies — researchers in In- to speak or form words. “If people are would come in and tell jokes and laugh rich communication. It’s not that hard
dia have noted that culture’s different not actually able to produce words, it together.” to do.”
approach to aging and thus a lack of becomes difficult to hold conversa- The third type of communication But it is crucial, she says. “Avoiding
elderspeak — yet it is quite surprising in tions,” says Corwin, “because they can’t that Corwin found effective was the elderspeak, just speaking to older peo-
American society, Corwin says. respond to you in typical ways.” most intriguing, she says. “Blessings are ple the way we speak to any adult, is
“Americans tend to view and treat Corwin’s research showed, however, a type of prayer where the sisters would really important. It’s important not to
older adults as no longer productive in that nuns did not revert to elderspeak, ask the divine to bless them. And the in- underestimate how powerful that is.”
society. And that’s how we define per- even with patients who could no lon- terlocutor doesn’t have to talk because Corwin hopes that awareness around
sonhood, as an adult who is a produc- ger communicate effectively. “Even in the person who is supposed to respond the issue might one day contribute to
tive member of society,” Corwin says. these cases where people had limited is God. changes in our societal view of aging
Unfortunately, much of our dialogue ability to engage, they were not using el- “They would have people who and decline.
around aging — the “successful aging” derspeak and were using grammatical- couldn’t communicate, they would give And in the meantime, it might help
paradigm that celebrates only elderly ly, linguistically complex interactions.” them blessings, and then the person you avoid a black eye from the next
people who are running marathons or As a result, Corwin was able to pinpoint might be silent, or mumble, and at the 85-year-old you sit down next to.

Signs 7. Misplacing things and
losing the ability to retrace
with this symptom may begin
to withdraw from favorite
activities or avoid being social
From T12 steps: People with Alzheimer’s because of the changes they’re
sometimes put things in un- experiencing.
Alzheimer’s have difficulty usual places and then cannot 10. Changes in mood and
reading, judging distance and retrace their steps to find personality: Mood changes
determining color or contrast. those things. affect people with Alzhei-
6. New problems with 8. Decreased or poor judg- mer’s, who may become con-
words in speaking or writing: ment: Poor judgment and fused, suspicious, depressed,
Difficulty joining or continu- decision-making often affects fearful, or anxious.
ing a conversation and calling people with Alzheimer’s. –––
things by the wrong name are 9. Withdrawal from work Learn more about Alzheimer’s
some examples of this symp- or social activities: People disease at

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Flu fears
Fall brings worries about
virulent replay of last year
Bloomberg talizations. So many people percent effective against the
U.S. health officials are try- caught the flu that some hos- unexpected emergence of the
ing to increase the rate of flu pitals and pharmacies across H3N2 strain, or 36 percent BLOOMBERG
vaccinations this year after a the U.S. ran out of antiviral effective overall, according to A sign advertises flu shots at a CVS Health Corp. store in Chicago.
severe outbreak last season drugs, Alabama declared the CDC.
killed a record number of chil- a state of emergency and a About 40 percent of U.S.
dren and led to spot shortages school district in Arkansas residents received a season- Home Energy
of antiviral medications such closed all 10 of its schools. al flu vaccination last year.
as Tamiflu. “It really exposed how vul- About 80 percent of the chil- Assistance Program
In a panel hosted by the nerable we are,” said Amesh dren killed hadn’t received a (HEAP) 2018 - 2019
National Foundation for Adalja, a senior scholar at shot. Vaccines significantly
Infectious Diseases and the Johns Hopkins University reduce a person’s chances of Regular HEAP opens on
Centers for Disease Control Center for Health Security. catching the flu and spread-
and Prevention in Washington “It seems like we’re in a better ing it to the most vulnerable November 13, 2018.
on Sept. 27, Surgeon General position this year. But it’s the people around them, such as Emergency HEAP opens
Jerome Adams took a nasal flu and it can do a lot of tricky the elderly. Even if someone January 2, 2019.
vaccine — an effort, he said, to things, so we won’t know for does catch the flu after get-
make flu prevention “go viral.” sure until the season begins in ting the vaccine, symptoms Apply for HEAP on-line at beginning
The lighthearted demonstra- earnest.” are likely to be less severe. November 13, 2018. Applying on-line is easy; applications
tion was accompanied by grim Each year, vaccines are Still, vaccine science is are received by the agency right away, and allow the appli-
statistics from the 2017-18 flu produced in accordance with flawed. Drugmakers still grow cant to track the application and beneits.
season: 80,000 deaths overall, the CDC’s predictions for the vaccines in chicken eggs — a
including 180 children. types of viruses most likely to technique developed in the Most individuals or families receiving either Temporary
“I’m tired of hearing people circulate during flu season. 1940s. Eggs don’t support Assistance or SNAP beneits on September 19, 2018 will
say, ‘Well, I didn’t get sick and Those predictions can be all virus types and allow for receive a one-time Regular HEAP beneit through that case
I didn’t get the flu shot.’ Or, ‘I wrong, of course, but even mutations in the ones they and do not need to apply separately.
don’t like it, my arm hurts,’” when they are right vaccines do. The process takes at least
said Adams. “Those 80,000 can be mismatched to circu- six months, allowing time for Livingston County residents that are unable to apply online
people who died last year from lating viruses. Last winter, may request an application be mailed by calling (585) 243-
the flu, guess what? They got the U.S. vaccine was only 25 See FLU T17
7300. HEAP applications are mailed and accepted starting
the flu from someone. So it’s
November 13th at the Livingston County Department of
critically important that we
impress upon folks that it is Social Services, 1 Murray Hill Drive, Mount Morris, NY
not just for them. It’s their 14510
social responsibility to get vac- It is very important to keep current on your utility bills.
cinated.” , LLC
The vaccine is expected to If you fall behind prior to HEAP opening contact the com-
be more accurate this season, pany and try to make some arrangement for payment.
and influenza activity in the
Southern Hemisphere has
Mark Doerr, MD • Non-heating electric shut ofs cannot be paid with
been unremarkable so far — providing Adult & Pediatric Urologic Care Regular HEAP Beneits.
a good sign for the U.S. and • Interviews can be done over the phone as long as
Canada. But health officials at
at our Warsaw Location: a HEAP application has been iled either through
the briefing said it was too ear- 408 North Main St. or in paper form with the agency.
ly to make a prediction. • Do not wait until you are out of fuel to apply for
“I would get the vaccine
now and you don’t have to
Louis Baumann, M.D. HEAP. Let us know when you are low on fuel (less
than a quarter tank). Non-utility fuel companies
worry about whether it’s a providing Adult Urologic Care at our
may charge a delivery fee if they deliver “of route”
mild or a severe season,” said Corfu location:
William Schaffner, NFID med- because you are out of fuel. his charge is deducted
ical director. 24 East Main St. (Route 33) from your HEAP grant, so you will receive less fuel
The U.S. faced the most Please contact us at: from your HEAP grant.
severe seasonal flu outbreak • If you have a shut of notice on your natural gas or
across all age groups since
at least 2003 last season, ac-
716-677-2273 electric, contact us prior to being shut of. If service
is shut of, the company does not have to accept the
cording to CDC data. It led HEAP grant to turn it back on.
to 900,000 confirmed hospi-
16 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

With flu season on horizon, FIND HUNDREDS OF THINGS TO DO EACH MONTH
By CHRISTINA TKACIK Is this year’s flu
Baltimore Sun
going to be bad?
School’s back, summer’s
over, and pharmacies are entic- Hard to say. Influenza can
ing customers with low-cost flu be a life-threatening illness, but
vaccinations on every corner. its virulence varies from year to
The Baltimore Sun checked year.
in with Dr. Kathleen M. Neu- Although last year was a
zil, director of the Center for severe season in the United
Vaccine Development at Uni- States, it was less severe in oth-
versity of Maryland School of er parts of the world.
Medicine, and pediatrician Doctors can’t say when it
Dr. Dan Levy, to pose ques- will hit, or how virulent it will
tions about this year’s influen- be.
za vaccine.
Can I get a nasal spray?
When should I get a flu shot? Yes. This year the nasal
Flu vaccines, in the form of
Now would be good. a shot or a nasal spray, are spray will be widely available
Neuzil advises getting a flu recommended for everyone in the United States. Neuzil
shot by the end of October. older than 6 months old. says it’s just as effective as
But sooner may be better for a shot for people ages 2 and
some people. for the first time need two dos- older.
“It’s more important to get es, four weeks apart. In past years, some author-
the dose than to wait and not ities had been cautious in en-
get a dose,” Neuzil said. Who should get a vaccine? dorsing the nasal spray, Neu-
The vaccine takes a week or zil said. But it was widely and
two to be effective, and those The Center for Disease Con- successfully used in the U.K.
who wait may be out of luck if trol recommends that everyone last year, and other studies
the flu hits early. older than 6 months get a flu
Children getting the flu shot vaccine. See VACCINE T18
Health Guide Thursday, October 25, 2018 • 17

Flu Why getting a flu vaccine matters
From T15
Staff Report
circulating viruses to change If this flu season is anything like last
and adapt. year’s, it could be bad. And people who
Medicago Inc., a biotech- decide not to get the flu vaccine could be
nology company, owns the responsible for passing the virus around
first plant-based seasonal flu to everyone else at home, at the office, at
vaccine to reach late-stage school at church, at the gym, at ...
clinical trials. Its vaccine, cre- Only about one in three upstate New
ated with genetic sequencing York adults receives an annual flu vac-
and grown with tobacco, can cine, according to a review of New York
be retrofitted to immunize state health data by Excellus BlueCross
against almost any virus so BlueShield. The low vaccination rate
long as its DNA can be ob- occurs each year, despite evidence of the
tained. The whole process vaccine’s flu-prevention effectiveness
takes about six weeks. and its ability to reduce flu severity. The
“Human viruses were never flu vaccine is widely available at doctor’s
meant to grow in eggs,” said offices, area pharmacies, various clinics
Bruce Clark, chief executive and other locations.
officer of Durham, N.C.-based “We can stomp out the flu, or limit its
Medicago. “The basic tech- opportunity to spread, if everyone gets
nology of growing vaccines the flu vaccine,” said Dr. Martin Lustick,
in eggs has been a solution senior vice president and chief medical
historically because we had no officer at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield.
other options.” Lustick warns that if this flu season is
The mismatches in the “Your decision to skip the flu vaccine this year could result in you being a person who
anything like last year’s, it could be a bad spreads the virus,” said Dr. Martin Lustick of Excellus BlueCross BlueShield. And that
2017-18 season can be one. The Centers for Disease Control
attributed to egg-related decision, he noted, could be deadly for young children, the elderly, and people with
and Prevention classified the 2017-2018 compromised immune systems.
complications, said Nathalie flu season as “high severity” overall and,
Landry, Medicago’s senior for the first time since the 2003-2004 flu the flu vaccine should receive their first about seven days after he/she becomes
vice president of research and season, “high severity” among each age dose as soon as possible to allow the sec- sick. Statistically, every 100 people with
development. Certain types group. ond dose – which must be administered the flu will infect 127 other people. The
of H3N2 can’t be grown in With few exceptions, the CDC recom- four weeks or more later – to be received virus can spread to others up to about 6
eggs without mutations that mends that everyone ages six months by the end of October. feet away, mainly by microscopic drop-
make vaccines less effective. and older gets the flu vaccine annually. Each year in the U.S., there are 2.5 mil- lets expelled into the air when people
Similar vaccines grown with While it’s never too early or too late in lion flu cases that result in hundreds of cough, sneeze or even talk.
yeast are available on the mar- the flu season to get the vaccine, the thousands of hospitalizations and tens “Your decision to skip the flu vaccine
ket for human papillomavirus, CDC encourages doing so by the end of thousands of deaths. One person with this year could result in you being a per-
or HPV, and hepatitis B. Sano- of October. Children ages 6 months the flu can infect other people one day
fi, the French pharmaceutical through 8 years who require two doses of before any symptoms develop, and up to See MATTERS T18
giant, makes a seasonal flu
vaccine with recombinant
DNA technology and protein,
a somewhat similar process to A NICE SMILE IS ...A day spa in the village
Clark said more effective
vaccines could increase vac-
cination rates.
“People don’t really un- OFFERING:
derstand the need for herd Traditional Braces
immunity — that we protect
those who are most vulnera-
Clear Ceramic Braces
ble,” said Clark. “Low efficacy Invisalign
rates don’t help.” Palatal Expansion
By the numbers: Flu cases
There were 2,106 lab-confirmed Call for a FREE consultation to discuss how you can get the
cases of flu in the four-county
GLOW region during the 2017- smile you’ve always dreamed of! Massage Therapy, Facials,
18 flu season. The numbers,
by county: Specialist in Orthodontics For Children & Adults Waxing, & Body Treatments
Genesee: 728 cases.
Livingston: 693 cases.
4376 Lakeville Road, Online Bookings & Spa Packages
Route 20A, Geneseo
Orleans: 401 cases.
585-243-3174 585-243-3350
Wyoming: 284 cases.
SOURCE: NYS Department of Health.
18 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide, or visit the erature,” said Lustick.
Vaccine Matters
‘You cannot get web at Many health insurance policies cover the cost of the
From T16 sick from the flu shot. From T17 flu vaccine in full.
There’s no live virus Symptoms of the flu
have proven its effectiveness. son who spreads the virus,”
This year, “Parents can use
either the spray or the shot as
long as the child is at least 2
years or older.”

Livingston County Public
Health: 2 Murray Hill Drive
Mount Morris. Call (585-) 243-
said Lustick. “For young chil-
dren, the elderly, and people
with compromised immune
systems, the flu virus can be
Common signs and symp-
toms of the lu include:
n Fever over 100.4 F (38 C)
n Aching muscles, espe-
director of the Center for Vaccine 7270, email dept-of-health@ cially in your back, arms and
The CDC recommends the Development at University of deadly.”, or visit the legs.
nasal spray flu vaccine (or live Maryland School of Medicine Other than an aversion
n Chills and sweats.
attenuated influenza vaccine) web at to needles, the top reasons
n Headache.
as an option for nonpregnant people give for skipping
n Dry, persistent cough.
individuals ages 2 to 49. the flu vaccine are that they
ment-of-Health n Fatigue and weakness.
think it will give them the flu, n Nasal congestion.
they don’t believe it works,
Is it possible to get the flu even tally get a headache the follow- Orleans County Public they don’t think they need
n Sore throat.
n Other symptoms may
after being vaccinated? ing day and may be tempted to
Health: 14012 Route 31 it every year, or they feel it is
blame the vaccine. include: chest pressure, head
Yes. too early or too late in the flu congestion, nausea, short-
“It’s human nature to cor- West, Albion. Call (585)
“The vaccine is never 100 season for the vaccine to be ness of breath, or swollen
relate the two,” she said. 589-3278, email OCPubli- effective.
percent effective,” Levy said. But in reality, she said, the lymph nodes
Still, even for those who do cHealth@orleanscountyny. “None of these reasons is –––
flu shot doesn’t make people gov, or visit the web at http:// supported in the medical lit- SOURCE: Mayo Clinic.
get the flu, the vaccine will help sick.
it less severe, and it will be less “Sometimes,” she said,
likely that the patient ends up “there are other viruses that PublicHealth.
in the hospital. are circulating in the commu-
nity.” Wyoming County Public
Can I get sick from the flu shot? Health: 5362A Mungers Mill
No. GO LOCAL Rd., Silver Springs. Call (585)
“You cannot get sick from Genesee County Public 786-8890, email health@wy-
the flu shot,” Neuzil said. Health: County Building II
“There’s no live virus there.”, or visit the web
3837 West Main Street Rd.,
A small portion of people Batavia. Call, (585) 344-2580 at https://www.wyomingco.
may find that they coinciden- Ext. 5555, email health@ net/203/Health-Department Does your child suffer from
chronic abdominal pain?

Dr. Deborah L. Schafer
• Involuntary weight loss
• 3 pain episodes over at least 3 months
interfering with daily activities
• Nausea or vomiting
Orthodontics for Children & Adults • Diarrhea
400 Washington Street, Wayland, NY | 585.728.3830 | • Persistent stomach pain
• Family history of Crohn's or Colitis
• Constipation
Looking for a professional, gentle orthodontist in Wayland?
All of these are signs of chronic abdominal pain
You’ll find that and more at Deborah L. Schafer – Orthodontics. or other gastrointestinal issues.

Both children and adults can benefit from a straighter, more Don’t wait to get your child the help he or she needs!
beautiful smile, and orthodontic treatment allows you to achieve it. Appointments within 48 hours. All specialty formula
authorizations handled in our ofice.
We provide comprehensive evaluation, diagnostic
procedures and therapy for infants through age 21
• Dysphagia and swallowing problems
Call Our Office • Food sensitivity and allergies
for a No-Fee • Obesity
Consultation • Celiac disease
• Acute and chronic pancreatitis

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Friday 8AM - 1PM
Health Guide Thursday, October 25, 2018 • 19

First-class care. Affordable cost.
When deciding where to go for dental care,
you have options. When you choose
Livingston Community Health Center
(LCHC), you’re choosing high-quality dental
care for you and your family.

LCHC isn’t your average family dental office.
It’s a Federally Qualified Health Center
(FQHC)— a provider whose main purpose is
to provide access to superior wellness
services regardless of a patient’s ability to

FQHCs differ from private practices in that they are:
• Regulated by the Federal and New York State governments
• Required to have a structured and robust quality program
• Inspected a minimum of once every three years
• Governed by a board of directors that is made up of a majority (at least 51%) of
active, registered patients of the health center who are representative of the
populations served
• Offer a sliding fee scale with discounts based on patient household size and

What’s more, 92% of LCHC patients reported in the patient satisfaction survey that they are
highly satisfied with provider communication, appointment time together, and treatment
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20 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

When is it OK to drink alcohol while
pregnant? Doctors say, it’s never safe
By RITA GIORDANO Academy of Pediatrics pub- folks telling people, ‘Oh, it’s OK
Philadelphia Inquirer lished Sept. 10 in the journal to drink’ (during pregnancy).
For such a little guy, Robert Pediatrics. And it’s really not.”
McCloud has worked very And alcohol-related birth Turchi said the message is
hard to get to where he is to- disorders are far more common clear. “There is no safe time,
day. than previously believed. An ar- amount, or type of alcohol to
At age 13 months, he ticle published earlier this year drink when a woman is preg-
weighs less than half of most in the Journal of the American nant.”
babies his age. He has a cleft Medical Association estimated Meanwhile, child advocates
lip and trouble swallowing, conservatively that 1.1 to 5 per- are also urging more maternal
so much of his nourishment cent of U.S. children have some education. While not all chil-
comes through a feeding sort of alcohol-related disorder dren exposed to alcohol in the
tube. Born with an under- — as much as five times what womb end up with problems
sized head and brain, he still had been previously thought like organ defects, unexplained
can’t sit up by himself, let and more than the approxi- aggression, or learning disabili-
alone walk. No baby coos, no mately 1.5 percent of children ties, subjecting an unborn child
“mama” or “dada” sounds. with autism spectrum disorder. to any amount or form of alco-
But Robert is trying hard Getting the word out hol could be dangerous.
to learn to crawl, to laugh. He There is no risk-free point in
does roll over. He’ll grab for Turchi, a lead author of the pregnancy to consume alcohol,
anything. And, boy, can he new AAP report, along with including right after conception
smile. colleagues in the academy’s on- when the neurological system
“When he smiles,” said going education and awareness is starting to form, and many
Kimberly Martinez, the Phil- campaign, are encouraging women don’t realize they’re
adelphia foster mother who doctors nationwide to learn pregnant. Nearly half of all U.S.
hopes to adopt him, “it’s like more about FASD, screen all pregnancies are unplanned.
“The best science we have right now shows that alcohol is by far patients, and help their families
he’s lighting up the whole Studies have shown that drink-
the most dangerous recreational drug to use during pregnancy,” get the therapy and support
room.” ing during weeks six through
said Kathleen Mitchell, spokeswoman for the National they need. The extent of the
Robert’s doctor says the nine of a pregnancy has been
Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. dangers, she said, are not wide-
baby’s struggles are due to linked to developing FAS’ facial
what his birth mother ingest- ly recognized. abnormalities.
with Special Health Care Needs get misdiagnosed or overlooked.
ed while she was pregnant. “We’re still not there, even
at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children born with an FASD
A substance known to cause the medical community,” said See DRINK T25
Children. may get ineffective treatment or
serious physical and neu- Turchi. “You still have some
Robert suffers from fetal alco- none at all.
rological abnormalities in a hol syndrome, the most severe, “Prenatal alcohol exposure is
developing fetus. physically disfiguring form of the most common preventable
The opioid crisis has
sparked fresh awareness
fetal alcohol spectrum disorder,
(FASD) a range of disabilities,
cause of intellectual and devel-
opmental delays and disabili-
Valley School
of babies born dependent
on the drugs their mothers
used. But it wasn’t heroin or
birth defects and behavioral is-
sues that experts say all too often
ties in the United States,” stated
a new report from the American of Dance
pain pills that caused Robert
so much harm. His mother
chose something far more 585-798-5307
Offering excellence
common and, scientists say,
even more devastating.
in dance training
“The best science we have
right now shows that alcohol
since 1982.
is by far the most danger- 426 Main Street, Medina, NY 14103
ous recreational drug to use Massage Therapy • Facials & Skincare 63 Main St., Geneseo
during pregnancy,” said Pedicures in our Whirlpool Throne
Kathleen Mitchell, spokes- European Body Treatments • Natural Nail Care Classes for children (3+), teens and adults.
woman for the National Or- Makeup & Makeovers • Hair Care Products
Paraffin Treatments • Sugaring
ganization on Fetal Alcohol Spray Tans • Hair Extensions • Eyelash Extensions
*Ballet *Pointe *Creative *Tap *Jazz
Syndrome. *Modern *Hip Hop *Lyrical *Zumba
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Alcohol caused Robert’s birth
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defects and developmental de-
lays, according to his pediatri- Bring This Coupon For A
cian, Renee Turchi, medical di- FREE 5 Minute Aqua Bed Session!
rector of the Center for Children Expires 11.30.18
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Did you know? Pathology reports aid diagnosing
Explaining metastatic cancer Metro Creative Syndicate
Pathology reports are docu-
diagnosed with breast cancer
may receive pathology reports
Metro Creative Syndicate ments that contain diagnoses that indicate the presence of
Cancer survival rates are on after doctors have examined tumor necrosis.
the rise, and that rise can be cells and tissues under a mi- According to the nonprofit
credited to a host of factors. croscope. organization Breastcancer.
Advancements in cancer re- According to the National org, the presence of tumor ne-
search and treatment have Cancer Institute, pathology crosis means that dead breast
played a big role in rising sur- reports, which play an im- cancer cells were found within
vival rates, as have the efforts portant role in diagnosing and the tissue sample. Tumor ne-
of various organizations to treating cancer, also may con- crosis, though it is often lim-
promote cancer prevention tain information regarding the ited to a small area within the
and raise awareness about the size, shape and appearance of tissue sample, suggests a pa-
disease. a specimen as it looks to the tient is battling an aggressive
The World Health Organiza- naked eye. People who are form of breast cancer.
tion notes that between 30 and
50 percent of cancers can cur-
rently be prevented by avoid-
ing certain risk factors and
implementing evidence-based
prevention strategies. Howev-
er, people can be vulnerable
to cancer if they do not pay at-
tention to their bodies or make
an effort to protect themselves
against certain risk factors for
cancer. In such instances, can- When observed under a microscope, metastatic cancer cells
cer may already have spread to feature traits like that of the primary cancer and do not mimic the
other parts of their bodies, or cells in the part of the body where the cancer is found.
metastasized, before they are
even diagnosed, greatly reduc-
ing their likelihood of surviv-
ing the disease.
Cancer that spreads to dis-
tant parts of the body is known
as metastatic cancer and is
often referred to as “stage IV
cancer.” According to the Na-
tional Cancer Institute, when
observed under a microscope,
metastatic cancer cells feature
traits like that of the primary
cancer and do not mimic the
cells in the part of the body
where the cancer is found. Services at the Batavia and Geneseo oices include the latest 3D mammography
That is how doctors can tell
that the cancer is metastatic with C-View, screening breast ultrasound and same day mammogram results.
cancer and has spread from
another part of the body.
When doctors diagnose
metastatic cancer, they will re-
fer to it with the same name as
the primary cancer regardless
of where the metastatic cancer
was discovered. For example,
the NCI notes that breast can-
cer that has spread to the lungs
will not be referred to as lung
cancer, but metastatic breast
cancer. In addition, when
treating the disease in this ex-
ample, doctors will treat the
cancer as stage IV breast can-
cer, not as lung cancer.
Understanding metastatic
cancer can help recently diag-
nosed men and women better
comprehend their disease and
22 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

Pointers for post-breast cancer exercise Metro Creative Syndicate ercise with your physician after undergoing
Surgery is often part of treating breast cancer. surgery. Doctors may prescribe physical or
According to the American Cancer Society, doc- occupational therapy, and some may even refer
tors may recommend women undergo breast patients to cancer exercise specialists.
biopsies, lymph node biopsies or removals, Simply jumping back into your pre-surgery
lumpectomies, mastectomies, or breast recon- exercise routine can be dangerous, so bring up
structions as part of their treatments. exercise immediately after surgery or during a
Surgery is often an effective way to treat followup visit.
breast cancer, but it does come with some side n Expect some tightness. Doctors may sug-
effects. gest women begin exercising a week or more
The American Cancer Society notes that after undergoing breast cancer surgery. It’s nor-
breast cancer surgery can affect how well wom- mal to feel some tightness in the chest and arm-
en move their shoulders and arms, as pain and pit after surgery, but the tightness will begin to
stiffness can weaken both areas. In addition, subside as you exercise. Report any persistent
women’s ability to take deep breaths may be tightness or pain to a physician immediately.
compromised after surgery, and they may have n Some burning, tingling, numbness, or
difficulty performing normal everyday activities soreness may also occur. These symptoms
like dressing, bathing and brushing their hair. may be felt on the back of the arm and/or on the
chest wall and are often a result of the surgery
Exercise may seem impossible after breast
irritating some of your nerves.
cancer surgery, but the American Cancer Soci-
The sensations of burning, tingling, numb-
ety recommends women exercise after surgery
ness, and soreness may even increase a few
to get their arms and shoulders moving again.
weeks after surgery.
The American Cancer Society notes that exer- The American Cancer Society advises women
cise can be especially important to women who to keep exercising through these symptoms un-
underwent radiation therapy after surgery, as less they notice unusual swelling or tenderness,
radiation can affect movement in the arm and which should be reported to physicians right
shoulder long after treatment has ended. Reg- away.
ular exercise after radiation treatment can help n Exercise after a warm shower. A warm
women maintain mobility in their arms and shower may warm and relax muscles, making
shoulders. exercise less painful.
n Dress appropriately. Comfortable, loose
What to expect fitting clothing can make it easier to do exercis-
es, as such attire is not restrictive.
Exercising after breast cancer surgery can
restore movement, but it’s important that wom- For more information
en take into account the following pointers,
Exercise may seem impossible after breast cancer surgery, but More information regarding exercise after breast
courtesy of the American Cancer Society, before cancer surgery, including specific exercise rec-
the American Cancer Society recommends women exercise after beginning a regimen. ommendations, can be found at www.cancer.
surgery to get their arms and shoulders moving again. n Speak with your physician. Discuss ex- org.

Did you know: How intense should your activity be
American Cancer Society But being more physically ity, can have many health ben-
Valley School
Adults should get at least 150
minutes of moderate intensity
active than you usually are, no
matter what your level of activ-
of Dance
or 75 minutes of vigorous in-
tensity activity each week (or
a combination of these), pref-
erably spread throughout the 25 Liberty Street 243 South Main Street
Offering Excellence
Children and teens should
Suite 1
Batavia, NY 14020
Suite 101
Albion, NY 14411
in training dance
get at least 1 hour of moderate 585.344.2611 585.589.1158
since 1982.
or vigorous intensity activity
each day, with vigorous activity
on at least 3 days each week.
Peer/Family Support Social Club (Batavia) Classes for children (3+), teens, and adults.
Defining intensity Advocacy Drop-In Center (Albion)
Recovery Workshops Recovery Center
Creative Dance • Ballet • Pointe • Tap • Jazz
n Moderate intensity activi-
ties are those that require effort Transportation Warm Line Hip Hop • Lyrical • Modern • Zumba Fitness
equal to a brisk walk.
n Vigorous intensity activ-
ities generally use large muscle 63 Main Street, Geneseo
SOCIAL CLUBS HOURS: M - W - Th - F: 12pm-4pm • M - Tu - F: 5pm-8pm |
groups and result in a faster
DROP-IN CENTER HOURS: M - W - Th - F: 12pm-4pm
heart rate, deeper and faster
breathing, and sweating. WARM LINE HOURS: 5pm-8pm (585.813.0072) 585-243-5240
Health Guide Thursday, October 25, 2018 • 23


cracked skin this winter Medina
226 Pearl St.
Tel: (585) 798-0896
Metro Creative Syndicate deviate from daily sunscreen
Winter weather brings use. 112 N Main St.
harsh conditions that can Even though conditions F U N E R A L H O M E Tel: (585) 765-2230
wreak havoc on skin. seem less sunny, skin still
Come winter, winds pick needs to be protected from

Vital Ice
up, temperatures plummet harmful UV rays.
and humidity levels in the
n Wear gloves to protect
air can drop. These factors
create a recipe for sapping hands. Frequent hand wash-
skin of its natural oils and ing and exposure to cold Learn More!

vibrancy. temperatures can impact the Vital ICE is an In Case of Emergency App provided by the Bogan &
Even the most well-main- skin on hands. Protect them Tuttle Funeral Home that can help save lives. Vital ICE is a mobile
tained skin can be affected with warm gloves and gener- platform for users to list their vital health information, emergency
contacts, and more. EMS and other irst responders can access
by winter air, and the other ously apply moisturizer.
this App in emergencies.
changes the season brings n Run the humidifier. Use
forth. a humidifier at night to keep
What to do skin supple and improve the
Taking the initiative ahead health of nasal passages. Look for moisturizing products
of winter’s arrival can help Winter weather can be that contain shea butter, olive
people salvage the appear- tough on skin. By preparing oil, jojoba oil, or cocoa butter.
ance of their skin. in advance of winter, people They’ll help retain moisture
Questions about the app can be answered at
n Start exfoliating. Skin’s can head off dry skin and and protect the skin against
radiance can be dulled by a other problems. the wind and cold. w w w. v i t a l b o a r d s . c o m / v i t a l i c e
buildup of dead skin cells.
These cells also can clog fol-
licles, leading to breakouts.
Regular exfoliation one to
three times per week can as-
sist with the removal of dead
skin cells. Ridding the outer
layer of skin of unnecessary
debris can also help skincare
products penetrate more
n Choose a thick mois-
turizer. It may be necessary
to ramp up moisturizing
products to combat with dry,
winter air. Look for products
that contain shea butter,
olive oil, jojoba oil, or cocoa
butter. They’ll help retain
moisture and protect the
skin against the wind and
n Turn down the heat.
While it’s important to stay
warm, bundle up rather than
cranking the heat.
Avoid especially hot water
in the shower as well. Hot
water can strip the skin of its
natural moisture. Therefore,
be sure to take warm show-
ers instead of boiling hot
n Invest in a hydrator. Ac-
cording to the experts at Glo
Skin Beauty, hydrators are
lighter than moisturizers,
allowing them to penetrate
further into the skin.
n Use sunscreen. Do not
24 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

Reaping the benefits of physical therapy
Metro Creative Syndicate include stretching, movement healthy people. For exam-
Injuries have the potential and weight-bearing activities ple, women can use physical
to sideline people for weeks, based on the therapist’s guid- therapy to learn exercises that
months or permanently. Injury ance may prevent pelvic floor dys-
to the body can occur when par- n be given at-home work to function. In addition, physical
ticipating in organized sports, further progress in between therapy can teach people how
fitness regimens or even after sessions. to improve their balance and
being in an accident. While physical therapy prevent falls.
Recovering from incidents
can be used for recovery from Physical therapists can help
that can impact mobility and
range of motion takes time, but strokes or paralysis, injuries, heal injured parts of the body,
physical therapy can help the trauma, and musculoskeletal and they can also assist with
body acclimate to regular activ- conditions, it also benefits overall wellness.
ity once more. Physical therapy
also can help healthy people as
Those who have suffered
Physical therapy can help the body acclimate to regular activity
after an injury. Physical therapy also can help healthy people.
Thomas Wenhold PT PC
a sprain or a broken bone or “Physical Therapy with a Personal Touch”
even spent a duration of time form for future activity. Physical Rather than being reactionary,
immobile in the hospital due to therapy sessions can take place healthy individuals can take a
an illness are often prescribed in hospitals, rehabilitation proactive approach to avoiding
physical therapy as part of their centers, fitness settings, private pain and injury.
follow-up treatment. Physical practices, and much more. When one opts for physical
therapy programs try to pro- Not only can physical thera- therapy, he or she may:
gressively increase strength, pists react to and treat an injury, n undergo a physical exam
improve mobility and help the but they can also teach exer-
body return to a state where it cises, stretches and techniques
and evaluation of pain, move-
ment, flexibility, and perfor-
Featuring Aquatic Therapy
can function as best as possible. to help prevent problems in mance In Addition to Land Based Therapies
In many cases, a person can re- the first place. Experts at Bay n receive a clinical diagnosis
gain original capabilities. State Physical Therapy indicate and plan of care (585) 765-2562
According to the American that physical therapy extends n establish long-term goals (585) 765-2198-Fax
Physical Therapy Association, beyond disabled or injured peo- n participate in physical 25 LAKE AVE., LYNDONVILLE, NY 14098
a physical therapist is a trained ple. Physical therapists can edu- therapy treatment, which may
and licensed medical profes- cate a person on weaknesses in
sional who has the experience the body and can guide correc-
to diagnose physical abnormal- tion on poor body mechanics
ities, restore physical function that cause pain. This way a
and mobility, maintain that person can make changes to
function, and promote proper prevent future pain and injury.

~ at the Gardener’s Cottage
5132 Route 63

Shannon B. Chanler, MA. L.Ac
Nationally Board Certiied

Sports Injury, Oncology Support, Pain, Fertility,
Food Therapy, Herbal Support, Meditation, Quigong.
Experience the good side effects!
P.O. Box 353 Geneseo, NY 14454
Health Guide Thursday, October 25, 2018 • 25

Drink tus was not widely known.
But when one of her children was a
teenager, a diagnosis of suspected cere-
danger, leaving them vulnerable to
predators. They also may be easily
manipulated, can be very impulsive or
ing at his church, this dedicated artist is
often working on the comic character
he has created, “Rekomon! The Karate
From T20 bral palsy was changed to FAS. Mitchell emotionally immature, and many don’t Cat,” a martial arts feline full of un-
thought of two babies she had lost — understand the concept of cause and tapped potential.
Treat as a medical problem one who died at birth and another lost to effect — all of which can lead to trouble His parents Mildred and Harold Cam-
sudden infant death syndrome. in school or even with the law. It’s esti- bridge took him into their home at age
Women do not need to be alcohol- “I now believe that prenatal alcohol mated more than 60 percent of people
ics to harm their babies. For obvious 6 months. Andrew was born premature
exposure was the main reason my chil- with fetal alcohol disorders older than at 26 weeks and 1.5 pounds. The Cam-
reasons, it’s not possible to run clinical dren did not survive,” said Mitchell, an 12 years old have been charged with a
trials on alcohol use during pregnancy, bridges, who formally adopted him a
addiction counselor. crime, according to NOFAS. couple of years later, were told he prob-
so just how much alcohol it takes to pro- Doctors and health providers, she Sometimes, their behaviors mimic
duce lasting problems is not clear. But ably wouldn’t live very long, and never
said, should create a clearer road for other conditions. Dan Dubovsky, a Phil- walk or talk.
even less severe forms of FASD, though women to seek help. adelphia resident who adopted a boy
they may produce no physical evidence, “I said, ‘We’ll see about that,’ ” said
“We should be asking everyone at with FAS and now advocates for FASD
can have far-reaching effects. Mildred.
their annual exams about alcohol and children and families, said conventional
Even for women who aren’t pregnant, Turchi, now his doctor, said Andrew
drug use in a very matter-of-fact way therapies or medications often don’t
the amount of alcohol medical experts work with these youngsters — or worse. was exposed to alcohol and crack co-
that’s not judgmental, that’s not like a caine before birth, resulting in partial
consider acceptable is far less than what witch hunt,” Mitchell said. “We ought Before Dubovsky’s son Bill was even-
many people think. “Moderate drink- tually diagnosed with FAS, the boy’s FAS, some intellectual disability, along
to be treating this as a medical problem
ing” outside of pregnancy is classified as behavior in school was chalked up to with other birth defects. But the Cam-
and take the blaming and shaming out
no more than one drink per day. Binge attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bridges, who have other adopted chil-
of it.”
drinking for women is defined as four and he was prescribed Ritalin. dren as well as biological offspring, were
Turchi agrees that some doctors are
drinks within a two-hour period. “It made him act out even more,” Du- steadfast advocates, making sure he got
missing the opportunity to reach wom-
Mitchell is a self-described member en using alcohol during pregnancies bovsky said. into programs that could help him such
of the drugs, sex and rock and roll Wood- and help them and their babies. But there can be hope for children as Early Intervention, therapies, and
stock generation. She thought she was with FAS, too, especially when they get supports in school.
reining in when she stuck to alcohol The results of FAS the right kind of help. “You can’t underestimate (children
during her pregnancies in the 1970s. At Many of these youngsters, for ex- Take Andrew Cambridge, 19, of Wil- with FAS),” Mildred said. “You never
that time, the threat to a developing fe- ample, don’t grasp the idea of stranger low Grove. When not at school or help- know what they will do.”

New York State
launches addiction
awareness campaign
Staff Report
The New York State Office
of Alcoholism and Substance
Abuse Services recently
launched a new addiction
awareness campaign de-
signed to provide educators,
coaches and families with
information and resources
designed to curb addiction
amongst the youth popula-
tion in New York State.
The “You Can be the Dif-
ference” series contains in-
formation and resources on
prevention, treatment, and
recovery services.
The videos and publica-
tions are targeted to com-
munity members including
family, teachers, coaches,
and others who have contact
with teens and young adults.
The materials are available
for download on the publica-
tions section of the OASAS
website under the brochures
section here, or at http://
26 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

Whooping cough is making a comeback
By HELENA OLIVIERO veloped. But in recent decades, of serious but temporary side lasting effect on lung function, found in a new study while
Atlanta Journal-Constitution the illness has been making a effects like pain and swelling leaving people with shortness some people lose immunity
After a week with a dry cough, comeback. Changes in the vac- at the site of injection, as well of breath. relatively quickly, the vaccine
16-year-old Ian McCracken cine and waning immunity are as serious complications such Meanwhile, a team of re- can be protective for many
started experiencing middle- likely contributing to the resur- as febrile convulsions, which searchers, including scientists
of-the-night coughing fits so gence of the illness, according are fits or seizures caused by from the University of Georgia, See COUGH T32
severe, he couldn’t talk. He to experts. a sudden change in a child’s
returned home from his first In recent years, there have body temperature, and loss of
trip to the urgent care clinic in been outbreaks not seen since consciousness. One study by
mid-July with an inhaler and a the 1950s. researchers at Kaiser Perma-
five-day course of steroids. In 2012, the United States had nente’s Vaccine Study Center
The coughing fits didn’t the highest number of whoop- in Oakland, Calif., found the
abate, and after a few days, Ian ing cough cases in more than newer pertussis vaccine, while
jumped out of bed and got his 50 years with 48,277 reported safer and with fewer side effects 127 North St., Batavia, NY
mom’s attention by clapping cases and 20 deaths. Most of than the older version, is not as (585) 345-0417
his hands, unable to get any the deaths occurred among effective.
words out. The Decatur, Ga., infants, according to the U.S. The 2016 study from Kaiser GCA Race Night at Batavia Downs
teenager gasped for air, tears Centers for Disease Control and Permanente’s Vaccine Study
running down his face. Prevention. Center found that the booster Friday, November 9, 2018
His mother, Karen Andes, The highly contagious respi- vaccine known as Tdap pro- Dinner Tickets: $30
took her son to another doctor, ratory illness is not always on vides moderate protection (includes $20 Free Play with racing program and tip sheet)
Buffet Served in the Clubhouse: 5pm-9pm
who suggested Ian may have the radar of doctors and can be against whooping cough during (Post Time 6pm)
reflux. mistaken for a cold, bronchitis, the first year after vaccination, Purchase your Tickets at:
But a combination of Andes’ and reflux. but its effectiveness wanes to Genesee Cancer Assistance Office, 127 North St. Batavia (585.345.0417) • The Spa at Artimis, 206 E. Main St. Batavia (585.343.2171)
Batavia Cross Training, Swan St#4, Batavia (585.345.1555) • Wilmot Cancer Center, 262 Bank St. Batavia (585.344.3050)
medical background – she’s Andes insisted on getting her less than 9 percent after four
an assistant professor of global son tested for whooping cough. years among teenagers who
health at the Rollins School of Results from a nose culture have received only a newer form
Public Health at Emory Univer- came back positive. of the whooping cough vaccine
sity – and a mother’s intuition “At first, I felt relieved, and as infants and children.
told her something else was even a bit proud of myself,” said Pertussis can cause serious
tormenting her son — pertussis, Andes, “but then the reality illness and can be life-threaten-
also known as whooping cough. sunk in that we may be in for ing, especially in babies. About
Whooping cough, a poten- more difficult nights.” half of babies younger than age
tially life-threatening childhood The older vaccine for whoop- 1 who get pertussis need treat-
illness, all but disappeared in ing cough was phased out in the ment in a hospital, according to
the 1940s after a vaccine was de- late 1990s. It carried a high risk the CDC. The illness can have a

Home Care
Is Not
Enough Batavia’s ONLY Crossfit Affiliate
We Want To Help You Reach
Your Fitness Goals
PREMIER GENESEE See what our clients say about us at our website
REHABILITATION CENTER and sign up today!
“Where Your Quality of Life Means Everything” Us on

56 Harvester Ave.,1st Floor, Batavia, NY
278 Bank Street, Batavia • Call 344-0584 x 2290 for Admissions 585.813.9281
Health Guide Thursday, October 25, 2018 • 27

Doctors call for ban Tackling Shoulder Dysfunction
on infant walkers
By Alison Bowen
When people ask what part of the body I treat most often, many assume the
answer is the lower back; however, the correct answer is the shoulder. The
Chicago Tribune (TNS) shoulder has the tremendously diicult task of allowing for 180 degrees of
To many parents, they seem movement (think of a windmill-type motion), while maintaining stability (keep-
like a safe and easy way for ba- ing the ball in the socket). Maintaining stability is challenging because the ball
bies to get around, but infant is approximately 4 times larger than the socket. Joint dislocation would be fre-
walkers create so many inju-
ries each year that the Ameri- quent if not for the stabilizing muscles, the rotator cuf. The rotator cuf is aptly
can Academy of Pediatrics has named as it’s a muscular cuf that surrounds the ball and socket, allowing and
directing rotation of the joint. Unfortunately, the rotator cuf is easily injured.
A new study released by the
academy’s journal reported wheels, it definitely increas- Injury may occur from trauma, repetitive motion (especially overhead), poor
thousands of injuries. After es your speed, and then their posture, and simply, aging.
checking emergency room vis- weight and velocity can pro-
its for children younger than pel them to areas of injury that
would be otherwise unantici- Aging leads to decreased blood low, “drying out” muscles, leaving them prone
15 months, the study showed
more than 230,000 infant walk- pated,” Colucci said. to damage. Side-sleeping on a irm mattress may increase this process. Repeti-
er-related injuries between These walkers, typically used tive motion, particularly overhead lifting, can fatigue the cuf muscles, promot-
1990 and 2014. From 2004 to for children from about ages 5
to 15 months, she said, allow
ing poor control of the shoulder, and causing the cuf muscles to be pinched.
2008, according to the data, in-
fant walkers were associated babies to reach places they This condition is known as Impingement Syndrome. Impingement is typically
with eight pediatric deaths. wouldn’t have been able to oth- recognized by pain upon attempting to raise the arm. The condition commonly
Dr. Nicole Colucci, a pedi- erwise — hot oven doors, sharp leads to rotator cuf damage, potentially needing surgical repair. Save yourself
atrician who works in emer- objects, a cup of coffee, even
gency medicine at Presence household poisons. They also the pain and trouble, and seek PREVENTIVE care early!
Resurrection Medical Center, make it easier for them to bump
said she’s seen these injuries into things like table corners. A Physical Therapist can evaluate posture, rotator cuf strength, and movement
throughout her career. Among Meanwhile, Colucci said
walkers offer no benefits. They
patterns, determining the cause(s) of your shoulder dysfunction. They will de-
the injuries cited in the study
were lacerations, concussions don’t help babies walk, she sign an individualized program that isolates the rotator cuf and stabilizes the
and burns, and emergency said, and in fact might delay shoulder.
room visits for falling, entan- walking.
glement or being struck by an “It’s not helping them devel-
object. opmentally at all, and possibly People with shoulder pain often request imaging, such as an MRI. While I un-
What happens most often is hindering the walking and core derstand the desire to “see what’s going on inside,” MRI indings do NOT
babies in the walkers are tip- muscles and normal ambulat- directly correlate with shoulder symptoms. Recent research shows that people
ping over or falling down, caus- ing,” she said.
In recent years, improve-
who do NOT have shoulder pain frequently have positive indings on MRI. A
ing head and neck injuries, Co-
lucci said. ments to walkers have de- person with pain and positive MRI indings is typically given a choice: surgical
The study showed that 74 creased injuries, such as a 1997 correction, followed by months of therapy and time of work, or therapy, to
percent of injuries were from standard that called for walk- determine if symptoms can be reduced. While therapy can’t reverse the aging
falling down stairs. About 91 ers to be wider than doorways.
percent of injuries were to the Still, Colucci said, enough of a process, it can strengthen the rotator cuf, increase local blood low, and im-
head and neck. Within the pool risk remains that her advice to prove shoulder stability. Therapy will encourage good posture, as a healthy
of children arriving in emer- parents is to throw them out if upper back and shoulder blade provide a stable “anchor” for the shoulder. Re-
gency rooms, 4.5 percent of you have them, and don’t even
kids were admitted, the study get one in the first place.
versing the cycle of dysfunction is challenging. While there is certainly science
found; among those admitted, “The original thought is that behind stabilizing the shoulder, there also is an art
38 percent had a skull fracture. it actually helps to keep the to it. Appropriately, the motto for October’s National
Allowing a child to move child more safe, but even with Physical Therapy Month was “The Art and Science of
faster creates problems. parents watching, there are still
“If you’re in something with injuries,” she said. Healing.” Physical Therapists are the specialists in the
healthcare ield for your shoulder problem.

—Paul Kreher, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT
Supervising Physical Therapist at
UR Noyes Health Physical and Sports Therapy
28 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

Learn about the causes of adult hearing loss
Metro Creative Syndicate or SNHL, occurs due to prob- is an inner ear problem of un- In some instances, hear-
Hearing loss is quite com- lems of the inner ear. It is often known origins. It usually starts ing loss may be the result of a
mon and can affect people’s referred to as nerve-related in people between the ages of 30 combination of factors. Any-
lives in profound ways. hearing loss. and 50. Dizziness and ringing of one finding their hearing has
Although there are some n Aging is a common cause the ear are common, and hear- become less acute should visit
treatments that can improve of hearing loss that may not be ing loss comes and goes. Some with an audiologist. One re-
one’s ability to hear, many peo- reversible. Age-related hearing loss can become permanent. source to visit is
ple are interested in learning loss is called presbycusis and is n Viruses and diseases as well profind. The doctor can then
about the ways they may be able By learning about what affects marked by muffled or unclear as family history also may play a prescribe a treatment plan to
to prevent hearing loss in the hearing loss, people can make speech. Treatment with assis- role in SNHL. help improve hearing.
first place. changes to prevent damage. tive hearing devices can help
Medical experts from Some of the causes of conduc- improve hearing. New Office Location
the American Speech-Lan- nTrauma to the ear or head
tive hearing loss include:
may impact hearing. Wearing
guage-Hearing Association
advise that hearing loss can
n Otitis media is an infection
of the middle ear in which fluid protective gear during sports RESTORATIVE MASSAGE
be caused by different factors. accumulation can interfere with or other activities can protect
Learning about these causes against neurological damage 46 City Centre
the movement of the eardrum
can help individuals make and ossicles. that may cause hearing loss. within Batavia Chiropractic Health
smart decisions at a young n Impacted earwax also can n Damage to the inner ear
age to prevent future hearing can result from prolonged
loss when possible. In certain
cause hearing problems.
n Fluid in the middle ear may exposure to loud noises, states Schedule an appointment for October and
the Mayo Clinic. These noises
circumstances, hearing loss
may be unavoidable. In such
instances, audiologists, or doc-
obstruct hearing.
n Otosclerosis, which is a
middle ear disease, can make it
cause wear and tear on the hairs
or nerve cells in the cochlea that
Save 20%!
tors specializing in hearing, can difficult for the tiny bones in the send sound signals to the brain.
help. middle ear to move. Surgery can When these hairs or nerve cells (585) 409-3349 by appointment only
correct the problem. are damaged or missing, electri-
Conductive hearing loss cal signals aren’t transmitted as
n Malformation of the outer
Conductive hearing loss
refers to problems with the ear
canal, ear drum or middle ear
ear, ear canal or middle ear
structure can affect hearing.
Sensorineural hearing loss
efficiently, and hearing loss oc-
curs. Using hearing protection
and turning down the volume
Family-Type Home
and its bones, states the Hearing
Loss Association of America. Sensorineural hearing loss,
can help.
n Meniere’s disease disease for Adults
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Health Guide Thursday, October 25, 2018 • 29

‘Most Googled’ symptoms survey: Other fascinating findings
Here’s a capsule look at oth- ber of babies born each year. n South Carolina and Wis-
er fascinating findings from a n Loss of sleep was the consin are concerned about
symptoms survey conduct- most googled symptom in the color of their poop.
ed by the website medicare- New York, which is the home n South Dakotans want of “The City That Never to know what the location of
n Idaho is googling Sleeps.” their headaches mean, and
li symptoms. These findings n Vermont residents didn’t they’re looking to a chart for
make sense given that the have a full-on runny nose or answers.
state was “hit hard” by an out- even a little congestion. They n In Alaska, home to the
break of the bacterial infection were more concerned with a Alaskan Lumberjack Show,
this past year. serious case of the “sniffles.” people are googling snoring.
n Morning sickness was n Oklahoma residents are Apparently, they really do saw
the most googled symptom in looking ahead to find out what a lot of logs up there.
Utah, which is also the state the symptoms of the 2018
with the second-highest num- round of the flu will look like. – Via

A look at the most googled medical symptoms in each state.

What’s one of the most Googled
medical issues? It’s dark and green
By Noah Feit states are googling symptoms
The State (Columbia,S.C.) (TNS) that could be related to the cold
A recent study revealed what and flu. And that makes sense.
medical symptoms were the According to the CDC, adults
most commonly searched on have an average of two to three
Google, state by state across the colds each year, and pharma-
U.S. ceutical manufacturers pro-
People turned to the search duced and distributed 155.3
engine for a variety of health-re- million doses of flu vaccine
lated questions and concerns. during the 2017–2018 flu sea-
Although many of the search- son.
es were for common symptoms, Overall, the study found that
that was not the case in South the most Googled symptom in
Carolina. The symptom Palmet- the U.S. was stress.
to State residents Googled about Stress was the top concern in
more than anything else was dif- one-fifth of the states. In 2017,
ferent from the other 49 states. the American Psychological As-
They were concerned with the sociation said the top sources of
color of their poop, according to stress were “money, work, the current political climate, the fu-
South Carolina residents ture of the nation, and violence
were Googling “dark green and crime.”
stool” more than any other Other common searches in-
symptom over the past year, re- cluded nasal congestion, stuffy
search from the study showed. nose and sniffles.
Wisconsin was the only other Some other unique searches
state where the residents asked saw people looking up sweaty
Google about the meaning be- palms (California), pregnan-
hind the color of their feces. cy cravings (Tennessee), night
But unlike South Carolina’s sweats (Maine) and uncircum-
“dark green stool,” people in cised problems (Indiana).
Wisconsin wanted the search According to medicare-
engine to inform them about, the study was
“light colored poop,” medicare- based on the most frequent- reported. ly searched symptoms of the
The Palmetto State’s neigh- past year on Google Trends.
bors in North Carolina were But it pointed out that the find-
far less colorful with their most ings “don’t mean these are the
common query. The most symptoms most people have in
common symptom Googled in each state.”
N.C., and New York, was “loss of The people behind the study
sleep,” according to the study. also remind that Google can’t
While there was a range of “diagnose the cause of a condi-
symptoms that seemed to con- tion. There’s no substitute for
cern people in each state, most seeing a real doctor.”
30 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

Dental health is just as vital to overall health
Special to The LCN when you think there’s some- centive or gift card would moti-
Twenty eight percent of thing wrong.” vate them to get cleanings. Sev-
adults in the Finger Lakes Re- Respondents’ top three rea- enteen percent want a dentist
gion did not visit a dentist with- sons for not visiting a dentist: located closer to where they live
in the past year, according to n 40 percent believe there is or work, and 16 percent want a
the results of a survey commis- no need if they don’t have signs dentist who participates in their
sioned by Excellus BlueCross of a tooth problem. dental insurance network.
BlueShield. n 24 percent are concerned “For help finding a dentist
“The lack of annual routine about the cost. who meets your needs, visit
dental care by such a large n 16 percent expressed fear. your health insurer’s website,”
segment of the population is Among adults who do not advised Lustick, “which may list
surprising, because 76 percent receive once-a-year cleanings, nearby dentists who accept new
of respondents report having a about one-third said a cash in- patients.”
regular dentist,” said Dr. Mar-
tin Lustick, corporate medical
director at Excellus BlueCross
BlueShield. Good dental care isn’t just about checking for cavities and gum
The American Dental Associ- disease. Many diseases can be detected first as mouth lesions.
ation recommends that every-
one visit his/her dentist for an tistry. including Sjogren’s syndrome,
exam and cleaning at least once The following health con- rheumatoid arthritis and lupus .
a year – and preferably once ev- ditions may be identified by a n Celiac disease.
ery six months. dentist during a routine oral n Anemia.
Good dental care isn’t just exam: n Chronic kidney disease.
about checking for cavities and n Diabetes. “People should view routine
gum disease. Many diseases n GERD (gastroesophageal dental care the same way they
that affect the entire body often reflux disease). view other routine medical care,
first become apparent as mouth n Cancers of the head, neck, such as wellness visits, standard
lesions or other oral problems. mouth and throat. immunizations, and screenings
More than 90 percent of all n Osteoporosis. for high blood pressure, high
systemic diseases produce oral n AIDS (acquired immune cholesterol, diabetes and vari-
signs and symptoms, reports deficiency syndrome). ous cancers,” said Lustick. “You
the Academy of General Den- n Autoimmune diseases, shouldn’t just go to the dentist

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Russell M. Marchese Jr. D.D.S.
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Health Guide Thursday, October 25, 2018 • 31

Greenway provides a path to good health
By BEN BEAGLE conditions at all road cross- ings to accommodate wheel-
The Genesee Valley Gre- chairs and residents with
enway State Park, a verdant disabilities.
90-mile corridor stretching n Designing environments
from Rochester through Liv- that promote formal and in-
ingston County to almost the formal social interaction.
Pennsylvania border is more Rodriguez also noted
than just a place for recreation mental benefits that would
and scenic views. It may also complement the park’s phys-
be the key to improving your ical attributes and help lower
health. the number of “poor” mental
“Research shows that walk- health days often reported
ing, biking and other physical in surveys by people in the
activities offered by trails like region.
the Greenway can help lower “Getting out and getting
rates of obesity, high blood physically active and socially
pressure, stroke and cancer interacting with others is the
— leading causes of disability most important thing you can
and early death in our region” do to help folks,” she said.
said Wade Norwood, CEO of The Genesee Transporta-
Common Ground Health, the tion Council is undertaking a
regional health research and project to count the number
planning organization. and type of users on the Gre-
The Greenway includes GENESEE TRANSPORTATION COUNCIL PHOTOGRAPH enway Trail. Preliminary data
Monroe, Livingston, Wyo- Along the Genesee Valley Greenway State Park trail near Scottsville, a walker and his dog enjoy the includes two locations in Liv-
ming, Allegany and Cattarau- tranquil setting while also getting in some valuable active time. A new study has made more than 50 ingston County – one in Avon
gus counties. The trail, which recommendations to help the trail reach its ful potential as a health resource. and the other near the inter-
passes through woodlands, section of the Lehigh Valley
wetlands, river and stream chance to network with other promoting active lifestyles, celebrate physical activity and Trail. For about three weeks
valleys, farmlands, glacial community members. Use said James Stack, executive are inclusive of vulnerable in May, the count included
gorges and historic villages, is of the park for recreational director of the Genesee Trans- populations. 330 pedestrians, 324 bicyclists
one of New York’s largest and activities such as walking and portation Council. n Providing infrastructure and four people on horseback
most scenic assets. biking also allow participants “The Genesee Valley Green- connections such as new in Avon, while the second
to avoid traffic, construction way is an asset for our region trails, sidewalks, bicycle lanes location had 259 pedestrians,
Reaching a new potential zones and the chance to get and beyond,” Stack said. “We and public-transit stops. 50 cyclists and 15 people on
The could also be one of into an accident. want to help raise awareness n Developing Americans horseback. (People travel-
the state’s most significant “Taking all this combined, that it is in our back yard and with Disabilities Act-com-
assets for promoting physical there is nothing negative that gives people an opportunity to pliant grade and trail surface See PATH T34
activity, improving health and can be said about any move to get where they are going while
reducing disparities, accord- be outside in the park,” Rodri- improving their health at the
ing to a recent health impact guez said. same time.”
assessment from Common Study recommendations To meet these health goals,
Ground Health and the Gene- the study recommended:
see Transportation Council. The Genesee Transporta- n Partnering with gov-
But to reach the trail’s full tion Council’s long range plan ernments and community
potential as a health resource, recognizes that expanding bi- organizations to promote
the study found – among its cycle and pedestrian networks programming and events that
more than 50 recommenda- can improve public health by
tions – that trail surfaces and
signage need to be upgraded,
crosswalks added at road
intersections and lighting pro-
vided in high-use areas.
“With improvements, the
Greenway can become one
of our community’s best pre-
scriptions for health. It’s just
what the doctor ordered,”
Norwood said.
Livingston County Director
of Public Health Jennifer Ro- April 26 - 29, 2019
driguez pointed to several ad-
vantages afforded by the Gre-
enway. The trail can serve as a
stress reducer for people and a
32 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

Rohani said, “would be a terri- diphtheria booster shot (Td). By the numbers: Cases of Pertussis (2012-2016)
Cough ble idea, especially the routine
scheduled and maternal vacci-
Also, you need to get Tdap even
if you got pertussis vaccines as
There have been 188 cases of
pertussis, or whopping cough,
high of 99 in 2012.
From T26 nation.” a child or have been sick with reported in the four-county Orleans: 8 total cases, high of
pertussis in the past. 5 in 2013, none in 2015 or
Vaccination recommendations GLOW region between 2012-
decades. The study, published The impact of Anti-Vaxxers 2016, the most recent years
in a March issue of Science The CDC recommends per- available. A closer look: Wyoming: 20 total cases, high
Translational Medicine, also tussis (also called whooping Even though children who Genesee: 31 total cases, high of 6 in 2012, none in 2016.
found the dwindling number of cough) vaccines for people of haven’t received DTaP vaccines of 11 in 2015, none in 2016. –––
people still alive who survived all ages. Babies and children are at least eight times more
Livingston: 129 total cases, SOURCE: NYS Department of Health.
pertussis infections in the days should get five doses of DTaP likely to get whooping cough
before vaccination and there- for maximum protection. DTaP than children who received all
fore gained lifelong immunity, is a vaccine that helps children five recommended doses of Robrt A. Chirmnte
is also playing a role in the resur- younger than age 7 develop im- DTaP, they are not the driving Providing Quality Eye Care
gence. When the vaccine was munity to three deadly diseases force behind the large-scale For Over 30 Yrs For Your Family
introduced in the 1940s, there caused by bacteria: diphtheria, outbreaks or epidemics, ac-
were very high rates of vacci-
nation, which led to an overall
tetanus and whooping cough
cording to the CDC. Even so,
their parents are putting their 343-1920
decrease in transmission. Healthcare professionals children at greater risk of getting Batavia City Centre
Senior author Pejman Ro- give a dose of DTaP at 2, 4 and whooping cough and possibly Rec Specs for Sports & Motorcyclists
hani, who has a joint appoint- 6 months, at 15 through 18 spreading the illness to others. Transition Lenses • Polarized Sunglasses
ment in the UGA College of months, and again at 4 through Signs of whooping cough
6 years. They give children a Designer Frames • Invisible Bifocals
Veterinary Medicine and the
booster dose known as Tdap to Whooping cough starts like Tinted Lenses • Budget Frames • Safety Glasses
Odum School of Ecology, said
the number of people who are preteens at 11 or 12 years old. the common cold, with a runny Contact Lenses
susceptible to contracting per- Teens or adults who didn’t nose or congestion, sneezing,
Most Plans Accepted: Blue Cross Blue Shield Eye Examinations
tussis is slowly rising — setting get Tdap as a preteen should get and maybe a mild cough or fe-
ver. But after one to two weeks, • Univera • Community Blue • Independent Health Prescriptions Filled
the stage for an increase in the one dose. Getting Tdap is espe-
cially important for pregnant severe coughing can begin and • Rochester Laborers • Blue Choice
number of new cases, especial-
ly in older individuals. This is women during the third trimes- can include many rapid coughs • Davis Vision • NYS Vision Plans
known as the “end of the honey- ter of each pregnancy. It’s also followed by a high-pitched • MVP • Excellus • Eye Med
moon” period, he said. important that those who care “whoop” sound. It’s important
And even though the effec- for babies are up-to-date with to note not everyone with per-
tiveness of vaccines may wane pertussis vaccination. tussis will cough and many who
over time, experts say people You can get the Tdap booster cough will not “whoop.” Babies
should still make sure to get dose no matter when you got may not cough at all. Instead,
them. Skipping the vaccines, your last regular tetanus and they have trouble breathing.

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Health Guide Thursday, October 25, 2018 • 33

Gaming disorder: When should you be concerned
From Mayo Clinic News Network level of gaming disorder, but
Mayo Clinic News Network (TNS) you believe he or she would
Gaming disorder goes benefit from a decrease in
beyond having a passion for screen time, try these tips.
video games. It’s a pattern of n Create tech-free times
addictive behavior in which in your home, such as during
playing digital or video games mealtimes, or specific family
is the highest priority in a activities or outings. Make
person’s life. Gaming disorder
sure everyone — adults in-
interferes with an individual’s
cluded — leave all screens off
daily routines, and it has an
effect on mental and physical during those times.
well-being. n Keep screens out of bed-
The World Health Orga- rooms. Set and enforce daily
nization, or WHO, recently or weekly screen time limits
recognized gaming disorder and curfews, such as no expo-
as a mental health condition. sure to devices or screens one
And although the diagnostic hour before bedtime. Charge
manual for the American Psy- devices outside of bedrooms
chiatric Association does not during the night.
consider it an official disorder, n Have a conversation
it recommends that gaming as a family about managing
disorder be studied further. screen time in your home that
Its symptoms, as identified considers your family’s values
Symptoms of gaming disorder include impaired control over gaming, gaming taking precedence
by WHO, include impaired and priorities. Discuss why
over other interests and activities to the extent that it results in impaired function or distress, and
control over gaming; gam-
continuing gaming behavior despite negative consequences. it’s important to have limits,
ing taking precedence over
and talk about the benefit of
other interests and activities this is an addictive disorder, ty, high blood pressure, liver If you’re worried about your
to the extent that it results in activities that don’t involve
it’s difficult for people with problems and Type 2 diabetes. child’s gaming, make an ap-
impaired function or distress; People who have this disorder electronic devices and video
gaming disorder to cut down pointment to see a health care
and gaming behavior con- typically don’t take steps to games, such as reading, play-
on the amount of time they provider. He or she can help
tinuing despite negative con- address health concerns. ing sports and having face-to-
spend playing video games. evaluate the situation, provide
sequences. face conversations.
When confronted about the Screen time guidelines guidance and, if necessary,
What to look for time they spend gaming, peo- make a referral to a mental Remind your kids that
Note the recommendations learning positive ways to
There are several red flags ple in this situation usually health professional.
of the American Academy of engage and disengage with
to look for if you’re concerned won’t admit that they could Pediatrics: Children younger Decreasing screen time
cut back. Many insist their be- screens and video games can
your child may have gam- than 18 to 24 months should
havior is normal. If you don’t think your help protect their overall safe-
ing disorder. Has your child not use media, except for
It’s important to note, too, child’s behavior rises to the ty and health.
withdrawn from sports, clubs video chatting. For children
or other activities that don’t that gaming disorder can ages 2 to 5, limit screen time to
involve video games? Does significantly affect physical one hour a day of high-quality
most of your child’s interac- health. Due to the sedentary programming. As your child Durable Medical Equipment
tion with other people involve nature of most video games, grows, a one-size-fits-all ap-
online gaming communities? people with gaming disorder proach doesn’t work as well. Ostomy Supplies
Has your child’s school per- tend to engage in little phys- You’ll need to decide how
formance declined as his or ical activity, putting them at much media to let your child • Hallmark Cards & Gifts
her interest in gaming has risk for elevated body mass use each day and what types
grown? Does gaming occupy
• Prescription Compounding
index. That can lead to obesi- are appropriate.
most of your child’s free time? • Home Medical Supplies & Equipment
Do video games disrupt your
child’s sleep patterns? If you Wyoming County Most Insurances Accepted
answered “yes” to any of these
questions, your child’s gam- Health Department • Trained Pharmacist
ing behavior could be devel- offers J. Rutowski, R PH
oping into gaming disorder.
Also, pay attention to your
child’s emotional response if
he or she cannot play video Anonymous and Confidential HIV testing
games. An individual with with results in 20 minutes.
gaming disorder often will
become extremely angry, Call (585) 786-8890 75 North Main St., Warsaw, NY 14569
anxious or distressed at the to make an appointment. Phone: 786-2330 / Fax: 786-2767
thought of being away from Mon.-Fri. 9am-9pm; Sat. 9am-4:30pm; Sun. 9am-1pm
Our Office is located at
video games for more than a Your friendly neighborhood pharmacy, gift shop & more!
5320 Mungers Mill Rd., Silver Springs, NY 14550
brief period of time. Because
34 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

The assessments, he said, n Physical activity: About hikes and other trail events tions/134-7-CGH-GVG-HIA-
Path “bring together data and
stakeholders to think about
63 percent of Monroe Coun-
ty’s adult population is obese
bring people together and fos-
ter further interest in physical
New York State Parks Green-
From T31 the potential effects of a pro- or overweight. Providing op- activity.
way website: https://parks.
posed policy, plan, program portunities along the trail for –––
or project on not just the en-
ing in both directions were increased active participation For more information
vironment, but the health of a aspx
counted, so someone making encourages physical activity,
population.” Greenway Health Impact
a return trip could have been which help residents maintain Assessment: https://www. Friends of Genesee Valley
counted twice.) About the study a healthy weight. Greenway website: http://
“People are utilizing the n Access and infrastruc- Media/Default/Publica-
trail and improving mental The 18-month Greenway ture: Studies have shown that
and physical health,” said Lori assessment was guided by a people with higher incomes
Maher, program manager steering committee of repre- are more likely to use walking
community engagement for sentatives from city, county trails than those with lower
the Genesee Transportation and state governments, the incomes. Roughly 15 percent
Council. “With more aware- University of Rochester and of Monroe County residents
ness it can be utilized by more the outdoor advocacy group and 13 percent of Livingston
people looking to get outside Parks & Trails New York. County residents fall below
and take advantage of the According to Randy Si- the federal poverty level. Rais-
health benefits.” mons, spokesman for New ing awareness and accommo-
York State Parks, the study’s dating the needs of all poten-
Monroe County investment recommendations will raise tial users increases usage.
In nearby Monroe County, awareness and champion the n Safety: Personal safety
the recommendations of the health benefits of the Green- concerns impact physical
study will receive a boost from way. activity the most in women,
a $1.2 million investment in “There is mounting evi-
African American, Latinos and
crosswalk enhancements. The dence that parks can improve
people older than 65 years old.
project includes improved sig- our health, and now we have
Reducing risk of injury and Specializing in Pediatric Dentistry
nage, convenience and safety partners to help champion
providing adequate way-find-
measures at 400 crosswalks this open space,” said Ran-
ing signage and lighting helps 413 East Main St., Batavia
across the county, which will dy Simons, spokesman for
allay those concerns.
increase accessibility to green New York State Parks. “When
n Social cohesion: Com-
spaces such as the Greenway, you’re part of an agency that’s
munities with greater levels of Now Accepting New Patients
said Monroe County Execu- responsible for the steward-
participation in community
tive Cheryl Dinolfo. ship of the outdoors, you’re
activities have better health Many Insurances Accepted
Health Impact Assess- always touting the impor-
outcomes than those with
ments, such as the study con- tance of recreation, exercise
less engagement. Organizing
ducted of the Greenway, are a and exploration. But it’s even
new and different lens that lo- better when you have multiple
cal governments bring to de- sources speaking to the same
cision making, said Norwood, mission.”
noting that only five such The study looked at four
studies have been conducted factors that affect public
in New York State. health:

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Health Guide Thursday, October 25, 2018 • 35

Right place, Mount Morris couple uses
CPR training to save woman
right time
By MATT LEADER so I think it must have knocked bottles, Lydia them.” her husband to be in the right the wind out of her immedi- began chest The woman was transported place, possessing the right set of
A Mount Morris couple’s ately and she couldn’t breathe, compressions via Mount Morris Ambulance to skills, at the right time.
last-second hankering for ice she couldn’t expand her lungs and Adam the hospital for treatment. “If we didn’t decide to go
cream likely saved a woman’s because of all the weight on he stabilized Lydia said the incident left just then, if we didn’t take that
life earlier this month after she chest.” the woman’s her shaken and wanting to much time in the store, if we
was found trapped between a Adam, aware that he’d have head. make sure that the woman was had gone there a few minutes
vehicle and a dolly laden with trouble moving the entire dolly After about really going to be OK. earlier, would she have not been
cases of water bottles. full of water bottles by himself, 45 seconds of Lydia Illerbrun “I could barely sleep that trapped at that point?” Lydia
On Oct. 5, Lydia Illerbrun, told Lydia to go get the other performing night,” she said. “Even though asked. “I just think about that
and her husband, Adam, had customer and tell the other Dol- CPR, the woman started to gasp I knew she was OK, I still didn’t – right place at the right time,
just finished up a few loads of lar General employee to call 911. and gargle. “I said ‘Is this her have that really good feeling right people, right help.”
laundry and were driving home “The gentleman came out, regular breathing? Do I keep go- afterwards… because I wanted
The second was a renewed
to watch a movie when Adam helped my husband take the ing?’ ” recalled Lydia, who was to see her not the way I had just
crate off and when she fell to the performing CPR on a person for appreciation for how import-
voiced a need for something seen her.”
ground I knew right away she the first time. “And my husband Her feelings about the inci- ant, and potentially life-saving,
sweet. The pair turned into
the Dollar General parking lot wasn’t breathing, she wasn’t said ‘No, I just took my course dent have improved as her hus- a basic knowledge of CPR can
off North Main Street in the responsive,” said Lydia. “...Her and they said gasping isn’t con- band was able to get in touch be.
village and after locating their color, you could tell there was sidered rhythmic breathing, with the woman and ensure “Anybody can take CPR…
desired frozen treats – cookies no blood circulating to her face. keep going, keep going.’ ” that she was on the mend. anybody,” she said. “You don’t
and cream ice cream and a few It was very apparent.” After another minute or two Asked what she’s taken away even have to be a healthcare
Snickers ice cream bars – pro- Lydia is a registered nurse of compressions, the woman from the incident, Lydia offered worker to take CPR and know
ceeded to the checkout line. at United Memorial Medical started breathing on her own two thoughts. The first was how what to do for somebody.”
“There was a gentleman in Center, Batavia, and Adam, a and Lydia was able to locate a she was particularly struck by Employees at the Dollar Gen-
front of us who had quite a few direct support professional with pulse. how seemingly insignificant eral declined to comment on
things (and) the lady working the Arc of Livingston-Wyoming, “I was talking to her and she aspects of her evening lined up the incident as did Crystal Gh-
came to the front and said ‘Oh had just re-upped his CPR cer- wasn’t responding, but I could in an improbably perfect orien- assemi, Dollar General’s corpo-
I’m sorry, I don’t know where tification only two days before see she was breathing,’” Lydia tation, thereby allowing her and rate director of public relations.
my co-worker is, she’s sup- the incident. said. “By the time police came
Immediately after getting and EMT came, she awoke and
posed to be checking people out
in the front,” said Lydia. “So she the woman out from under the was starting to be more cog-
said to us, because we only had crushing weight of the water nizant and was speaking with
two things, ‘I’ll check you guys
out’ and told the gentlemen
Kitchen & Bath Design Center
‘She should be right with you.’ ”
167 North Main Street
After paying, the Illerbruns Perry, NY 14530
headed out the front door. As
Lydia was making her way to the 3225 Genesee St., (Rt. 63), Piffard, NY
parking lot however, her hus- Don & Tammy Gullo, Owners
band start running to her right.
“I looked over and they have
585.237.5881 585-243-4260 • 585-243-4263 Fax Dontiá
big carts out front sometimes We are always looking for dedicated individuals
where they put clothes and to join our broad team of Volunteers.
other things they’re trying to
sell,” said Lydia. “There was a
Opened: May 8th, 2017
Fingerstick Lead
big cart stacked with those big,
24 packs of water all the way to Testing for Children
the top. It had fallen on top of Bergen Meadows Apartments Lead poisons people and is especially bad
her and trapped her, pinned her 6619 N. Lake Rd. • Bergen NY 14416 for children. Lead poisoning can cause:
between a car.”
Lydia speculated that the
• Lower IQ • Behavior problems
woman had been trying to fix Apartments for seniors 62 years or disabled. • Growth problems • Anemia
an issue with one of the dolly’s • Kidney damage • Hearing loss
wheels so she could pull it inside
One bedroom, appliances, off street parking, Lead can be found in old paint, dust, soil and water. New York
the store when it started to tip. laundry on site. State law says that all children must get tested for lead at age
1 and age 2. They can also be tested at any other age if there
“I think it tipped on her and is reason to believe they have been exposed. Call the number
landed directly on her chest,” below is you have questions or to schedule an appointment.
said Lydia. “I didn’t hear any- Call 494-2168 for info Wyoming County Health Department 585-786-8890
thing, I didn’t hear any yelling,
36 • Thursday, October 25, 2018 Health Guide

The Cloisters
"Your Home Away From Home"

• Trained staff on Duty
24 Hours a Day
• Supervised medications
• Planned Activities and
social programs
• Assistance with
personal care
• Laundry of linens and
personal clothing
• Housekeeping
• Three meals daily
• Beauty and barber shop
• Cable TV and private phone access
• Comfortable, spacious resident dining room and lounge
• Individually controlled room temperatures
• Garden Walkway - 500 foot sidewalk provides outdoor
exercise, fresh air and a beautiful view of nature and
perennial gardens
• Use of workout facility at Step by Step
• Registered Nurse on staff

An Adult Residential Care Facility
171 North Maple Street, Warsaw • 585-786-8727 •