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A Christmas Carol

Daily Call Sheet

Saturday, November 10, 2018
1:00pm – 9:00pm
Individual Calls Call Breakdown
The Cast 1st Call Sign In HEWES ROOM
Turner Crumbley 1:00pm
David Sollish 1:45pm 1:00pm Begin Blocking Act I
Wesley Saunders 1:45pm Turner Crumbley, Chris Roebuck
Joe Frost 3:00pm
Hayden Schubert 1:45pm 1:45pm ADD to Continue Blocking
Drew Stark 1:45pm Drew Stark, David Sollish,
Chris Roebuck 2:00pm Hayden Schubert, Wesley Saunders
Jordan Williams 5:00pm
Cameron Pitre 3:00pm 2:30pm ADD to Continue Blocking
Andrew Fehrenbacher 5:00pm Sarah Coleman
Hosea Griffith 5:00pm
De-De Odom 5:00pm 3:00pm ADD to Continue Blocking
Malaika Quarterman 5:00pm Mandy Kate Myers, Cameron Pitre, Joe Frost
Elizabeth Thiel 5:00pm
Sarah Coleman 2:30pm 4:00pm BREAK
Mandy Kate Myers 3:00pm
Cherry Rendel 5:00pm
5:00pm Continue Blocking Act I
Jasmine Rivera 5:00pm
Jeffrey Cornelius 5:00pm
Timothy Magee 5:00pm
Ethan Hartfield 5:00pm
Willis Thigpen 5:00pm
Jameson Williams 5:00pm
Darby Frost 5:00pm
Marshall Robertson 5:00pm
Nehemiah Thompson 5:00pm
Mark Daniel Cornelius 5:00pm
Rivka Quarterman 5:00pm
Kendra Quarterman 5:00pm
Lucy Jones 5:00pm
Olivia Mathews 5:00pm
Kymbrianna Griggs 5:00pm
Isabelle Gonzalez 5:00pm
Chloe Vizier 5:00pm
Analia Gonzalez 5:00pm
Treasure White 5:00pm
Avery Stallings 5:00pm
Alice McPhail 5:00pm
Fittings & Other Calls
Headshots and Bios are Due by Thursday, November 16

Stage Manager: Elise McDonald 601-832-2381(cell)

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