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When the Christmas gets nearer, the more intense the wonderful feeling


Today, we can smell the aroma of the yuletide season so while we wait for the
others to come and celebrate with us, we are requesting all participants to go to
the registration table and be counted.

Dinner is ready so everyone is requested to dine with us.

A celebration will not be complete without an invocation of the Holy presence of

our Almighty father so everyone is requested to stand for a prayer to be led by
Mr. Jonard Abadies.

Remain standing for the singing of the National Anthem

Tonight is special and everyone deserves a treat. For the opening salvo, please
join me in welcoming the OPEC officers, a round of applause please.

To make us feel the excitement of tonight’s affair and to welcome all of us to this
memorable event, please lend your ears to one of the most hardworking people
in the industry , Mr. Ronilo Sanchez

To give us the significance of this affair and to make this event more meaningful,
here is the VP and COO MLFSI , the competent Mr. Arne June Millares

A celebration will not be complete without songs and dances and to make these
numbers more challenging, these will be in competition form.

Let the contest begin! The criteria for judging shall be read by the talented Ms.

Let us pave the way for the first contender ladies and gentlemen, HIT IT AREA A

Let us pause for a message HRMD Manager Remedios Batucan, A resounding

applause please
Let the contest continue with AREA B and C contenders, make way for these
eager participants

It is right and fitting to give recognition to the most deserving and loyal
employees who have served the industry for 15 years. To award these employees,
please welcome

It is time to proclaim the best among the performances.

To do this, please give your loudest cheers for

Every beginning always has an end but this end does not mean finish but a
beginning of another moment that shall become a memory to cherish

To give his closing remarks please give a warm applause for

To lead the closing prayer, we would like to request