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000 054 830A


Comfort | Benefits | Connectivity Set contents:

Licence document with activation key.
SmartLink+ makes it possible to interconnect the user´s smartphone
with the vehicle infotainment system in a sophisticated and elegant Using:
Each activation of the SmartLink+ function
manner. The principle lies in displaying the smartphone screen on the is relevant to a particular vehicle. The
vehicle infotainment screen. The purpose of the SmartLink+ activation product needs to be activated in compliance
key is to activate the functions of SmartLink+ under the respective with applicable regulations and correctly,
using a diagnostics device provided by an
licence and install the system successfully. Just a short while after authorised ŠKODA partner.
interconnecting the USB interface with a compatible mobile phone and
activating the SmartLink+ function the phone screen gets “mirrored” on Limitations:
The activation is valid and active exclusively
the vehicle infotainment screen. Certified apps installed in the phone for one vehicle. If the vehicle is sold, the
can then be controlled easily on the radio screen. See the onboard activation document shall be provided to
literature in your vehicle for more information. the buyer. In the event of a repair done on
the vehicle the activation will be restored.
Exclusively for vehicles: The product numbers 5Q0.035.819.C and
- with Amundsen: 5Q0.035.820.C do not allow for additional
Fabia (NJ), Rapid (NHx), Octavia (5E), Yeti (5L), Superb (3V), installation of SmartLink+.
- with Bolero: Guarantee: 24 months.
Fabia (NJ), Rapid (NHx), Octavia (5E), Yeti (5L), Superb (3V),
Weight: 0,2 kg
- with Swing:
Rapid (NHx), Octavia (5E), Karoq (NU), Kodiaq (NS).

Information for aftersales staff:

SmartLink+ can only be activated in infotainment systems whose
screen features the SmartLink+ icon. When clicked on, the icon dis-
plays the following message: “You can activate the function by means
of an activation key. Please contact your dealer.“ Although this mess-
age is displayed, product numbers 5Q0.035.819.C and 5Q0.035.820.C do
not allow for additional installation of SmartLink+.
If the vehicle is fitted with an infotainment system that does not sup-
port the SmartLink+ function, the licensed release cannot be performed
and the function cannot be installed.