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English Lesson Plan

Grade 7

I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson, students are expected to:

a. Identify the figures of speech that show comparison (simile and metaphor)

b. Construct examples of figures of speech that show comparison

c. Share understanding about the topic discussed

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Figures of speech that show comparison (Simile and Metaphor)

Competency: EN7V-II-c-10.1.2

Reference: English Language For Everyday Living I (Marie D. Rodriguez, 2010), pages 98-99

Materials: Laptop and projector

Value integration: Cooperation

III. Procedure

Teacher’s Task Student’s Response

Preliminary Activities
Preliminary Activities
a. Prayer
b. Checking of Attendance
c. Presentation of the topic and the objectives

d. Motivation

Which of the two photos is more attractive than the other?


“Those pictures have something to do with Figures of

Speech. You have said that the colored one is attractive. It
is the same as figurative language. Figures of speech paints
meaningful and colorful picture to every minds of the
reader to be interested to what particular literary text they
are reading.”
“Can you now guess what our lesson for today is?”
The students will be divided into two groups. Each group
will be given pictures.

Group 1- Simile: (Choose 5 representatives)

Compare yourself or your classmate with the thing on the
picture using the words like or as.
1. My seatmate is as cute as a bunny.

2. My lips are as red as the apple.

3. He is funny like a clown.

4. I am thin like a pencil.

5. I am as fast as a horse.

Group 2- Metaphor: (Choose 5 representatives)

Compare yourself or your classmate with the picture
without the use of the words like or as.

1. Her heart is a stone.

2. My friend is my pillow when I’m tired.

3. She is a dictionary, she knows a lot.

4. I am a night owl.
5. I am a soft and fragile flower.

1. What have you observed from the activity? 1. The activity is about comparing oneself to unrelated
2. How do Simile and Metaphor alike? How do they differ things.
from each other?
2. Simile and Metaphor is both about comparing two
different and unrelated things. Simile uses the words
like or as, it is a direct comparison. Metaphor on the
other hand doesn’t use as or like and is an implicit or
indirect comparison.
Compare and contrast Simile and Metaphor using a Venn

Simile Figures of -Indirect
-A direct speech comparison
that show between 2
between 2 compariso
n between
unrelated -Doesn't use
things unrelated
-uses the words
words like or
like or as.

Each Group must construct 5 examples for both Simile and
Tell whether the sentence is a Simile or Metaphor.

1. A Figure of speech that shows direct comparison.

a. Simile b. Metaphor

2. A figure of speech that shows implicit comparison.

a. Simile b. Metaphor

3. She eats like a pig but doesn’t get fat.

a. Simile b. Metaphor

4. She is my daily newspaper.

a. Simile b. Metaphor

5. I like traveling with her. She is a map and knows a lot of

a. Simile b. Metaphor

Study in advance the figures of speech that show contrast
(Irony, Oxymoron and Paradox)

Prepared by:

Noren Gumilit

Curt Dale Adolfo