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SWGA Revised Armor

Blast Helmet +4 head, 200
Flight Helmet +4 head- commlink, mic/receiver, starship input jacks, 300

Light (none include helmet)

Blast Vest +2, 300
Flight Suit +1, 800
-+4 Saves vs Radiation/Toxins, Vac Sealed
Combat Jumpsuit +2 , 1000
Leather Armor +1, 400

Battle Armor +5, 4000
Bounty Hunter Armor +4, 2000
Scout trooper Armor +3, Black Market
Stormtrooper Armor +4, Black Market

- All include helmets. AC to head is equal to armor score. Includes comm system.

Heavy (Movement 90')

Armored Spacesuit, +7, 10K
-Survive 24 hours in space or hostile environs.
Battle Armor +8, 8K

- All include helmets. AC to head is equal to armor score. Includes comm system.

Stormtrooper and Variant Armors include:

• .Air filters fully sealed agains chem and bio toxins.
• Comlink: 50k range.
• Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System (MFTAS): +2 to Wisdom/Spot
• Low-Light Vision: Ranged penalites are halved.
• Polarized lenses prevent flashblinding.

• Power cell for armor
• 20 minutes of emergency oxygen.

Body Glove
• Climate controlled. +2 to enviornmental and radiation Saves

Utility belt
• A high-tension wire, 50')
• Two grappling hooks
• Four spare E-11 blaster rifle power packs
• Three ion flares
• Three Energy rations
• A spare C1 military comlink hardwired against jamming
• Three water packs
• Two medpacs. (1d8 with Int/Med check)
• Two blast energy sinks
• A Thermal detonator
• Combat de-ionizer (Immune to Ion damage/effects)
• Wrist binders for capturing prisoners
• Electronic lock scrambler/descrambler (+8 to Int/Security checks)

Optional Backpack
Given out on certain deployments such as a harsh enviornment or an expected long
field operation.
• An extended air supply that permits a stormtrooper to survive up to twenty
minutes in vacuum
• Additional communications gear (100k range)
• Cooling systems
• Mortar launchers (flares, etc)
• A heater (contained in the snowtrooper backpack)
• Additional rations
• An encrypted telemetry transmitter, a small embedded disc that allows troopers
to identify friend from foe amidst identical armored stormtroopers.
• Rechargeable cells that feed energy to the armor's electronic components, with a
standard charge lasting 240 hours