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Gity of Ansonia Town & City Clerk & Registrar of Vital Statistics 253 Main Street Ansonia, Connecticut 06401 Janet Vitarius Waugh Office: (203) 736-5980 Town and City Clerk Fax: (203) 736-5982 By Certified Mail: 7016 0340 0000 1965 4282 November 9, 2018 Michael J. Brandi Executive Director/General Counsel State Elections Enforcement Commission 20 Trinity Street Hartford, CT 06102 Re: Request for Investigation - CGS Sec, 9-7b Dear Attorney Brandi: Under my authority pursuant to Connecticut General Statute Section 9-7b, | am referring a possible election violation to your office for investigation by the State Elections Enforcement Commission. On November 8, 2018 it was brought to my attention that an irregularity had occurred in the reporting of absentee ballots by the Office of the Ansonia Registrar of Voters to the Connecticut Secretary of State in this year's 17" District State Senate race, held on November 6, 2018. Specifically, representatives from State Senator George Logan's campaign informed me that absentee ballots were counted improperly, resulting in Senator Logan's opponent, Jorge Cabrera, receiving in excess of 200 double- counted votes. Representatives from Senator Logan’s campaign brought the above-mentioned irregularity to the attention of the Ansonia Registrar of Voters, and it is my understanding that the Ansonia Registrar of Voters revised its vote calculation with the Office of the Secretary of State to indicate the accurate results. ‘The Office of the Secretary of State, which had previously reported Mr. Cabrera as the victor in the 17" District election, subsequently revised its vote tally to show Senator Lagan as the proper victor. Due to the margin of victory, a recount has been scheduled for Tuesday, November 13, 2018. Based on the significance of the irregularity described above, and the failure of an adequate explanation of the double-counting error, | am requesting that the State Election Enforcement Commission conduct an investigation into the Ansonia Registrar of Voters’ handling of the November 6, 2018 election, inclusive of all races featured on the ballot. | believe such an investigation is necessary to identify the cause of the double-counting error, and to ensure the credibility of all results reported by the Ansonia Registrar’s Office in this year’s election. Please feel free to contact me directly regarding this request at (203) 231-5913. sincarey, Spee Wa sant Var Wi Town and City Clerk City of Ansonia