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Object Pronouns, Possessive Adjectives, and Possessive Pronouns - Basic English Grammar Longman (2nd ed)


1. I own this book.

This book belongs to _______.

This is _______ book.

This book is _______.

2. They own these books.

These books belong to ________.

These are ________ books.

These books are ________.

3. You own that book.

That book belongs to ________.

That is ________ book.

That book is ________.

4. She owns this pen.

This pen belongs to ________.

This is ________ pen.

This pen is ________.

5. He owns that pen.

That pen belongs to ________.

That is ________ pen.

That pen is ________.

6. We own those books.

Those books belong to ________.

Those are ________ books.

Those books are ________.

Complete the sentences. Use the correct possessive form of the words in italics.

1. I a. This bookbag is ____________.

Sue b. That bookbag is ____________.

I c. ____________ bookbag is red.

she d. ____________ is green.

2. we a. These books are ____________.

they b. Those books are ____________.

we c. ____________ books are on the table.

they d. ____________ are on the desk.

3. Tom a. This raincoat is ____________.

Mary b. That raincoat is ____________.

he c. ____________ is light brown.

she d. ____________ is light blue.

4. I a. This notebook is ____________.

you b. That one is ____________.

I c. ____________ has ____________ name on it.

you d. ____________ has ____________ name on it.

5. Jim a. ____________ apartment is on Pine Street.

we b. ____________ is on Main Street.

he c. ____________ apartment has three rooms.

we d. ____________ has four rooms.

6. I a. This is ____________ pen.

you b. That one is ____________.

I c. ____________ is in ____________ pocket.

you d. ____________ is on ____________ desk.

7. we a. ____________ car is Chevrolet.

they b. ____________ is a Volkswagen.

we c. ____________ gets 17 miles to the gallon.

they d. ____________ car gets 30 miles to the gallon.

8. Ann a. These books are ____________.

Paul b. Those are ____________.

she c. ____________ are on ____________ desk.

he d. ____________ are on ____________ desk.

Choose the correct completion.

1. Is this ____________ (your/yours) pen?

2. Please give this dictionary to Olga. It’s ____________ (her/hers).

3. A: Don’t forget ____________ (your/yours) hat. Here.

B: No, that’s not ____________ (my/mine) hat. ____________(My/Mine) is green.

4. A: Please take this wood carving as a gift from me. Here. It’s ____________ (your/yours).

B: Thank you. You’re very thoughtful.

5. A: Isn’t that the Smiths’ car? That one over there. The blue one.

B: No, that’s not ____________ (their/theirs). ____________ (Their/Theirs) car is dark blue.

6. A: Jim and I really like ____________ (our/ours) new apartment. It has lots of space. How do you like ____________


B: ____________ (Our/Ours) is small, but it’s comfortable.

7. A: Excuse me. Is this ____________ (your/yours) umbrella?

B: I don’t have an umbrella. Ask Ken. Perhaps it is ____________ (him/his).

8. A: When do ____________ (your/yours) classes begin?

B: September second. How about ____________ (your/yours)? When do ____________ (your/yours) begin?

A: ____________ (My/Mine) begin August twenty-ninth.

9. A: Maria, ____________ (your/yours) spaghetti sauce is delicious!

B: Thank you, but it’s not as good as ____________ (your/yours).

A: Oh, no. ____________ (Your/Yours) is much better! It tastes just as good as Anna’s.

B: Do you like Anna’s spaghetti sauce? I think ____________ (her/hers) is too salty.

A: Maybe. ____________ (My/Mine) husband makes good spaghetti sauce too. ____________ (His/He) is thick and rich.

B: In truth, making spaghetti sauce is easy, but everyone’s sauce is just a little different.