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IRC 70-2977 GUIDELINES ON REGULATION AND CONTROL OF MIXED TRAFFIC IN URBAN AREAS Published by THE INDIAN ROADS CONGRESS pr Jamnagar House, Shahjaban Road, New Dethi-110011 1977 Price Rs, 40% | | (Plus packing & postage) ——_—_——— ARC: 70-1977 CONTENTS General Introduction Effect of Slow Traffic on Capacity ‘Trafic Engineering and Other Measures Cross-sectional Elements Intersection Design Legistitive Measures Page No. ARC + 70-1997 GUIDELINES ON REGULATION AND CONTROL OF MIXED TRAFFIC IN URBAN AREAS 1. GENERAL These Guidelines on Regulation and Control of Mixed Trattic ia Urban Areas'are based on a Paper on this subject by. the ‘Traffic Engineering Committee for Panel Discussion ‘and published in 1973 in Volume 36-3 of the Journal of the Indian Rouds Congress and discussed at Hyderabad on the 8th January, 1976 The Traffic Engineering Committee (personel given below) in their meeting held on the 2ist August, 1976 modified and updated the Guidelines in the light of comments made at the above mentio- ned Panel Discussion: HAC. Malhotra, Convenor Dr, N.S. Srinjyasan fentber-Secre tary MEMBERS GM. Andavans J.B. Pavvardhan ALK, Bandopadhyaya SoM. Parulkee AK, Bhattacharya Dr. KS. Pillai HAUL Bijhan S. Ramianatha Pillai MAK. Chasier joe NN, Ranganathan C, Ramdas Prof. M.S.¥. Rao P, Das SK, Roy M.G. Dandavate Dr. 0.8. Sahval T, Ghosh PN. Sathe LAR, Kadiyatt H.C, Sethi B.C. Mitny RDP. Sika Erach A. Nadirshah R. Thillainavagam 1p, N-¥.A. Nacasinaham, BR. Wash MS. Nernkar stor Genefal (Road M.D, Patel lopment) and Addl. Sey 10 ‘The Govt, of tedia, Ey-officta These Guidelines were later processed by. the Specifications & Standards Committee in their meetitg. leld’on the 16th May 1977 and then approved by the Executive ‘Committee and finally by the Council in their 90ch meeting held on the 29ch July 1977, “Discussion, printed fn Volume 36-4 of the Journal of the Indian Roads November, 1976 gress