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Sentence is a group of words that makes sense or convey meaning.

Each sensible sentence made up of word each falls in category. There are 8 part
speech .
1.NOUN. Name of the persons, things. Places, Noun can be divided into countabl and
Water, milk, air, uncountable
Nouns are four kinds:
(i) Common noun : Name of place, things ,persons common to all
Desk, boy, Stadium, man, vehicle, etc
(ii)Proper noun: Names of particular things, person, place.
Pradeep, Hyderabad,
(iii)Collective noun: Names of group/things
Class, audience, vegetable
(iv)Abstract noun: Felling/emotions- can't be touch or seen.
Love, beautiful, etc.
2.ADJECTIVE: A word that describes a noun or pronoun.It says something more
about the
Eg: (a) Hyderabad is a big city.
(b) He is intelligent boy.
Adjective have three forms used to compare the two qualities of two or more nouns.
degree of comparison :
Eg: Good batter best
Bed worse worst
Beautiful more beautiful most beautiful
Tell taller tallest.

3.PRONOUN: word used instead of /in place of a noun. These are referred us
as a
' subject '.
Eg: pradeep is good boy. He is a good boy.
PERSONAL PRONOUNS: Singular: I, me,you,he ,him, she, her, it,


I, me, my, mine
Your, you, yours, us

Your, you, yours,
You, your

She, He, It
All Gender, they, these, there.
4.VERV: A word that indicates action gone by the noun or the pronoun. Verbs
are of different form depending on time of the activity performed. Present, past,
present participle and past participles
Eg: Go/goes-Present form(v1)
Went-past form (v2)
Going-Present participle (v1+ing)
Gone-past participle (v3)
5.ADVERV: A ward that qualifies /describes the verb. It describes the
where the action took place.
Eg: She. answer. well . He run fast.
(pronoun) (verb) (adverb)
6.PREPOSITION: A word that show relationship between a noun or a pronoun and
the other words in the sentence. They are usually placed in front of the noun or
Eg: in, on, at, below, above, beside, near,
You are in the class room.
The book is on the table.
7.CONJUCTION: A word that connect to two or more words /sentence. They are
also called linking join words or conjunction.
Eg: and ,but ,because, so, or etc
He attends morning and evening classes.
He absent because he is not well.
8.INTERJUNCTION : A word that indicates sadden feeling of joy,sorrow,surprise
and other emotions.
Eg: wow! Really! Oh! Oh god! Etc..