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Engineer ‘’ALi: Mirza: and his cunning sympathies with Mah:mu:dites are studied in detail.

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In this article , it shall be studied that only ‘Ahlussunnah Val Jama:’’ah Hath the argumentations and
arguments to refute the idea of Projective or Refexive Proohthood proposed by Mirza: of Qa:dian . But
Mirza: Of Jhelum cannot refute this claim based on his own standard.

The study is divided in to two Preliminaries.

First Preliminary:-
Mirza: Gh:ula: ‘Ah:mad of Qa:dian [1835CE ?-1908CE] claimed that he is a Projective [Z:illi:] or ‘Reflexive
[‘’Aksi:] Prophet.


Different Mirzai sects and cults explain this thing differently.

Mirza: Mah:mu:d[1889CE-1965CE] the founder of Ma:hmu:diah Mirza’iah sect [Qa:dianism as preached

by the Son of Mirza: , Namely Bashi:ruddi:n Mah:mu:d] considers this type of Nabvu:iah as a Nubu:vah
[Prophethood] which differs from the Nabu:va:t [Prophethoods] of other Prophets in regard to the way
of receiving Prophethood. Otherwise there is no difference between the Nabu:vah ‘’As:liah and
Nabu:vah Z:illiah.

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Mirza:s Disciple Muh:ammad ‘’ Ali: of Lahore [1874CE-1951CE] explains this term differently. According
to him this is a virual term and does not mean any type and any new type of Nabu:vah, but this term is
used in the meaning of Muh:addis and Mujaddid who is appointed by God.

So Projective Prophethood according to Muh:ammad ‘’Ali of Lahore means Muh:addith:Liah and



Between these two major Mirzai Sects there are and there were some minor cults who explained this
term between the two.

It is said that once S:iddi:q Di:nda:r [1886CE- 1952CE] was also of this view but latter he became more
inclined to Lhori Mirzais [Paigh:amites/Paigh:amiah]. But he never joined them.

According to them Projective Prophethood is a type of Prophethood, that if denied by any Muslim,

The Muslim continues to be a Muslim.

Even at one stage Mirza: of Qa:dian himself was of this view.Latter he changed his views.

But the very proposition of the idea of any type of Nabu:vah [Prophethood] in which some one can be
claimed to be a Prophet after the Last and Final Prophet [Holy Prophet PBUH] is Kufr and definitely Kufr.

Second Preliminary
Engineer ‘’Ali Mirza: has explicitly stated that he declares the Qa:dianis [Mah:mu:di Mirza’is ] as Ka:fir on
the basis that the declare any one who disbelieves in the claim of prophethood of Mirza: as Ka:fir.

Mirza: Of Jhelum does not declare the Mah:mudites on the basis that they deny the Finality and
Lasthood of the Prophethood of the Holy Prophet.

But to hide dress this view in a disguise the Mirza: of Jhelum attempts to assure his followers [who are
actually the member of his cult] by saying that Qa:dianis shall never change their view about those who
believe in the Finality and Lasthood of Holy Prophet on the fallowing reason.

If Some One Denies the Claim Of Prophethood of Mirza: of Qa:dia:n and continues to be a Muslim then

Mirza: Of Qa:dia:n cannot be a Prophet and his claim stated above cannot be true.

This argument is a special case of the principle that if a belief is Qat:’’i: yuth: Th:ubu:t then the
denouncer of it is certainly Ka:fir, and if the denouncer of any belief is not a Ka:fir with certainty then
the belief is not Qat:’’i: yuth:bu:t.

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But If Mirza: Of Jhelum does not declare the Qadia:ni Mah:mu:di: sect of Mirza:’ism on the basis of
denouncing the Finality and Lasthood of Holy Prophet, [‘Asthgh:farullah and Na’’u:dh:ubillah] but on the
declaration of believers in the Finality and Lasthood stated above then this implies that Mirza: Of
Jhelum considers the Finality and Lasthood stated above as Z:anni: yuth:bu:t . [‘Astaghfarullah and

Furthermore he shall face another problem from the side of some Mirza:’i cults who could/can respond
to Mirza: of Jhelum that Mirza: Of Qa:dia:n claimed the Projective Prophethood , and not the Principle
Prophethood, therefore a person continues to be a Muslim even if he denounces the claim of the Mirza:
of Qa:dia:n.

Mirza: of Jhelum cannot respond to them according to his own Invented and Engineered standards and

On the contrary Muslims can respond these followers of Mirza: of Qa:diya:n that any attempt to divide
Nabu:vah into Z:illi: and Gh:air Z:illi: is Kufr by the necessity of ‘Isla:m.

But the Mirza: of Jhelum cannot say so since he himself does not declare the Mah:mu:dites as Ka:fir
[Non Muslim] on the sufficient ground that the deny the lasthood and Finality of Holy Prophet.

So Mirza: Of Jhelum has no right to use the stated above argumentation , but the ‘Ahlussunnah do have
this right.


Mirza: of Jhelum does not have any right to defend the Finality and Lasthood of Holy Prophet on his own
standard, and according to his own views.

Different Sunni Sects are defending the Finality and Lasthood of Holy Prophet even before the birth of
Mirza: Of Jhelum.

A Request To the Followers Of Engineer of Jhelum

Engineer of Jhelum says different things in different
lectures, and sometimes he contradicts himself on major
and significant issues. This is a deliberate attempt to
deceive his simple minded listeners. So please do not
consider any accusation on his as a false allegation just
because in some lectures he says something apparently

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contradicting to the accusations. Because these

accusations are based on some other lectures delivered
by none other than the Engineer of Jhelum Himself,
conceived by his pragmatic mind, in order to save himself
from different true accusations.
This is also an evidence that he has heretical views.
How many proofs and evidences are required to
convince you that he is a heretic who just misguide .
You are informed.


5:35m to 7:09m [scale of length of video]


[It may be noted that Mirza; Of Jhelum has also said some thing different [in appearance ] in regard to
Finality in

but this is one of the self contradictions of Mirza: himself. He is the very same person who have said in
the video: ]

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The author is not responsible for any change of meaning

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