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Proposed Open Market Residential Prototype Project consisting of TWO (2.0)
storey, Single Detached House with an 77.0 SQ.M Total Gross Floor Area (TGFA) cum Site
Development Planning Project for a Cluster of Ten (10.0) Slope.


A Multinational development company has decided that its property,
a one thousand nine hundred thirty four point seventy two square meter (1,934.72 Sq.M)
inside (or regular) lot, with a low density residential (R-1) zoning classification, and located
in the better parts of the Municipality of Taytay in Rizal Province (Luzon Island), shall be
developed to host an Open Market Residential Development. The 10 Prototype Houses,
shall be exclusive/ semi-upscale structures, 6 of which shall be on lots each with a 132.0Sq.M
Total Lot Area (TLA) and a 12.0m depth. The stated 77.0 Sq.M TGFA of the Prototype Houses
only refers to the enclosed floor area above grade ( or natural ground) level and excludes
all other floor areas, if these are still to be introduced at a later time.

C. Project Site Features

The 1934.72 Sq.M Grand Total Lot Area (GTLA) making up the entire Project Site is
rectangular in shape and has thirty two (32.0) m wide frontage facing east. The property may
be reached via a fifteen meter (15.0 m) wide street i.e. the main road right of way (RROW)
which has 1.8m wide paver-lined sidewalks in each side. The Surface of the main RROW
sidewalk closest to the Project Site shall be considered as elevation 0.0m. An 8.0m wide
cluster street bisects the Project Site at its long axis and intersects the main RROW at the right
angle. The Project Site uniformly slopes at ten percent (10.0%) from west to east, which is
also the direction of the cluster street serving as the direct access to the 10 lots, 5 on each
side of the cluster street. The 2 end lots at the western most portion of the Project Site
approx. 31.45% wider than the 6 lots at the center of the development. The corner lots
defined by the cluster street and main RROW are 2.0m wider than 6 lots at the center of the

A. Project No. 2
Proposed 3 Storey Duplex

B. A developer wanted to build a model duplex house on a Lot in Marikina City as R2. Each
unit has a uniform 198 sq.m lot area for a total of 396sqm. With a 1.9% down slope towards the
street and 2% down the east

To maximize the use of the lot, each dwelling init shall be uniformly built with common wall
at the middle and will be alloted 91 sqm. Per floor. Total GF will be 182 sqm. For the duplex.

C. Project Features
The Structure will have a setback of 6.00 at front, 2.00 at the sides and 3.00 at the rear area.
Each unit shall have the following features:
1. Ground Floor
a. 7.00 x 6.00 unroofed carport
b. 3.00 x 3.60 entrance foyer and 2.40 x 3.60 U-stair abutting the common wall
c. 4.00 x 6.00 living area fronting carport and the side easement
d. Next to living area is 6.00 x 7.00 combined kitchen and dining with 1.50 x 2.40
toilet abutting the common wall and rear service area
e. Open Service kitchen-laundry area at the rear yard

2. Second and Third Floor

f. Two identical bedrooms occupying an area of 4.60 x 3.50 each located at the
g. Master bedroom measuring 6.00 x 7.00 located at the back with 1.50 x 2.40
above and 1.50 x 2.40 toilet at the ground
h. Common toilet 1.50 x 2.40

The project site is a rectangular inside lot with a total frontage of 18.00 x 22.00 toward north
to 14.00m RROW

A. Project No. 3
Proposed Residential Condominium ( R3)

B. Statement of the Problem

4 Storey Residential Condominium at Quezon City
One thousand and Forty Square Meters (1,040SQ.M) facing south
3% slope towards the 10M-wide RROW
40m Lot Frontage
Inside Lot

A. Project No. 4
Proposed Car Repair Shop

B. Statement of the Problem

Two Thousand Four Hundred Square Meters (2400SQ.M) Rectangular Inside Lot Facing North
with a Lot Frontage of 40.0m and sloping down 1.5% towards the 14.0m RROW.
industrial (Zone-1)
Building Official prescribe a 6.0m front setback for the property