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Ph 104 H, I, and Q: Foundations of Moral Value

Sem 1 SY 2018-2019
Professor: Michael Ner E. Mariano
Department of Philosophy
Loyola Schools
Ateneo de Manila University

Instructions for the Final (Term) Paper:

1. This assignment is for individual students. The essay answer must not be longer than 1800
words in length. Use A4-sized paper, with one-inch margins in all four sides. Write the
number of words comprising the essay on the right margin beside the last line of your
answer. Use Calibri font, size 11, with 1.5 spacing for the answer part, and single spacing for
the rest. If you go beyond one sheet, please paginate on the upper right hand corner part of
the margin, using the format “X of Y” (X=current page; Y=total number of pages.).

2. There is no need to write the “question” at the beginning. Just write your Philosophy class
and section at the top of the first page. Then immediately go to your answer essay. If you
want to provide a title, go ahead and do so.

3. Construct a well-written essay as your answer to discuss the topic. Make sure to employ
proper grammar, syntax, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation. Write in complete
sentences, making sure they flow from one to another in meaning and development. Ensure
that your paragraphs are properly constructed. Go directly to what you really want to say,
and make sure that each of your sentences directly respond to the question. Say everything
you need to say, but only say what you need to say; nothing more, nothing less. Always say
what you need to say in the simplest, most effective way.

4. Cite all your sources in the clearest, most accurate and complete way. Mention all your
sources in footnotes, and affix a bibliography after you’ve concluded your essay. Avoid all
possible cases of plagiarism. All cases of plagiarism will automatically merit the grade of “F,”
and a case shall be filed against you with the ADSA/Committee on Discipline.

5. Skip two lines after you have written your last line. Write your full name (surname first), year
and course, class and section, date, and the kind of requirement (“Term Paper”) flush left, in
one column. Use only single spacing for this information.

6. If your essay goes beyond one page, please staple all your pages in the right order, on the
upper left hand corner.

7. Pass your file copy (in PDF format) to our Turnitin account by Wednesday, November 28,
2018 before 5:00 in the afternoon (17:00h). Pass the print out of the same PDF file inside the
classroom class during class time on the same day, Wednesday, November 28, 2018. If any
of these version of the paper was not passed according to the right time and venue, the
student will receive an automatic “F” for this requirement.

8. Use A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 6th edition (or later), by
Kate L. Turabian (a.k.a. “Turabian”) as your guide for the format of citations and the
Specific Instructions and Topic for the Final (Term) Paper:

1. Identify what career, profession, or “vocation” you plan to go into (or at least, most
probably will get into) after college. If this is connected to your current course, identify your
course and discuss (in ~2 sentences) the goal/purpose of this course. If your plans have
nothing to do with your course, go directly to your planned profession. In both cases,
identify and discuss the end purpose of the profession you have chosen (~4 sentences). This
will be your first paragraph.
2. Second paragraph. Discuss possible moral problems (real ones, not made-up ones)
that you might encounter in your work. Identify general issues or concerns in your field.
Mention three (3) particular moral problems in your field that actually happened/happens
in the Philippines. Explain fully why these are real moral issues, and not simply legal,
cultural, religious, aesthetic, etiquette issues, among others. This part requires solid
research. (~5-10 sentences)
3. Third paragraph. Choose one among the three moral problems you have mentioned.
Explain, clarify, and discuss this. “Know your facts.” Identify all the necessary information an
intelligent person ought to know about this moral problem. Show how this is a prevalent, or
at least, occuring, problem in the Philippines right now (again, this involves solid research).
Discuss how this is a genuine moral issue. Show the most serious reasons why people
involved in this situation act the way they do. Be intelligent and sensitive and open-minded
in discussing this. Avoid being simplistic or moralistic. (~10-15 sentences)
4. Fourth paragraph. Identify which among the topics you have covered in the whole
semester enables you to make a wise decision on what you would do, if you were the one
involved in the moral problem you discussed in paragraph#3. Use as your guide the
framework you are beginning to form using what we have learned in class in order for you
to think about the problem in the most mature manner possible. You do not have to arrive
at a final decision on what the ‘right thing’ to do supposedly is; if you have arrived at
something, fine; if you haven’t yet, that’s all right. What I want to see is if you have
sufficient skills and knowledge at this point for you to appreciate the most important factors
or questions you will have to consider in reflecting upon difficult moral questions. (~10-20
5. Fifth paragraph. This is your conclusion. Assemble everything you have learned in
reflecting upon the complexity of moral understanding and decision-making, especially in
the field you will be working in. Synthesize all the lessons you have picked up from Ph 104
that you will be able to prepare yourself to engage possible moral situations in most mature
way possible. (~5-8 sentences)
6. That’s all, folks! (For now...)